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With millions of dollars wasted and millions presentations delivered daily, effective presentation tools and skills are essential for organizations of all sizes. To help you with this challenge, you’ll find this compilation of articles, PowerPoint and presentation skills related resources useful. The resources have been put together for my PPT Workshops, web seminars and consulting engagements and to share with readers of PPT– Powerful Presentation Techniques and my followers on Twitter @thePPTChef and @theWebChef. Please e-mail me with any additions or changes you’d recommend for the list.

Paul J Gibler
the PPT Chef & the Web Chef

Articles – PowerPoint & Presentation Skills
• • • • • • • • • • • • “Avoiding Death by PowerPoint!”, Shalu Wasu, Tickled by Life, 12/1/08 http://tickledbylife.com/index.php/avoiding-death-by-powerpoint/ “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint (Essay)”, Edward Tufte, Graphics Press, 2003 http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/books_pp “Death by PowerPoint”, Angela Garber, Small Business Computing, 4/1/01 http://www.smallbusinesscomputing.com/biztools/article.php/684871 “Death by PowerPoint – Giving Better Presentations”, Darren Strange, 7/21/06 http://blogs.msdn.com/officerocker/archive/2006/07/21/presenting.aspx “8 mistakes when creating PowerPoint Presentations”, DavidC, SympleByte, 1/16/06 http://www.symplebyte.com/microsoft_office/powerpoint/powerpoint_biggest_mistakes.html “Strategy Matters: Eight Great PowerPoint Myths”, Nilofer Merchant, BMighty, 5/15/08 http://www.bmighty.com/ebusiness/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=207800206 “Giving Effective PowerPoint Presentations”, Scott Stratten, About.com http://sbinfocanada.about.com/cs/management/qt/powerptpres.htm “Grist: More Power than Point”, Inc, Adam Hanft, Inc., 8/03 http://www.inc.com/magazine/20030801/ahanft.html “How to Avoid Making a Bad Presentation”, Dan Heath & Chip Heath, Fast Company, 11/08 http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/130/made-to-stick-presentation-pep-talk.html “How to PowerPoint Like a Pro”, Carmine Gallo, Business Week, 6/2/06 http://www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/content/jun2006/sb20060602_100148.htm “How to Wow them Like Steve Jobs”, Carmine Gallo, Business Week, 4/6/06 http://yahoo.businessweek.com/smallbiz/content/apr2006/sb20060406_865110.htm “How Your Audience’s Brain Works”, Carmine Gallo, Business Week, 7/8/08 http://www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/content/jul2008/sb2008077_229638.htm

Paul J Gibler
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2/19/10 Rev 11

html “PowerPoint is Evil”.connectingdots. 4/03 http://money.0. ManageSmarter. Wisconsin Technology Network.connectingdots. David Byrne.com/business/la-fi-powerpoint19apr19. InDesign.full.html “It’s the story.com/wired/archive/11. Clive Thompson. Wired.html “Presentation Lessons You Didn’t Learn in B-School” Carmine Gallo.com/wired/archive/11.story “PowerPoint and Video: Part 1”.uk/~gerard/Management/art1. Ellen Neuborne.09/ppt2.indezine.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources • • • “Ich Bin Ein Presenter”.0.com http://www.com/products/powerpoint/ppvideo. John Windsor. 9/03 http://www. Business Week. 6/6/08 http://bit. Geetesh Baja.html “Keynote like a Pro”. LLC 2 2/19/10 Rev 11 . Inc.cnn. 12/14/03 http://www. Eric Matson.09/ppt1.html “Now That We Have Your Complete Attention”.org/dn. Claire Hoffman. 9/23/08 http://wistechnology.html “Presenting Smart: What Story Do Your Graphics Tell”.com/magazines/business2/business2_archive/2003/04/01/339832/index. 1/29/07 http://sethgodin. Seth Blog.com/smallbiz/content/mar2009/sb20090324_710581. Gerard Blair http://www. Feb/March 97 http://www. Doc Searls.com/magazine/07/124present.htm “Learning to Love PowerPoint”. Jeff Wuorio. 3/24/09 http://www.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003928652 • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots. 6/18/04 http://www.twitter. Don’t let presentation software keep you from getting your story across”. New York Times. Wired. Seth Godin. 11/03 http://www. stupid.com/ppt http://www.com/magazine/20060501/handson-marketing.mss/in_defense_of_powerp.htm “Presentation Skills for Emergent Managers”.see.com/mimegasite/articles/article_display. 1/8/09 http://www. LA Times.jnd.latimes.nytimes.searls.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS.fastcompany. Fast Company.html “Making Your (Power) Point”. Edward Tufte.typepad.html “PowerPoint Makes You Dumb”.typepad. Meeting News.html “Retire Those Tired PowerPoint Slides” Nancy Duarte. Business 2. 5/06 http://www.com/articles/5052/ “In Defense of PowerPoint”. Don Norman http://www.wired.wired.com/2003/12/14/magazine/14POWER. Paul Gibler.5705385.com http://www. 8/16/98 http://www.com/present.businessweek.html “Really Bad PowerPoint”.ly/9zyxNE “Making a (Power) Point of not Being so Tiresome”.ac.inc.meetingnews.com/seths_blog/2007/01/really_bad_powe. 4/19/06 http://www.ed.

Dave P Paradi.t typepad. 7 7/31/09 ht ttp://online.com/ Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint B – http://pp D Blog ptideas. Creatin Passionate Users Blog.com/articles s/pptsurvey_a article.htm “U Using Digital Video in Pow V werPoint”.1647030.thepptche ef • • © 20 CONNECTINGDOTS.com/pp pt de ation Software– • About Guid to Presenta tp://presentat tionsoft. Jan Ozer.presentationzen.about t.org/dir/Artic cles/Presenta ations Powe erPoint & Presentation Skills Rela n ated Websit & Blogs tes s He ere’s a list of s several prominent PowerP Point and Pr resentation Sk blogs.co om/smallbiz/c content/dec20 009/sb200912 214_245145.typepad.bus sinessweek.co om http://www.betterp ppt.ly/94P PcAs “U Twitter in Your Next P Use n Presentation”.connectingdots.typ pepad. 7/3 30/09 “T ht ttp://bit.co om/smallbiz/c content/jun20 009/sb200906 616_017396.guykawasaki. David F Feith.breakingmurphysla o aw.bus sinessweek.blogsp pot.com mmunicateusi ingtechnology y.html Survey Shows How to Stop Annoying Audiences with Bad PowerP s p h Point”. “S ht ttp://www.com/ppt t http://www.com m/2005/12/the e_102030_rule.ws sj. 12/15/ /08 ht ttp://www.html Aggregation an Rating of A A nd Articles on Po owerPoint ht ttp://tc. PPT L Lifeguard. part on Lenn Millbower.twitter. Wall Str reet Journal. Presentation Zen.a aspirecommu unications. 12 2/30/05 “T 10/20/30 Rule of Powe ht ttp://blog.PPT – Powerf Presen T ful ntation Techniques Selected Reso ources • • • • • • • • • • • “S more by saying less”.htm The erPoint”. inc kills cluding the on that I autho ne or ca alled PPT – Powerful Pres sentation Tec chniques loc cated at: http://www.as sp What is Good PowerPoint Design?”. Ga Reynolds.com/article/ /SB10001424 40529702046 6190045743184739210934 400. Guy Kawasaki. miner.html True confessi ions of a talka aholic. C Sell s Carmine Gallo. Exam wo”. LLC 010 C 3 2/19/10 Rev 1 11 . Carmine Gallo. 6/05 ng ht ttp://headrush h.conne ectingdots.com m/creating_pa assionate_users/2005/06/k kill_your_pres se.blogsp pot.com m/ • Beyond Bullets– http://ww senting– http:// /www.ly/ah2 2kcO “T True confessi ions of a Talk kaholic.com.connectingdots. 8/3 3/09 ht ttp://bit.beyondbu ulletpoints.c com http://www.com/ htt • Aspire Com mmunications– http://www.com/present tationzen/200 05/09/whats_g good_powe. Business W Week.com/ Paul J G Gibler 608 255 40 092 pgibler@co onnectingdots.co om/ • Better Pres ty t • Brainy Bett PowerPoint Tips– tp://bettypowe erpoint. part tw Lenn Millbower.1759.00. Exam ne”.com/ htt Breaking Murp phy’s Law (Leo Potts)– http://www. Kathy S Sierra.eserve er.h htm “S Speaking Trut to PowerPo th oint”. miner. PC Ma agazine.html “S Stop Your Pre esentation before it Kills Ag gain”.com.typepad. 10/5/04 ht ttp://www. 6/16/09 9 ht ttp://www.pcm mag. 9/5/05 d arr “W ht ttp://www. Business Week.com/artic cle2/0.com m/ ww.

sp • Toastmaste – http://www ers w.html ne amp)– http://ww ww.com m/index.co om PowerPoint FA – http://ww AQ’s ww.com Presentation Professor– http Z esentationzen.html l In nformation Ae esthetics– http p://infosthetics s.cartoonba C mes) ank.m62.shortcutw world.rdpslides.com/sho ortcuts.internet4c classrooms.blogspo ot.rdpslid des.com m/public-speak king-blogs/ Carto oons • • • • • • • Andertoons–ht A ttp://www.skydeckca artoons.co om/presentations/delivery/s speaking_arc chive.dlugan.co om http://www.micros soft.com/ Presentation Pointers– http:/ P p://www.twitter.presentationpictures.com/pptoo ols/index.asp More than Pow M werPoint– http p://www.dlugan.com/ppt t http://www.blogs.toastmaste ers.http://sixminut h demagnet.asp Glasbergen (B G Business & Co omputer)– http p://www.pptblog.com/sta ates/blogger.connectingdots.com/ / Microsoft Powe M erPoint– http:/ //www.html M62 M Visual Co ommunication – http://www ns w.com CartoonStock– http://www.thepptche ef © 20 CONNECTINGDOTS.com Slidemagnet–http://www.c C com/default. ple ease see And drew Dlugan’s of Six Minut Public Sp s tes peaking Blog gs: Th Definitive List: he htt tp://sixminutes.visualbeing.com/ / Tom Fishbourn (Brand Ca Paul J G Gibler 608 255 40 092 pgibler@co onnectingdots.com/ Slideology– http tp://sooper.com/ In ndezine– http:/ //www.p raphics Gloss – http://ww sary ww.com Speakin Tips– ttp://www.connectingdots.pptw workbench.onppt.com m/ Speech Tips–http://www.com/ • The PowerPoint Blog– ht ng w.com/ca at.and dertoons.glasb bergen.sp peakingabout tpresenting.htm m MasterViews effective PPT for Internatio M e onal Audience – http://mast es terviews.com m/powerpoint_ _tip.PPT – Powerf Presen T ful ntation Techniques Selected Reso ources • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Death to Bad PowerPoint–h D P http://power-p points.net/ on nPPT– http://w www.com/ BetterCartoon– http://www.indezin ne.com/presentationze en/ Presentation Zen– http://pre ng Presentations.com/office e/powerpoint/ /default.c com/on-line_p powerpoint.tlccreativ ve.com/ h tes. LLC 010 C 4 2/19/10 Rev 1 11 .presenters sonline.b bettercartoon.html?i id=powerpoin nt PowerPoint Ke ps //www.mania active.co om/powerpoin nt-glossary.co om/ Six Minutes .com/produ ucts/powerpoi int/index.org g/misc/ppt/ Sooper PowerPointless– htt utPresenting– –http://www.presentations. .c com/pptfaq/ tp://www.org/default t.profe essorppt.slid p://slideology y.com Cartoonbank (New York Tim – http://www.htm PowerPoint Gr eyboard Shor rtcuts– http://w www.html PowerPoint Tip Blog– http:/ //www.t typepad.com/ In nternet 4 Clas ssrooms: Micr rosoft PowerP Point– http://w www.html Ted Goff News sletter Cartoo – http://www ons w.aspx ntationist– http p://tonyramos.com/ • Visual Bein –http://www or 00 esentation Fo a compiled list of over 10 public speaking and pre rel lated blogs in ncluding PPT – Powerful P Presentation Techniques s.htm ml?referrer=pp ptfaq PPTools– http:/ P //www.jsp ht Presenters On nline– http://ww ww.c com http://www.com/ PowerPointed– http://www.com/ PowerPoint Workbench–htt ppted.ellenfin nkelstein.com/blog/ • The Presen ttp://www.cartoonstock.co om/ SpeakingAbou h peechtips.newsletterc cartoons.presen ntation-pointe ers.

PPT – Powerf Presen T ful ntation Techniques Selected Reso ources • ToonUps– http://www.c com/index.aspx Im mage After–ht ttp://www.o org/ Photospin– http p://www.com/ / Free Stock Photos– http://ww Getty Images– http://creative G e.photo ospin.com m/ Digital Juice–http://www.asp px Digital Juice–http://www.net/ FreeDigitalPho – http://ww ww.com/ Paul J G Gibler 608 255 40 092 pgibler@co onnectingdots.xchng–http://www.veer.ima ageafter.thinkstock kphotos.as sp • Photos.clus C stershot.animation nfactory.photos.com/ppt t http://www.com/enus/clipart/defa u ault.com • iStockPho –http://www oto w. LLC 010 C 5 2/19/10 Rev 1 11 .t typepad.com m/en/index • Photospin– http://www. .hu/ Stock.fotoglif.aspx • morgueFil – http://www le w.com • Pixel Perf fect Digital– http://www.c com • 123RF– ht ttp://www.gettyimages s.com/ • Pixamba– http://www.co om http://www.com/ /index.dre D h eamstime.presenta ationpictures.com/ Free Photos Bank– http://ww tock– http://ww ww.com/ FotoGlif– http:// otos ww.com Shutterstock–http://www.microsoft.com • Photocase– http://www.co –http://www om w.photoxpres ss.connectingdots.c com/ • • • • • ClipA Art • • • • • • • • • Animation Fac A ctory– http://ww ww.c com http://www.com/free_s stock_photos/ • Pixmac– h http://www.freephotos sbank.com/ Stock Photography (Free & Fee) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Acclaim Image – http://www A es w.fo otolia.asp GospelGifs– http://www.micro osoft.com/ ww.com/ D Dreamstime–http://www.pi ixamba.p n photospin.com/rfsho op/default.com–ht C ttp://www.dig D h gitaljuice.freerange estock.freedigitalphotos.clipart.pix h xelperfectdigit tal.dig D h gitaljuice.com/ Open Clip Art Gallery– http:/ O G //openclipart.twitter.htm m ClusterShot–http://www.zoonar.com/ /index.free-stock kphotos.com Awesome Pres A sentation Pict tures– http://w www.com/ Zoonar– http://w www.com m/ • PhotoXpre –http://ww ess ww.com/en/index Deviant Art– http://www.co e om/Default.com/ Free Range St ww.morguefile.flickr.istockphoto o.com/source e/frontdoor/De efaultRfLandin ng.thepptche ef © 20 CONNECTINGDOTS.photocase.connectingdots.com/ Fotolia–http://www.com/ / Corbis Royalty Free Shop–h C y http://pro.acclaimimag ges.com Flickr– http://ww /www.corb bis.com/ Clipart.gospelgifs.toonups.com • Microsoft Design Gallery– http://offic ce.com/ h h c.shutterstock.com/ / Thinkstock Pho – http://ww Veer V – http://ww ww.sxc otos ww.123 3rf.deviantart.pix xmac.asp EveryStockPho – http://eve oto erystockphoto o.com/ G Microsoft Design Gallery– ht M ttp://dgl.

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LLC 7 2/19/10 Rev 11 .templateswise.com http://www.bartleby.com/100/ Brainy Quote .com TemplatesWise– http://www.com • • • • • • • • • Quotes Bartlett’s Quotations– http://www.com Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots.mybackgrounds.slideworld.asp GraphicsLand– http://www.com/powerpoint-templates.wikiquote.net SlideWorld– http://www.com/ Quotations Page– http://www.com/ Wikiquote– http://www. Barnum • • • • • PowerPoint Search Engines FileDigg– http://www.com/ Great Quotes– http://www.presentationcafe.com/ Presentation Café– http://www.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS.com Font101– http://www.123ppt.crystalgraphics.quotationreference.com/ Template Ready– http://www.typepad.com http://www.quoteland.com/ Fonts • • Chank– http://www.com Presentation2go– http://www.chank.brainyquote.com/ Powered Templates– http://www.awesomebackgrounds.presentationpro.com/ PowerPoint1–http://www.”  P.http://www.graphicsland.htm 123PPT– http://www.powerpoint1.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Templates Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds– http://www.com/powerpoint.com Slidefinder– http://www.yahoo.com/powerpoint-templates/ PresentationPro– http://www.com Crystal Graphics– http://www.powerfinish.com/Reference/Quotations/ “Every crowd has a  silver lining.quotelady.presentationload.com/ Presentation Load– http://www.connectingdots.html PowerFinish–http://www.com/ Quoteland– http://www.powerpoint-search.com PowerBacks–http://powerbacks.slidefinder.org/ Yahoo! Directory of Quotes– http://dir.font101.templateready.connectingdots.poweredtemplates.com/ppt-powerpoint-design-templates.com PowerPoint-Search– http://www.com/default.filedigg.com/ Profound Backgrounds– http://www.T.quotationspage.presentation2go.com/ppt http://www.profoundbackgrounds.com/ Quotation Reference– http://www.great-quotes.com/ Quote Lady–http://www.twitter.net/ Slideshop– http://slideshop.htm MyBackgrounds– http://www.

empressr.brainshark.com/ipresent-it/ • mbPower– http://www.com • Vox Proxy– http://www.com • Maps for Design– http://www.google.com/ • .com/shop/item.com • Freepath– http://www.com • Slideshare– http://slideshare.slidesix.voxproxy.http://www.smartdraw.html • Senstic i-Clickr– http://www.slideboom.com/ • Scribd– http://www.com • Prezi– http://prezi.slideserve.com/ppt http://www.com Maps • ClipArt Maps–http://www.nxpowerlite.sliderocket.html • iPresent IT .asp • EzPaste– http://www.presentationmall.connectingdots.com • PowerPressed– http://www.com/ Graphics • Crystal Graphics PowerPlugs– http://www.asp?itemid=988 • PresentationMaps– http://www.crystalgraphics.com Mobile Smartphons/PDA Presentations • DataViz DocumentstoGo– http://www.com/eng/devices/accessories/presenter/ Online Presentation Creation and Sharing • Brainshark– http://presentation.net/pb/wp_c3a98116/wp_c3a98116.senstic.com/ • Creately– http://creately.zapptek.com http://www.http://www.mapsfordesign.powershrink.com/powerpoint-maps/ • Presentation Mall– http://www.net/ • SlideSix– http://www.com/ (all types of document sharing) • SlideBoom– http://www.juiceanalytics.mbpowertools.com/ Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots.docstoc.com/ (animated characters) iPhone and iPod Touch Remote Control • iPresenter .presentationload.freepath.connectingdots.com/presentations/main1.ezpaste.com/ Compression Software • Fileminimizer Office .com • SlideServe .com http://www.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS.com • SlideRocket–http://www.blackberry.com • Google Docs–http://www.docs.com (3D Graphics) • SmartDraw– http://www.com/fileminimizer/eng/index.clipartmaps.http://www.com/default.typepad.net (automated copy/paste of Excel data/charts to PPT) • Perspector– http://www.perspector.com/ipresenter.presentationmaps.docstoc– http://www. LLC 8 2/19/10 Rev 11 .dataviz.makayama.com/ • 280 Slides– http://280slides.com • Presentation Load– http://www.http://www.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources PowerPoint Add-ons & Presentation Tools Charts • ChartChooser– http://chartchooser.com/ • Blackberry Presenter– http://na.scribd.twitter.php (formerly PPT Minimizer) • NxPowerLite–http://www.com/ (all types of document sharing) • Empressr– http://www.asp • PowerShrink–http://www.powerpressed.balesio.

aspx • Conaito PPT2Flash– http://www.net/us/ • Swish Presenter– http://www.asp • Coral Presenter– http://www.typepad.dvd-ppt-slideshow.html PowerPoint Quizzes • Atrixware PowerPoint QuizMaker 2009 http://www.connectingdots.html PowerPoint to Images • Zamzar– http://www.com/products/flashpaper/ • Moyea PPT4Web Converter– http://www.com/ • SlideManager– http://www.slideexecutive.com • PowerCONVERTER Pro–http://www.com/public/index.html • PowerPoint 2 Video– http://www.com/ Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots.com/products/ispring_free.twitter.slideboxx.atrixware.presentationpro.ispringsolutions.accent-technologies.com/channel.slidemanager.authorgen.imedialearn.flashdemo.flypaper.com/powerpointtoflash/index.dreamingsoft.com • WonderShare PPT2Flash– http://www.com/ppt http://www.ppt2video.presentationpro.pptshare.com/ • PPT to Video Scout– http://bytescout.html • KnowledgeDirect– http://www.net/ppt2flash.com/powerpointquiz.php?area=products&product=presenter • WildPresenterPro– http://www.php PowerPoint to Video • Moyea PowerPoint to Video– http://www.conaito.sameshow.html • Flypaper– http://www.com PowerPoint Interaction • Raptivity Presenter– http://www.biz • SlideExecutive– http://www.adobe.profcast.com • PPT Shuffle–http://www.com/presenter/ PowerPoint to Flash (SWF) • Articulate Presenter– http://www.cfm/Products/Knowledge-Direct-WEB • Macromedia FlashPaper–http://www.articulate.com/ppttovideoscout.pointecast.wildform.zohoshow.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources • Zoho Show–http://www.com/powerpoint-to-flash-pro.php • Authorpoint–http://www.com/ppt-to-flash/ • Pointecast– http://www.com/index.bermuda-scientific.com/powerpoint/Power-flash-point-converter.com/power_converter_pro.com/pptmovie.knowledgedirectweb.html • Speechi– http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.php • PowerPoint QuizMaker 2009– http://www.asp • SlideBoxx– http://www.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS.com/ppt-to-video/ • PPTMovie– http://pptexpert.aspx • PowerFlashPoint– http://digitalofficepro.com/ • Presentation Librarian– http://www.com/site/subsites/product/pages/powerpoint_quiz_maker.raptivity.com/authorpoint-lite-free/powerpoint-to-flash-converter.com/products/presentation_librarian.connectingdots.zamzar.pptshuffle.com/products/presenter.com http://www.aspx Presentation Libraries & Management • PPT Share– http://www.com PowerPoint Recording • ProfCast– http://www.htm • FlashDemoStudio FlashPoint– http://www. LLC 9 2/19/10 Rev 11 .speechi.com/ • Dreamingsoft– http://www.com/imediaconvert/ • iSpring Solutions– http://www.swishzone.com • iMediaCONVERT– http://www.com/ppt2flash_ueberblick.com http://www.

com • YouTube Converter– http://www.com/eng/index.com/ppt http://www.etrusoft.adobe.smspoll.com/camtasia.htm Screen Recording PPT • Adobe Captivate– http://www.com/screen-recorder/ • ScreenJelly–http://www.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources Screen Capture • Balesio TurboDemo– http://www. LLC 10 2/19/10 Rev 11 .impatica.com/ • Techsmith Camtasia – http://www.com/products/imp4ppt/index.convertyoutube.com/winfreeware/mwsnap.html • MWSnap– http://www.html • !Quick Screen Recording–http://www.net/flashdemo.allcapture.asp • Wildform Flair– http://www.com/products/captivate/ • balesio AllCapture– http://www.asp • Wisdom ScreenHunter– http://wisdom-soft.nirsoft.com/ • FSCCapture–http://www.gadwin.net/ • !Quick Screen Capture– http://www.html • Skitch– http://www.php • Camstudio– http://camstudio.net/ Twitter and the Backchanne • SAP Twitter Tools– http://www.com Other PowerPoint Tools • Instant Effects Office FX Presenter– http://www.flv to .com/ • Impatica– http://www.wiziple.net Sound Editing • Audacity– http://audacity.connectingdots.hyperionics.com/products/screenhunter_free.twitter.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS.com/blog/powerpoint-twitter-tools/#tb Video Download and Conversion (.mirekw.com/products.screenjelly.net/utils/web_site_screenshot.org/ • Citrix GoView– http://www.php • Hyperionics HyperSnap– http://www.mpg) • Media Converter– http://www.com/printscreen/ • MoodySoft SPX Instant Screen Capture .html • PicPick– http://picpick.polleverywhere.com http://www.com/spx/index.turbodemo.org/powershow/powershow.huelix.typepad.com http://www.techsmith.goview.com/eng/index.com/#!quick%20screen%20capture • SiteShoter– http://www.com/screen-capture.techsmith.com/ • ScreenToaster– http://www.html • Huelix ScreenPlay– http://screenplay.moodysoft.soliddocuments.mvps.http://www.etrusoft.com/sp-screen-recorder-features.sourceforge.mediaconverter.faststone.instanteffects.connectingdots.html Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots.htm • Gadwin PrintScreen– http://www.html • PowerShow–http://officeone.wildform.modifyvideo.com • SMSPoll – http://www.sapweb20.com SMS (text message) Polling • Poll Everywhere – http://www.org • Modify Video–http://www.com • FlashDemo Studio–http://www.com/ • Solid Capture– http://www.htm?product=SolidCapture • Techsmith SnagIt– http://www.flashdemo.org/FSCaptureDetail.skitch.screentoaster.

c com http://www.com/ppt t http://www.apple.t typepad.c com/iwork/key ynote/ PaperShow–ht ttp://www.pap pershow.co om http://www.com/ /us/index.twitter.connectingdots.mic crosoft.connectingdots.asp p ac PowerPoint:Ma 2008– ttp://www.m mspx#/themes s_templates/ ht Selec cted Presen ntation & Po owerPoint T Twitter Acco ounts • • • • • • • • • • • • • BertDecker ClffAtkinson C CarmineGallo C DaveParadi D EFinkelstein (E Ellen Finkelste ein) Le ee_Potts Li isaBraithwaite e Maniactive (La M aura Bergells) ) MaxAtkinson M NancyDuarte (slide:ology) N ( OliviaMitchell O PowerPointing (Tobias Schelle) g PresentAdviso (Jon Thom ors mas) Presentations2 2Go (George Torok) pr resentationZe (Garr Reyn en nolds) 6Minutes (And drew Dlugan SpeakingGuru • • • • • • th hePPTChef (that’s me! – Paul Gibler) f ! TonyRamos WowSlides W • Paul J G Gibler 608 255 40 092 pgibler@co onnectingdots.thepptche ef © 20 CONNECTINGDOTS.PPT – Powerf Presen T ful ntation Techniques Selected Reso ources Macintosh Tools s • • • Keynote– http:/ K //www.com/m mac/products/PowerPoint20 008/default. LLC 010 C 11 2/19/10 Rev 1 11 .

2001 Fire F them Up! Carmine Gall Wiley 2007 lo. 1/04 117 Ideas for Better Presen • • Po Click & W oint Wow!. 20 002 Confessions of a Public Spe C eaker. Doug Stevenson. 200 09 DeckEm. Chandler Ho ouse Press.c com http://www.connectingdots. LLC 010 C 12 2/19/10 Rev 1 11 . AMACO 1997 OM.O. y/Pfeiffer.co om http://www. n. ces n. Jr. Adam 1998 ms Pr resentationze Simple Ide on Prese en.com/cont tent/deck-em Even a Geek Can Speak. • Pr Wisrup Warner Bus p. Essential Managers. Ja Greene & Scott Schwe D ew on ake ertly. . Jennifer Rotondo and Mike Roton ndo. Andrew and McNea Knockout Pres K sentations. Tim Hindle. Joey Asher. 20 002 resentation S. Advanced Pres 008 20 Bulletproof Pre B esentations: N One Will E No Ever Shoot Ho oles in Your Id deas Again! Michael Campbell. 20 005 How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Sp H a peech. Tom Kirby. 3rd editio Claudyne Wilder. sentations by Design: Crea y ating Commu unication that Drives Action Andrew Abela. u ws al. Lo E C ongstreet Pre ess.t typepad. Ron Hoff. Scott B Berkun. O’Reilly Media. Sue Ga aulke.twitter. 20 use 004 B ntations.. from Pe erspiration to Persuasion i 9 Easy Step Mark in ps. D Daria Price B Bowman. 200 08 resentation Ba asics. The Car M reer Press.PPT – Powerf Presen T ful ntation Techniques Selected Reso ources Book – Presen ks ntation Skills • 10 Ways to Captivate a Bu 01 C usiness Audie ence. siness Books 2005 s. A Ne Approach to Presentatio Design. 1998 Never be Borin Again: Mak Your Busin N ng ke ness Present tations Captur Attention. Nick Morgan HBS Press. Wiley on.1988 I Can See You Naked. eas entation Desig and Delivery. DK Publishing.thepptche ef © 20 CONNECTINGDOTS. Doug S Stevenson. 1998 Making Presen M ntations. Paul J G Gibler 608 255 40 092 pgibler@co onnectingdots. • resentations. 2009 (eb book) ht ttp://slidemag gnet. New Ride 2008 ers. 7 Give Your Spe G eech.connectingdots.S. Pfeffer. 20 003 Pr • • • • • • • • • • • • • resentation Sk for Manag kills gers. I re Inspire Action and Produce n e Results. C R Chandler Hou Press. Change the World: H e How to Move Your Audienc to Action. Execu utive Speaker. McGr raw • Pr Hill. Robert Rosania. Garr gn • pr Reyno olds. ASTD Press. Diane DiResta.com/ppt t http://www.

typepad.com http://www. Stephen Denning.com http://www. Geetesh Bajaj.ellenfinkelstein. Adams Publishing. Echo Swinford. 2003 The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. Motivate and INspire. Jerry Weissman. Prentice Hall.connectingdots. Pocket. 2007 The Exceptional Presenter: A Proven Formula to Open up and Own the Room.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS. Oxford How to Books. Nick Morgan. Christopher Witt & David Fetherling. Daria Price Bowman. The Art of Telling Your Story.html Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to Create Presentations that Inform. Oxford University Press. 2001 • • • • • • Books – PowerPoint 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know. 2006 Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots.com/estore/101tips2003. 2005 The Presentation Handbook: How to Prepare and Make Winning Presentations. 2007 Clear and to the Point. McGraw Hill.com/ppt http://www. PhD. Crown Business. 1990 Working the Room. Speaking.twitter. 2003 Writing. O’Reilly Press. Stephen Kosslyn. Jossey Bass. 2007 Cutting Edge PowerPoint For Dummies. McGraw Hill. 2007 (downloadable e-book) http://www. Alpha Books. Dale Carnegie. For Dummies. 1999 The Confident Speaker. 2003 Public Speaking for Dummies. Portfolio Hardcover. 2004 Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint: How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas. Harvard Business School Press. 2007 The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative. Wiley 2006 Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances. Malcolm Kushner. Dianna Booher. Cliff Atkinson.connectingdots.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources • • • • • • • • • • • • • Presenting to Win. Greenleaf Book Group Press. Timothy Koegel. Ellen Finkelstein. by Helen Wilkie. LLC 13 2/19/10 Rev 11 . 2009 The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Public Speaking. Carmine Gallo. Harrison Monarth and Larina Kase. McGraw Hill. 1999 The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience. 2008 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Public Speaking. Ltd. Microsoft Press. 2009 Speak with Confidence. Dan Roam. Listening the Essentials of Business Communications. . Laurie Rozakis.

Paperback.com/ppt t http://www. 2007 d hal. Robert Lane & Andr Vicek.com/vsr r. 20 006 Step by Step Microsoft Pow S M werPoint 2003 Online Train 3. hed.billl lane. 2007 7 Selling Visually with PowerP S y Point.thinkoutsidethes slide. elstein.co om http://www. • Microsoft Of ffice PowerPo 2007 Com oint mplete Makeo over Kit. 2008 (h http://www. Gete eesh Bajaj and d Ech Swinford. Press. 2003 Teach Yoursel Visually Mic T lf crosoft Power rPoint 2007. McGra aw-Hill Osborne Media. 2004 Relational Pres R sentation. 2009 re 9 lide:ology.connectingdots. 2008 e. L Lisa Bucki.pdf How to do Eve H erything with M Microsoft Pow werPoint 2007 Ellen Finke 7. Boo ane al okSurge. ning Solutions Microsoft P s. W h Wiley. al. 2007 • • • Microsoft Po owerPoint 200 Bible. Kathy Ja acobs. 2008 ht ttp://www. How to Commit Career Suic H cide While Inf flicting Power rPoint Homicide.connectingdots. 200 oft 07 Missing Manua E.htm) Why W Most Pow werPoint Pres sentations Suc Rick Altman. Faith Wempen. Harrington and Scott Rekch Peachpit Press. 2006 How to Wow with PowerPoi Richard H H w int. 20 007 Paul J G Gibler 608 255 40 092 pgibler@co onnectingdots. Q ho Que. eilly • PowerPoint 2007: The M 06 200 • • • • • • • • • PowerPoint Ad P dvanced Pres sentation Tech hniques.t typepad. Que m e. Vender Veer. Faith Wempen. Prentice Hall 2006 l. Mary Munter and D Dave Paradi.twitter. Tom Bunzel.org/wp-c content/upload ds/2008/07/powerpoint-ho omocide. Bill Lane. A. Perfect P ck. Visual.thepptche ef © 20 CONNECTINGDOTS. 2 2004 Plain & Simp Microsoft PowerPoint 2 ple 2007. sl Solving the Po S owerPoint Pre edicament: Us sing Digital M Media for Effec ctive Commun nication. Holy M Macro Press. 2007 On PowerPo oint.PPT – Powerf Presen T ful ntation Techniques Selected Reso ources • • • • Guide to Powe G erPoint. A V Visually Intera active Approa ach. Th art and Sci he ience of Creating Great Pre resentations. N Nancy Duarte O’Reilly Media. Nancy Muir.c com http://www. Robert La & Chanta Bossé. W 07 Wiley. O’Re Media. LLC 010 C 14 2/19/10 Rev 1 11 . Microso Press. di. 2005 The T Visual Slid Revolution Dave Parad self publish de n.

connectingdots. the Web Chef’s Café– http://ibmadison.com/thewebchef) PPT– Powerful Presentation Techniques (http://www. Gibler. Digital Brand Strategist and Principal Consultant CONNECTINGDOTS® higher resolution marketing 30 years experience in B2B. MBA • • • e-Business and e-Marketing experience since 1996 Founder. University of Pennsylvania MBA. sells the domain or discontinues the service. health care.connectingdots.com/webchefcafe 2 blogs– the Web Chef’s e-Bytes (http://www. LLC 15 2/19/10 Rev 11 . Platteville.com/connecting_dots) Education • • • BS.twitter.twitter.com/ppt http://www.twitter.com/thewebchef) and @connecting_dots (http://www. @thewebchef (http://www.com http://www.thepptchef © 2010 CONNECTINGDOTS. Whitewater & Marquette University Speaker– e-marketing and presentation skills topics around the country Contributor– online e-business and marketing discussion groups Consultant–10+ years in B2B.typepad. B2C in a range of sectors Author • • • IBMadison Blogger.typepad.connectingdots. Principal Consultant for ConnectingDots. relevant and legitimate. Marketing/Accounting–The Wharton School.com/thepptchef). Their inclusion in this Guide does not indicate an endorsement.PPT – Powerful Presentation Techniques Selected Resources About Paul J. they were active. B2C. Links are subject to change as the owner moves content. At the time of their inclusion.com/ppt) Twitter– @thepptchef (http://www. Paul J Gibler 608 255 4092 pgibler@connectingdots. Marketing– University of Michigan Leader International Association of Business Communicators and American Advertising Federation Disclaimer All items in the PPT – Powerful Presentations Techniques Resource Guide have been identified by or submitted to Paul Gibler.connectingdots.typepad. but is provided to you as a service for your own assessment.com http://www. life sciences. financial services and adult education Corporate experience – 17 years in a range of sectors and companies • • • • • • Director of Global Marketing Communications– Biotech firm Marketing Communications Manager– Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Firms Marketing Manager– Financial Services firm Channel Manager– Pharmaceutical firm Adult education– 7+ years experience in adult education (live and online) Adjunct Faculty– University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.twitter.

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