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The Netizen Theatrical play by Lyubomir Nikolov Play in one act Actors: Alex Victor Mira Victors Mother

Nurse 1. Luxurious hospital room. Bed, desk with lamp, chair. Victor lying on the bed. Mi ra walks in the room .Victor began coughing. Mira brings him water. VICTOR: Turn out the lights. MIRA: Why? VICTOR: In the dark is easier to die. You are not ashamed. Mira: Oh, crap VICTOR: Put the lights off ! MIRA: I m afraid, no. VICTOR: I have to be scared, right? (Mira stays silent) VICTOR: I am scared, because people are forgetting very fast. MIRA: Do not start again. Victor: I can say now what I want ... I can now speak irresponsibly. Last words as ordinary may sound, are transcendental. MIRA: You always talk a lot. You deprive others of thinking because they have to listen only you. I do not want to hear how you analyze your dying. Lets hope tha t somehow miraculously you will be O.K. tomorrow. VICTOR: This is itthis is not a play, you can not tell me whether you want to lis ten or not ... Mira, I have no time to pick the topics. I ll die and you will fo rget me. The living are necrophagous. You know, first people were not hunters, t hey were necrophagous... MIRA: Where does it come to your mind? VICTOR: ... they were not aggressive, not killers, they were eating carriononly dead animals. Were talking in their minds. They had thoughts, but not words. Ate what they found. MIRA: Sounds disgusting. Not true. VICTOR: What is disgusting? You judge words. For women, apparently there are bea utiful and ugly words. Just think ... necrophagous is better than a murderer. Th e first people were not persecutors.... nor prosecuted. MIRA: And so what ... I did not lived then. VICTOR: How you kill the mammoth with a spear? It can only make him giggle. They can only wait him to fall. In fact, they did not wait The first people were not waiting for anything. MIRA: There is always something to wait for ... Victor: They were waiting, but did not know what to wait. They had no ideas ... you know what it is to have no ideas ... have no fear. (Victor goes to the mirror. Looks at himself) VICTOR: Fear? You fear? (points its reflection) You are afraid. You have ideas. (turns back) They were not like us ... they have been complacent and self-suffic ient. We are afraid and we need others constantly. We need others on table, we n eed them to play, we need them because if we are alone we do not know whether wh at we think makes sense. My mother, my mother is now calling all her friends and tells them that I am dying. What prominent doctors she consulted, to whom she h

ad spoken, the fortune she had spent on doctors and still, despite everything, s he was powerless to stop this loss. She talks with overtones, can you imagine. MIRA: I know. She told me that the inevitable is coming and she has no one to sh are memories of you. VICTOR: She reads many lifestyle magazines. MIRA: Probably she imagines life as it is in hairdressers salon. Life should alwa ys be greater than reality. Your disease is a spectacular thing, you know. VICTOR: She will make out of my funeral a really big kitsch. There will be whit e limousines, wreaths in the shape of hearts. They are planning these things now . She is crying on the phone and then asks her girl friends:(Victor is trying to speak with the voice of his mother) Do you think that would be better to send h im by car or platform with white horses? Yes, my son.... his funeral, of course, what else? Do you know any good photographer? Oh, perfect darling, call him ... reserve him. MIRA: This is not true. Victor: Yeah, it is true, I know her. I m the same. I am interested in people. I want lot of people to come and my funeral to be a long procession that will blo ck the city. Let my mother to do what she wants ... after all I m not an orangut an to go into the forest and die alone. Let it be magnificent, and I ll watch ve ry discreet, not moving a muscle. MIRA: You are starting again ... (Mira wonders what to say) first people - what they were doing .. VICTOR: They were lost... MIRA: I imagine the sun rises in the morning .... you a rocking in the hammock . .. till dark ... waiting for nothing. As one long yawn when you do not think of anything. VICTOR: It was different. It was abundant. There were many herds and fewer peopl e and death everywhere. Death was popping from everywhere ... death was not conf ined in hospitals like here. MIRA: Stop ... VICTOR: There were few words and plenty of fruits, flowers, tobacco, furry anima ls and slippery fish ... it was magnificent. Your mind was swimming in colors. Y our nose was thinking instead of you. MIRA: That is during the day and during nights... must have been hell. VICTOR: In Paradise nobody is afraid to die. However, I prefer to be in the day ... MIRA: Stop! VICTOR: If someone was giving orders, others revert back to it ... or laughed in his face. Nobody knew what was right. Nobody was paying attention to words. MIRA: Unshaved savages. VICTOR: All - women, men, children ... ascetics - dirty, half-naked hippies read y to die as a seasonal plant, dry as a May bug, as frogs skins on the road, tra nsparent shells of shrimp, pretending nothing. .. as shell in stone of thousands shells...bones sustaining an anthill. They did not stink from fear. MIRA: Stop now, lets talk about something else, please. VICTOR: The first people were not like us. Did not putrefy rapidly like us. MIRA: (animated) .they probably sang through the night. VICTOR: Howling at frequencies that take you beyond yourself. MIRA: In the night must have been drinking. All drank from one vessel taking off together ... VICTOR: Everybody who was dying like flower - quietly and with dignity ... there were no machines to keep you alive ... there were no traps - they did not know what is trap. They were not hunters. They were like animals. You can not kill an other animal - you know it hurts. MIRA: Somewhere I read that they emitted sounds swallowing air. So do most anim als. Donkeys do so. You heard right. VICTOR: They wanted to inhale the world, we want to exhale it. The first people were body ... they have lived with the body. Now we live with the heads. I now t hat I m dying and I want my head to survive. Want others to hear what I say. Bod y can go to hell, if it s sick.

MIRA: Victor, I m sick of you, what do you want? VICTOR: Nothing ... nothing, I m talking to myself. Now there are many people a nd little herds. I didnt pasture flocks. I looked myself in the mirror. I looked the monitors. And I became carrion. MIRA: You re simply ill. We are not machines ... come on, calm down, honey. (Tries to hug him, he took repels) VICTOR: Why am I sick? Because did not pasture cattle. I learned in order somebo dy to tell me - well, you taught this properly. I spent ninety percent of my lif e between walls. Watching screens. Breathed the air from conditioner. MIRA: We all do this. You are not ill of it. You know it very well. VICTOR: I know a lot of things, I know Im dying, and why it is so, I do not under stand. I know that if you put electricity in my head, inside will burn the entir e city, if not released it will disappear. I must do something. MIRA: What should you do ... VICTOR: You ll see ... Where is Alex? He should have come yesterday. I have no t ime to lose. MIRA: I just need to stop. Unplug yourself ... think of something else. VICTOR: I will do just the opposite. I know more than anyone else. I am in the W eb everywhere. They read me. At least you know how popular I am. The Net is a su permarket and there is a lot of goods with my name. Made by Victor! MIRA: Not true. This is not you. Everybody in the Net is a reflection of what he wants others to think about him. This is Net. Some empty phrases. Here I am, I have one thousand friends, they do not know me, but they like me. They themselve s are not recognizing their profiles. After years they can not forgive themselve s what they have written. VICTOR: Everyone is different in different periods. When Chaplin looked better? MIRA: No, it is different. In the Net there are pieces of people. If you are a w oman your Animus is not there, if you are man your Anima is not there. This is n ot you. Net is two-dimensional. VICTOR: Soon I will be two-dimensional and horizontal.. MIRA: I m going! I can not bare it anymore! : :