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Omore was launched by Engro Foods in April 6, 2009 . The ice-cream was launched in eight cities of Pakistan. Ice cream factory located at Sahiwal and it started its sales from the city of Lahore because of the culturally inheritor of celebrator of festival of colors i.e. The Spring Festival. Omore started with 24 different formats and flavors. Ice cream factory’s average operating capacity was 50,000 liters per day and more than 4.5 million liters of dairy ice cream a year. Omore was launched in march. They placed their streamers across Lahore and other cities. The city of Lahore was decorated with artificial flowers and decoration material. Their TV ad was consisted on a cool, attractive and catchy jingle which sung by everyone those days. They sponsored all the major cooking shows on the prominent TV channels, creating a strong brand positioning. By the end of March, every eye of Lahore was attracted towards the catchy decoration of Lahore done by Omore. Other then the colorful advertising streamers, they had sponsored PHA in decorating Lahore with artificial and colorful flowers etc. Clearly, as they boasted off, Lahore really seemed to be in bloom. Believing in the fact that a marketer believes that advertisement is not an expense, it’s an investment, and they have invested a lot. In just few weeks, Omore had made sales of 10 million on volumes of 76,000 liters. Ice-cream had turnover in 2009 was Rs.751 million and markets share 11%.

• Features: OMORE features can be described in terms of taste by offering unique different flavors that its competitors are not offering. Conformance Quality: OMORE have differentiated its ice-cream through conformance quality . This is done by opening channels for getting feedback i.e. through website, help lines, social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs, which allows customers to complaint and suggest about the quality of the product. Reliability: They have been successfully satisfying the customers need for many years which allows consumers trust their products and therefore when they claim to use pure ingredients, authentic flavors and best available technology, people trust them and consider their products to be reliable.

Design: Design is the totality of features that affect how a product looks and functions in terms of customer requirements. Elder Income: 8. • Market Segmentation strategy OMORE segmented its market upon the geographic. Upper-Middle class Lifestyle type: Happy-go-lucky Personality type: Trendy. Youth.000. Housewife. Positive and Satisfied . Regular user. 20 – 34. 5+ Family Life cycle: Kids. demographic. 35 + Gender: Male / Female Family size: 1-2. 25.000. 15. psychographic and behavioral basis Geographic   Region of the country: Pakistan – Major cities like Karachi. OMORE has considered differentiating their ice-creams through improving their packaging. 12-19. Middle Class. or the style which will provide the customers with a distinctive feeling about their product. Quantity Availability Status: First time users. 3-4. Hiphop.• Style: Style describes the product’s look and feel to the buyer. Fun loving Behavioral        Occasions: Regular Occasions / Special Occasions Benefits: Quality. Potential User Loyalty Status: Value of Money and Variety User: Medium Readiness stage: Interested in exploring new flavors (intend to buy) Attitude towards product: Enthusiastic. Professionals Psychographic    Social class: Upper Lowers.000-25. Working Class.000 and above Occupation: Student.000-14. Lahore Urban or rural: Urban Demographic       Age: 6-11. Adult.

Using One-Level channel consisting Retailers and Shopkeepers. Their motto is to find love and happiness in every small thing. Image value: OMORE is all about colors. Service value: OMORE sales people are always there to help their customers in shops. 3. fun and happiness for all age group. Costumer cost includes: Time cost: OMORE cycle saves customer’s time of going to shop and buy ice-cream. Using Zero-Level channel that is through OMORE ice-cream cart directly to the end user. Using Two-Level channel consisting Wholesalers and Trade Retailers Customer Perceived Value: OMORE customer gets most value out of the cost they incurred with wide verities and new flavors of the product. energy. 2. . malls. It can easily accessible at your door step without wasting time Monetary cost: OMORE’s price starts with Rs. 10 for individual packing and Rs 80 onwards for family packs. Psychic cost: OMORE hype was already created when they initially launched in Lahore where as Karachi people were eager to get hold on the OMORE taste.Rs.Distribution channels: OMORE has three ways of distribution. Product value: OMORE has variety of flavors in very affordable price they even introduced few new flavors which attract people to eat ice cream. and road shows etc. 1. 5.

Karachi.Pricing stretagy: OMOR’E is new in the market that’s why they have set low price as compared to its competitors in order to attract large number of buyers quickly resulting in gaining large market share. Choc stick etc. They used this option as they believe that a higher sales volume will result in lower unit costs and higher long run profit. . Promotional stretagies: Following are the advertising vehicles OMORE has used for their promotion • Print and broadcast ads OMORE has conveyed their message of happiness. Twitter and Orkut and for print they have gone in all major magazines and newspaper. Multan etc). • Billboards OMORE was/is placed on Billboards at all the major intersection in different cities (Lahore. • Packaging outer Colorful packaging with product picture with name along with nutrition indigents and contact information • Brochures and booklets Brochures and booklets were distributed outside the big famous marts at the time of launching • Posters and leaflets Product promotion posters were placed outside the stores like Ice pops. Islamabad. Peshawar. They have broadcasted their ads on all the major TV channels. FM radios and Social media like Facebook. At the time of launching leaflets were showered from aircraft in different areas of cities. The creative are so colorful and vibrant to support their slogan of happiness with the catchy jingle attached to it. fun and pleasure through their Print and TVC. joy. The visual representation of product by showing the customer a slice from their own lives (something to which they can refer when they going to buy the product).

• Entertainment Jingle and music is so strong that people recognize OMORE with it. OMORE has launched an interactive application on its Facebook fan page which allows users to participate in a weekly draw by solving a series of puzzles. They have done it before at the time of launch in Punjab and now in Karachi for example they conducted contest for the morning shows. • Audiovisual material Jingle and music is so strong that people recognize OMORE with it. • Sampling Sampling was done by OMORE at the time of launch in all the major location of cities to increase the customer awareness and also create the liking of the product. joy and fun. Sales Promotion Sales promotion is variety of short term incentive to encourage trial or purchase of product • Contest. Their logo is oval in shape with pink inside and white outside • Videotapes The advertisement videotapes have been uploaded on YouTube and Social media websites for future recall value. Game and Sweepstakes OMORE has conducted contest and sweepstakes to attract customers and make them start liking the product.• Point of purchase displays OMORE placed their carts outside all the major malls/ marts and grocery stores at the time of launching to do the point of purchase display. • Trade-in allowance . • Symbols and logos OMORE has used symbols related to happiness.

Omore should spend more on following techniques in advertisement:  Print and broadcast ads  Brochures and booklets  Billboards To create Likeness for their product. They provided information on how the OMORE ice-cream goes about its operations and how OMORE icecream is nutritious because it uses pure dairy products as compared to the competitors. Critical Analysis & Recommendations At the stage of creating awareness.OMORE gives 16% trade allowance to all the retailers and wholesalers • Publications OMORE has done publication which reflects its vision and objectives in the short and long run. OMORE should consider spending more on following techniques:  Entertainment  Causes  Samples .

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