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Thinking of buying a CMS, or using one of the ope source CMS freely available on the web.

Have you thought of what your business requirements are? If he answer is yes, then your CMS should more or less be aligned with your overall business strategy. Content is the key and will offer you much more traffic to your site, and get your site higher up in search engine results. I have recently completed a basic specification for a CMS, and this is the feature list I ended up with after interviewing a number of users from different businesses and reviewing a number of open source CMS. If you think of more features please feel free to comment! 1. Update site content instantly from anywhere in the world using a browser 2. Manage pages (Add/Edit/Delete) using a simple web based administration system 3. Upload files, images and documents 4. Update the site structure, navigation links and shortcuts 5. Update the site design using a web-based style editor 6. Super User: The CMS should give the ability to the company or individual to assign a super user/ super admin who will have the overall responsibility of adding users to the CMS, editing user details, removing users, assigning users to roles and responsibilities (section). 7. Templates: Users should have autonomy of the templates. They should be able to design and easily integrate custom templates on their site. 8. User roles: The Super user should be able to assign responsibilities and sections to specific individuals. 9. Search: Advanced search- Users should be able to search images, documents, users, other file types, and general content based on the keywords they enter. 10. Audit Trail: Users should be able to track work done, changes done on each page by whom and when that change occurred. 11. Manageable elements: Users should be able to move navigational elements in the site. 12. Archiving: The system should give the ability to the user to archive pages. 13. Online support: Support of the system should be enhanced with detailed guides, videos, podcasts, or even online IM help. 14. Boxed application: The system should function as a boxed application. The user who buys the product should install it on the server as a normal desktop applications. 15. Keywords and metadata: The system should provide the ability for the users to add custom keywords and metadata in their sites. 16. Multi-site management: The system should allow a business to manage more than one site at a time. 17. Inline editing: In conjunction to the above every element or site region should be editable inline. The user should select a button, e.g edit and a WYSIWIG editor should appear that would allow the user to edit the content in place, rather going to a separate page. 18. Offline application: Users should have the ability to post offline and publish their content when internet connection is available. 19. Editing images: The system should provide the ability to the user to edit images online (crop, contrast, brightness, size etc). 20. Built in accessibility checker: Users should be prompted whenever accessibility issues arise, such as alt tags for images etc. 21. Preview: The system should provide the ability for user to preview their content. 22. Faster deployment: The system should be installed easily and integrated with other system by users with none or limited technical knowledge. 23. Plugins : Users should be able to build and plug-in components that can enhance the functionality of the system 24. Usability: Users have complaint that the system is not intuitive enough. This

should be one of the priorities during design. 25. Document management 26. Image Galleries 27. Data collection and reporting tools 28. Search engine friendly URLS 29. Task and scheduling modules 30. Calendars and events magagement 31. Site statistics 32. Business intelligence modules, data collection and reporting 33. Link-checkers 34. Content scheduling-time release 35. Page locking 36. Event notification (emails) to CMS users/authors 37. Page versioning 38. Automatic sitemap creation 39. Mass uploads 40. Embedded bug reporting feature Please visit for more