Introduction In these few days, where we are exposed to several organized activities, games and events, we have learned

how to collaborate, cooperate and apply strategic management models we have learned in class and at the workplace. Among some of the lessons we learned throughout the process are proper planning, team work, resource organization, and team management. The game and activities, simulating real life working environments, have enabled us to apply what we have learned in lectures and classrooms. All of the games and activities have required critical thinking, brainstorming, quick decision making and team work among the group members in order to be successfully completed. Activity 1 - Map Reading Introduction The very first activity we had for the first night of the corporate strategy simulation program was map reading. The objective of the activity was to guide the participants on how to read the map, use a compass, find bearing and so forth. At the end of the activity, we were required to decide what resources needed to be acquired (purchased) for the next activity. Lesson Learned The whole activity simulated the start of a strategic planning process where we had to define the vision and mission, objective and strategy of our team. The map acted as a guideline towards the vision. It contained the current position and the destination which are similar to current level of the organization and the level that the organization wants to be in the industries the respectively. The mission was represented by the checkpoint at the end of the trail. Mission statements define what an organization wants to do; whom to serve and how the organization aims to reach the vision. The compass and bearing reading were the tools to provide guidance to the group to reach the destination; which direction to follow and how far to go. In order to complete the mission, the team needed to always make sure that we were aligned to the vision. Once we had learned how to read the map and find coordinates, bearing and calculate distance, we were required decide to acquire the resources for the next activity. Without much information or analysis, we made the decision to purchase extra resources for the team. In reality, an organization needs to access its internal resources such as financial, human, physical 1

resources before making a decision to increase its competitive advantages. Not analyzing the external environment will also greatly reduce the competitive advantages of the organization because we may miss out the opportunities and face unknown threats. Thus, it is always important to first analyze the organizations’ internal and external environmental factors. The structure of an organization is also very important in making sure that the organizations’ operations are running smooth. The three levels should be formed in an organization are the strategic level, management level and operation level. Each of the group members’ roles must be clearly defined and assigned to the best and most suitable person. In the case of emergencies, a contingency plan must be planned. This is where training needs to be provided to each and every single employee to enable them to cover for each other for any particular task. Two-way communication is crucial to make sure all the stakeholders are aligned to the vision and mission. Conclusion In an organization, it is very important to develop the vision and mission statement to align all the stakeholders. The strategic level has to provide a direction to the management and operation levels so that the all the stakeholders knowing their roles in order to achieve the organization’s goal. Internal and external environment have to be examined and used in the SWOT analysis to increase the organizations’ competitive advantages.

Activity 2 – War Game Introduction 2

War game is generally known as an often physical or electronic simulation of a military operation involving two or more forces using rules. one of our members got injured. We were also told to be prepared for another guerilla attack. we were attacked by the guerilla. Therefore. Right from the start. That incident simulated real-life business environment where organizations that are not observant to the their environment can be taken out easily by their competitors. and procedures designed to depict an actual or assumed situation. As a result. Before we were taken into the jungle. Although some of us were elected as the map readers. each team needed to come up with strategies in order to complete the mission successfully. However. After 30 minutes of discussion. the team leader was the one responsible to make the executive decision. Our first assignment was to navigate ourselves to the check point which has been fixed. data. We also learned the importance of being able to make a quick decisions and good negotiation skills. There were a lot of obstructions along the way and there were many times we found ourselves diverting from the track to the check point. We used our negotiation skills to lower the asking price to 5000 copra. due to the fact that we were too engrossed in finding our drop off point and were not observant to the surrounding. From this incident. First. the team 3 . The mission of the war games was to get back the ‘black bag’ which had been stolen by the guerilla. Among them was to elect two distance checkers and also come up with several passwords to be used by the team for communication purposes. we planned several strategies along the way to the check point. As a result. During the route to the checkout point. Problem Learned The war games began once we were at our drop off point. we realized the importance of having a contingency plan so that we can change quickly according to the environment or any unexpected situation. we finally decided to pay 4500 copra to get the exact location of our drop off point and another 1200 copra for the lives of our group members. Once we had reached the check point. we made 2 big mistakes. Secondly. After knowing our drop off location. This cost us as we needed to then pay for the life of our members that had been hit. the instructors had taught us the methods of using a compass with a map. we were told by our facilitators to rest a while and cook our food. the war games that held by UPM was little different from the others. our group decided to use the ‘money’ to buy information from facilitator so that the facilitator could guide us to the check point. we took too long to find out where our exact drop off point was. We had been given coordinates by our group facilitator to figure out where on the map was our drop off point and which direction we needed to go to in order to reach our checkout point.

this activity also gave us an opportunity to enhance on our conflict resolving skills. During the war game. the guerillas were defeated and we were able to get back the ‘black bag’. The team leader immediately distributed the work to every group members and everyone focused on their roles and responsibilities. Conclusion Going through the entire war games. we selected 6 representatives to explore and observe the guerillas staying area and then come back to our camp out place to discuss strategies. as we only lost 3 of our teammates and were successful in killing one of their members. and also the opportunities and threats that presented themselves. By identifying our opportunities. we also identify the importance of having a good leader. we had the opportunity to apply what we had learned in class to the activity. we were able to apply the SWOT analysis model through this game. Therefore. As for the team members. We decided to create several teams of two in order to spread amongst the jungle and help each other while being attacked. After some period. The team also assigned the groups as either an attacker or defender so that some of the team members could act as a distraction while the other team members attacked. Eventually. must be able to think quickly and be decisive and delegate the right job to the right people. We gained a lot of knowledge on how to survive in the jungle. From the four groups.quickly discussed on our strategies on how to face the guerillas when they arrived. By using SWOT analysis. this strategy worked rather well. we faced a lot of instances of communication breakdown due to misunderstanding between the team members. we were able to generate better strategies in order to defeat our opponents. For instance. Despite our shortcomings. The team leader was the one who motivates his/her team members whenever we were in danger. so that we can minimize the impact of the guerillas’ attack. we joined the other to make an alliance so that we could fight back the guerillas to get back the ‘black beg’ that had been stolen and fulfill our mission in the jungle. we tried our best to formalize another strategy. During this activity. After finishing up the food. The leader acts as the mentor of the group. it is important for us to understand the roles and responsibilities that had been given to us in order for the mission to be successfully completed. how to work in a team. 4 . weaknesses and threats. strengths. to plan strategies wisely and quickly as well as focus on fulfilling the mission. we were able to identify our strengths and our weaknesses. after a bitter fight.

our group later decided to have only four team mates carry the bucket at any 5 . However.Activity 3 .Mission Impossible: Toxic Waste Disposal. Initially our team decided to use all the ropes provided in securing the bucket to transport the water. through a trialand-error process. all groups were asked to think of a way of transporting water (toxic waste) from one tub to another using only ropes and a single bucket. In this challenge.

in the end only two ropes and four team mates were necessary to carry out the challenge successfully.single time. From here. our team also learned the importance of retreating. we found the process of transferring the water using the bucket to the middle tub much easier. reanalyzing and applying new strategies to overcome difficulties faced. we should be always stop and analyze our position in the marketplace. However. There were several limitations that were placed on each team. By working together and looking out for each other. there were two members who were unable to participate fully due to injury and pregnancy. In the workplace. hardware. our team was able to minimize the number of point deductions due to mistakes as above. what new strategies can we apply to become the market leader? Always taking the time to monitor and evaluate how well the company is doing is a form of internal audit that all companies must do periodically to ensure that the methods and strategies that are being applied bring the most benefit to the company. However. we should apply this lesson during our budget planning exercises. Even employees who have worked at a particular post for several years should be sent for refresher training sessions. such as not being able to touch the bucket with our hands. We finally decided to tie the ropes to the bucket to secure it firmly. During this challenge. we should be able to budget how much resources is necessary in terms of monetary. using only two ropes. after several failed attempts to securely carry the bucket. our team became more efficient in transferring the water using the bucket to the middle tub. our team decided to stop to discuss and reanalyze the situation. As time went along. Our confidence level increased and we were able to pick up speed as time went by. are our products and/or services doing well in the market? Are we the market leader? If not. 6 . Initially our team decided to lift the bucket by hooking the ropes underneath its rim. In the workplace. human capital and so on. Eventhough we were provided with several ropes and had 16 team mates to carry the bucket. Within our team. This goes to show the importance of staff training and specialization in the workplace. This is important to ensure that whatever resources are put into the implementation of the project is utilized to its fullest potential and not wasted. we learned the importance of resource optimization. For every project that we encounter. Once we had done that. Another important criterion that was required in completing this challenge successfully was teamwork. that did not deter the team from completing the challenge as the other team members worked together to compensate for those team members that were unable to contribute fully to the task. not being able to step into the circle and being able to hold more than one end of each rope. to allow them to learn better techniques and methods of performing their job.

together with the appropriate strategies to overcome these weaknesses and utilize their strengths to the full potential. One of the main reasons for this is to allow all team members to experience and enjoy the task in hand. each team member played their part in motivating each other throughout the challenge by providing cheers and words of encouragement. S-T and W-T strategies. some of our team members did not have that advantage so during each round. A good company would also make the effort to recognize the contributions of its staff by providing rewards and praise where necessary. companies may also use the SPACE matrix. it is crucial to be able to identify our external and internal environmental factors. some companies practice job rotation among its employees to ensure that every employee experiences and learn new skills and are able to take on different responsibilities. If there are threats or opportunities in the marketplace. Highly involved employees would ensure their actions benefit the 7 . W-O.Being able to analyze the environment and adapt according was also another lesson our team learned from this challenge. dedication and team spirit than a demotivated employee. In the workplace. However. it created a stressful environment for our team. A SWOT analysis is the most common method used by companies to identify these factors together with the S-O. it is important to remember that in every company. It is also important to allow all employees to be involved in the company’s operation. we were instructed to ensure that all team members took turns to carry the bucket of water. consisted of both type of personnel. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) method or the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) to come up with appropriate strategies for their company. All companies should also be able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. There was several times where we would find other teams in our way when transferring the water. we must be able to identify them. the most important asset are always the employees. we were able to identify our teams’ strength and weaknesses. Since the challenge was to compete with the other groups. Instead of waiting for the other teams to complete and lose precious time. our team decided to walk around the other teams and maneuver ourselves to our middle tub. it falls to the company to provide a less stressful. However. we worked together to make sure that the team members that carried the bucket together. Therefore. During the challenge. During the challenge also. either at the strategic or operational level. However. In any company. attached a rating of importance to each factor and come up with appropriate strategies on how to avoid or overcome the threats and grab the opportunities that come by. Quite a number of our team members had long arms and were able to lean in further into the circle to take out the water from the tub. A highly motivated employee would be able to contribute more in terms of ideas. productive workplace for its employees. In the workplace. Job rotation also reduces the level of boredom among employees.

companies can increase their overall revenue and profitability with no or minimal additional investment. Professor Zainal mentioned of a technique a previous team had used where after scooping out the water from the tub. After the challenge had ended. the team members would shorten the rope by grabbing the nearest part of the rope to the bucket. 8 . Constraints • • All the buses and trucks can only move forward. the team had to navigate less space in reaching the middle tub and was able to ensure the task was completed quickly without much water as a whole as they are able to link the success of the company with their own personal gain. Activity 4 . By doing so. This goes to show that even successful companies must always be thinking ahead and constantly thinking of new ways to innovate by either using a new technology or eliminating bottlenecks in the supply chain. By doing so.Traffic Jam Objective of the Game To create a strategy to exchange the places of all the ‘buses’ and ‘trucks’ safely without being stuck in the traffic jam. If there is an empty place. the vehicles can only jump over another type of vehice.

Since this game had a time constrain. Before the game begins. They need to treat employees fairly and with respect. making fast and appropriate decisions is very important in order to compete with competitors. At this point. the management needs to make sure that all their employees clearly understand the company’s mission. She started implementing the strategies without explaining the objective of the game to all the team members. However. In a real organization. we realized that coming up the strategies is very important before we start to execute them. reconstruction of the game is minute. the objectives of the game should first be explained to the team members. • • • • The time given to solve the puzzle is 30 minutes. The consultant’s job is to assist and give guidance to the CEO on how to solve the problem and the CEO will give the instructions to the team members based on the consultant’s advice. verbally or nonIf all the ‘buses’ and ‘trucks’ get stuck in the traffic jam. Before any project or implementation of new strategies. They should also take the time to explain the changes that need to take place even if it requires meeting with each and every employee. vision and objectives in order to ensure that everyone are on the right path to achieve the company’s goals.For example: A ‘truck’ can jump over a ‘bus’ or a ‘bus’ can jump over a ‘truck’ to fill in the empty place. given for any move made by the team members that is not instructed by the CEO. verbally. Penalty will be The team members are not allowed to communicate with the CEO. we learned that how the top management plays a very important role for the success of their organization. the team members just followed the instructions given by the CEO blindly since they were not allowed to communicate with the CEO. 9 . one to be the CEO and another one to be the consultant. selecting the CEO and consultant was very crucial as we needed to select someone that had the capability of managing and solving the problems given as fast as they can. In order to avoid any reconstructions of the game. penalty will be given for each excess The team members can only move with the instructions from the CEO. The management also needs to make the need for change visible to all employees in all ways. allowed however penalty will be given. Lesson Learned The Traffic Jam game required the team to select two representatives. As a result. our CEO made a mistake when she did not explain the rules of the game to the other team members.

Having said that. limited length of cellophane tape. We can gain more ideas if we have more brain power. Each egg that remains whole after the dropping process will earn the team a reward of 5. 3 or more.Lunar Landing on the Moon This game’s objective is to use the provided and limited resources such as straws.000 10 . two-way communication is also important. Miscommunication happened during this game as everyone did not understand the objective and the regulations involved. If they know that they are not capable of handling certain problems and situations.They need to show to the employees that change requires the cooperation and collaboration from everyone. and papers to construct a case or rather a ‘spaceship’ that accommodates an egg and protect it from breaking when the ‘spaceship’ is being release to ground from a certain height. Activity 5 . It is important to be sure the direction of communication flows between levels and that two-way communication is encouraged through inquiry at all levels. whether it is just 1. 2. they should seek help from others including their employees. The CEO should also be upfront and honest about their capability as well. This game allows groups to purchase any numbers of eggs.

trimming the straws into optimum sizes. Overall. if we just purchase ONE egg. organizing and directing the construction of the ‘spaceship’. Certain amount of resources represents our business capacity. if the group purchased too many eggs. This simply means the cost of purchasing the second egg is just a total waste. During this activity. we may end up with excess resources. since the women were better in trimming straws. Each member that participates should know their role in the team. our time and resources had to be managed equally so that both eggs had the same chance of survival. we also learned about time and resource management. Each group is provided with a certain amount of resources for constructing the space ship regardless of how many eggs are been purchased. In business.Copra. they were put in charge of that activity. Therefore. for this activity. the second egg would have less time and resources. worker or staff capacity. IF the group focused too much on the first egg. we need to match our people with certain skills to certain job (putting the right person at the right place). Once the planning is done. this may be similar to operating at a 70% capacity which would just result in a certain amount of output or profit. Since our group had purchased 2 eggs. the money to purchase the second egg might as well put to other usage. or monetary capital. In real life. holding and protecting the egg. As managers. 11 . During this activity also. such as cutting and supplying the cellophane tape. team work and the assignment of roles to the right employees are important. resulting in more loss than profits due to high spending on eggs. good time and resource management and planning are crucial in this game and setting. This can avoid waste of resources and time. from here we learn how to strategize to optimize our outputs and maximize profit. we learned how to maximize our ‘profit’ or outputs. The ‘spaceships’ will not be strong enough to sustain the impact and the team may end up with a higher percentage of breakage. On the other hand. In a company. and a lower percentage of success. From here. teamwork. it might mean factory capacity. in order to be successful. everyone should have a role to play. the team needs to have a proper planning or some sort of architectural drawing before constructing the ‘spaceship’. the resources to build ‘spaceships’ for all the eggs might not be enough. For example. Here.

However if the player steps on ‘mine’. the instructor will say ‘safe”.Mine sweeper Objective of the Game: The objective of the game was to find a safe path through the ‘mine’ by stepping on the boxes within a grid mat. The team that successfully transported each member from one end of the grid to the other wins. Each player tries to find the safe path by trial and error. 12 . All team members were given numbers to note the sequence in which they would enter the hall to find that path. Each team would be provided with a different instructor. Before starting. Each team was provided with grid mat (8x8) with an arrow at a starting point. If he/she steps on a safe box.Activity 6 . each player was required to say name of team and number to the instructor.

Strategy used: All the rules were first explained to 3 members of the team in the hall. the saying “Practices makes perfect” proved essential.the instructor would blow the whistle and say ‘bomb’. our team learned the value of teamwork and collaboration to come up with a solution to solve the puzzle and mission. Any access tries will be charged until the path is completed by all the participants. Since we were competing with the other teams. Each team is given 30 free tries to get all members to the other side of the grid. This game also showed that all members in the team or organization 13 . some of team members practiced together outside while waiting for their turn to play. In the end. backwards. Effective communication among the team members ensures that everyone will get the message right the first time. These 3 members were then required to brief their team members of the objective and regulations of the game. our team faced additional pressure complete the mission before the other teams did. The player loses his/her turn once they step onto a ‘mine’ block. This took the team several attempts and the team faced pressure to get the steps memorized as the number of ‘safe’ blocks increased. It’s always better to practice “two-way communication” to clear any doubts and misunderstandings. After the debriefing by the three representatives. Every message passed should be precise and understood by all the members. Each player was given a role to go down a certain route. the team was able to pattern out the route on the piece of paper. To make it easier. the team member was required to memorize which route they had taken and which box contained a ‘mine’. By doing this. Constraint faced: The main problem our team faced during the activity was finding the right path to get the finishing point. Each player learned to enhance their memory skills and trust their intuition on which block to step on. Choosing and finding right block to step on was one of challenges faced by the team since all the ‘mines’ on the grid were invisible. The player can step one block at a time and can only go forward. the other team members were invited to ask questions to clear any doubts they had. left or right. Lesson learned that can be applied in the real organization: During this game. The first thing our team did was to draw an 8x8 grid on a piece of paper. This game also showed that subordinates should follow the leader instruction/guide as this would help get things done right and minimize mistakes. This made it easier for the next player to know which block to step in and which ones to avoid. If possible. They are not allowed to make any diagonal moves. The leader plays an essential role to communicate the problem faced to the other team members so that everyone understands the objective of the activity.

Support from each member is important as this gives motivation to continue the mission. If a strategy fails. Activity 7 .are required to contribute towards their organization or the team. Build self confidence. a karaoke song and drama/pantomime. Lastly. we found this one to be the most fun activity that we had to experience. Talent pool. the team should discuss and come up with a contingency plan or new solutions to complete the mission. We were asked to come up with three performances. Our team chose to perform a dikir barat. with a time allocated of seven minutes for each presentation or performances. Lesson that we learned from this activity can be summarizes as below: • • • • • Overcome stage fright. we managed to fulfill the task and most importantly we enjoyed performing. By practicing and not giving up. Dig out a hidden talent-don’t judge a book by its cover. probably the most memorable one also. All team members should be aware of the consequences for each action taken. More creative. Despite the constraint of a very limited time to discuss and practice the performances (about two hours). The team should also adopt learning from mistakes so that repetitions of mistakes will not occur. learning to trust each other and having good team spirit will make the task easier and more fun to complete.Stage Phobia Among all of the activities. the task at hand becomes easier to solve. 14 .

by having stage performance activity also would enable us to dig out the hidden talent from all members. training and practice will make it better. ask for feedback from the audience to know what is our shortcomings and what areas to be improved. team or organization. The more we perform on stage. Having fun is one way to release stress. we must have the ability to speak in front of other people to voice out our opinion or to do a presentation on behalf of our organization. Secondly. spirit and strong bonding within the members will occur as they are trying to achieve similar goal. By being open for ideas. thus he/she must have high self confidence to talk on behalf of the group that he/she represented in order to relay the message and convince others to believe in his idea. In an organization. Thus we must be able to overcome stage fright. 15 . Application in life: As a leader or manager. by conducting activities in a group. the better our performance will become. Must know and understand our own role/task and responsibility-teamwork. Have a checklist before starting a performance to ensure everything is on schedule. Practice a speech in front of mirror or in front of some close friends or family if we are going to present something is good and it would help us gain more confidence.• • • • • • • • Contribution of ideas from all group members is important. if possible. In any presentation or performances that we do. Coordination is vital to perform a task. Activities such as public speaking and/or stage performance would help individual to build their confidence level in front of the audience. Thus. so that we could correct them before the final presentation take place. After the mock presentation. organization would able to dig out a special talent from each of the staff members regardless what level they are coming from. by having this activity we would also be able to build our self confidence. one should practice many times to come out with a flawless performance or presentation. Good ideas and great talent can come from the people we least expect it to. Some ideas are better to be kept simple. This kind of activity could increase the creative level in the staff as everybody has to contribute to the team to make sure team performances are on top. Training and/or practice make perfect. Next. High team work. A manager ought to represent his worker. a manager also learns to escape bias and to not judge people by their status or appearances. It’s good to have a small notes so we don’t forget what we supposes to do/say and thus always on track.

Introduction The water confidence lessons will build on the skill and experiences gained through the water familiarization process. First. In organization. Activity 8 – Water Confidence Objective The objective of water confidence is to establish teamwork among each other. Without leader. it is very hard for an organization to move forward and achieves its objective without hurdles. Second. Work hard and play hard can boost the organization outcome/ performance happy staffs would be less stress and more productive. every staff must know what is their role and responsibility in order to carry out a specific or particular job. Happy staff will not only increase productivity but also level of commitment towards organization. guide line that we need to follow. and duty of each member . It is good to have notes so we are not getting lost in case if something went wrong during the presentation as we can refer quickly to the notes. all the members will be transfer to the starting point which 100 meter far from the seaside. Comprehend the vision and missions of the organization are vital.In organization too. Group cannot be moving by its own without somebody navigate it and coordinate it. Having checklist to make sure all items and/or people are in place before performing is also important aspect. This also will help on time management. to establish trust among team members. facilitator will brief us the role of game. And establish self-confident of each member. sometimes ideas are better to be kept simple. Therefore it is paramount to make sure each member of the group knows what is expected out of them before they execute the task. Last but not least. hence as a result they could work more efficiently. The most important is the audiences get the message that we want to deliver. All the members have to swim back to the seaside. Lesson Learned 1) Teamwork 16 . all the members have to wear up life jacket to make sure the safety of each member and discuss the strategies. a good leader is vital to make sure that the entire firm is functioning according to plan. A group also definitely needs a good leader to monitor and coordinate the activity that they will perform. Third.

4) Obeying to instruction Learning to obey instructions is important in this activity. especially for those who do not swim well. Meanwhile. All members have to swim towards a certain destination point. In the workplace. Clear sense of direction may reduce any unnecessary mistake. 6) Motivation All members motivate each other and themselves by telling each other that they are able to finish the tough activity. the management need to make sure that all their employees clearly understand the company’s mission and vision in order to ensure that everyone are in the right path to achieve the company’s goals. all members have to learn to trust each other. 7) Booting morale and team spirit All members have to support and encourage each member during the activity.All the members have to divide their own duties. 5) Trust among members This activity can also establish trust among the members. Teamwork is key in this activity. In this activity. to help one another during the activity. 2) To establish self confident This activity can also help establish self-confidence in each member. All members have to listen and obey the leader. Applicable in real life Teamwork creates a more engaged and motivated workforce than employee who work alone. 3) Target & Direction All the members have set the target and direction to complete the activity. The swimmers have the responsibility to ensure the safety of those not well versed in swimming. 8) Cooperation among members All members have to pay attention and cooperation to each member during the activity. Self confident is important for them to complete the activity. all the employees obey to their leader’s instruction and set the target and direction for their job scope. It was tough work swimming in the sea. Swimmers have to guide and help member who not well in swimming. Swimmers have to guide members who not know how to swim. All members have responsibilities to build up morale and team spirit among members. All members are not allowed to take their own action without leader’s instruction. 17 . Swimmers have to train the other members on how to swim themselves.

18 . gather together these unlikely building materials and then combine their individual talents to build a seaworthy vessel. situations and challenges helps us to recognize our hidden potential. Teams have to select a design. Conclusion This activity is useful to establish the confident level and trust among members. where it requires high density of creativity in handling various situations during rafting. takes place on the open sea. sea battle or full-blown adventure to recover flag treasure. The fafting challenge begins with a briefing on how to build a raft by using bamboos and drums. increase strengths and work on our weaknesses. Teams take to the water in a race regatta. We also discover that true leadership and great ideas can often come from those we least expected. A key successful mentoring program is that the mentor and mentee are well-matched and can interact with each other. and provide opportunities for new employees to gain the exposure and skills needed to evolve into managerial position. we learned to develop and empower ourselves with new personal and professional skills required to carry out our responsibilities in real life more effectively. The inclusion of real time exercises.Apart from that. By using SWOT analysis. The proof of a job well done. All of team members need to know and practice how to tie the knots because there are more than 50 knots that needs to be done before our raft is ready to be used. Activity 9 – Sea Rafting Sea rafting is one of the most adventurous activities known and basically require skilful techniques in experience the War Game Cooperate Management Strategic programs. An experienced mentor helps to develop a less-experienced employee so that they can increase their skill transfer from training to the work setting. we could apply SWOT analysis through this game. All members have understood that important of teamwork when they proceeding a task. This activity not only can develop physically but mentally as well. The teams find out the ‘impossible’ becomes very achievable when individuals collaborate and co-ordinate their efforts. the trainers train the trainee to overcome the water phobia so that the trainee can swim themselves rather than pull the trainee and waste energy. In the workplace. some companies practice mentoring program. Combined with other activities along these three days two nights program.

Team member’s position on the raft is a part of our strategy to distribute the body weight and balancing the raft. This idioms best expresses our determination to prepare ourselves and master rowing activities before we are going out to the sea. High level of confidence and courage is the main element in this activity as sea rafting needs group’s strength and team work. safety precaution. Combine with continuous effort from other members whose desperately rowing non-stop to finish this activity. This can be considered as a milestone commitment that every human needs the courage to achieve the greatness. full commitment and energetic to overcome any obstacle and push the organization forward. We also learned how think ‘out of box’ can help improve our team performance in critical situation. Rafting is a scenario where it consists of determination. safety. All the team members agree to only take a short break and continue with rowing practices to get the same rhythm. We need to place strong members at the front and back to maneuver the raft and keep it smoothly moves forward. This activity is beneficial and also leads us to a positivity environment which should be an inspiration for all who participate and those who will in future. we finally reach the beach in second place. As a MBA student. Moreover. hence its practicality proves that duration should be consumed less which affect our action on the decision that we took. We need to maintain working in harmony with one another. Team’s performance will increase when all members work in professionalism. With the learning experience that we get from rafting. this practicality is basically required in business life which every step taken needs pure determination. time management. We learned that use of simple and clear instructions are very useful in stressful activities like this. At the same time courage needed as our first step in making and decision making. it is an important constellation which encourages us to be in successful path. To catch up with black team in front of us. consistency which impacts in our daily life too. consistent effort and experience that will be tools to learn further. communication skills and coordination. our leader uses the long flag pole to push the raft move forward. stimulating creativity and mutual 19 . This activity indeed can help us to conquer the fear of sea phobia and increase our self-confidence level. experience. We also agreed that this activity has reached the objectives to develop uniting teams. practical leadership. because imbalance can cause our raft go in wrong direction. it is a must to fully equip with knowledge that can lead us to take any challenges in our life.“Practice makes perfect” which means we need to do things many times before we can do it very well. We can conclude that rafting makes us rethink and focus on our self confidence level. Our leader set the pace by shouting “in” and “out” and all of us practice rowing in same sequence.

Young Riders In the game of Young Rider. For a suggestion. especially in the process of production. In a company. At the beginning of the game. Following by that. we scored the longer time.understanding among participant. It is a good simulation for the manufacturing industries. Activity 10 . Many rules have been created in business world. The products and process quality improvement is very important. Business world is very competitive. We have to be creative and always think out of box. training related to brainstorming should always be provided. we strive and finally manage to identify our weaknesses. The strategies do work and we have successfully achieved shorter time. Do not stay in the past and hold on to old methods just for the sake of rules that are outdated. the main lesson is to identify what factor is affecting and slowing down the progress. However. Manufacturing industries. On the other hand. Therefore. we would always need to enhance the business process. regardless of staff or management level. Especially for the domestic product. it is important to identify what is still relevant and how to work around those old rules. In order to create our own space of competitive power and sharpen our competitive advantage. analyze the competition and determine what strategies or ideas work for them. we think that it is good if we can start any outdoors activities such as sea rafting with short physical exercises (body stretching) to prevent muscle cramps and physical injuries. manufacturers have to 20 . need lots of innovative ideas. we must always think for further improvement and innovation. we restructure new strategies to overcome the situation. we aim for higher achievement and cannot stop improving even if we are ahead of other competitors as other competitors are also trying hard to improve themselves.

material handlers and storage resources. Thus. we have to be clear of the resources that we have before any planning being carried out. in the end we feel that we gained a lot in terms of confidence level. the resources. decision on accepting idea of change has to be made fast and precisely. my idea better than others”. we learn that time management is important. First. Conclusion Although the majority of us dreading the thought of going for the Strategic Management war games. This is a great lesson for senior or management level in a business world. Management level does always face the challenge of making a right decision on which strategies to be adopted in a short time. there are a few elements of the strategic simulation that we suggest changing. We felt that being lead into the jungle at midnight and coming back out at five in the morning was too tiring. However. Through this game. such as machines. First. we learn the importance of resource utilization through this game. We make use of the resources available. We are given a very short period of time to decide on our strategy for every round of game. Idea from staff should always be appreciated. various kinds of resources are available. such as masking tape. This thought will become a barrier for our continuous improvement. we realize that people always refuse to change and adopt others idea. Besides. Idea has to be generated and modified continuously throughout the game in order to achieve shorter time. However. in order to make our ball static. Sometimes. The using of masking tape has made the process of passing ball easier and faster. our company should keep improve on the knowledge on how to utilize our financial resources as well as human resources. Our first thought will always be “I’m the best. we will always have to well manage and know how to utilize our resources. being the time in the jungle for the war game. This game let us realize that changes and improvement is one of the principals of success. ability to think and make decisions quickly and also new friendship with fellow team members. Even the market leader will have to always innovatively increase their efficiency to stay competitive. we will have to creatively and wisely plan on how to fully utilize our limited resources so that the efficiency is maximized. We should always listen to others idea and choose the best to implement. In our real business. Besides.always create new idea of product and also the production idea to increase the competitiveness. For manufacturing sector. Our suggestion would be to allow the 21 . Furthermore. especially labor or working capital for our company is limited.

Also. then we would also suggest GSM to include the fees within the trimester fees so students who are under scholarships are able to claim the amount from their sponsors. Another suggestion we would like to make is to reduce the program fee from RM300 to RM100 per person.teams to enter the jungle at an earlier time (9pm). We feel that RM300 is too steep of a fee for a 3 day course. if the war game is to be made compulsory. therefore allow the teams to recoup and rest for the next days’ activities. 22 .

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