Without Words

Don’t break the water’s Surface-tension-gonna be the end Of us, in the winters to come On a closing time Sunday We’d say the sweetest things We never meant Never mean, Never meant to say So we say nothing at all But she’s dying of cancer in An isolated corner of her mind The kind of space All the Lonely people find But in her he knows it Carried to an ocean-long craw As two souls juxtapose the Water’s calmest tidal-wall, Reaching through the wrong-horse bet Right before the seven dwarfs left, Smitten without words He’s got good intentions Better interjections, With the best recipe for rejection And all his rhymes become half jaded introspection He’s the captain of the desert A brother of a cactus, Second cousin to sand fish Such a ridiculous thing to say As she puts a finger on his lips, Say nothing at all… This preoccupied water’s given me a headache Tilling commercial kindness, Soft blue rum Like merlin’s blood Traveling reservoirs around my bed Truth a bridge too fragile to be travelled Adored by some, Snake piss to others Comb the surface within the appropriate atmosphere I’m speechless measuring the fall, Again she reminds me You don’t have to say anything at all
© David Powers December 17, 2011

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