Lau"e Wallin

Speaker, Author & Life Coach Live with confidence and joy, no matter how tough life gets.

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Get a Life!
Ra#ing Resilient
Laurie reveals: ✤ Stress’s effects on behavior (yours and theirs!) ✤ How to manage stress using your strengths ✤ How to see and respond differently to your child, and mentor them in resilience

Laurie helps you: ✤ Reconnect with your Goddesigned interests/passions ✤ Use your values and pet peeves to discover your strengths ✤ Set effective goals based on your strengths and interests ✤ Lean into your strengths so you can have more energy


• Certified Professional Christian Life Coach • Member of the International Association of Coaches & International Christian Coaches Association • She Speaks Conference Graduate - Advanced Level • MOPS-Listed Speaker • Former Public School Teacher

Ab!t Lau"e

Laurie shows: ✤ The value of your unique personal strengths ✤ How resentment effects you, your energy, your strengths and dreams ✤ Practical ways to live forgiveness despite ongoing challenges and hurts

Get Y!r Joy Back

Ra#ing A T!gh
Laurie shares: ✤ New ways to understand your child’s tough behaviors ✤ How to build “play” back into the home using your strengths ✤ Practical strategies for intense behavior problems ✤ How to know when to seek professional help


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Email: Phone: (619) 889-4374 | Fax: (858) 566-4072 Address: P. O. Box 26506, San Diego, California 92196

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Life’s tough. As women, we give, we sacrifice, and we love more than we ever dreamed we could. Beyond that, we might face extra challenges like single parenting, raising a child with special needs, overcoming grief or making a tough life transition. Laurie gets it. As a wife and mother of four girls— two foster/adopted with special needs—she knows what it’s like to live with challenges that daily push her past her limits. Instead of giving up or coping through double-fudge ice cream (much), she chooses to thrive,

laugh, and help others pursue God’s dreams for them no matter how intense life gets. For over 10 years, Laurie has helped women love their lives again. Through heartfelt, humorous, Biblical teaching, she equips them to thrive. As a coach, Laurie helps group members overcome challenges, cultivate dreams, and live from their beautiful, unique, and God-given designs. After hearing Laurie, you’ll leave refreshed, ready to face your challenges with joy and confidence.



"Your talk helped me feel hope and see that I can be creative ...that things can & will change!"

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"I always love hearing you speak...You are a gifted lady with the perfect combination of wisdom, humor and compassion." “Thanks for this morning! I am completely encouraged & ready to take my joy back!” "Loved your honesty.You come across as a girlfriend I'd love to have coffee with!" “Your message had a powerful impact and so many practical applications to implement right away!” "I loved the way you cast new light on Scripture." “As a speaker, Laurie has a deep knowledge of her topics, and presents them with humor and compassion. As a life coach, her own experiences and her passion for the happiness and well-being of others make her particularly effective.”


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