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Volume 2 Issue 8: December 2011

Bathroom Reader
GPO’s First Mobile App Ruhleben Digital Exhibit
The United States Government Printing Office has released its first mobile app. The app brings together information from the Guide to House and Senate Members and the Congressional Pictorial Directory to allow users to browse or search for Members of Congress. More information is available at http://bit.ly/ GPOApp. You can access the app by navigating your mobile browser to: http://m.gpo.gov/memberguide. The HLS Library Historical & Special Collections department and Digital Lab have developed a new digital exhibition in connection with the current exhibit of materials from the Ruhleben Internment Camp on display in the Caspersen Room. The digital exhibition, available at http://bit.ly/ruhleben_exhibit, includes additional materials from the camp and about the life of the British men held there during World War I.

Warm Up & Take a Hot Chocolate Study Break
As temperatures fall and exam preparations hit full swing, now is the perfect time to take a break with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The Crimson recently reviewed several hot chocolate options around campus. Check out their reviews at http://bit.ly/ crimsonhotc11, or for something fancier, try Finale on Dunster Street, which offers four types of specialty hot chocolate.

Trivia Challenge
The Trivia Challenge is taking a short winter’s nap, but will return! Last month’s answer:

Meditate with the HLS Mindfulness Society
The HLS Mindfulness Society provides regular opportunities for HLS students, faculty, staff, and other HLS community members to practice silent meditation, and helps foster a community of law students who try to incorporate the practice of mindfulness in their daily lives. All are welcome, regardless of faith tradition. Sittings take place in the library: Tuesdays 7:30am, meet by the circulation desk Thursdays 6:00pm, Langdell 352 For more info, visit: http://hlsorgs.com/mindful/.

Bankruptcy Materials for Your E-Reader
Bob Lawless and Scott Cromar of The University of Illinois College of Law have put together free Kindle and ePub versions of the Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. While these are unofficial versions of the texts, they offer greater portability for bankruptcy questions that arise on the go. Download versions with or without historical and revision notes at http://bit.ly/sJvCVQ.

A poster advertising a Cricket Exhibition Match at the Ruhleben Internment Camp is located on the 5th floor of Areeda in the balcony over the reference desk. Congratulations to this month’s winner, Matt S., and to October’s winner, Yonatan L., and thanks to all who have participated!

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