Evaluation question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product? Through doing our preliminary task and final production I have gained experience with using a high standard camera and video recorder, focusing on using different types of shot types and angles to create different effects. I have learnt how to use the video camera for example making sure the bubble on the neck of the tripod so that our recordings are straight. In the preliminary task we learnt what shot types would be best for certain scenarios by testing out different shots and angles. Despite being a short production it took three hours to record our preliminary task as we had to take many shots, which made us have to move the camera each time we did a different shot. In my opinion I think that we all learnt a lot as a group from doing our preliminary tasks. Our preliminary task was a very short clip; however there were various procedures that we learnt from shooting it, and it took us a few hours to film as we incorporated many different shot types. When filming our preliminary task we had to work with camera of a high standard and when we had to set the camera up it took up some of our time as it was our first time using it. However after getting used to putting it up and taking it down we was confident and comfortable when it came to our final product. The first main skill that we needed was how to use the camera, while we were filming our preliminary tasks we had to make sure that the camera was up-right on the tri-pod, and that the bubble on the neck of the tripod was in the middle so that our shots were straight and clear. Also, when editing our preliminary tasks we struggled as none of us had any experience when it came to editing videos on the software ‘final cut pro’. Editing our preliminary tasks meant that we learnt new skills such as how to use final cut pro; how to add and edit text choosing different font types and sizes, how to add music and what sounds we should use for different scenarios, how to add specific scenes to the timeline making sure each shot lasted for the right amount of time, etc. Once we had all successfully finished filming and editing our preliminary tasks, we had to concentrate on filming and editing our two minute opening. We all decided as a group that our production would be a thriller, while making decisions as a group we all learnt how to be more organised and how to be more efficient when it came to time keeping. Since I was the director my main job wasn’t to edit or film however I had to help our camera women and check each shot was clear and appropriate, making sure we was getting the shots we had envisioned. By doing the preliminary task I found it helped massively as I knew how to work the camera and became confident that each shot we did was correct. I had to make sure that our film looked unique so I had to envision our whole production while filming it checking there wasn’t alternative shots we could use instead to create different effects.

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