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John Smith

Sales Leader, with award-winning track record of coaching teams to excellence.

Select Achievements
Developed and executed strategy to move from single product to full-line sales responsibility, propelling Key Account sales by 24%, equaling $3 million. Coached and Mentored Sales reps resulting in 6 promotions in first year. Recruited and developed 10 new sales reps to support 23% sales growth. Maintained employee retention at 100% for over five years. Developed and controlled $5 million cost budget for global sales department Uncovered and drove an environmental management application leading to $500,000 in new sales over 6 months. Grew channel sales by 34% in one year resulting in a sales increase of $2.3 million

John has exceptional team-building skills as a manager. His success is evident in the continued sales growth year over year as well as the rapid personal career growth of his direct reports. Phil E. Buster-Account Manager, Company One of John's major strengths is his ability to prepare his people to be proactive account managers. I watched several members of his team move on to more senior positions within and outside the company, and I watched them all succeed. Norman Maine-Business Development Manager, Company

Special Skills
My experience has honed the following development know-how:
Management finding and hiring people with highest potential -- then actualizing it. Leadership of teams ranging from 6-16 people across multiple sites. Expressive clarity strategic development plans. Service Excellence in creating new clients and maintaining profitable relationships.

Inspiring and leading sales teams to develop breakthrough solutions, which solve customer demands and have real impact on revenue and profit growth.

Employment History
Sales Manager Company, City, State (2007-2008) Led 12-person Sales & Support team, responsible for $150 million in Key Account Hardware and Supplies sales in North America Sales Manager Company, City, State (2004-2007) National Accounts Manager Company, City, State (2003-2004) Regional Sales Manager-Europe Company, City, State (2000-2003) Inside Sales Manager Company, City, State (1998-2000) Export Manager Company, City, State (1996-1998)

MBA, University, City, State, 1995 BA, University, City, State, 1987 Major: International Management and German

2006 Elite Management award winner (Top 20% of Company Managers)

Computer Skills
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Oracle, Siebel, Goldmine CRM, JBA,BAAN ERP

Phone: 888-555-0000 Cell: 888-555-1111 E: 999 First road Chicago, IL 60666

Additional Information
Fluent in English and German