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Spiritual Extortionists and Tithing Abuse Col. 2:14; I Pet.2:5,9; Rev.

1:6; 5:10; 20:6

Christs church ought to be a family gathering where His disciples are built up in the faith to grow in the fullness of His image. The gathering of the saints ought to be a warm, secure environment where saints are taught by elder believers how to share the riches of Gods love with one another and with the world. Christs church should be a secure nursery where those newly born again can be nurtured in His love and taught the foundational truths of the Kingdom of God. Instead, God sees His church being transformed into a big business enterprise, with DVDs, books and CDs lining the entry to the sanctuary. Worse yet is the invention of the so-called Tithing Machine, where people can have an illicit money tithe deducted from their wages electronically, for the convenience of preachers who dont have the guts to look the giver in the eye and beg for it. More than ever, Gods people are being victimized in a den of thieves which passes itself off as being the House of God (Matt.21:13). The PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS is being attacked and weakened by satans ravening wolves in sheeps clothing. Old Covenant priests did not pay tithes to anyone. So why do a few affluent, learned MEN suppose they can override Gods divinely appointed, all-inclusive priesthood of every believer, so as to exalt THEMSELVES as tax gatherers over His elect? A MAN-MADE priesthood developed by the institutional church is running roughshod over baby believers and even over people too spiritually weak to object to their scare tactics. A lying, deceiving spirit is at work. God will KILL you if you dont tithe (or made a generous contribution) to your local church. To the local church really means making a needless sacrifice to the fools propped up in the pulpit. But God would have you to know that you who believe in Christ ARE His church. You are just as much the church as the guy with the long string of degrees from the cemetery seminary which taught him/her dead, deceitful traditions posing as the truth of God.

God can have compassion on ministers who are being deceived themselves, or who genuinely are not learned in His Word enough to discern truth from error. God can even have compassion on preachers who are bound by evil spirits of greed and cant break free of satans influence. They need deliverance, not censure. But a vast majority of Bible-educated tithe collectors are fully aware that what theyre teaching and enforcing in the congregation is a lie. Satan is the author of tithing lies, not the Holy Spirit. The leeches in the pulpit use a stranglehold of FEAR on Gods dear ones. Some people have suffered so much adversity in their lives, theyre too scared to withhold Gods tithe, although the old tithing Law DIED when the Levitical Temple system it supported was destroyed. God DID NOT legislate a new, improved version of the Tithing Law to impose upon His New Covenant church. The ENEMY sneaked this lie in. The ENEMY has done this sowing of tares into the congregation (Matt.13:28). Tares look ALMOST like the real thing (wheat in the NT), but they contain deadly poison and are unfit for human consumption. Invariably satan appeals to sweet religious sentiment and carefully selected verses to psychologically manipulate you into paying tithes. Hell paint a picture of you as being a stingy bum for refusing to fork the money over to those who cover you (where is the covering doctrine found in the NT)? There is only ONE Mediator between man and God, the Man Christ Jesus (I Tim.2:5). Different gifts manifest through different believers, but God intended for all His saints to relate equally to one another as brethren only (Matt.23:8). But today you have one or two men standing at the front of some building representing you before God (supposedly) and taking your tribute money, covering your eyes with a spiritual blindfold so you cant see youre being bilked by false, lying TRADITIONS OF MEN. They are feeding Gods people spiritual tares in exchange for this loot. Consume satans counterfeit of Biblical truth, and you wreck your spiritual digestive tract to the extent that youre unable to digest Gods REAL food when it is presented to you. Like the little boy who ate too much candy, those overstuffed on error arent hungry for the genuine truth of Gods Word. As in the days of Paul, so today greedy blind leaders of the blind have crept in unawares to spy out your liberty in Christ Jesus (Gal.2:4). They will tell you that you are NOT free, but that you are slaves! They want you to feel BOUND to toil like a donkey so you can pay THEM ten per cent of your pre-tax salaries until the day you drop dead from sheer exhaustion. Tithing on money or peoples cash wages was NEVER commanded in either Testament. Tithes were NEVER taken from destitute widows, carpenters, fishermen, sandal-makers, potters, or even from wealthy merchants, unless those people raised crops or livestock on the side. It is a SIN to add a new commandment to Gods Word. It is an ABOMINATION to take down from the Cross of Christ regulations which were nailed there as defunct and obsolete. God sees so many of His poor babes crying and weeping with dread as they hold their pitiful Social security check or their paltry minimum wage pay in their hand. They think of the nutritious food they will have to do without, how they will freeze in winter time, their broken teeth which will go unrepaired because the preacher posing as the Lord must be paid first. Meanwhile God sees rich preachers sinking their pearly white teeth into sumptuous cuisine at the finest restaurants right after they sink their greedy fangs into the flesh of the poor who are too scared to question their lies. God will CURSE you if you withhold His (OUR) tithe. Youll get sick(er). Youll lose your job and end up on the street if you dont honor Him (the preacher,

really) with the firstfruits of your peanuts paycheck. Youll be a second-class citizen in heaven if you make it there at all. Your child will die and you will end up on welfare. And theyll end with a self-righteous, religious flourish: Be sure your sins will find you out. Gods children feel like theyre going to the woodshed to get a bad beating from selfrighteous Pharisees instead of going to church to get blessed by the Lord. The phrase going to church isnt a phrase found in Scripture, although Christians do assemble together to build one another up in the faith. True Christians ARE Christs church, and Christians gather together in a building or other place AS the church. We are the Body of Christ, and each one of us are individual members comprising His Body on earth (I Cor.12:27). To say you owe tithe money to the church is the same as saying that the rest of your body has the right to tax your little finger. Ridiculous, isnt it? The phrase going to church is conjures up the same idea as attending some other function, like a ball game, movie, play, or other PRODUCTION OF MEN. Yes, church has been redefined and treated as a spectator sport. A few players out in front perform the whole show while others watch. And if you dont pay your fair share of the admission, you dont belong there. No wonder so many true believers feel disconnected to the institutional church system. Because God is the One pulling the plug on it! God is disconnecting these greedy SYSTEMS OF MEN from His power source, the Holy Spirit. In mercy, God has allowed many souls to be saved in these Jezebel institutional systems in spite of the lies that were mixed in with any scriptural truths presented in those religious organizations. God has been faithful to save through salvation Scriptures presented in these places, despite the idolatry and false religious traditions which fill brick-and-mortar BUILDINGS OF MEN. This poor, anemic religious structure which is sick head to toe and laced with deadly lies has alienated the poor among Gods flock and deceived the affluent into thinking they can buy the blessings of God, much like Simon Magus thought he could purchase the power of the Holy Ghost (Acts 8:20). Unscriptural churchianity is to true Biblical Christianity what fake orangeade is to orange juice. God has grown weary of the grossest show on earth manipulating His peoples giving habits with greed and false guilt. God is angry with spiritual tyrants threatening His people with hell fire for non-tithing and placing themselves as mediators between themselves and His people, charging admission into His Presence. God doesnt take too kindly to the way religious showmen play His people like a fiddle, with soft lighting, melodramatic voice intonations, musical effects, and theatrical gestures. They fake an anointing of the Spirit they KNOW they dont have, to justify their greed. In this way they control the emotional responses of the congregation to butter up contributors. These greedy snakes dare to invade Gods own territory, the sanctuary of the human spirit room where He dwells in His people. False churchianity and the systems which support its insatiable appetite are cursed and fit only for the fire. God has seen the tears of frustration as sighing Christians surrender ten per cent of their paycheck to their overlords in the pulpit. They look for relief, not from the institution which robbed them, but from secular resources, such as the community food bank or in taking extra odd jobs (which also provide tithe money for the greedy preacher). God knows how many believers got in hock to loan sharks because they couldnt get a dime of help from their so-called churches when some emergency struck. Young mothers who need to buy milk for their children or shoes for school are left with pennies after all the burdensome bills are paid, including the church tithe. But instead of getting a hand up from rich preachers, theyll only get a boot up

the backside from hardhearted pastors who rebuke them for being murmurers and complainers and admonish them that God is disappointed with them for failing to provide adequately for their own families. Often when the churchs benevolence committee hands out food parcels to poor people, it comes with a sting in its tail, like a scorpion. With a patronizing smile the poor recipient will be reminded that hard work is the only honorable way out of their predicament, and it would bring greater glory to God if the individual were self-sustaining instead of needing help. But did Jesus rebuke those 5,000 ABLE-BODIED men when HE handed out a free lunch of bread and fish in Matthew Chapter 14? Beg-a-thon TV preachers are some of the biggest welfare recipients of all, even though their designer duds and jewelry make them appear respectable. They cry and plead with viewers to send god (themselves) their very best offering, then turn around and buy a new boat with it. Why dont TV preachers pleading for money draw the same criticism as poorer believers who fall into hard economic times? Is it any more of a shame for poor people to ask for help with groceries than it is for a preacher to ask for donations to carpet the sanctuary? Which begs this question: If the body of the believer is the REAL Temple of the Living God (see I Cor.3:16 and 2 Cor..6:16), why dont preachers build up Gods REAL Temple by donating some of that church money to nourish the bodies of poor believers? Everyone knows that the bodies of poor people fall apart and die prematurely because of lack of food money! But oh, no, preachers are FAR more concerned about redecorating the sanctuary and varnishing the pews! God rarely sees prosperity preachers breaking a sweat or worrying about where THEIR next meal is coming from. A feeble, insincere, God bless you prayer is about the nicest offering any poor believer will get from clergymen who have robbed them again and again. Despite the fact that James commands Christian love to take practical action (James 2:14-17). Christians who must work two or three jobs to survive are tempted to feel resentment as their laid-back (lazy) leadership returns from vacation, all tanned and relaxed and eager to share videos from their trip. Surprising to many, Gods Word promises only the curse of poverty to people who pamper the rich with gifts (Prov.22:16). Scripture promises curses, not blessing, to those who come back under the Law or any part of it (Gal.3:10). People who think theyre obeying the true Biblical tithing law should remember:

1. The tithing Law, like all other Old Covenant rules and regulations, was given



by Moses TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL only (Lev.27:30-34). All promises AND CURSES associated with this law, even the dreaded Curse of Malachi so loved by preachers, are for Israel ONLY! Money is not mentioned in the list of things God ordered to be tithed. Cain offered up whatever he felt like offering instead of what God commanded (Heb.11:4). God doesnt bless good ideas. God blesses OBEDIENCE! God never changed the rules on what He wanted tithed. Human ministers of greed introduced monetary tithing into the church during the Middle Ages to keep the revenues flowing into their coffers. If youre tithing on money, youre doing it against Gods clearly stated Word. If youre tithing on anything at all as a religious duty to gain Gods favor thereby, you run the risk of falling from grace and forfeiting salvation (Gal.5:4). Abrahams ONE-TIME act of tithing consisted ONLY of the spoils of war. Abraham did not run back to his camp to gather ten per cent of his own


5. 6.

7. 8.




possessions or personal wealth to give to Melchisedek (Gen.14:17-24; Heb.7:1-10). Abraham DID NOT repeat this act of tithing, nor did he teach it to His children as a binding obligation. All tribes of Israel (including the priestly tribe of Levi) paid tithes to Melchisedek as Abraham paid this one-time tithe, when they were yet in the LOINS of their father Abraham (Heb.7:9-10). Gentile believers were NOT in the loins (of physical descent) from Abraham, but can claim only spiritual descent from Abraham through Christ. Paul the apostle NEVER taught Gentile believers they must start tithing in order to please their Heavenly Father. Nor did Peter or James impose tithing on Gentile converts in the apostolic council of Acts Chapter 15, which met to decide whether they were required to keep the Law of Moses. The Holy Spirit also agreed that the Gentiles did not have to live under the Law of Moses, which includes tithing (Acts 15:24-29). A few unscrupulous tithing teachers lie and say that non-tithing is the Unpardonable Sin, but PREACHERS WHO EXTORT MONEY OUT OF THE BODY OF CHRIST BY TEACHING THE TITHE ARE IN REBELLION AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT! Jesus Himself declared that the children are free (from religious taxation) in Matthew 17:26. God does not tax His own beloved children, nor does He sanction the pillaging of believers going on today in nominal churches. If the so-called Tithing Law is transferable to the New Covenant, what about OTHER laws, such as circumcision, kosher dietary laws, and all other regulations of Moses? Why arent preachers threatening Gods children with damnation for failure to wear their hair and beard a certain style (Lev.19:27)? It is against Old Testament Law for a male to be clean-shaven! On a lighter note, where is the preachers personal pooper scooper, which all people under OT Law must carry with them for personal hygiene (Deut.23:13)? What happened to the third and sixth year special tithe to be earmarked ONLY for THE HUNGRY POOR (Deut.14:28-29)? Whatever happened to the tithing regulation which permits tithers to help EAT their own tithe (Deut.14:22-26)? Where is the wine and strong drink tithing regulation clearly stated in Gods Word? Why is this proviso of Gods tithing Law NEVER preached as sacred and binding by pro-tithing preachers? Are they afraid there might be a party in the sanctuary if they took ALL Mosaic tithing regulations seriously as they apply this scripture to their lives? What about the tithe-free seventh years, and the fiftieth Jubilee years, where NO harvest was to be gathered in, and no tithes could be paid on it (Ex.23:10-11; Lev.25:1-12)? How many Christians are given a break every seventh and fiftieth years from compulsory donations and from paying this adulterated MONEY tithe God never commanded? Just WHO goes around with a basket taking up this illegitimate tithe? ILLEGITIMATE COLLECTORS! And what makes these swindlers illegitimate? Their illegitimate handling of Gods Holy Word! The fact God never called religious parasites Rev.22:18 to spread these lies, and they do not represent Jesus but satan. It is not lawful for any man (or woman) born outside the Tribe of Levi to collect tithes today (Heb.7:5). Any unqualified individual posing as a tithe-collecting Levite would have been PUT TO DEATH under the Old Law (Num.1:51; 3:10,38; 18:7). You cant pick and choose favorite elements (the ten per cent figure) out of a law which contains many other stipulations and ignore the rest as being irrelevant for today. God doesnt honor partial obedience. If you tithe on the wrong thing to the wrong people, ignore the special third and sixth year poor

tithes, pay tithes on the seventh and fiftieth years of every time cycle, and dont participate in the eating of the tithe, Gods tithing law is being broken, not kept! I remember my school teacher saying: If you miss one part of the question, you got it ALL wrong! Those who claim to obey Gods tithing Law are getting it ALL wrong by ignoring Gods REAL instructions on how He wanted it done! 12. Coming back under Law puts your own salvation in danger! Your salvation is maintained the same way as you began it: through faith: Rom.11:20: Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear: Verse 21: For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. Verse 22: Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off. Gal.5:4: Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. Heb.4:1: Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left [us] of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it. Verse 10: For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Cease from your own works, Christian. Tithing is a work OF THE LAW (Matt.23:23). Christ upheld the tithing law as being still binding before His death on the Cross rendered the Law (and tithing) obsolete. We stand ONLY by faith in Christ and His finished work on Calvary. Coming back under the Law of Moss or any part of it robs a believer of sole dependence on Christ. Child of God, stop paying tribute to these stealthy, conniving, greedy snakes and liars. You are FREE! Free to live and give as God guides you. Free even NOT to give to preachers when God commands you to look after your OWN family first. Let the children FIRST be fed, for it is not fitting to take the childrens bread and to cast it to self-serving, deceitful dogs (Mark 7:27). God even count it as sin to take money your family needs and pay it to preachers, unless He clearly shows you otherwise (Mark 7:11-13; I Tim.5:8). One possible exception might be when the preacher is just as hungry as you are, and youre trusting God to provide despite the sacrificial gift, as in the case of the starving widow who fed Elijah (I Kings 17:9-14).But God does NOT command believers to give sacrificially to provide the preacher with mansions, cars, fine paintings and jewelry. The Old Testament tithe was NEVER used to finance new buildings, steeples, organs, and choir robes! Anyone doing this is only compounding their sin in the sight of God. They are ADDING TO Gods clearly stated Biblical instructions, which is a very grave offense in the sight of the Lord (Deut.12:32; Rev.22:18). What shall be the end of spiritual extortionists who KNOWINGLY continue to rip off Gods beloved people with threats of destruction from God? Those fire-breathing dragons and swindlers threaten that God will torture non-tithers in horrible fire and brimstone for all eternity, and even if He allows a few non-tithers into heaven, theyll only serve as butlers and maids to the former tithers and their spiritual fathers

(they WISH!). Well, Gods got some sad news for those fleecers of His flock. He is even now igniting a white-hot furious fire of doom and judgment which they shall suffer on His Day of Reckoning. All the treasure theyve filched out of His people shall be burnt up in the ferocious fire of His judgment. All the precious treasures stored up in bank vaults will melt in the fierce heat of divine wrath as they are scrutinized by Jesus righteous eyes which are as a flame of fire (see Rev.1:14; 19:12). All those preachers fancy cars shall be cast onto the scrap heap of eternity, along with all other filthy luxuries extorted out of welfare mothers and children who sacrificed the food out of their mouth so they could tithe to the lord. Tithing machines and all other electronic wizardry (banditry) used by preachers to bring in the paper sheaves will also be burnt up as wood, hay and stubble at the Judgment Seat of Christ (I Cor.3:12-15). Dont be deceived. Double standards prevail even in the church. When a preacher (or other professional) is caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar, its called professional misconduct, worthy of a slap on the wrist rebuke, but hardly worth remembering ten years down the road. When a big-name preacher cheats on his wife, divorces her and marries a blond cutie, he goes through a time of spiritual restoration where he allegedly allows God to make him emotionally whole again (no mention of sin and judgment), And even after a respectable time period has passed and the scandal blows over hes usually allowed to marry his pretty hooker and stay in the pulpit (wonder why preachers never feel led of the Lord to take some ugly woman as wife number two or three?). Funny how sin is ten thousand times worse when its committed by a poor person. The whole congregation consigns a poor adulterer to hell and wont even speak to him. Man, theyll eat him for lunch behind his back. But when Pretty Preacher Boy gets back from his third or fourth honeymoon with his blushing blond bride, they all praise the Lord for bringing healing and restoration into his broken life. Its considered uncharitable to notice sin in the pulpit. When a rich celebrity preacher cheats on his wife, its blamed on the devil who unzipped his fly for him and pushed him in the womans bed. Hes in need of healing and love hides a multitude of sins, while the poor deserted wife is either blamed for the breakup or ignored altogether. For the sake of love sin committed by Leadership must be hushed up, and satan must be allowed to do his religious work unhindered. If a preacher stretches the truth to skin the flock, its quickly forgotten and forgiven. But when a poor man steals a few groceries, its a crime worth remembering for all eternity. Yet God sees no difference. He is no respecter of persons. So-called white collar crime done by professionals wearing a backwards collar is every bit as serious as thievery committed by a poor man. If anything, its even worse in Gods sight because the minister claims to represent God and His holiness. Much of todays church has turned into a religious protection racket whereby you pay the preacher so much per week in exchange for Gods guarantee that Hell bless you and not send you to hell. Its really religious prostitution promoted by religious pimps who send the true Gospel of Christ down the river in exchange for a big Judas bag of silver. Gods truth is twisted and misrepresented and swapped for a gospel of greed to benefit the leadership who are fattening their bank accounts at the expense of poor wage earners and widows on Social Security. Let religious liars be warned. The Lord of Hosts is not mocked. The time is coming when the pleasure-bloated bodies of religious overlords who fattened themselves for the Day of Destruction shall be dropped by holy angels over the precipice of the

pit of hell. Every terror, every horrible fate which preachers cursed down upon nontithers shall be multiplied ten thousand-fold and inflicted upon these greedy leeches in the fires of Gods eternal judgment. Those who profiteered from keeping Gods people in spiritual bondage and darkness shall dwell in densest darkness forever, bound by the cords of their own greed (Prov.5:22). Woe unto those who sell out their own precious Savior for filthy lucre, those who turn from holiness to be the servants of satan! How perilous it will be to stand in the shiny shoes of preachers who beat their fellow-servants, as they overindulged on the fruits of their wickedness! Jesus shall return and cut them into pieces and appoint them their portion with hypocrites, these greedy foxes who hoodwinked Gods simple people with cheap gimmicks and trinkets live and on the air. They shall suffer far worse damnation than sinners who never knew anything about the Way to Salvation. Far better for them if theyd never been born than that they lived to reap the fruit of their wicked ways! ***** My tithing videos:

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