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African advances

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FEATURE together with fat coating and new outloading bins and the Humansdorp Koop are also adding a second pelleting line, this time for high roughage feed. As a consequence of this high level of feed milling activity the sales of dies and rolls for the pellet presses is growing at over 30 percent per annum. and milling are supplied as a full set or individually for upgrading an existing plant. This has proved to be successful not only within South Africa with over 10 units sold but also further North in equatorial regions of Africa. Now this same concept has been applied to a PeriTec wheat flour milling system for OVK as described above and more recently to the new 10M animal feed mill. Deon Cronje, sales director, commented “It has been logical to extend the concept by initiating these new designs since many of our customers wish to apply the very latest plant and technology, get into production quickly and are understandably reluctant to make major investments in non-productive building structures and other non-essential infrastructure.”


Seed processing
Although seed processing has long been an important activity in the business, it has recently taken on new significance with the completion of the major turnkey project for Pioneer Hi-Bred International (PHI), a subsidiary of the Du Pont Corporation of America. This plant, outside Pretoria, which produces transgenic maize seeds to the highest international standards, was followed by another in northern Zambia, where Techmach have also built a system for Monsanto and now a further plant is to be built near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Other Company projects in sub-Saharan Africa are being executed in Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique and Swaziland.

African advances
echmach Technology of South Africa aspires to be Africa’s leading general engineering company in the Agri sectors. It is building on its longstanding activities in cereal milling, animal feed milling and seed processing complemented by its diverse know-how in other related fields such as grain handling and plastic separation by optical colour sorting. Techmach carries out the design, manufacture and commissioning of individual machines or complete plant on a turnkey basis in these and related sectors from its 10,000 square metre site in Chamdor, 30km West of Johannesburg – an area once famed for its gold mining but now more for its food processing and light engineering activities. Under the leadership of the second generation of its founders, Techmach, having invested more than 16 million Rand ( US$1.0 = SA Rand 7.9) in its facilities, now has a turnover of over 150 million Rand and employs over 100 personnel at its main site as well as a further 20 in the field. Juan-Paul Farinha disclosed that “We have been able to double our turnover in five years by substantial investment in our design and workshop facilities and by acquiring new skills and developing new equipment and processes both in-house and with our overseas partners.” The strength of the business is underpinned by its longstanding partnership agreements with ‘blue chip’ manufacturers; Cimbria in Denmark and Austria, for seed and cereal cleaning and materials handling; Satake in Europe and Japan for cereal milling and optical colour sorting; Andritz Feed & Biofuel in Denmark for animal feed milling; Meyer Machines in the USA for specialist bucket elevators and Balaguer in Spain for rollermill rolls. Maize and wheat provide the staple diet for the growing population of South Africa which, partly due to continuing cross-border immigration, now approaches 50 million. For 2011, maize plantings are estimated to be 2.5 million hectares to produce a crop of 11 million to 12 million
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Modular mills
In response to the requirement for more economical plants, mainly in rural areas, Techmach developed and introduced a Modular Maize Mill concept, incorporating the innovative Satake/ Techmach degerming system, in 2008 (World Grain, August 2009). Typically the four preassembled modules for cleaning, degerming, polishing

by Bryan McGee, a milling industry consultant and freelance writer (
tonnes of which four to five will be available for export. Over 75 percent of the planted area was devoted to genetically modified varieties. The quality is likely to be variable this year due to unseasonal rains in the harvest period. In the year to March, nearly 4.2 million tonnes was processed for human consumption of which over 3.8 was of white varieties (source SAGIS). In contrast, the wheat crop for 2010 at 1.5 million tonnes was well down on previous years and thus imports, at world market prices, will be required to provide the balance of 60 percent, to meet domestic demand. The deregulation of the wheat and maize sectors has opened up opportunities for both consolidation within the major millers and the introduction of smaller plants in rural areas. A recent example is Kromdraai in Frankfort who operate a new Techmach engineered Satake PeriTec debranning system and more recently OVK in Clocolan in Free State province who have ordered a 150 tonne PeriTec mill, to be built on a modular basis. In Windhoek, Namibia, the company is installing a complex flour handling, blending and dispensing system incorporating the new TMS scales to feed a series of pasta production lines and another similar handling system for Bokomo in Olifantsfontein for their new biscuit lines.


Conveyor chains Elevator belting Elevator buckets Screw segments

Feed milling
Animal feed milling is one of the most buoyant activities in the agri related field and Techmach are the dominant supplier of plant in this sector. There has been an enormous level of investment by both the major groups and also by some of the smaller operators in the rural areas. This is at least partly as a result in the growth of poultry rearing since the majority of poultry feed is grain based. The current bird population is about 154 million which is 40 percent higher than 10 years ago. The average slaughter age for broilers at 1.85kg per bird has been brought down to only 35 days. Recent projects include a complete turnkey project for VKB in Vrede in Free State Province which is being built in partnership with Andritz Feed & Biofuel and Cimbria to be the most fully equipped ‘state of the art’ feed mill in the region. The Rand 52 million plant will produce 40 t/h of pelleted feed. Another major, (Rand 60 million), feed mill is also being built for De Heus, the Netherlands based company, in Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu Natal in three phases of which the first is complete, the second being commissioned and the third in the planning stage. Pioneer Group’s Nova Feeds in Pretoria are adding a second pelleting line

Maize milling
The Techmach/Satake degerming system has effectively revolutionised maize processing for human consumption in the region and, since its introduction in 1998, more than 100 of the core VBF degermer systems, each capable of handling six tonnes/hour, are now in operation. The original pioneers of the system, Allem Brothers of Viljoenskroon in Free State Province, are now investing a further R25 million in another complete production unit to be integrated with their existing plant and raise their capacity by 260 tonnes per day. Other current major maize projects include a R15 million modular degerming plant for GP Victor in Frankfort and an interesting extruder based system for Tiger Brands in their R20 million project to produce an instant maize meal breakfast food at five tonnes per hour.

Process technology, machinery, and complete plants for the animal feed industry
■ New process lines and plants ■ Process equipment upgrades and replacements ■ Spare and wear parts ■ Service and maintenance programs ■ Optimization and support ■ Leading technologies ■ Global presence ■ Local service

Lifland, Iceland. A complete pro­ cessing line for animal feed production. With this greenfield plant (capacity 50,000 t/a), Lifland will cover nearly 60% of total animal feed production in Iceland. The turnkey feed plant started producing in October 2010.

Wheat milling
The deregulation of the milling and baking industries has resulted in far more consumer choice in terms of variety and quality of baked goods including bread. Smaller and medium sized milling companies are able to satisfy some of these niche markets thus complementing the larger consolidated groups.

Together, we make it work!

ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL Europe, Asia, and South America: USA and Canada:

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CNC machine tool

CAD view of OVK modular wheat flour mill

New design and engineering facility As a result these scales are rapidly gaining market share across the industry.









machine tools, are able to produce cost effective in-house components and equipment to complement the specialist machines that are sourced from its international partners. In this way they can also be more responsive to changing market needs. The CAD designs can be fed directly to the CNC cell for programming the plasma cutters and punch machines without the need for any hard copy drawings. Here plate can be accurately cut and punched before fabrication after which they are painted by a powder coating process for a durable finish. The precision punched replacement screens, as used in the degermManufacturing Although South Africa has a remarkably ers, after punching and forming are sent open economy, Techmach have found it to an outside specialist for wear resistant beneficial to be increasingly self sufficient in hardening. Izak van der Merwe, engineering director terms of manufacturing and, through their explained, “Manufacturing and scheduling of major investments GFMT December.pdf 1 2011/11/30 15:25:33 20111130 - in design equipment and small batches of complex 625 Series Roller Stand machines or even simple Increase your Performance and E ciency with the Durable and components cost e ective 625 Series from Ro has been revolutionised by the technology I now have available.” The significant improvement in component accuracy achievable by CNC has enabled the company to add to its core product range with new machines such as the versatile in-process Speci cations: and bagging • 600x250mm Adjustable Rollers • 11kW Motor scales, called TMS, which are proving competitive Maize Milling Plants in terms of Stockfeed, Cleaning and function, qualConveying Products ity and cost Cnr. Piet de Vries Drive & 7th Avenue P.O. Box 2439 | Kroonstad | 9500 | South Africa compared Kroonstad | 9499 | South Africa Tel: +27 56 212 2697 | Fax: +27 86 618 0651 with imported GPS: S27º39’45” E27º13’35” | sales@ro makes. The separation of contaminants from seeds, groundnuts and cereals by optical means has long been a core activity of the company through their longstanding relationship with ESM of Houston, Texas, now part of the Satake Group. The new Evolution RGB machine with its high resolution full colour detection and LED focused lighting has already had a rapid take up with five installations in under four months including one for peanut grading and it is also proving suitable for new applications such as plastics separation.

Colour sorting

Techmach’s young and energetic management, investment in productive equipment and skilled personnel combined with the know-how of their industrial partners have demonstrated an encouraging ability to take the company forward under sometimes difficult trading conditions. They are carving out a niche as leaders in a broad range of activities in the fields of agri-engineering.

History of Techmach Technology:
Techmach was established in 1979 to provide equipment and engineering services to the seed, cereal and groundnut processing industries. The business expanded in 1999 when we acquired skilled personnel and the intellectual property rights to the food and animal feed businesses of LTA which were in turn derived from its consolidated predecessors, Simon, Thomas Robinson and Macdonald- Forman over more than 50 years. Key Milestones: 1979 Private company founded by Greg Farinha and two partners. 1985 Greg Farinha takes full control Acquisition of agency for Heid of Austria which later, on their merger, also encompassed Cimbria of Denmark 1999 Becomes agent for Satake Corporation for cereal milling equipment Juan-Paul Farinha joins the business 2001 2003 2008 2010 Deon Cronje joins the business Company converts to (Pty) Ltd Acquisition of Andritz Sprout agency Modular maize mill launched Expansion of buildings, major investment in IT, machine tools and other manufacturing facilities. 120 employees. 2011 Modular wheat flour mill launched - appointment of Izak van der Merwe as engineering director


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needs of its on-line/in-line support. The group’s initial analysis customers. focus is NEWS November - December 2011on t he Per ten diode array based nearPerten Instruments, Inc. infr ared ( N I R ) proce ss responsible for sales and analysers. The group will support in the Americas is continue to expand as new Ehcolo of Denmark has introduced the world’s first fully automatic palletiser, which uses the pleased to announce the process instrumentation formation of a dedicated Process is added energy Per ten same technology as hybrid cars to recover to the consumed through braking. Instrumentation Department. product por tfolio. Many alle Hewitt Manager-Process new advances container bulk Ralphtiser mot or s are offer a higher levelin product accuracy constantly starting and ofdevelopmentand scheduled loaders and Instrumentation, heads the are stopping, often at the increased speed un-loaders. process instrumentation group. for release in 2012. same rate as the number with the ser vo At the Victam Ralph’s experience includes “Process instrumentation of units per hour handled. c o n t r o l u s i n g Asia 2012 Ehcolo various roles in plant operations is one of our largest areas Consequently, there is a lot encoders mounted is also introducing and QC management at of growth” reports Gavin of braking energy which is on all positioning to South East Asia large grain processing and O ’ Re i l l y, P r e s i d e n t o f converted to heat, usually by motors. The use complete turnkey food processing facilities with Per ten Instruments, Inc mechanical braking, which of soft start and packing ( FFS companies such as Cargill, “We are very excited to creates noise and significant stop on all motors bagging-palletisingADM and Pinnacle Foods. have this highly qualified wear and tear on all the results in low noise wrapping) lines, The group includes Brian g r o u p t o s e r v e o u r and long equipment components and equipment. which has been S c h u l t e t u s , p r o d u c t process instrumentation life. widely supplied in specialist systems customers.” “The The Ehcolo palletiser used to A n o p e r a t o r Europe to animal integration, Darin formation of the use frequency converters on all friendly 15 -inch feed- and fish feed Crossland product specialist Process Instrumentation its motors, which was OK, but colour touch screen is used, palletiser for all types of bags and boxes producers as well as grain- and applications development, Department is a further caused significant heat, which allowing new patterns to be on all types of pallets, with capacities seed producers. and Magnus Nilsson product d e m o n s t r a t i o n o f o u r would be wasted. However, easily produced by the automatic from 300 – 2500 units per hour. See E hcolo at t he Vic tam specialist hardware and c o m m i t m e n t t o o u r the new servo controllers pattern set-up system. This is The palletiser is designed for Asia 2012 Exhibition 15 – 17 customer care. In addition customers and our mutual are interconnected in KERS achieved by simply choosing container transport shipment February BITEC Bangkok Thailand to the dedicated st af f, success” adds Ralph. ( Kinetic Energ y Recover y the pallet size and keying in the around the world. Per ten Instruments has System), which means that all product dimensions. There is a Assembly at customers site More inforMation: spent much of the past More inforMation: braking energy is collected and range of possibilities for data takes only two days, and as all Ehcolo A/S 18 months est ablishing Business Development re-used, offering a substantial communication and standard palletisers are pre-tested with Smedevej 10 a ne t wor k of ve nd or s Manager the control includes a internet products in Ehcolo factory, full DK-6683 Fovling saving in power consumption. capable of assisting Perten Tel: so 8 880 990 The Ehcolo palletisers, which router,+46 that remote control production can commence on Tel: +45 75398411 in responding to the needs Fax: +46 8 881 possible. the third day. feature automatic pattern set-up, from anywhere is210 E-mail: Email: of their customers. Website: have been further developed to Ehcolo has 14 different models of Ehcolo are also manufacturing Website: The de p ar t me nt ’s

Next generation green palletisers

Silo Construction & Engineering
Modular square bins



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SCE is a partner with the international feed & food industries • consultancy & engineering firms • machine & plant designers •
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november and Grain which millinG technoloGy feed has been widely supplied in Europe to animal feed- and fish feed producers as well as grain- - december 2011 | 5


Ehcolo is introducing to South East Asia complete turnkey packing (FFS bagging-palletising-wrapping) lines, seed producers.

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As the first and only in the world, Ehcolo is now supplying its palletisers with servo control and a kinetic energy recovery system, which collect all the motors braking energy for re-use, so we can supply the first ”green” palletisers, saving 15-20% compared to others

• Products: all bag types and sizes • Capacity palletisers: types from 300 to 2500 bags per hour • Turnkey FFS packing lines: up to 1500 bags per hour • We also supply robot palletisers
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African advances
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