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SUMMARY Have good knowledge in SIMULINK in developing image processing and gesture recognition applications. Developed a virtual calculator and mouse less pointer using MATLAB SIMULINK video and image processing block sets. Developed a fault detection system using MATLAB image processing module. Have good programming knowledge in developing applications using LabVIEW and MATLAB. Developed a project in LabVIEW Wi-Fi enabled vehicle system and presented the same at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. Developed rapid prototyping machine using LabVIEW for National Instruments, Bangalore. Have good knowledge in Java in developing servlets and establishing database connection using JDBC.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS Certified as an associate developer in LabVIEW by National Instruments Certificate no/serial no: 100-311-2263.

ACADEMIC PROFILE Master of Engineering (Mechatronics), Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University 20092011, CGPA 8.1/10. Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communication), Sri Sairam Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai, 2005- 2009, Marks 71%. HSC, A.V.M Matriculation Hr. Sec School, Chennai, 2004-2005, Marks 80.5%. SSLC, Balalok Matriculation .Hr. Sec School, Chennai, 2002-2003 Marks 79.18%.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Core Skills Matlab Skills Packages Computer Skills Programming languages Database

: Simulink, Image acquisition and Image Processing Toolbox : LABVIEW, PSPICE, SOLIDWORKS

: Java, PHP, JSP : MySql

TRAINING UNDERGONE Training in PHP Organization Period Knowledge gained

: Nalandha Academy of Career Services : 3 months : Created a database using PHP and MySql using LAMP and WAMP and also got good experience in programming in JAVA.

In-plant Training Organization Period Knowledge gained Industrial Visit Organization :

: Sri Sairam Wind Tech : 8 days : Got good experience about the use of Microcontroller in the field of wind technology

TITAN-Bangalore, All India Radio-Bangalore, Ennore Port and thermal power station- Chennai.

Personality Development PERSONAL SKILLS

: Training given by the Expertus.

Team player. Decisive and adaptive. Proactive. Enthusiastic & Benevolent.

Project developed in Anna University (MIT Campus), Chennai titled SIXTH SENSE Developed a gesture recognition system with various applications like virtual calculator, two dimensional modelling and mouse less- pointer movement using Matlab Simulink. A projector projects the virtual calculator which in turn is operated by colored markers impregnated in the users fingers. The different colors are captured by the webcam and then fed into the video processing sources of Simulink. Image processing techniques like gray scale conversion, histogram equalization are implemented using conversion tools in Simulink. The centroids of the colored markers are also calculated to find the position of the colored markers using Euclidean distance method. MATLAB supports java commands which have been used to enable mouse-less movement of the pointer. A two wheel robot was developed whose movements are controlled by coloured markers in the users fingers.

Implemented the project using image processing techniques using MATLAB Image processing block sets and toolbox.

Project developed in Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai titled FAULT DETECTION USING IMAGE PROCESSING TECHNIQUES Development and implementation of a fault detection system using image processing techniques. Products default model is being captured using a camera and stored. A product with fault is made to pass through in a conveyer belt and the image was captured and compared with the default model of the product. Image processing techniques like Pixel transformations have been used to find the difference between the default product and the faulty product. A buzzer was used to indicate that the conveyer contains a faulty product. A microcontroller was used to control the motor drives of the conveyer and the control actions performed by the system. The software platform was MATLAB. Project developed for the AU-KBC Research Centre, Madras Institute of Technology CLINOSTAT FOR SPACE RESEARCH WITH FISH EMBRYO Development of a clinostat which simulated microgravity used for studying living cells. The cells taken for test were from fish embryo and it was introduced into the clinostat to learn its behaviour in altered gravity. The clinostat had DC motors for accurate rotations to create vacuum. The Clinostats motors were operated using serial communication ports via USB from a PC or laptop. AVR studio, software used for enabling serial communication and programming the ATMEGA microcontroller to operate the motors at desired speeds was used. Serial ports were configured to send packets of data to the microcontroller which in turn would enable the motor operations.

Project developed for NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, titled A DESKTOP COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL (CNC) SYSTEM. Development of a computer numerical control machine that can be used for various mechanical & biological applications. The machine has a X-Y table on which the stepper motors are connected and are assigned for the number of steps they should move for a particular application. The system can be used to do operations like drilling where the job is placed on the XY table and the tool does the drilling. Also an engraving system was also developed using the same architecture where multiple designs could be carved on wood. Rapid prototyping was implemented in the system for developing complex 3d shapes. A nozzle with a heater element was inserted in the place of a tool. The nozzle is filled with ABS Polymer and heated upto 150 degrees and was poured over the X-Y table. The model of the 3-d object that is to be replicated is scanned and saved using the software David-Laser Scanner. The software platform used was LABVIEW.

Project developed for IIT-BOMBAY (TECHFEST-2010 &2011) Development of a destructor vehicle with weapons that was used inside an arena to attack enemy vehicles. The vehicle weighed about 54kgs. Wi-Fi connectivity to operate the vehicle using a joystick. LabVIEW supports Wi-Fi enabling system using serial ports (VISA). The software platform was LABVIEW.

SPORTS ACHIEVEMENTS Have won the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP for athletics in school in the year 2005. Represented School kho-kho team in zonals in the year 2003. Won medals in athletic zonals in the year 2005. Represented my college in various inter college athletic meets during 2005-2009.

PERSONAL PROFILE Gender Languages Known Date of birth Address for communication : : : : Male English, Tamil & Hindi. 06/07/1988 New no. 4/1, Bagyalakshmi Nagar, Ramapuram Chennai -600089 044-22490223/9444606077

Contact no

Prof.G.Muralidharan Head-in-charge of Mechatronics Department of Production Technology Madras Institute of Technology Chennai-44. Email: Phone: 9444465523 DECLARATION I state and declare that all the particulars given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: Chennai Date: 07-12-2011