reflections on Sabbath and creation care
haiku [ 1 ]

Sophia Agtarap THEO6930: Autumn Quarter

3-6: ‘Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting’ by Marva Dawn 7: ‘Dogmatics in Outline’ by Karl Barth


8-11: ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ by Steven BoumaPrediger 12-13: ‘Creation and Fall’ by Deitrich Bonhoeffer 14-15: ‘Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace’ by James B. Torrance
haiku [ 2 16: ‘We Drink From Our Own Wells’ by Gustavo Gutierrez ]

ceasing work
Cease stop your laboring to cease, rest, embrace, feast to delight in God is
If observing Sabbath is to delight in God, what are those practices that might help us cease, rest, embrace and feast?

Kiddush welcome the Sabbath with its radiance we feel blessing on our lives
When was the last time you observed Sabbath? Do you have any particular rituals that you practice?
haiku [ 3 ]

haiku -3-

Augustine, in his Confessions wrote: You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you. Allow yourself time to rest in God and refrain from working more than we are called to; from pushing ourselves outside of our limits.

Spiritual rest [Martin Luther] once we cease from work we are reminded that God alone has done it

Restless my soul is restless Word of God speak rest to me For alone I can’t
haiku -4haiku [ 4 ]

Isaiah56: 6-7 Hold to my promise And my Sabbath keep holy Joy I give you now Set apart I am set apart With intention I will keep Your life-giving ways
haiku [ 5 ]

haiku -5-

Foretaste G-d you are present Reminding us that Sabbath Is yet a foretaste
Invitation The great Creator Invites us to refrain from Into Sabbath rest

haiku 6 ] haiku[-6-

I: The Task [Proclaim] CHURCH! Proclaim the word! What are we to think and say If not from Scripture? VII: God the Creator [creation] Creation is grace In reverence we pause at This great mystery II: Faith as Trust [grace] The word of grace is A meeting with the triune Freely given us

X: Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is Lord Not an idea but truth Fulfilled. Living. Here.
haiku [ 7 ]

haiku -7-

for the beauty
Genesis 1 In the beginning Your spirit swept over her Like a rushing wind

Earth is home for all Blessed by the same creator Wholly loved by God.
haiku -8haiku [ 8 ]

for the beauty
Steven Bouma-Prediger writes, There is no dichotomy between the God who creates and the God who redeems. [131]. Therefore, salvation is not escape from the earth, but redemption of it. How are we called to respond?

First Born Christ, first born of all In you all things came to be Imago Dei

Redeemer One divine drama Creation and redemption Christ is the agent
haiku [ 9 ]

haiku -9-

for the beauty
We understand 'Shalom' as peace, reconciliation, things being made right and whole. What are those things you hope to be made whole again?

God’s future See another sight Now gone are the things of old Shalom is here. Rest.

Home This world is not home? Think again you false prophets We are caretakers
haiku 10 ] haiku[-10-

for the beauty
Aristotle concluded that: virtues, especially moral virtues, are formed by habitual behavior. What habits are forming who you are?

Trinity The good news is good Because God is three in one: Communion of love

Just do To be is to do And in doing we become Conscious of being
haiku [ 11 ]

haiku -11-

creation & fall
God Acts Creator is now Preserver of creation To a fallen world

Desire We are like Adam Desiring beyond limits That lead us to death
haiku 12 ] haiku[-12-

creation & fall
Center Humankind’s center Knows nothing outside itself Come, Christ source of life.

Adam Seek God and seek life Adam seeks only Adam Quell our longing, God
haiku [ 13 ]

haiku -13-

Leitourgos Leader of worship Call us with senses open Into communion

Perichoresis Father. Son. Spirit You are love, harmonious Unite us again
haiku 14 ] haiku[-14-

The Lord’s supper The table is set Meet us at your table, Lord Help us remember
haiku [ 15 ]

haiku -15-

Fill our wells, oh God With living encounters of The God incarnate Theology lived A reflection of our faith Life in the Spirit Denounce injustice And align with God’s preferred Welcome the Kingdom The poor are victims Real people who deal with life We are so alike
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