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Role Profile

Job Description
Job Title Directorate or Region Location of post Reports to Training and Development Consultant, English Connect SA region Dhaka ELT Adviser Bangladesh Department/Country Pay Band Duration of job English - Bangladesh OAS 2 years

Purpose of job: To provide efficient and effective management of English language services supporting learners (Connect strand) and make a significant contribution to the development and expansion of the business through partnerships in country and regionally.

Context and environment:

This is a new post within the English team in Bangladesh. The post holder will be responsible for contributing to strategic and financial objectives of English programme in Bangladesh by leading on the management and delivery of training for entrepreneurs in the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) Access to Information (A2I) project managing the content development and/or localisation of products and services from the British Councils global English Connect portfolio, delivered through digital, online, handheld media. pro-active relationship-building with TV, Radio broadcast and media-related organisations for both for cocreation/ content development leading to income generation The British Council is well established in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a Tier 1 country. We have a well established working network built up from previous work in English, including the ETTE project, as well as from the more commercial side of our English activities. We aim to be the lead advocates and providers of English in Bangladesh, and our global English work needs to be integrated and reflected in all or our work across all projects. We aim also to be a partner of choice for the Bangladesh government in its English teaching and learning development and reform initiative. This is included within Digital Bangladesh and access to information to >4,000 information centres in rural areas, for which we are providing content; the TQI 1 and 2 projects for development of all subject teachers and continuing professional development and also government initiatives in mainstreaming activities, comprehensive training plans, leadership skills for heads and other educators reflected in the PEDP strands of the governments teacher development focus. We aim also to work increasingly with other organisations engaged in large scale projects with a particular focus on media, mobile phone and other internet access facilities. The success of our work depends very much on our ability to work in partnership with the government and alongside other major projects initiated and developed by non-governmental key players. Our success also depends on our ability to work across all strands of our English and other project activity. We have a strong Exams business, an expanding Teaching Centre operation currently moving into satellites in Dhaka and redeveloping work in other cities, including Chittagong and Sylhet. The working and political environment is challenging, with considerable complexity necessitating insight and understanding across a range of sectors and frequently conflicting areas of interest. The post holder will need to be able to come to a rapid understanding of the local context and quickly come to be able to exploit this understanding in operational terms. Bangladesh is also an extremely interesting place to work in, and a place in which relationships with key Bangladeshi operators can develop very rewardingly. Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties: (including people management and finance) Training and Development (including internal capacity building)
Resourcing team November 2010

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To lead on training of entrepreneur teams under the Government of Bangladesh (Prime Ministers Office) national flagship project, Access to Information (A2I), within the Digital Bangladesh 2020 initiative, and thereby contribute operationally towards building positive relationships with key external contacts and partners in-country To manage the development and maintenance of a contacts database of teachers in country and regular communications with this target group is planned and delivered. To identify and train local trainers using agreed training framework and methodology to deliver quality courses To liaise with Teaching Centre, Bangladesh in use of expertise of British Council trainers where appropriate

Partnerships Pursuit

To work in close collaboration with English Language Adviser (ELA) to source and develop new business/partnership opportunities in the area of Connect (online, mobile, broadcast products) in order to extend the Councils sphere of influence, strengthen existing relationships and build new partnerships specifically with Bangladesh mobile /media-related organisations, to achieve corporate objectives and to generate income. To ensure the process of project pursuit is in compliance with corporate guidelines and standards (e.g. Data Protection Act and BC records standards, Equal Opportunity Policy and Diversity Strategy, Procurement standards, FABS, Code of Conduct, IT standards, etc) as well as any local legislation

Project Management & Development

To provide support to English (and Education) programme colleagues in the delivery of high-quality English Connect project outcomes; inclusive (but not limited to) building long-term professional relationships with partners, stakeholders and technical experts in order to promote Britain and the British Council locally and regionally. To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness (i.e. Return On Investment) of Connect projects and products to enable and ensure repeat success &/or improve the quality eg. Scorecard, BRMF To be responsible for risk and opportunity identification and business assurance across the current portfolio of English Connect projects/products in Bangladesh, and to liaise with regional colleagues and materials developers in the piloting of products under development to assess their viability for roll-out in Bangladesh To ensure all projects are carried out in compliance with corporate guidelines and standards (e.g. Data protection Act and BC records standards, Equal Opportunity Policy and Diversity Strategy, Procurement standards, FABS, Code of conducts, IT standards, etc) as well as any local legislation. To manage and develop strategic relationships with customers/clients/partners/stakeholders which support the delivery of specific projects and products across the country and into the wider SA region for Connect Strand. To attend stakeholder meetings, update partners and colleagues regionally on developments and actively contribute to knowledge management within the English and Country Programmes teams in Bangladesh (eg PMO office on Access to Information project work.)

Relationship Management

Key relationships: (include internal and external)

External: One key partner is currently the Prime Ministers Office through the Access to Information project, part of Bangladesh Governments Digital initiative. Other partners include Ministry of Education, BRAC organisation and associated partners; Nokia, Grameenphone or other national mobile providers. Potential new partners include BBC World Service Trust, English in Action (OU project) and Bangladesh media departments. Internal: ELT Adviser and English PM Bangladesh, other members of the Education/Arts & Society programmes teams in Bangladesh, regional ELT manager and ELT colleagues in the South Asia region, BC UK Engage team, including Head of PD and EL materials teams. Other important features or requirements of the job (e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc) -Occasional unsocial hours, involves travel around Bangladesh, and some travel within the region

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Resourcing team November 2010

Please specify any passport/visa and/or nationality requirement. Please indicate if any security or legal checks are required for this role.

UK passport holder Enhanced and clear CRB Disclosure is mandatory as well as other appropriate checks.

Person Specification


Assessment stage Interview


Creating Shared Purpose (More Demanding) Shaping the Future (More Demanding) Connecting with Others (More Demanding) Making it Happen (essential) Being Accountable (essential) Working together (essential)

Skills and Knowledge

Project & Contract Management (all at level 1) Development and delivery Managing risk Monitoring, evaluation, reporting

Although these behaviours are required, they will not be assessed in the recruitment process Short listing & Interview


A proven track record in; teaching teacher training trainer training

Understanding and practical experience of online/ digital content development

Short listing & interview

Short listing Qualifications DELTA or Trinity Diploma in TESOL (or equivalent qualification)

Using ICT in Education qualification

Submitted by

Sheilagh Neilson RM = Jon Gore



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Resourcing team November 2010

Guidance on Preparing a Role Profile

(a) Job Description Complete the job description section of the role profile Purpose of job What is the overall aim of the job? Why does it exist? (One or two sentences are usually enough for this). Context and Environment what does the department do? Which region does the job sit in? Are there any particular challenges or attractions of the region or area? Is it part of a team, if so how big is the team and where does the job fit? Who does it report to? (An organogram is helpful here) Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Main Duties Accountabilities - results for which the post holder is held accountable not necessarily tasks they perform themselves. More senior roles often have more accountabilities as they deliver results through others. Responsibilities what actions or tasks is the job holder responsible for? e.g. management or administration of finances, managing people, delivering or contributing to organisational targets, delivering own or others work to agreed standards Main Duties the main specific duties that job holder has to do in order to meet the responsibilities e.g. project planning, budget planning, event co-ordination, teacher recruitment. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the tasks in a job, just the main ones. If there are one or two duties which form the major part of the job e.g. reconciliation of payments for a finance role it is helpful to indicate what percentage of the job these activities take up. Key Relationships What people or organisations (internal and / or external) does the job holder have to interact with or influence and to what level? For example an Events Co-ordinator might have to maintain relationships with venue providers and participants externally and managers and PAs internally. Other important features or requirements of the job are there significant or unusual demands which are essential to the job e.g. unsocial / evening hours, international travel etc? Please be as specific as possible on these and only include those which are essential.

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Resourcing team November 2010

(b) Person Specification Complete the person specification section. As part of the role profile, it is used for recruitment purposes only. It sets out the selection criteria used for short listing and interview i.e. nature and level of the skill, knowledge and behaviour which will be assessed. These criteria are classed as either essential or desirable. Essential criteria are always used in assessment. Desirable ones are used to enable selection for interview where more than five candidates meet the essential criteria. Candidates who have declared a disability and who meet the essential criteria are always interviewed. To increase opportunity while minimising bureaucracy and the amount of work for applicants and recruiting managers, no more than eight criteria should be listed as essential under the headings of behaviours, skills & knowledge and experience. We recommend that a maximum of four desirable criteria can be added. Behaviours - Select required behaviours suggest no more than four - from the Dictionary (link attached) which you propose to use as part of the selection criteria. In each case specify the behaviour and the level. Skills and Knowledge Select required skill and level from Generic Skills Dictionary (link attached). Guidance is no more than two - for example project and contract management, financial planning and management. Specify any additional knowledge requirement (this may be not always be applicable) for example, knowledge of employment law. Experience What is the minimum experience (work or otherwise) which is required or desirable for the job for example, leading a dispersed team, implementing a new system or policy, working in the public / private sector. Qualifications - Please list the minimum qualifications or equivalent required for this role. Sometimes the "equivalent" could be practical experience or a local qualification or other similar accreditation. Qualifications should only be listed as essential if absolutely necessary for the job.

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Resourcing team November 2010