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Helmut Humbach - Pallan Ichaporia The Heritage of Zarathushtra A NEW TRANSLATION OF HIS GATHAS HEIDELBERG 1994 UNIVERSITATSVERLAG C. WINTER Table of Contents Table of Contents... ‘Technical Remarks .. Yasna 27,13-15. Prelude 27,13, Yada Abn Vairiio / Yatha Ahn Vairiyo 27,14. Asam Voha / Ashem Voho. 27,15. Yeshe Hatam / Yenghe Hatam.. ‘Yasna 28-34. Ahunawuaiti GaSa/ Ahunavaiti Gatha - Ahiiasa / Ahiyasa Hait + XSmauuoiia.gous.urwua / Khshmavoya-geush-urwua Haiti. Avta.vaxtiia / At-ta-vakhshya Haiti . Ta.vocuniuata / Ta-ve-urvata Hait 5. Kaetumaiti / Khvaeturaiti Hait Yasna 35-41. Yasnia Haptanhaiti / Haptanghait Yasna 43-46, Ustauuaiti Ga9a / Ushtavaiti Gatha 43,1-16. UMauuaiti / Ushtavaiti Haiti 44,1-20. Tat.9Ba.parasa / Tat-thwa-peresa Haiti. 451-11. AvfrauuaxSiia / Atfravakhshya Haiti 46,1-19. Katnnamaeza / Kamnamaeza Haiti ‘Yasna 47-50. Spanta.mainiiu GaSa / Spenta-mainyu Gatha 47,1-6 Spanta.mainiiu / Spenta-mainyu Haiti. 48,1-12. YeziBa/ Yeridha Haiti. 49,112. At-maiiauua / At-mayava H 50,1-11. / Kat-moi-urva Haiti. Yasna 51. VohuxSa9ra Gaa / Vohukhshathra Gatha 51,1-22. Vohuxta9ra / Vohukhshathra Haiti Yasna 53. Vahittoitti Ga9a / Vahishtoishti Gatha 531-9. VahiStoi8ti / Vahishtoishti Haiti... seennnnnnnnrcinsnee OM LOS Yasna 54,1. Conclusion. 54,1. A Airiioma [Sito / A Airyema Ishiyo. 106/107 Technical Remarks ‘The Avestan text is transliterated according to the now standard system introduced by Kari Hoffmann. The spelling of proper names and religious terms has been simplified, however, in the Introduction as well as in the English translation. The text is that of K. F. Geldner’s edition: Avesta, The Sacred Books of the Parsis \-Ill, Tabingen 1886. Departures from this norm are indicated by a postponed small circle (°) in the case of orthographic variants and given explicitely in the foot-notes when involving morphological differences. Abbreviations etc. OAv. = Old Avestan (ie. the language of the Yatha Aho Vairiyo, the Ashem Voha, the Gathas, the Yasna Haptanghaiti, and the A Airyema Ishiyo) Ya. = Young Avestan (i.e. the language of the Younger Avesta) lit. = literally ms. = manuscript mss, = manuscripts var. = variant reading found in one or more manuscripts var = variant readings found in the manuscripts In the Avestan text: (square brackets denote later additions to the text <> pointed brackets denote loss of text or elements of text In the English translation: () round brackets are used to denote additions inserted for better intelligibility.