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CANCER RESEARCH Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a type of cancer that you have to find out once it appears,

for having chance to cure. It is said to be one of curable types of cancer once discovered at first stage. Theres much that has been said in regard to the Odyssey of Breast in women. So, women, after 30 yrs old, should have a check up of their breast once every year, since chances of breast cancer increase in women, after 40 years old, and mainly between 40/45-55 years old. Its also sure that at early age, cancer is more difficult to cure since cells, are multiplied more easily and more quickly included sick cells, of cancer. Mastectomy then has to be performed in these cases, and when breast cancer is at an advanced stage, then apart from breast removal through operation, some types of chemotherapy are therefore suggested, as in this case, just total breast removal, is not vent enough to stop the malady from expanding. A most modern and effective kind of chemotherapy for breast cancer, is inhibition of glycolisis that has a good impact of trastuzumab, that is proven to be very effective for tumors, and with the assistance of HSF1 (Heat Shock Factor 1), and LDE A (lactate of hydrogenate)in Erb82 breast cancer, then trastuzumab becomes very effective by reducing glucose, thus a determining factor and a first class method for combating tumors, through process of glucose metabolism. That glucose inhibition, enhances the effectiveness of trastuzumab, n breast cancer, in regard to HDSF1 and LDH factors, in Erb82 breast cancer, which are two main indicators of glucose metabolism effected, inhibiting glucose of course through trastuzumab. This is a circular procedure that is repeated again and again once trastuzumab enhanced, what contributes to resistance to cancer, and also throughout the whole process of metabolism, a strong resistance to tumor developing is achieved. This type of chemotherapy, actually, by hydrogenate metabolism, through inhibited glucose, contributes, to the rapid metabolism, which in turn, inhibits cells, of cancer from expanding, by increasing production of healthy cells in the area, thus also, preventing cancer from being metastatic. Chemotherapy in general, consists, in changing chemical reactions in the body, by also preventing this way healthy cells to be affected more, thus sick cells, from eating healthy cells, the way described above in the case of breast cancer. Then also glucose in blood, is not transferred from sick cells to healthy cells, and metabolism this way is proven a catalyst for dead cells. Also reactions effected by chemotherapy, target to isolate dead or sick cells, to a single area, so that they cannot further affect healthy cells. Reactions through chemotherapy, target also to restore disturbed balance of body substances, to the direction of involvement of only of majority of healthy cells to chemical reactions of the body, by restricting the influence of the sick ones. So, like trastuzumab, participating to metabolism, all other similar substances, participating to chemical reactions have to be enhanced by enhancing the necessary body resistance to cancer, and in this case to breast cancer.