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MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change


environmental richness(Chapter 3) 2. What is a business process and why is reengineering a popular instrument of change today? (Chapter 9) Textbook: ‘Organizational Theory. design. environmental complexity. 3.3 students ______________________________________________________________________________ Questions: Part 1 Answers the following questions (30 marks) 1. environmental dynamism. and Change (6th Edition. 2.MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change Assessment item 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Due date: Assessment Weighting: Length: Submission to: Group : week 4 Friday 20% 1400 word and above m_alam_muhammad@yahoo. Design. Publication Date: 2009) Part 2 Case study 1 (20 marks) Read the case study “ How Nestle Its Global Environment” page 89 in your textbook and answer the following questions: 1. Publisher: Prentice Hall. List various ways in which Nestle has attempted to manage its environment over time. change and organizational structure and culture? (Chapter 1) What is the organizational environment? You need to discuss about specific environment . general environment. Publisher: Prentice Hall. ISBN 10: 0136087310 / 0-13-608731-0 & ISBN 13: 9780136087311. Design. and Change (6th Edition. Why did Nestle change the methods it used to manage its environment? Textbook: ‘Organizational Theory. What is the relationship among theory. Publication Date: 2009) MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change 2 .com 2. ISBN 10: 0136087310 / 0-13-608731-0 & ISBN 13: 9780136087311.

However. This had lead some major cooperates like McDonald to sift its business into other regions in the world. costs are less and governmental control is more relaxed. many American brands such as Coca Cola have become globally known. Also. it is a great business opportunity for McDonald to expand its business international in the countries where legislations is smoother. certain challenges face McDonald in this drastic Strategic Change. and Philippines compared to the US. 1. Regarding the Political factors for McDonald. You have been recruited as a Senior Change Management Analyst by McDonald and the Board of Governors has commissioned you to write a report on the challenges they may face. In addition. So it is a crucial step for McDonald to go global in order to create a huge range of customers and gain access to their demands.Part 3 Case study 2 (20 marks) There is an increase pressure upon the US cooperates. The cost of technology in China is less as it is Singapore. tax is less in the US which makes easier for McDonald to run its business more effectively and smoothly. In addition. you are required to suggest how to face these challenges and solve suggest solutions MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change 3 . So. certain countries have become more market economy-like for example China. This has allowed McDonald to seek new market and become known outside its boundaries. In addition. where the increasing interdependence of national companies and increasing cross-border social cultural and technological factors among countries. There is also the high taxation rate in US which makes it difficult for McDonald to gain reasonable amount of profits. which has created a good business opportunity although of being a communist country. Globalisation plays in important part in such issues.

Do not present your discussion in question/answer format.Instruction This assignment requires you to write a report (in your own words) in which you will discuss the answers to the questions above in detail citing. A simple way of doing this is to turn each requirement into a heading and then discuss it. Use appropriate headings in your report. Make sure that the above requirements are CLEARLY identifiable to the marker in you report. Referencing Guidelines Please use MLA referencing format MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change 4 . Any reference sources must be appropriate for this assignment. Note: You are NOT writing a systems specification but a business report. you may then also need to have subheadings within the discussion of each requirement.

MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change Assignment1 Marking Guide Weighting 20% Report Introduction Maximum Marks Available 5 Your Marks Body of the reportaddresses discussion in the assignment Part 1 questions Part 2 Case study 1 Part 3 Case study 2 Conclusion –Part 2. Part 3 Report formatting ( Please see given sample) Referencing (MLA) Total score Final Mark Comments: Signature: Date: 20 30 20 10 5 10 100 MBA 640 Organizational Management and Change 5 .

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