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If you would like to know more about our company, please visit our site http://dspfinance.

MFI Consulting Corporation office: 3795 NW 84 Avenue, Suite 116 Doral, Florida 33166. Company is registered in USA with company registration number 73182903 .

DSP Finance Company

Our company is specialized in miscellaneous financial services, like fund management, financial customer services, insurances and others; also the company has representative offices in such countries of the world as: : USA, France, Japan, Spain, Germany.

We are hiring people from UK willing to work in an international team of high-skilled professionals of economy and finance for all the positions listed below. Any special experience is not required because our training managers ready to prepare you and provide all the information. Information about the Position
Gather all the information about the position that you can. All vacant position information can be found below. Read the Job Description and the Advertisement carefully to understand what the position is about.

All these positions are considered as a Full Time and Part Time job. You may choose your working hours for Part Time position in your area on the 1st interview with your local supervisor. Job Positions Job Duties Working hours Full Time
Finance Assistant
Duties and Responsibilities

Part Time 2-3 hours during the day (3-6 days per week)

Here are some of the general responsibilities and duties of an accounting clerk: 1. Maintains files, including filing of general ledger journal vouchers, accounts payable documentation, and other miscellaneous filings. 2. Types a variety of documents, reports, and records. 3. Prints daily accounts payable checks and inserts checks and invoices into envelopes for mailing.

Monday to Friday (09.00 – 18.00)

4. Prepares requisitions for office, computer, and routine supply purchases. 5. Maintains regular contact with other departments to obtain and convey information and/or to correct transactions. 6. Attends and participates in meetings as required. 7. Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained. 8. Completes special projects and miscellaneous assignments as required. 9. Discuss report results with location management. 10. Post data to sales journal. 11. Handle customer and employee accounts receivable. 12. Assist with accounts payable, prepare checks. 13. Assist with payroll preparation. 14. Other duties as assigned.



You are granted benefits package: • • • • • • • • • • 25 days’ holiday plus 8 public holidays pension and bonus schemes discounted train travel, holidays and flights season-ticket loan free long-term parking at BAA airports subsidised food and drink at airports discounted shopping at airport retailers an Employee Assistance Programme critical Illness cover access to expert advice on health and well-being



Before you start to work you should pass a free 10-days training course to practice with company’s software and several financial services to be prepared in future to perform your responsibilities for these positions. The company will provide Free On-line Education Training. The training course is distant except 2 personal meetings with company’s managers in your city on the 4th and last training days. The local supervisor will receive your first practical and test results before the first interview, because in some areas we recruit stuff on a competitive basis. Since main responsibilities include work with company’s soft by the end of the training you will be provided by all the necessary equipment (internet and telephone connection) and an access to company’s software. - You don't need to attend seminars, lectures, etc and pay for the training courses. - You don't need any special education. - You don't really need to buy any special equipment, just use your computer and internet connection. - You don’t have to travel far for practising, just use the closest locations for some practical lessons. We are providing Electronic Commerce System Training for you absolutely FREE. There are no hidden costs. The course is 10 days and will be prescribed on the next day after you fill out your application form and/or send us an e-mail confirming when you will be ready to start. The training period wage shall amount ₤30 for each training day (2 hours training day, ₤15.00 per hour), you will receive ₤300 for 10 training days. Every practical lesson will not take more than 2 hours, as for theoretical (test part) you will be provided 24 hours to fully examine the documents that will be sent to your e-mail address. The training days don’t have to be consecutive; you may have breaks in the schedule. Your training wage will be deposited to an account at any bank of your choice. Distant Training is a proven, flexible way for you to take training courses at a time and place that suits you. Our interactive distant training courses are detailedguided courses that reinforce lessons with interactivity, assignments and self-test. We know how we develop our employees and their skills will determine our future success. The practicing is very important part of each educational process, and we offer you the training process that will lead you to high-paid home job. We continually encourage employees to enhance their skills and knowledge, and have created a learning organization focused on providing new opportunities for growth and professional development.

After you successfully finish the training courses, you become a company’s employee and will get a certified specialist. The 1st interview with local supervisor will be personally agreed with you to be held in the closest business area. You’ll be able to switch to office job without changing your responsibilities as soon as company opens an office in your city. For the present the offices in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester are going to be opened.

Should you accept this offer, your annual BASE will be: FULL TIME£24,300 + PART TIME £17,600 +
Starting salary is £400 per week (full -time) and £340 per week (part - time), paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit (it will be agreed with you personally already on 1st interview). Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit. You will be provided with all company benefits during the training period.

During the training period you will be paid daily.
In the future, after raising the level of skills, there is a possibility of having business trips to different countries (all the expenses, including abode, traveling expenses and travel allowance, are paid by the company).



If you are interested in the position and ready to start working, please fill out the attached employment application and send it in reply to this e-mail address. You can fill it out on your PC or print it out and fill it by hand (in that case please write block letters; illegible applications may be excluded from consideration). You will be contacted by a company manager within 24 hours. You can start the training course within 1-4 business days after signing the application.