Alfred the Great

By Philip Kwong

Alfred the Great By Philip Kwong .

Alfred the Great By Philip Kwong .

899 AD at the age of 50 and was buried in Winchester – – ● ● The reason for his death is unknown Burial place of the West Saxon royal family . He started his reign in 871 AD and ended it in 899 AD He died in October 26.Biography ● King Alfred the Great was born in 849 AD at Wantage. Berkshire.

. became king of Wessex – ● There he became a seasoned warrior and became his borthers right hand man during one of the worst periods of invasions in English history. Alfred's brother. ● Vikings(Danes) had seized East Anglia during his brothers coronation year.Childhood ● A story was told of him when he was 5 years old. Aethelred. he was annoited king by Pope Leo IV At the age of 16.

Childhood(cont. it cost him his life. the king and Alfred came along with the English army. . independent kingdom. which was the only remaining Anglo-Saxon.) – – As a result. This all led to the Battle of Ashtown where his brother won his greatest victory but in exchange. ● Alfred became king of Wessex .at the age of 21.

the viking launched a surprise attack on him but he managed to escape capture. . and pursued peace – He even piad the Vikings to go back to York for the next four years but in the long term only encouraged them to return ● In the year 877 AD.Reign ● He was unable to stop the viking menance.

Reign(cont. English ruling the south.) ● They held off for several months based on guerilla warfare until finnaly when he called a militia from Hampshire. – Treaty of Wedmore. and Wiltshire – They won a desicive battle at Edington(Wiltshire) ● They pushed them back and besieged them at Chippenham for three weeks until their leader aggreed to sign a peace treaty.England into half. Vikings took the north → thence known as “Danelaw” .

Reign(cont. Alfred had an aggressive policy towards the Vikings and he retook London in 886 AD – ● ● This was given to his son in law and High-Reeve of Bamburgh .) ● There was a new period of peace and this allowed them to use defnsive forts as taxable trading centers and as places fo refuge as well Divided his army in half so that always half was in reserve and established a proper naval unit with improved ships.

.Reign(cont. – ● Introduced laws based on the Traditional Old testament legislation.) ● Issued a new coinage to celbrate his becoming King of all the English The moral and religon of his people were important to the king. that didnt stop him from founding a lot of monastaries. ● Even though he got scolded by Pope JohnVII for annexing church lands.

Reign(cont. bishops and priests to do the same. He died in October 26. was the most popular philosphical handbook of the Middle Ages.) ● He was a remarkable king who translated from latin to Old English. – institutes scholars. 899 AD at the age of 50 and was buried in Winchester ● . ● His Translation of Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius Consolation of Philsophy.

Historical Significance ● ● He was one of the best kings to ever rule mankind. scholarly activity ● ● . He defended Anglo-Saxon England from Viking raids Formulated a code of laws Fostered a rebirth of religious.

candles that burn equaly fast Only king in brittish history to be ever called “Great” Thats it :) ● ● .Fun Facts ● He created horn lanterns.

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