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Mark Samuel Nyon

mark@grandkru.com 347.560.8639

Web Application Developer & Architect with over 16 years of experience designing and implementing solutions in heterogeneous environments, improving company efficiency through a combination of technologies, tools, and business processes. Focused on developing robust, scalable technical solutions, departments and infrastructure for organizations. Languages: Application Servers & Content Mgt. Systems: Operating Systems: Web Servers: Methodologies Databases: Build/Deployment Tools: JavaScript Frameworks Project/Issue Tracking Software: Cloud Software/PAAS Email Messaging Servers: C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Powershell, Ruby, Shell Scripts, SQL, VBScript, XML Ruby on Rails, Refinery, ASP.NET, Dynamo 6.3.0, Apache James, TeamSite 6.1, Sinatra, WordPress, Movable Type Mac OS X, Ubuntu, CentOS, Solaris 2.6 – 9, Windows 8, Windows 2012 Server Apache 2.x, IIS, Mongrel, Nginx, Thin, Unicorn Agile, Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Oracle 8.1.5, SQL Server, Sybase 12.5.1, Ant, Capistrano, MS Deployment Tool, NAnt, OpenDeploy, Rake, Cruisecontrol.NET, Cruisecontrol.rb BackboneJS, jQuery Prototype, ExtJS Asana, Assembla, Bugzilla, Clarity, Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker, RT, Teambox, Trac, Trello AWS, Heroku, RightScale Ironport A60


Consultant May 2013 – Present Metronome3 • Installed a content management system (CMS) and the backend for a store locator system using Rails and Refinery. • Manage development on a job listings auction site. Designing an auction and e-commerce engine for the job search site. • Provide guidance for technical solutions and high-level technical project planning. Consultant September 2012 – March 2013 The Barbarian Group • Worked with a distributed team on the website and administrative content management system (CMS) for Bloomberg Philanthropies, using Rails as the app server, Refinery as the CMS, Backbone.JS as the client side MV* framework and CouchDB as the database. • Added Jasmine tests to the front end codebase in order to apply Behavior Driven Development practices to frontend development. • Implemented several features (blog, image resizing, initiatives) as Refinery extensions to support the website. • Prototyped and contributed to the development of the transitions between the programs listed on the site. Tech Lead June 2012 – Present LEAP Digital • Managed a distributed team of front and backend developers in order to update an accounting firm’s web site using Rails as the app server, Refinery as the CMS and MySQL as the database. • Gave technical advice & strategy to an accounting firm seeking to integrate disparate, heterogeneous accounting and customer relationship management systems. • Translated requirements to deliverables and guided an agency on web development best practices and tools, including Pivotal Tracker Engineer June 2011 – Jan 2013

providing guidance in development best practices and scheduling.125 West 117th Street. • Interviewed applicants for rapidly expanding team in development and QA roles.8639 Peregrine Focus • Created web services to manage updating building and meter information between Peregrine Focus and the Energy Star Automated Benchmarking System.2TB of data. SFTP and PGP and Agile and Scrum methodologies.NET as an e-commerce gateway. • Increasing codebase test coverage. NY • Managed India-based development team. Consultant June – October 2010 RCN Metro.com 347.560.NET using Authorize. New York. including a migration of JavaScript codebase from Prototype to jQuery. Consultant November 2010 – February 2011 McKinsey & Company. including migrating from a hosted solution to an Amazon Web Services infrastructure. • Trained novice developers on Ruby and Ruby on Rails and provided guidance on best practices to solve problems. • Guided team members on programming techniques through code reviews and pair programming sessions. NY 10026 Mark Samuel Nyon mark@grandkru. • Managed resources for an offshore development team. code reviews and improved practices. • Fixed e-commerce subscription service developed in C# and . resulting in reduced downtime during AWS failure. • Set up configuration for connecting Rails to SQL Server in multiple environments. New York. which holds over 1. • Advising and helping Peregrine Focus on software development best practices. NY • Gathered requirements. • Reviewed and refactored code to fit best practices/techniques. providing a simple interface that automates and streamlines resource administration. Director of Systems Architecture Sep 2007 – May 2009 BantamLive Networks.com. • Provided recommendations for mobile development platform and customer service platform for the organization. New York NY • Served as the lead developer on a Rails application that uses predictive analysis to determine the optimal media spend across multiple brands and channels.NET best practices. remote daily standup meetings. • Instituted practices that streamlined development and communication between team members. Consultant March 2011 – November 2011 Diversion Media • Implementing Amazon Web Service backup and multi-region failover strategies for multiple Diversion Media clients. and ASP. New York NY • Developed Partner Administration section for ilivehere website using Ruby on Rails. transaction and reward synchronization requirements of a credit card rewards program using Ruby on Rails. instituting code standards. • Created a custom pre-sales application that streamlines the sales process for more complex network segment orders. resulting in the resolution of several issues. • Trained and evaluated RCN staff on Ruby and Rails best practices. Developer Nov 2009 – June 2010 Youthline America. . designed and implemented a data feed system between RecycleBank and a credit card company in order to fulfill the enrollment. Technology Lead May 2009 – April 2010 RecycleBank. New York NY • Enhanced a network inventory application that retrieved data from a GE Smallworld Network Inventory data source that enables more RCN agents to retrieve vital inventory data needed in the telecommunications sales process. #3 New York. Achieved a reduction in bug rate and bug resolution turnaround time. working on multiple projects ranging from updating cloud architecture using RightScale and AWS to expanding the capacity of their image server. This application uses R for its statistical analysis. • Lead developer & architect for fordmodels.

Net and resulted in the startup receiving $500. • Migrated PHP web site and e-commerce integration application to Ruby on Rails framework. Solaris and Sybase.1.000 newsletters per hour and bounce messages and users’ “unsubscribe” requests. Created custom login/registration system for Ruby on Rails version of CRM application. New York. Java and the Ironport A60. functional and integration tests to projects as well as autospec to development toolbox and process. Created web application infrastructure for financial services CRM. Sarbanes-Oxley compliant enterprise infrastructure for financial services CRM application.com. Used Pivotal Tracker as an agile development tool to manage the development process. Inc.COM.125 West 117th Street. Set up a continuous integration server (cruisecontrol. Boston. managed. NY • Architected. VH1. • Created and maintained part of an automated newsletter delivery system using Perl. NY 10026 Mark Samuel Nyon mark@grandkru. • • Co-developed an e-commerce platform using ATG Dynamo 5.8639 • • • • Migrated e-commerce subscription service to Ruby on Rails. • Enhanced the development/deployment infrastructure of Aperio Networks.1. search engines and custom web applications. Interwoven TeamSite and OpenDeploy to streamline web site development. Technical Consultant Jul 1997 – Feb 2000 AGENCY. leading to 50-60% increase in monthly subscribers. MA • Completed and deployed Perl/CGI survey application for IBM to use at healthcare conference on site and over the Internet. Consultant/Architect Aug 2006 – Sep 2007 Aperio Networks. New York. • Created real-time NFL schedule and score scraping infrastructure for football gaming site. • Developed and maintained IRA and 401k retirement planning calculators in Java. Vignette StoryServer • and Perl CyberCash libraries. Software Engineer Feb 2000 – Feb 2001 Inc.com using Dynamo Commerce Server 5.com and Sonicnet.com or VH1. NY • Conducted technology infrastructure review of a startup financial services company. This review covered the software and hardware infrastructure of a financial services CRM application built in . .560. Planned. application servers.com using Dynamo.000 in an angel investment round. Charlestown MA & New York. • Implemented real-time quotes for financial site using SQL Server-stored procedures and VB components.com 347.com. Performed maintenance on web servers. Boston. #3 New York.000 content items.1. This system saved the organization $80.com. Interactive Technology Specialist Jun 1996 – Jul 1997 ECHO Strategies Group. NY • Designed and developed Perl XML export program for custom content management system using an Oracle 8i database containing 25.. iPlanet 4.rb) for applications. MA • Designed and implemented web-based survey application that used AI engine to return a comprehensive health risk appraisal.1. and optimized development process for 15-person India-based team. • Integrated e-commerce applications and content from 3rd-party corporations using Dynamo.1. implemented and maintained a build/deployment process for MTV Networks Online using Ant.000/month in 3rd-party vendor charges. Collaborated on creation of Digital Rights Management e-commerce application that allowed streaming access to albums pre-ordered at MTV. • Migrated registration system for NickJr. all of which ran e-commerce for MTV Network web sites such as MTV. Added unit. an email delivery device that can send 250. Software Engineer Feb 2001 – Aug 2006 MTV Networks Online. • Gathered requirements for scalable.

chat servers and message boards. Medford.com 347. customized and maintained web services such as search engines. Tufts University. #3 New York.125 West 117th Street.560. EDUCATION Degree: p Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psyschology. NY 10026 Mark Samuel Nyon mark@grandkru.8639 • Installed. MA .

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