Need a "conviction" and "Faith" to continue Istiqomah in "bersodakoh", because w e know that the "view" that human beings

everywhere be guided by the Main Man Ne eds Money is, and when we have to set aside "every day" what happened? Here is a story "True Story" which we should emulate; There is one who is a mediocre life often lack even so each month she must be "i ndebted" to support his children and his wife, he is in fact rarely do the "Frau d / Corruption" place of work, although he really wanted to stop the behavior be cause he knows that it is a sin, but it's very difficult to stop because of the higher cost of living, all these years he lived, at one time he felt "offended" because there are fellow Muslims who "cursed" Requesting donations in the street s who aim for the Mosque Development, by reason of embarrassing, annoying, etc.. Not wanting to argue with his friends he was determined to "Donate" to assist t he construction of the mosque, and why he went to work every chance he passes a mosque who are building and ask for donations on the sidewalk, then every day he Put money USD 1, months and months , sometimes when there is a fortune he input USD 2, sometimes USD 5, sen as he sometimes was used to divide the two provisio ns to the office and not infrequently he donated "All" hers, and if the middle o f the road damage or leaking tire on your bike? I asked him (he was wearing a mo torcycle in the works), "I replied BISSMILLAHIRAHMANIRAHIM capital" and Alhamdul illah I have always survived. Subhanallah On and on every day he did this until the "Done" construction of the mosque (app roximately 1th), "There was something" missing "when I saw the mosque was finish ed, although I am very happy to see" he said quietly to me. He kept trying berso dakoh every day everywhere in lieu donations to the mosque before, it's done wel l every day. And the rewards of God came to him, he increased his position in the workplace, too, of course Salary up even 2x, But man is never enough, because it also needs to increase, so it still works done in place of cheating (cheating goes, Sodako h also runs he did) ... until the one year since the rise of office, discovered the fraud began to limit the authority of the supervisor, which resulted in him totally unable to earn extra money by cheating his work place, so he just rely o n his salary alone, because they feel guilty he began to recognize fraud on his wife, and his wife just thankful that it's not good fortune to be enjoyed, as we ll as to his superiors he was admitted and promised not to do anymore. By simply relying on salary alone now he lived the life of the household, but so dakoh "Never" he left behind, until one day Mercy of God came to him ... He's a business opportunity with the "Trading" with no capital and only rely on the hon esty of him .. . and Allhamdulillah although not yet have a house or Excess of i ncome, he can "meet" her child's life ... Sodakoh still he did every day, even l arge enough numbers (He did not want to mention the amount), I asked him: "then if you are saving for a child your wife? That may later be ma de to buy a house maybe??" "No ... I have not been able to save, I saved up for the afterlife was, after all the savings that I intend for my parents who had di ed, for the child my wife, my brothers and for the people who I have ever owed a nd not yet paid by me "....." I'm sure we'll be woken Palace in the hereafter by God "... God is Great .. Subhanallah .. that's all I can say who.

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