From: George Conger [] Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2011 9:05 PM To: sgrayson@theamia.

org Subject: Query from the Church of England Newspaper/Anglican Ink

Dear Ms Grayson, Grace and peace be with you. I hope this note finds you well. I write with a question for Bishop Murphy. I write in reference to the letter of 30 Nov 2011 from Archbishop Rwaje giving Bishop Murphy seven days to recant of indiscipline or be removed from office. Does he have any comment for publication on this letter? I will be going to press on Monday with this issue and would appreciate your help with this matter. Regards, George Conger

From: Susan Grayson [] Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 8:25 AM To: 'George Conger' Subject: RE: Query from the Church of England Newspaper/Anglican Ink

Dear Mr. Conger, Thank you so much for your inquiry. I assume that you are making reference to a recent private letter sent to the AM bishops by the House of Bishops of Rwanda. As you are well aware, The Anglican Mission has been in a conversation with our sponsoring province for some time about enhancing our mutual efforts to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These matters have required the AM and the Province of Rwanda to engage in substantive dialogues, and we seek to ensure that our unique cultures are in clear communication with each other. This is an important work for Americans and Africans and, as you might imagine, it has required that we listen carefully to one another in our attempts to fully understand all of the issues involved from one another’s cultural perspectives. The letter you received is a part of that yet unfinished dialogue and it will be addressed as our Archbishop has required. As this ongoing conversation is in God’s hands and as it is our earnest desire is to see Christ glorified in all we do and say, I ask you to wait until Bishop Murphy and the entire Council of Bishops has had time to digest, pray and respond to Archbishop Rwaje before making an official statement. We are sure you appreciate our reluctance to offer a response to your letter before first responding to our Archbishop and his house. Grace and Peace, Susan Grayson

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