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Formal Proposal Title of Magazine -

Choice of Genre For my magazine, I have chosen to include two genres, Indie & Folk. I chose these genres as I am a fan of both the style of music, and the artists in both. As well as this, I feel that the Indie & Folk genres are generally overlooked by the majority of popular music publications, in favour for the more popular Pop or R&B genres. Target Audience Indie & Folk based magazines dont have a particular target audience, as the style of music appeals to a wide and varied audience. For my magazine, the Target Audience is both males and females of all ethnicities. However, I am targeting people aged 15 20, as it is around my age group, allowing me to include features that I know will appeal to the audience. Initial Idea for Front Cover The front cover of the magazine will include a medium close up of a female artist, dressed in light coloured clothes, but with vibrant make up, making her features stand out against the dark background colours. The front cover will contain sell lines, informing the readers of reviews, and other artists that are featured in the magazine. As well as this, the main sell line will be related the artist on the cover and the double page spread. The colour theme for the magazine is white, black and red. The masthead will be white, along with all sell lines, except for the main, which relates to the artist, which will be in red, making it stand out to the reader. Initial Idea for Content Page On the contents page, I intend to use the same colour scheme as the front cover. The masthead will be the first letter of the magazines title. I will have 1 dominant image in the middle of the page, with the text surrounding it, under different headings. At the bottom of the page, I will place four images of different artists, who will link to different features listed on the contents page. These images will involve groups, or male artists, showing that the magazine caters for people with different tastes, who are fans of different artists. The contents page will involve an Editors note, making the magazine appear friendlier to readers. Initial Idea for Double Page Spread The double page spread will be made up of a dominant image, taking up the right page, whilst the article is on the left. The background for the image will continue over to the article, so will feature as a background on both pages, showing continuity. The image for the double page spread will be a long shot, and will feature the artist on the cover of the magazine, as well as a pull quote from the article on the previous page. The shot will involve instruments that are typically heard in Folk & Indie music, such as an acoustic guitar, as it reminds the reader that it is a music magazine. For this image, I intend to draw predominantly on the Folk

genre. The article will include information on the artists influences, how they began to get involved in music, and background information for the fans. The masthead and header will be catchy, as to draw the readers attention.