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Name________________#____ Date of Test_________________ Government Study Guide

1. How did the Revolutionary War help form our

government? Americans went to war against the British because they did not want to be ruled by the King anymore. They thought they were losing rights under British rule. The king was not fair. 2. What is the Declaration of Independence? The Declaration is a written document declaring the American colonies were free and independent from Britain. 3. How did the Declaration of Independence help form our government? The Declaration said people should have rights and they should be protected, it listed complaints against the King, it declared America free from England. 4. What is the difference between a Loyalist and a Patriot? A Loyalist was loyal to the King and didnt think we should be fighting. A Patriot thought we should fight for our freedom from the King and be able to rule ourselves. 5. Describe what might have happened if the Revolutionary War ended differently.

If America had not won the war, they would still have been under British rule and we may not be a free country today. We might still be ruled by a king and not a president that we get to vote for to govern us. 6. What is the Constitution? It is an important document that tells the plan for the new government. It tells about the three branches of government and what responsibilities are of each branch. It tells about our rights and freedoms. 7. Explain how the Constitution helped form our government. The Constitution gave the people the power to govern themselves not the King. It is the plan on how to run the country. 8. Explain why the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to list specifically the ten basic freedoms that every American has.
9. List the three branches of the government and tell what

each one does. 1. Legislative Branch-makes the laws 2. Executive Branch-makes sure the laws are carried out 3. Judicial Branch-makes sure the laws are fair

10. Why is Washington D.C. important? Washington, D.C. is the home of our national government.

11. List 2 or 3 national symbols and explain what each one represents. United States flag represents our freedom The Presidential Seal stands for the President of the USA The Liberty Bell stands for our independence
The Bald Eagle, our National Bird, represents our countrys strength and power

Uncle Sam is a symbol of the USA The White House represents where our president lives and works Statue of Liberty represents freedom

12. List 2 or 3 national monuments. Write who these monuments honor and why we honor this person. The Lincoln Memorial honors Abraham Lincoln, 16th president, important for helping to free the slaves. The Washington Monument honors George Washington, our 1st president, the Father of Our Country. The Jefferson Memorial honors Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president , author of the Constitution.