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a filthy guide to stay sick!!

Established in 2008, they continue to spin the best dancing music from surf to 60s, oddball R&B to filthy rocknroll, 7 inches at a time. Now a Brighton institution for the ones in the know, these Cramps obsessed guys have put on such greats as Billy Childish, Kid Congo from the Cramps, Monotonix, Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster and Thee Oh Sees. With bands from Japan, Germany, USA, France and even Croatia (to name but a few), STAY SICK has made it their mission to track down, kidnap and present you with the best bands from all over the globe the music sleazy and greasy rock n roll from the fifties & sicksties including Tarantino surf, boppin rockabilly, swingin rhythm and blues and twistin tittyshakers for all of ya to go-go, shake, shimmy and jerk to! Plus Primitive Garage Punk for all you black leather weird-ohs. Always vinyl, always rockin

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the films visual projections of dirty grimy grindhouse, sci-fi B-movies, monster flicks, stag films, girlesque, mondo cult trash, hot rod juvenile delinquent pics the place the newest and coolest venue in town - THE BLIND TIGER CLUB, Brighton. Formerly Hectors House, it has been Stay Sick HQ for over 3 years and it has now been taken over by new owner PLAYGROUP They have put on . some of Brightons best parties, from speakeasys to the Concorde 2 to their own festival. Now they have their own venue, expect the festival-in-a-club vibe. Plus a new sound system, stage and (lux) interior. the Time EVERY 2nd SATDAY 9pm-2am, free entry before 10pm / 3 after

Bespoke pies delivered to your door


|G|O|N|E| |G|R|E|E|N|!|
now now now! + 2 SCREENS projecting 1950s/60s b-movie madness, psycho-delic animations, trashy trailers, cult cartoons, go go dancers, monkeys on bikes and other exotic and far-out delights for the eyes!

---A NEW YEAR'S EVE WILD WATUSI DANCE PARTY--brought to you by The BIG ITCH and STAY SICK Two Brighton nights with a shared passion for wild, weird rock'n'roll records join forces to throw the ultimate New Years Eve bash with an emphasis firmly on fun. At the suitably primitive Green Door Store, Watusi your way into 2012 as the Stay Sick and Big Itch DJs do battle with an arsenal of goofball garage, greasy rhythm'n'blues, tittytwistin' trash and all manner of stripped back, revved up and wacked out party sounds till 5am. PLUS, PLAYING LIVE... The SUNDAE KUPS - a frozen frenzy of soft-scoop surf'n'roll! All the way from Coronado Bay, San Diego, The Sundae Kups met whilst working at the local Dairy Queen serving ice cream. The Sundae Kups travelled to London, England, where they won over crowds. Get down to their uncontrollable dance frenzy


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for all you ca ts to go-go at gone green !

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Don French - Goldilocks Orbit Jimmie Haskell - Rockin' in the ad Edd Byrnes - Ko okie's Mad P ters The Olympics - Mash Them 'Ta Bobby Darin - Splish Splash Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Pole The Mighty Hannibal - Fishin'

@ THE GREEN DOOR STORE (underneath Brighton Railway Station) 9.30PM TIL 5AM - Please arrive early to avoid disappointment! FREE ENTRY (...on New Year's Eve, yes really!) TWIST, JERK, SHAKE... SHIMMY &

an 8. H.B . Barnum - Tia Ju a vis 9. El Presley - I Got Stung at 10. Count Y es - Chimpanzee

oll you RockERs, R s, 60s 50s thRowback s, poison GaRaGE ZombiE Fac Es, ivys, hatchEt thER thE black lEa unks, JackEt clad, p pool vinyl addicts, shaRks, iGGys and shakERs !!!

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As a barman (who has recently received my personal licence, aythank yoo) it got me thinking that sometimes it is a bit of a struggle between the people behind the bar and the people in front. Here are my top 10 peeves. 1. No.1 has got to be ordering a round one drink at a time but this takes on a whole other ball of bile when it comes to elaborate drinks. Putting the cock into cocktails 1 mai tai (make a mai tai, come back) oh and another mai tai for me 4 mojitos.half way through making them, make that 5. And a Guinness anything else??? the transaction is complete and paid for with a lot of seething and biting of tongue, a spontaneous explosion of tourettes just moments away do you do crisp?



the people that order it look like they have mange the next question they ALWAYS ask is can I have half a lager and half a cider and black and a pint glass then? what could they be up to? Sounds like a reasonable order hang on, they are going to mix it together to make a DIY Snakebite&black. Almost got me there! NO 5. What no stella/wkd /jd/ malibu / bacardi/ southern comfort??

especially when its bacardi and you offer them an alternative white rum and they exclaim I dont drink white rum!, no, no you dont. My pub has 5 lagers, 3 ales, 80 rums, 20 whiskeys, I could go on, customer comes in has a walk up and down the bar with a confused look This all you got? or got any proper beers? (What I call a proper beer is not the same as the weak piss you are after, my friend) 6. Look mate, I pay your wages. No, I would still get paid if you just fucked off Or I spend sixty quid a week in here . a week as if that gives them special privileges to act like a drunken dick. Like money equates to how much you can get away with. Sure, spend 100 a week and Ill let you spank my barmaids.

7. How Much?!? Its only 2.10 in Wetherspoons! well fuck off there then! You pay a bigger price when going to Wspoon. There is one old gent that comes in twice a week and tells me the merits of Wspoons You can get a big breakfast and a pint for 2.49, beans, bacon, eggs, sausage and the place is heaving at 9am, why do you open at 12pm, your missing out on all that trade. The guy who runs Spoons, he knows how to run a proper pub 8. Hen parties the high pitched cackle, the sound of broken glass and tears in the toilet

Stag parties blokey blokey, 10 shots of ass bleeder mate, waaaa hhheeeyyy!!! Puke in the urinals.
8. Customers who act

surprised that you are asking for money. Slap 2 foaming pints

, 2. Waving money Im not a hooker turning tricks for 20 and a grubby tenner is not going to make me thing you are a man of means its not impressive and (heres a hint to all those who do this) you WILL get served last
3. Order, Walk away from the bar to chat to mates, so I have to wait for them to come back and pay, with 20 people desperate to get served, barking orders and making me look like an dopey twat 4. Ill have a Snakebite & Black now there is a reason why we dont serve it, not because it is an awful drink (it is what it is, and I have certainly puked up enough purple mess to vouch for that), It is because

of cool check lager in front of them and say thats 7.20, oh right, fumble for their wallet, awkwardly try and find change, fumble fumble, eventually give up and give you a note. it makes me want to stand gormlessly holding the tenner for a minute oh, you wanted change, sorry and count out 2.80 in 10ps, give up try 20ps and eventually give , them the right money.

sitting down and their child-laden friend comes in late, dragging a 5 yr old little hitler, orders a drink and told we dont allow children. There is an awkward look between the group and the kid and kid owner have to leave. Now, my problem is not with the question do you allow children? it is the follow up question after the emphatic NO but we are going to be eating, unless you are going to be eating for so long that the child will 18 yrs old when you leave the table, the answer is still NO. Or the other one is Now I know you dont allow children but how about a 6month old? I dont really know why the younger they are, it is some how better. I have in the past been nice and let them in but it is hard to tell the sleep-addled parents of a 6 month old to shut their screaming offspring up The response is always . hell calm down in a minute 5 mins later and I am anything but calm, so NO CHILDREN 11. The Drunk that refuses to stop shaking your hand and ear fucking you about their life when you try and kick them out. 12. International variations are the American variation: Ill TAKE a light beer RUDE! And the confusing Ill just have a GLASS of Guinness by which they mean a half but what do they presume the pint GLASSES are made out of ??? Finishing with our homegrown Cockney variation Iave a Carling half a Carling? Yeah punter WATCHES me pour HALF a Carling in front of their face thats 1.70 I said Ill have a Carling grrrrrr!

9. Ordering odd nicknames for drinks, pint of numbers (meaning 1664), half a Black n Tan (, glass of St Clements (orange and lemonade) and when you look at them blankly because no one has ordered that since 1953, they rather smugly tell you what it is 10. Do you allow children? A perfectly reasonable question and one that stops the situation of a couple ordering food & drinks,

jayne mansfield

The diminutive Little Willie John (he was only just over 5 feet tall) died at the age of 30, in the Washington State penitentiary, Walla Walla, Seattle. There is contention over the cause of his death, but not over why he was serving time. Willies appeal had been quashed in 1966, but not before he was able to record an amazing final album with producer David Axelrod. The album, NinnteenSixtySix, was shelved, only recently getting its much deserved, if belated, release. William Edward John was born on November 15 1937, in Cullendale, Arkansas. His family all sang in the gospel choir in church, but soon Willie was entering talent contests. One of these -contests was attended by Syd Nathan of Cinncinattis influential King Records, but Nathan decided to take away another contestant that day, Hank Ballard. Luckily, he was spotted by band leader Johnny Otis and had the opportunity to sing with Count Basie and Duke Ellington and to record for Savoy. In 1955, Henry Glover, also of King Records, signed John (aged just 16) to a

recording contract and took him into the studio. It was Glover who decided to get Willie to record a newly-penned ditty called Fever. Released in 1956, it went to #24 in the US pop charts, selling over a million copies. Two years later, Peggy Lee took it even higher. Ever since, people have been queuing up to record the song, but it was Little Willie Johns first and dont you forget it! Willie took his show on the road, with Fever being the cornerstone of his set. His vocal style was an important bridge between the older R&B sound and what was to become soul music, influencing every singer that heard him. On tour, his support band and King Records cohorts, James Brown and the Famous Flames, were one such act to be touched by the a little Willie magic. Brown would later release a tribute album to John. Despite his short stature, or perhaps because of it, Little Willie John had a bad temper, was irascible, had a taste for strong liquor and was prone to violent outbursts. He often carried a knife and was known to take a gun on stage with him. His downfall came at an after-show party in Seattle, when an ex-con pinched the chair of Johns lady friend. John started a fight that ended in him fatally stabbing the chair-snatcher. He was sent down for manslaughter in 1966 and died two years later, possibly of pneumonia, perhaps a heart attack, no one is quite sure. (Ironically, it could have quite possibly been a fever that led to his demise ) Apart from Fever, other Little Willie John hits have been famously covered, including The Beatles version of Leave My Kitten Alone and Fleetwood Mac (in their blues incarnation) doing Need Your Love So Bad. But it is Fever we love him for the most.

Shamblin Sexton

the song that launched a thousand versions by Shamblin Sexton

The Fever Scal e

ered song in popular Question What is the most cov music? ys, but I know Answer Who really gives a monke loads of versions of Fever. The original and Fever - Little Willie John - 1956: still the best. 6: A voice of deep Fever Bobby Blue Bland - 196 blue velvet.-- A beauty! a crack at it for Fever - Buddy Guy - 1968: Bud had Vanguard in 1968. wn knocks the Fever - James Brown - 1967: Bro 67. tempo up and brings the funk for sion that 99% of Fever Peggy Lee 1958: The ver the species knows. King sticks close to Fever Elvis Presley 1960: The the Peggy Lee cover. ing their special twist Fever The Cramps - 1980: Add that has ended to the cocktail. This is the version almost every Stay Sick for 3yrs! ctric blues with a Fever James Cotton 1974: Ele fuzzed sax. Nice touch. in slows it right Fever Alvin Robinson 1964: Alv down for the post-midnight hour.ther cracking soulful Fever - Ben E. King 1962: Ano s take with added Wurlitzer and vibe t -1964: Fever as ret Fever Jerry Butler & Betty Eve ldnt get better t. Just as it cou a belting soul due - 1959: Starts Fever Louis Prima & Keely Smith ngs. A cracker. swi low, adds latin rhythm and then 1965: Swingin big Jones Orchestra Fever Quincy band and Hammond instro style. 1961: Eddie coFever Eddie Cooley & The Dimples wrote the song, so listen up. tempo, mod-pop Fever Ann-Margret 1962: Up- s Scandi-chic. 60 version from the Swedish kitten. o born blue-eyed o 1963: Chicag Fever Timi Yur ings soulstresss version with lovely str profundo, Wurlitzer, nt 1957: Piano Fever Earl Gra super shaker. big beat drums and sleazy sax. A ords star adds the Fever - La Lupe 1968: Fania rec y. latin and brings the boogaloo, bab 08 the Bandidos -20 Fever - Carlos & fired up surfabilly scorcher


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If you want to live, you must die!!!

episode 3: Back from the Grave"

fast. ecap, hard and So here's the r been hris Sick, have Yours truly, C lled ering a girl ca amed for murd fr d th of danger an Ivy, 5ft 10 wor ty. The kinda pounds of beau 100 e at sell sour smil girl that could from the cops t prices. I ran swee e a dive called th d slipped into a punk noir periodical an keasy with a ger Club a spea d Blind Ti d drink and har utation for har rep ked me wiseguy crac customers. So p, d and I woke u me over the hea d gas p in a coffin an tied up, held u was coming in. I coughed, what else was there to do. I tried to free my hands but it was no good. I could hear a dull thump above my head getting louder and louder. I felt my head pounding like a Sandy Nelson drum solo. The banging was now inches from my head. The gas was making my dizzier than a dipso on their fifth Manhattan. CRASH! An axe blistered the wood above my face catching my forehead in the process. Crimson poured into my eyes.

Bound, choked, blind and dazed, I saw a shadow rip open the coffin & pull me out before I passed out again. Twice in one day is careless. The rain washed the blood from my eyes and I looked around. Tombstones surrounded me like drunks at a party, I leant over to see my grave. No funeral for me today, not yet and then I saw her standing there...
It Was IVY!! It Was IVY!! her eyes were as cold as rigor mortis. She walked up to me like a breath of smoke. "What the hell's goin' on! Yo u were as dead as disco, last tim eI looked!" "I was, I am, There's no time to explain now. The End is coming " "But..." I stopped and spin ro und to see the shadows behind me. We were surrounded...
ed him? Who fram y? ened to iv What happ ? to kill him Who tried s? he shadoW What's in t r xt time fo Join us ne nt stallme another in

"dead fact


false stor based on a ick by chris s

the bettie page

Batusi The

In a kitch 50s diner, Uma Thurmen turns to John Travolta and says, I wanna dance, I wanna win, I want that trophy, so dance good they start with the twist, into the swim and the monkey. But the one that steals the show, and has been parodied countless times, is the Batusi. The horizontal Vs drawn menacingly across the dancers eyes, piercing stare and twistin pelvis but where did this come from? The Batusi first appeared in the premiere episode of the 1960s American tv series Batman. One account is that it was invented by dance instructor Arthur Murray for Batman, and was supposedly first performed at a cocktail party at a New York City discothque, Harlow's. Wherever it came from, it still remains one of the greatest novelty dances to come out of the 60s.