Today terorrism is global problem notly inida but all the world Terorrism not eradicate but it control

. terorist attack in any counry it is not possible without support of localbody when localbody. All the terrorist attack in India with the help of local body so my point of view we are blame to Pakistan if we must the eradiate the local body support to terrorist automatically the terrorist activities control in country. mostly terorrst attack in india link with neighbour country Pakistan so India made bilateral relation with Pakistan and try to continue secretary level hell with Pakistan and strongly raise the terrorism issues. Also raise the terorrism issues in international level continue and try the super power country gave press to pakistan to stop the support the terorrorist groups India also made bilateral relation china and strong objection against the support to Pakistan and stop the development in POK.
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Ms Khan said: (Thu, Oct 20, 2011 11:53:56 AM)

Friend Terrorism is an act or agitation done by people or a group of people against a legally constituted body or govt due to some unjustice they felt done against their group or cummunity. Ex- Palestine -Israel (Israel taken over some land of Platestine forcefully. Palestine not able to defend. Spread terror through HAMAS) Sri Lanka-Tamil (Sri Lankan did not realised the importance and value of Sinhaleese Tamil not given them land and facilities reuslted in raise of LTTE) Pakistan-Inida (Dispute of Kashmir Pakistan attacked on Kashmir and India suppported Kashmiris. Pakistan defeated couldn't take over control of Kashmir spreading terror to take revenge). Afghnistan-Taliban (Russian attacked Afghanistan to defeat the insurgents and take contorol over the reason. Insurgents supported by USA and Pakistan resulted in creation of Taliban). These are the areas were the terrorism has its deep root. The terrorism is always created through a polictical differences when some outer force or state try to over power its neighbour of interfere in other matters. Now initally it was started for land and power but now under influence of some miscreants it is being carried out under relegion and cultural differences. In our country the main problem of terrorism is territorial disputes either it is J&K, North-East states or Naxalism in some states. Since we don't have control over external powers who are influencing terrorism in India such as Pakistan and China the need of the hour is built up internal security and border strong. If we will be able to keep a vigilant check on our borders then no insurgency will take place and if our internal security is also beefed up then there is no point that a terrorist acitivity will take place. We should also intiate the measure between our neighbouring countries so that the territorial disputes are sorted out.
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Taruna said: (Sat, Oct 15, 2011 09:58:58 PM)

Terrorism is the biggest problem of whole world. It is a serious threat to our nation. Now the question arises is what forces people to join these terrorist gangs. In my opinion unemployment is the root cause. Poor people who have been suffering for their basic needs, have no work to

Taking the innocent people in the front to protect the accused is intolerable. uneducated peoples and this fact is known by everyone. Sep 30. 2011 10:46:49 PM) Even they stay here. Rate this: +15 -6 Ramya said: (Sun. Because there are many enemies within us. Consulting the people for a good will be useful.they give respect to their respective countries and says always all information about our country to their country or basically the youth people. killing their own countrymen's and spreading non violence in their own country. It exists in many forms. 2011 04:05:30 AM) The terrorism may be called as another face of protest against the misdeeds as per the people of different mentality.socialist person find these poor and unemployed people and promised them to give wealth and they start misguiding them and says that they are fighting for their right but actually it is not true. then government would have to take some remarkable steps so that we can get rid from this biggest threat. Now what happen some anti.and one most thing is in our India also some people is there who encouraged other countries people and give permission to those other countries people. The Government should make a resolution to eradicate the aftermath. Of course preventing the terrorists attack is a big deal to the nation as no one can predict it. Sep 17. Rate this: +35 -8 Suraj Nakum said: (Wed. I feel the day every Indian knows the human values automatically terrorism will vanish from the country. Sep 25. When there is no support given to the desired thing automatically even the small fight turns into cruel. Like terrorists there are Naxals in our country which demands for various aspects to be fulfilled. Oct 5. If we want peace and harmony in our country and want to feel safe. So our first most duty is to give social education to this peoples and make aware of human values. Rate this: +55 -12 Souvik Mishra said: (Sat. 2011 11:14:47 PM) Terrorism in India is very deep rooted and complicated to realize. Its really necessary to understand why has been all these forms of terror so much prevalent in India and why can't they be tackled. 2011 12:07:52 PM) The real source of terrorism is the poor. . This people fall easy pray to the terrorist and terrorists increase there numbers and strength. starting from jehadi terror from inside or across the border to naxalism to insurgency or casteism killings and what not. Rate this: +7 -11 Ankur said: (Fri. What they are doing is.

Maoism or naxalism is due to this only.the word itself brings jitters to many and the hearts of many who have lost their near and dear ones comes to a standstill. backwardness. the minds recapitulates what all has been happening in a country famous for its " UNITY IN DIVERSITY" As many of my dear friends have listed the reasons above responsible for the increasing terrorist activities in our motherland. but since then not a single such attack has occurred in the US. As we say charity begins at home similarly terror starts from home. Also. 2011 06:49:46 PM) As we know that terrorism is deploying every nook and crany in the country whether is it your america. If people are poor beacause they don't have employment and what is the reason beacause they don't have good education. To improve all the three things in the country then we can easily lessen the terrorism from the country. But if we look at the Indian scenario.. 2011 11:00:37 AM) Terrorism. adverse situations and most importantly due to injustice or inefficient justice delivery system. india. create havoc and panic in the country. background. Many times terror begins due to revolt agianst the govt just like the Britishers called Bhagat Singh and his fellow mates terrorists. Rate this: +27 -2 Divya Sareen said: (Sat. Insurgents in NE India have been active many a times which wants separate state than India. Sep 17. even the superpower. Casteist racism and honor killings are also part of various terrorism forms. There is reciprocal relationship between poverty. Terrorist kill the innocent people with any guilty or reason what is the reason of terrorism in the country there are numerous reason i. The lower sections of the society need to come at par with the rest of the people and it becomes very essential to educate them how such terrorist activities just play in the name of religion to fulfill their vested interests so that these people do not get carried away by the false statements or promises made by the terrorists. So over ally its the job of we people and the govt on tackling terror to fullest of extent. What is terrorism means voilence act committed by the people to create fear in the mind of the people. it cannot be denied that our country needs to improve the security arrangements to . poverty.. The intention of terrorism to compel the government to accept their demand or to bring the nation to its knees. since 2001. it's a global issue and needs to be dealt with at the grass root level. or uk etc. Sep 17. US did suffer a terrorist attack in 2001.e. Rate this: +38 -6 Gaurav Jangid said: (Sat. illiteracy or unemployment. but terrorism is not an issue just for INDIA. unemployment.We are now facing some of the most dreaded forms of terror which can really be a danger for mankind. Its strictly based on religion which created panic throughout the world. The naxalites claim that they have been backward since ages and the govt is doing nothing for their upgradation so they are like revolting against the government Jehadi terror has all total different idelogy and base. we have faced 15 bomb blasts in various parts of our country including the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai or the recent bomb blast on September 7 outside the Delhi High Court. People become terrorist when he fail to fulfill his or his family needs this things compel the people to take the weapon. illiteracy in the country. There is no part of the world which has no terrorist.

Rate this: +14 -3 Sandeep Phadke said: (Thu. Do's and Don'ts in the event of a bomb threat would constitute a major point of focus in this awareness program. Sep 15. film on anti-terrorism act. the role of common man cannot be denied . Lets make a .!!! Rate this: +33 -5 Tridib Biswas said: (Thu. But awareness of bomb security can be imparted to the masses by educating them on how to get into the habit of looking for suspicious object and immediately informing the authorities. Our state will be the first to take such an effective measure. with media support involving students & youths. Taking the innocent people in the front to protect the accused is intolerable. 2011 10:36:16 AM) The terrorism may be called as another face of protest against the misdeeds as per the people of different mentality. The Government should make a resolution to eradicate the aftermath. it becomes a compulsion to bring our best foot forward in curbing terrorism. 2011 10:23:02 PM) Terrorism is not spontaneous.. But what is actually done on governmental side? They justify it by their actions! We need to address the problems of poverty. Why suicide bombers are born. Incidents of Bomb explosion are not new to the people of our country. 2011 10:31:28 PM) No task can be greater than creating a safer place to survive in this world and that is the basic responsibility of the state. Also what sequence of actions.. Sep 15. illiteracy.!! I do agree to the fact that we have the best professionals but the point where India lacks is we do not have well trained professionals. Let us organize security awareness week all over the country to educate our society by means of seminar. Sep 13. which cause mishap to the lives of common man. Consulting the people for a good will be useful. Let me ask you this.minimize chances of such attacks. corruption and unemployment. Is this a silly thing? No. How many top level bureaucrats and top level politicians have subscribed to terrorism? Why? They do have the power and money! People turn to terrorism just because they feel that they lack power and denied justice! Arise awake. we. They are convinced that it is worth it. Please take some positive action to educate common people and private security guards. With so many terrorist activities on the rise. You must agree that terrorism can't be prevented without the awareness of common citizen. Because there are many enemies within us. Like terrorists there are Naxals in our country which demands for various aspects to be fulfilled. Rate this: +10 -5 Byju Pavithran said: (Tue. of this great nation who need to be alert all the time and if find anything suspicious should immediately report to the police so that the fastest and best possible action can be taken in minimum time. We can fight and we must be protected. They are ready to sacrifice their life for a cause. Training. which may end up in saving lives.!! It is. They are required to take till arrival of law-enforcing agencies and/or BD Squad. as the people... we need to create a better society to alleviate this evil. When there is no support given to the desired thing automatically even the small fight turns into cruel. Last but not the least. Of course preventing the terrorists attack is a big deal to the nation as no one can predict it.

they dont understand thet due to their this abhorent work the whole muslim community have to face problems... both in among the Indian mass and the Govt.war. Rate this: +3 -5 Sbk said: (Mon. 2011 09:45:38 PM) Good healthy views by my friends. which family member what think this is justice. India is always bears the terrorism. Rate this: +11 -4 Shalu said: (Sun. All is to do now is awareness. Why kasab hanged delayed? We have not an answer but those officer which martyr on our country. Government should no doubt have tight security but also need to upgrade them so that at right time they do not fear to terrorise the terrorists. But if our government wants.. sansad bhawan delhi 2001 is the example of america when 9/11 happened then more than 1000 muslims got detained and they had to suffer from extremely bad torcher and after a year they were released due to lack of evidence. Rate this: +32 -9 Captain Jack said: (Sat. why mumbai attack terrorist kasab has not hang and our government also 10 crore expenditure on security of kasab we feel these are not terrorist but these are our guest.. religion-caste un-pacifism are some main cause but what are we doing by declaring them? Its already done. Aug 29.and if we want to finish this then we wud have to make our security agencies very strong and independent and and have to make a coordination among all such agencies..does islam teach us to kill innocent people and spread violence.whenever blasts or other things happen then all muslims are seen with doubtful eyes. Strict measures and punishment have already been laid down.... then destroy this terrorism..nothing. Terrorism has been a social stigma of Indian society which has cut the very fabric of Indian society into pieces. ite time to follow. And as responsible citizens we should delay in informing the police of any suspicious activities around. 2011 07:25:56 PM) I think its an insect for our society for our country. Sep 10. 26/11 taj mumbai attack 2008. 2011 01:15:08 PM) .what wud they get by all this.. Sep 12. Because we can. No doubt poverty.. 2011 01:16:37 PM) Terrorism is a unsolved problem for us... We could not understand what our government want.they are doing all thatrubbish in the curtain of religion and they name it so called jehad but they dont understand that terrorism has no i just want to say the mean people who do all this are mentally sick. t remove that our country. illiteracy. a battle for a real free world where issues can be resolved in democratic ways! Rate this: +8 -4 Dheeraj said: (Mon. Sep 11. unemployment.the emotions towards muslims are changing. everyone knows it...

Rate this: +61 -7 Ch. Aug 25. So. An individual who is poor. Actually those all are normal people but due to these claims they are mentally changing there mindset. It maintains equality between all people and avoid corruption. Narendra said: (Thu. 3) Unemployment and 4) Putting once interest prior to social Welfare. Rate this: +19 -14 Himanshu said: (Wed. unless we fight the terrorism in our country like ULFA. if some one promises his family proper food.a name give to the violent acts performed by some groups to get things done. As for I know the terrorists who are donig illegal works at borders protects by our army But in the society so many persons are becoming naxals due to having poverty. indeed the factors like poverty. Terrorism is a main thread to any country. To tackle with external terrorism our army is capable enough but for tackling with internal terrorism everybody have to make contribution. Although. They have to take right action in all situations. Terrorism. and not leave everything to the government. I believe big problem only arises when small problem are not sorted out so first we have to sort . Maoists. illiteracy. corruption. It causes from so many reasons. and if this individual is promised money. not able to get proper meal per day. 2011 04:54:11 PM) Dear Friends Today we would like to discussing about Terrorism in India. The poor will do anything to get his life changed if he has suffered a lot. 2) Illiteracy. though it is a world wide disturbing phenomenon but also in India it has become a hindrance in the progress of the nation. But still there is a long way to go."Terrorism"-the word itself is horrifying. Basically terrorism is spread in two ways external terrorist like intrusion in borders. The tranquility would remain disturbed. 2011 04:06:58 PM) Hello everybody. naxalism. 1) Poverty. which are against the law. just like if we notice any terrorist activity we must have to inform police. food and shelter by some people who want to disturb the peace of the nation. Aug 24. The solution to become a terrorism free country the govt policies should be good in all streams. He might just become the next SUICIDE BOMBER. Terrorism is a major problem our country facing today. be alert at any point of time from unknown threads otherwise we are gng to loose our army. Our country policies making them in such way so our political system have to change. religious issue are prevailing terrorism. The Main causes of this are: -. we as citizens have to be vigil too. The position of India on the basis of terrorism index has declined from 16 to 18 th position (according to a recent survey by mapplecroft). illiteracy. infiltration and other is internal terrorism like bomb blast.

So as an Indian we have to become more alert and whenever we found any person doubtful doing any mischievous things immediately informing to the police station. we can cut branches but when we think of cutting trees its like impossible. 2011 03:50:56 PM) Terrorism is a blood sucking creature to society. History is dotted with movements that promoted terrorism and they may have popularised the cause and got some sympathy too but it never has led to a establishing institutions which were credible. It is an ongoing battle which will keep looking for solutions for years to come---. Justice and Equality will eradicate terrorism automatically! Terrorism is a global issue. So that we can reduce the terrorism threat to our country. Rate this: +11 -3 Anju said: (Sat. They are in large numbers. we have cure but not the proper solution. Just look at Punjab it is a terrorist free state. hungry. We should stand against terrorism better we cure than depending on government to tighten security in India. Till a large segmment of the population stays poor. Kasab he too was a minor when he attack on Mumbai. Every one should be co operative and responsible citizen to protect our country! . physically) are given. 2011 03:38:05 PM) Valuing each other in a family and community is also necessary to prevent terrorists being created. We will keep encountering terroism till our governance does not get more transparent and until we don't work towards an inclusive administration. deprived. Its like curing disease. deprived. 2011 11:22:44 AM) Terrorism is a very despertate attempt to mobilise support for a cause. Rate this: +43 -14 Anuradha said: (Tue. Aug 23. women. but for this everyone have to give contribution. They are a human robot like. proper education. Aug 20. Aug 19. financial support. underprivileged people and make them a tool for promoting terrorism.out problems like poverty. They are like communities. discriminated international societies will have to face the scourge of terrorism. "WHEN YOU SOLVE SMALL PROBLEMS. psychologically alienated. What we achieve ending Osama? new head might have stand-up. BIG PROBLEM ITSELF GETS SOLVED". Once we will solve these problems terrorism itself will e eradicated. kids. adult everyone take part just on the sake of god. It is very easy to play on the minds of vulnerable. training (mentally. What we seem to forget is that all these people (struggling for some cause-considered right by them) are a part of our own society and this malaise is a reflection of some societal disorder. illiteracy and we have to create create awareness among people. Rate this: +12 -5 Roshni said: (Fri. if Punjab can do it so why can't other state and if every state will become terrorist free then INDIA will automatically become terrorist free country.

. Simply depriving their (the children) fundamental rights of a decent.e.. irrespective of class or economic strata..the difference is that they r doing al dis stuff behind the people. 4. ones personal mentality. weak mother language. According to me.terrorist is not only the person who come from other country n attack on other's country. According to me main reasons of terrorism are Poverty. It is true that terrorism is like cancer if we will not remove it by its root it will finish us by our root. We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty') in their own life. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood. Lack of knowledge. But it is not only the way. extreme poverty. inefficient judicial system.. Unemployment. Rate this: +5 -6 Acsg said: (Mon.. 2011 11:35:11 PM) Terrorism is a global issue. decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up.. Everybody WAKE UP. Give more priority to personal's interest rather than social welfare by politicians. mindlessly & blindfold (supported by some lame excuses). In my view.. the reason for increasing terrorism are. ofcourse those are the facts. Because we are the future of our nation. initiate a movement by heart. Rate this: +10 -4 Siddhartha said: (Wed. 2011 04:03:03 PM) HI everyone.. Racism. unemployment. deliberately co-parenting children those are born out of ignorance.. Terrorism is a like a scar on the forehead of India. 1. Aug 15. other countries like pakistan are trying to break our unity.. caring i mean to say that its also a part of terrorist only. Poverty.. So. But recent survey on the terrorism reveals that there are not only uneducated people but also educated people who are supporting the terrorism because of goverment irresponsible behaviour and corrupted politicians. Take a strict action otherwise the terrorism will take an action against you.nowydays we al knw about the CORRUPTION in India. I agree with all your views about terrorism in india. worst Politico-administrative system. Aug 17. lives in pavement or apartment. 2. fearless & dignified living. i.. India. 3. illiteracy. as you people said that terrorism arises due to the lack of education and lack of belief in the governmento. both). corrupt politicians and there are so many reasons also.. continuous absorption of common social space (mental as well as physical.I think the main cause of terrorism in India is poverty. Most of the communities in the entire Indian sub-continent (such as Bengali) succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty' (Oscar Lewis) . involve themselves in ‘Production of (social) Space' (Henri Lefebvre) . decaying general quality of life. illiteracy. Nobody is at all feel regret ed or ashamed of the deeprooted corruption. It seems that all of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct.

Aug 10. avoiding corruption and by researching about why these people are supporting terrorism and by taking necessary action in fullfilling their needs and values in the society. Aug 12. GOvernment has to strictly tighten the security and it is a responsible for every citizen to be alert for each and every movement. This makes several peoples loss their faith on the government and they are helpless so they choose a path which is against the Indian laws. So each and every citizen in India should know their values and responsibilities towards nation and do not let the terrorism to break our unity. These terrorists' ability to carry out such acts of violence is a question on our integrity. But why do we call it an intelligence failure? Because it doesn't have adequate inputs. But I would also like to point out that we are as responsible as our government in keeping a keen vigil of our neighbourhood. But it is not the right way. Are terrorists paying bribe to the government and its officials . Rate this: +30 -7 Neelu said: (Fri. It is in our neighbourhood that the plan of the blasts are being chalked out. Mnay people sacrified their lives and creates a remarkable mark in the Indian history. If people suspect anything wrong they must inform to near by police. I also strongly disagree at the point that corruption is also responsible for terrorism. rules and regulations. If these are implemented we can hope India will be free from terror attacks. Yet we don't who our neighbour is. Due to the lack of education among people they are manipulated to join in the terror groups. its not an easy task to spy on 1. and providing tight securities over the nation to stop terrorism.It is fact that 90% of the works in government sectors were done only through the corruption. And if we consider their point of view. And I too agree to that. Almost all of the views I have gone through squarely blame the government for the terrorism in India. Thank you. what he does. And also government should take necessary steps like creating awarness among the people. 2011 01:28:07 PM) Hi every one. Their main aim is just to create terror among people. Rate this: +22 -6 Sambit Agnivesh said: (Wed. I don't disagree with that. I fail to see the connection between the two. 2011 12:01:30 PM) From last ten years which is hunting INDIA is "terrorism". yet is there any instance in the history of these 2 decades that any of the bomb blasts have been averted? Now we blame it on the intelligence. What kind of an instance of our nation's unity is this? We have been facing the problem of terrorism for about 2 decades now. It came in to force by the attack of parliament in India. We feel proud to call ourselves to belong to nation of 'unity in diversity'. they are against of Indian laws. Every one fails to observe that it is in our neighborhood that bombs are made. 21 billion people.

Kashmir issue post a great threat to the country. 2011 12:18:30 PM) Hi friend. I think terrorism is totally depend on the human mentality.etc bcz whatever may be situation in life human cannot tolerate it and also not sacrefy the close their eyes and allow them to walk in to our country and blow off our cities? No.. Considering in our country whenever an attack happens government became alert and tights the security at major places. Jai Hind. Corruption is a different issue with its own disastrous consequences and I don't see terrorism is in any way linked to corruption. Terrorism is real threat to the country. Also so many common people and army people are lose there lives. So. terrorism became a problem not only for India but also for many parts of the world. Rate this: +35 -9 Sridevi said: (Mon. 2011 10:25:12 PM) Infact. the police. Every one should be co operative and responsible citizen to protect our country! Rate this: +18 -7 Sonam said: (Wed. Government should tackle terrorism in a efficient manner. So according to me if we are vigil we are safe.. So that we can reduce the terrorism threat to our country. the intelligence agencies. Aug 3. the government should take the responsibility on this and take good action on that will increase day by day. Aug 8. Terrorism has lead to more tensions in th. In India if you take Naxal problem. So as an Indian we have to become more alert and whenever we found any person doubtful doing any mischievous things immediately informing to the police station. the defence and every citizen of India to safeguard its people. Country's progress gets affected due to terrorism.the people who can control our mind they can do everything but other persons they are only try to achive all things without thinking. Jul 27. but they will use technology and easily escaped.The terrorist also ahuman being we can change them also but no one is trying to do this rather the other people cannot give permmision to this things.attitude. Its we who pay the bribes to officials to close their eyes.. 2011 10:32:53 PM) So to protect India from terror our government should take legal and fruitful step to destroy terrorism. Our government take such actions to them. Rate this: +15 -34 . I am also agree with you all but i want to defer from the your discussion. Its the collective responsibility of the government. After few days government forget about the incident. Rate this: +17 -9 Supriya said: (Wed.

Pakistan. Again the terrorists will do something. . illiteracy. 2011 07:54:06 PM) Terrorism in India became a big problem. After every body forget about that attack which took place recently the government also forgets about that and stops keeping security. I think the main cause of terrorism in India is poverty. ones personal mentality. Rate this: +52 -12 Sheikh Bilal Ahmad said: (Fri. This is going on in India. Person not having the basic necessities of life like food. lack of morality etc. And one more thing is they take strict actions like keeping security in bus stops and railway etc. corrupt politicians and there are so many reasons also. inefficient judicial system. Terrorism can be removed by having strong judicial system. Jul 26. shelter. But I don't think it will help by sitting at home and discussing about what had happened. 2011 01:54:25 PM) Terrorism! is a big threat to countries like India. strong anti-corruption laws. Afghanistan etc.Rajitha said: (Tue. Jul 22. can go to any extent by showing wrong path by some mischievous persons who are unsocial. have lack of patriotism. house etc. Whenever the attacks are taking place then only every politician appears before the media and tell their opinion on that attack. proper distribution of funds among poor and needy persons.

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