Adjustable Camera Distance - Version History Version 1.3.6.

1 - UniCheat engine updated, added showing detection status and other, full info at UniCheat wiki. Version 1.3.6 - UniCheat engine updated, bug fixes, changelog here: wiki/changelog If you cant run this version in Windows XP SP3 please report it here http://u - Changed camdist script because S2 improved cvar checks. Version 1.3.4 - Temporary compatiblity UniCheat fix, changelog here: /wiki/changelog Version 1.3.3 - UniCheat engine updated, bug fixes, changelog here: wiki/changelog - Update symbols for 2.2.5 game patch Version 1.3.2 - Fix offsets for game 2.2.x.x version Version 1.3.1 - UniCheat engine updated, changelog here: log Version 1.3 - Distrib filename changed to ACD - Inifile renamed to ACD.ini - New code for fix camera at match starts - Removed clip world, because it removed in 2.0.39 update, and set to 10000 by S2. - Fixed all old other bugs - New engine "UniCheat", my new engine for cheats related programs, currenly st ate full-private, in future it changes. UniCheat features: - GUI - Controllable auto updates - Auto run - [SECURE] Exe crypt, anti crc system - Selectable exe file - UAC support (Vista\7\...) - Status: Private engine, currently it not ready for other developers. Version 1.1.2 - Update offsets for 2.0.20+ Version 1.1.1 - Update offsets for 2.0.16+ - Temporary removed ini file variable "ScrollSpeedRatio". (maybe return in next versions) Version 1.1 - Rewrite code to for some optimizations - Fixed crash on game version 2.0.11+ Version 1.0.9 - Update offsets for fix crash Version 1.0.8 - Update EasyDeny code. Version 1.0.7 - Rewritten code to remove check cvar is modified.

Version 1.0.8 -------------Rewrite code to set camera distance.SECURE: Added ini option ModuleFileName. To avoid possible detection you can r ename IncreasedCamDistance.1.3 -------------Slight offset adjustment for 1. (prj & V10) Version 1.3. (prj) Version 1.0. and automatic start his to avoid possible detection.1.1 -------------S2 Raped.2 -------------Allowed running camdistance patch multiple times again..0.7 -------------Fixed many problems associated with updating the game to 1.0. (V10) Version 1. Every start automatic copy Inject or.57 (prj) Version 1.5 -------------Updated for 1. (V10) Version 1.5 -------------Slight offset adjustment for 0.3 -------------Downgraded back to 1.4 -------------Fixed black screen problem (V10 & prj) Version 1.3. .0.Injector updated.6 -------------And again (V10) Version 1.0.0 (prj) Version (V10) Version to any file name and set new name in this option.9 -------------Rewrite code to set camera distance.6+ (V10) Version 1. .1.59.4 -------------Slight offset adjustment on cvar detect for 0.1.64+ (V10) Temporarily removed detect to camdistance change.0.SECURE: Added ini option SecuredFile (auto).0.0 -------------- .1.1.exe to SecuredFile (first start randomly generated).1. (V10) Fixed intermittent camera angle changes (V10) EasyDeny patch can now be applied multiple times again (V10) Version 1.2+ (V10) Version 1.

(V10) Version 1.8 -------------Adjusted offset patterns for new patches.ini option for zoom/scroll ratio (ScrollSpeedRatio). (V10) Version 1.0.9 -------------Adjusted EasyDeny offset to be more robust.0. (prj) Added .(prj) Added detection whether EasyDeny patch is already applied or not. (prj) Shows a message dialog if the patch fails instead of failing silently. (V10) Added possibility to automatically start HoN if it is not running. (V10) Code cleanup.0. (prj) . (prj) Moved project to c++. (prj) Version 1.81(81).0.0.0 -------------Added possibility to adjust max camera distance.5 -------------Improved automatic offset search. V10) Version 1. (prj ) Adjusted offset patterns to not break with next patch.4 -------------Initial automatic offset search. (prj) Created SVN repository.0.0.6 -------------Large refactoring of code. (prj) Version 1. (prj) Enhanced logging capabilities and added an option to enable/disable logging. (V10) Version 1. (V10) Debug logging. (V10) Use new type of ini. (prj) Version 1. (pr j) Added EasyDeny support. (V10) Merge code between two projects.0.Added dynamic setting of scrolling speed based on maximum zoom.0. (V10) Made it possible to enable both mods separately via inifile. (prj) Version 1.0.3 ------------Disable camera constraints.0. (prj) Write log only when a problem occurs.0. default is -------------Added verification of offsets (prevents game crash if offset is not found).1 -------------DLL no longer stays in memory.2 ------------Fix for units not displaying above a certain zoom. (prj.0.0. (prj) Version 1. (prj) Cleaned up code (prj) Version

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