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Sarah Illouz


12 Alharizi, Tel Aviv 0545397258

Six years of professional experience in Product Management and QA. Looking for similar experiences.

Work Experience, a top 20 US property, Jerusalem (2007 -2011)
Product Manager of the International Sites (2008 - 2011)
Responsible for the overall functioning of the International WikiAnswers sites across 5 languages Worked on User Interface design efforts and creating specifications documents for new features Point of contact with International community to understand needs and create relevant features. Used Agile Kanban lean Software Development Methods and Fogbugz for communication and prioritization of tasks. Managing bi-weekly releases, and daily patches to the International sites co-operating with various departments for live deployments including Product Management, PHP Engineers, MySQL Engineers, Manual QA Testers, Python Automation Scripters and Production Operations. Responsible for extracting strings for translations and merging them back into the code after translations completed Monitoring traffic growth and monitoring site performance through various analytics, including WSS, Google Analytics Liaison with external translation company for managing new translations of bi-weekly releases Liaison with in house translation reviewers located in our NYC office and integrating their change requests into the code Oversaw the creation of new deploy-to-production scripts Oversaw the integration of a translation management software Responsible for pushing new features and working with various departments to complete their deployment (2007 - 2011) Responsible for the overall quality of company core projects (AQUA WikiAnswers, API and mobile) which included the distribution and prioritization of tasks between QA Engineers. Responsible for the end to end QA efforts on new features which included manual testing, test plan creation and Python regression test scripts implementation. Opening bug reports relating to specific features and functions of the site, and verifying fixes on all platforms. Designing in-depth testing procedures for specific website components and functions Monitoring Automated Script report runs in real-time and reporting bugs accordingly In depth work with various back-end mechanisms API, Varnish caching, UUD, Multisite Tools and technologies Selenium, MySQL, Linux, FogBugz

Quality Assurance Team Leader

IFN Solutions, Jerusalem

Quality Assurance Engineer (2005-2007)
Designed comprehensive test plans and wrote ATP scripts for each customer delivery In charge of finding bugs, decide their severity and maintained bug databases Completely redesigned the systems user interface Worked directly with various stakeholders of the system to incorporate usability standards Worked with clients to write specifications documents for new functionalities Responsible for on site installations and user training and on site assistance to users during learning period.

Bachelors in Software Engineering Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (2005)

Additional Personal Information

Languages: English (mother tongue level), French (mother tongue level), Hebrew (excellent) Born: 1981 Immigration Date: 2004 Marital Status: Single