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The Pony Express

Trabuco Hills High School PTSA Pony Express 27501 Mustang Run, Mission Viejo, CA. 92691 (949)768-1934
Volume 2 Issue 2 December 2011 Craig Collins Principal Andrea Padian Editor (Position Open)

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Saddleback Valley Council PTA Fourth District PTA California State PTA National PTA Andrea Padian President

Principals Message
By Craig Collins THHS Principal

t-shirts from various houses. It is a fitting tribute to a project that has touched so many families in a positive way and will continue to help families in the future. I am very proud that our students were able to be a part of this celebration. In appreciation for our participation, Mr. Hill donated $1000 to the school. The money will be divided between our band and cheer groups.

One of the many great things that Trabuco Hills students do is service in the community. While there is an eight hour requirement to graduate, so many of our students go far beyond the minimum and take on projects that reflect the spirit of the season. This past weekend both our cheer and band participated at the Grand re-opening of the McDonalds across the street from THHS. While this may not seem like a community service event, Fred Hill, the owner, has dedicated the past thirty years to Ronald McDonald Houses. When his daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of eight, he got the idea to have a place close to the hospital, where families can stay to be close to their child. This led to the first Ronald McDonald House. If you look at the new dcor in the restaurant, you will see pictures of Ronald McDonald Houses from around the world, photos of Mr. Hill with his daughter at the openings of Ronald McDonald Houses, and a quilt that his other daughter made from

ASB is once again actively engaged in their holiday projects. Just before Thanksgiving, our students and their families donated over 30,000 pounds of food to local food banks. Our Stangs for Change coin drive donates food and toys to needy families and receives contributions from homeroom classes. This years goal is $2 per student.
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I always wondered why somebody didnt do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody. ~ Lily Tomlin

December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

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Trabuco Hills High 2011-2012 PTSA Board members

Andrea Padian President Craig Collins Trabuco Hills High Principal Vanessa Braaksma Executive Vice President & Convention Chair Rachel Ward Vice President Membership Brenda Hanrath Vice President Ways & Means Lexi Witkin,* Student Leader (President) Cindy Johnson, Treasurer Carol Byrnes, Financial Secretary Lisa Semon, Historian Linda Boud, Recording Secretary Louise Robertson, Auditor Gayathri Sivadas,* Parliamentarian Nicole Cassens, Corresponding Secretary Mike Padian, Legislative/Advocacy Representative Joan Rosenberg, Foster Care Liaison Cindy Ashley, Volunteer Development Lisa Bauer & Diane Williams Grad Night Co-Chairs Deb Johnson, Webmaster Andrea Padian, Reflections Chris Burns, Toni Solo & Linda Boud, Tish Witkin, College Fair Parent Education Chairs

Principals Message

Other groups on campus are engaged in charitable programs as well. Our Spanish Club has their Adopt- a-Family program. The Red Cross Club does the Cards for the Military program and this year, six clubs are uniting to send cards to the Recovering American Soldier program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In addition to all THHS students give, they also do a great deal of community service. Our Off the Wall drama group performs their award winning Anti-Bullying piece throughout the county. Our choir performs at assisted living homes, and local elementary classes come to our campus to be entertained by our students. This year, they are performing Rapunzel. With so many activities going on by so many of our groups, I no doubt, have left some off this list. Its so important for our students to be reminded of how wonderfully they have been blessed ,and what better way to say thank you for those blessings than to share them with others in the area, whether they are possessions, money, or talent. I am very proud that our stu-

Arts Advocacy Chair

dents give back to the community that has given so much to them.

Christina Simon, Drugs & Alcohol Prevention & Silent Auction Chair Sheryl Titchener, Michelle Parry, Challenge Day Leader Mini-grant Chairs Special Education Chair Mike Padian & Toni Solo,

Trabuco Hills High PTSA

Student Board Members*
Lexi Witkin, Student Leader/President
Sojin Ki, Freshman Rep Blake Hanrath, Sophomore Rep Jessica Shipma, Junior Rep Kevin Tran, Senior Rep / Reflections Chair Tiffany Conaway, Grad Night Chair Nicholas Tasato, College Fair Jacob Buchowiecki, Membership Alex Joo, Special Education Alayna Zuckerman, Grant Writer Marisa Pinon, Advocacy Julia Mihaylov, Newsletter & Website Gayathri Silvadas, Parliamentarian Nicole Perado, Outreach

Are you a Student who needs to make $$$ for the holidays or Grad Night?

Kim Waters, Grant Writer Suzann Gastreich, Welcome Committee Chair Gabriela, James & Nicole Perado, Outreach Grazyna Buchowiecki, Ralphs & E-Script Chair Kim Schneider, Taste of the Hills Chair Diane Depreta, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Renate Koziol, Publicity Liaison Shari Goldstein, Kathy Hicks, Sally Hunt, Adopt a Book Chair Restaurant Night Chair

Sell PTSA/Mustang Community Discount Cards!

Earn Cash or money towards your Grad Night Account, but START NOW Email Andrea at for more information,

Senior Scholarships & Award Night

Teacher RepresentativeOPEN

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

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with eating disorders, excessive stress...and many who are TOP students already, driven to cheat on tests. This is a film that parents, students and teachers should all view. Following the movie, we will hold a discussion and our superintendent might be there to lead it with Mr. Collins. One logical solution to this growing problem is the elimination of homework on weekends & during holiday breaks, with a grass roots effort to do so starting now. So come to learn more.

A Message from Andrea

Trabuco Hills High PTSA President

A time of seasonal celebration, the PTSA held their annual holiday party this month and hosted the annual Cookie Exchange for teachers and staff. And, dealing with a more serious subject, there are two articles from AAA about celebratASB has been busy as usual and their first articles of the year ing safely this season. Celebrations can turn into nightmares describe many of the fun events our students have particiquickly, so please heed their warnings and act accordingly.. pated in this fall. Amazing kids! PTSA elections are coming soon. Please consider serving on Lots of education classes are coming up in the next couple our board and making a real difference in our kids education months that I think youll all benefit from, particularly if you here at Trabuco Hills. have a new driver in your family or one that is about to start As always, we have our advocacy update, mini-grant review driving. One is Master Drive, which educates parents and future drivers on the licensing process. Parents describe this & more...including our first outreach projectwriting Valentines Day letters/cards to troops overseas...what a great gift.. class as something not to be missed, and it will be held January 11th (location changed to the library not MPR) - so Challenge Day is coming! I think it will fundamentally RSVP right away-ITS FREE! Another class is put on by the change our students & school environment. School districts CHP and a valuable tool for all, with lessons on how to drive participating in this program have seen a 45% decrease in more safely and avoid accidents. It, too, is free. And, like bullying and fights. Wow! Also coming soon in 2012 will be last year, we will hold a screening of Race to Nowhere Febru- classes (Saddleback College) on study strategies, Grad Night, ary 15th. It was sold out last year, so once we have the web- Taste of the Hills, campus beautification and more. Come to site address to purchase tickets, buy them right away. For our meetings to learn more and get involved. We are planthose of you that dont know about the film, it deals with the ning exciting things and we will need your help. incredible amount of pressure put on our kids to get into the top colleges especially when so few get into themand they I wish you all a relaxing and joyous holiday season, and a arent necessarily the best for your kid. The result is burnt very happy New Year . See you in 2012!!! Go Mustangs! out kids with no free time for themselves, many suicidal or Andrea Padian

Well, as the New Year approaches I am once again thinking how quickly the year has gone by. This issue of the Pony Express is crammed with info and photos of the many things going on at our school and those to come in 2012.

Mustang Marvels
At this time I would like to thank several PTSA board members for their dedicated work. First, Mike Padian, our mini-grant chair, who has once again done a great job leading this program. Once the grant recipients are chosen by the committee, Mike follows through by ordering items and coordinating with staff members and the district to make sure the grants are fulfilled as quickly as possible. Thank you Mike! Id also like to thank Michelle Parry, our special education chair, for organizing our Annual Special Educators Day Breakfast, as well as Einsteins Bagels, Starbucks and Party City for their food and party donations. A big thank you as well, to the Best Buddies who made appreciation cards for all the special ed teachers and staff. The breakfast was a huge success thanks to Mi-

chelle, who is deeply committed to helping all our special education families and teachers. Our parliamentarian, Gayathri Sivadas is a busy senior that has never let me down. She just completed our bylaw updates and is now working with our nomination committee to fill the slate with officers to be nominated for next years PTSA Board. Again, she is always on top of these things and I appreciate very much the time she spends working with the PTSA. Thanks Gayathri. And last, but certainly not least, I must thank Mr. Collins, the principal of THHS, who sits on our executive board. I meet with him several times a month, he is at all out meetings, brings ideas and helps implement others. He is a tremendous asset to our PTSA and I dont have enough room to tell you all the things that he has done to support our PTSA, and school. Thanks so much!

March, 2011, Volume 1, Issue 5

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December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

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PTSA Holiday Party at Embarcadero Cheers & Happy New Year!

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

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ASB In Action!
Homecoming 2011 Monty & Millys Circusthe Greatest Show on Earth Circus
By Megan Mondt, Sophomore Class President
This year Trabuco Hills Homecoming theme was circus, but not just any circus, Monty and Millys Circus the Greatest Show on Earth. This years princes were, Nick Adair, Vince Ricco, Bryce Kelley, Caleb Castewall, and our homecoming king was our very own Mitchell Simonsen! He was announced during our homecoming assembly. Which consisted of many dances made by cheer, hip hop club, football players, ASB, and there was even a faculty dance. After these young gentlemen did an adorable piece with their moms, Mitchells name was announced by a hawk flying across the field declaring the king, Mitchell! Our homecoming princesses were Sarah Yates, Monica Ukah, Kiley Sinclair, Melissa Bickler, and our Homecoming queen was the beautiful CJ Smith! After a great little skit by the Comedy Sportz team, a routine by the evil little clowns from Melinda Heights Elementary, and an eye watering father daughter dance, the Queens name was announced. The letters CJ were lifted in the air, the name made of balloons, during the football game half time show! As the crowd cheered, the queens expression was priceless! This years homecoming was something very special to be a part of! As said by many students, it was the best Homecoming in years!

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Dont walk in front of me, I may not follow. Dont walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Albert Camus What is a friend? I will tell is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. Frank Crane Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. Oprah Winfrey

December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

Page 6 one dollar. In the end, the night proved to be one of the most memorable disco dance ever.

ASB In Action!
By Megan Mondt, Sophomore President

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Got Spirit?
By Alexis Drakodaidis, Junior Class President
Got Spirit? is a school wide class competition. It is a day that takes place at least six times a year where the entire school dresses all out in their class colors. Freshmen are yellow, sophomores are red, juniors are green, and seniors are blue. It is the biggest spirit day at Trabuco and almost everyone participates. Our first Got Spirit? day of this school year was on September 16th. Everyone came to school wearing their class colors and it turned out to be a huge success. After tallies were counted, we realized that a whopping 95% of the school participated! In everyones third period class, the teacher counted how many people from each grade level wore their shirt and then turned the tallies into ASB to be counted. If a student was dressed from head to toe in their class color, the teachers gave them a gold coin which adds twenty-five points to their grade level tally. Although the first Got Spirit? was a huge success participation wise, it wasnt successful paint wise. Please remember: NO PAINT!

When Trabuco Hills High School students are caught being responsible, or doing a good deed, they are rewarded with a little thing called Plinko! A student seen picking up trash, helping another student, cleaning up after others, being respectful, or doing something a teacher or staff member thinks deserves recognition, they are given a horse power ticket! With this horsepower ticket the student turns it in to a black box in the student store. Then, once every month students names are picked from the black box and they get to go on the announcements and play the game Plinko! Just like the Plinko game on the Price Is Right, students are handed a round, but flat, oversized, coin-looking chip. The responsible student places the chip into the Plinko board which will bump the chip back and forth as it descends to the bottom. Once at the bottom, the chip will land on the students prize! These prizes can consist of gift cards to iTunes, Target, many restaurants, tickets to Knottsberry Farm, or even American Express cards. SO, show your mighty mustang character, do a good deed, and you may be rewarded with Plinko!

Disco Night Once Again Proves to be a Success

By Caleb Castellaw, Senior President
Record breaking, this years back to school disco dance had more students in attendance than any other year. Following a day at school of sequins, leisure suits, the frequent afro, and doing the hustle on the rally stage, students piled into the stands of our first home football game of the school year. Our Mustang football team put out an impressive victory against the JSerra Lions. After the game, students filled into the gym for a night to remember. Groovy tunes, provided by the famous DJ Kevin, had students up on their feet and dancing to the beat. Although extreme heat in the gymnasium was pervasive, students were able to quench their thirst by purchasing water bottles for just

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Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

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ASB In Action!

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Trabuco Hills Canned Food Drive!

By Natasha Behnam, Sophomore Class President
This year, Trabuco Hills High School came up with a whopping 13,000 pounds of canned food for our annual canned food drive. Thats right, during the four day long canned food drive, our school came up with about 12,000 cans to help out our community! Of course there was a twist to this, as the canned food drive was also a class competition for a little extra motivation. At the end of the week, with rough estimates, the Freshman brought in a total of about 2,000 cans, Sophomores also about 2,000, Juniors about 2,500, and Seniors rounding it up with about 3,500 cans. Each can brought in per class was worth two Got Spirit points, and soup cans were worth ten points, which did a huge favor to all the class Got Spirit points. After all the extra points were counted, the rankings for Got Spirit were Seniors in first place, Sophomores in second, Freshman in third, and Juniors in fourth place So, how did the seniors end up being so far ahead, you ask? Well, sure, it was all the kids desire to help the community and to also keep their senior title as the top dogs, but they may have gotten a little extra help on the way. One senior girl, Nicole Nagash, and her family donated an extraordinary amount of 1,632 soup cans and 144 other cans to the canned food drive, immensely upping the seniors ranking, not to mention helping out our needy families greatly! We also got many clubs at our school such as NHS, CSF, and ASB to collect cans outside of grocery stores on the weekends, which helped tremendously, too. Speaking of the benefits of our canned food drive, everything our school collected went to the South County Outreach Food Bank, which donated all the food to needy families across Irvine to San Clemente. Overall, I think it was a pretty good success, said Montana Kleppe, the ASB representative in charge of the canned food drive, but theres always things we could do better for next year, such as involve local fast food places to chip in and help. Well, for the short amount of time that it lasted, the canned food drive was surely a success and worked to help out those in need. While theres always room for improvement, every little bit counts, and the generosity of the community was greatly appreciated. Trabuco Hills definitely helped a lot of families out there this holiday season!

Club Day at THHS

By Marissa Garcia, Freshman Class President
On October 7th a big event happened! What might that event be? WellCLUB DAY! Yes, Club Day! The entire quad was covered with so many different clubs booths that they even had to make it an extended snack to hold all of the excitement! The clubs leaders and members held up big signs, handed out flyers, and some even gave out food for those who signed up to be a member of their club! Whatever your personality may be, what ever your hobbies include, and whatever your interests are, theres a club for you! Trabuco has many curricular and non-curricular clubs. The difference between curricular and non-curricular is that a non-curricular club is not a class on campus and just provides a meeting place like the Fashion Club, Hello Kitty Club, Star Wars Club and the Hip Hop Club. Whereas, a curricular club is a class on campus and the advisor teaches the club - like the Dance Production Club, Spanish Club, Science Olympiad, and the Video Club, to name just a few. If have any questions or need a list about clubs, feel free to come to the ASB room at any time and ask your questions. Theres a list of all clubs on the table so feel free to grab one.

December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

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What Up? Campus Life Taking It On

By Julia Mahaylov, Student Newsletter Associate
High school: the time when the fundamental privilege of decision-making falls into our hands as high school students. High school is all about new experiences and becoming more independent as an individual; consequently, having the ability to make our own decisions is an underlying stepping-stone to growing up. Whether we choose to take on these exclusive opportunities and learn from them is entirely up to each of us as individuals. He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed. -William James In high school, various opportunities present themselves; however, not always in ways we may expect. In order to acquire a multitudinous amount of knowledge, we need to take on the opportunities that come across our paths. Whether we decide to go through and accomplish the task we take on, is, again, solely up to us. Remember, advantageous possibilities will only benefit us if we make the appropriate choices that go along with them. Keeping our goals and values in mind help us make these sometimes challenging and crucial decisions. Life is the sum of all your choices. -Albert Camus Making the right choice isnt always as simple and effortless as it may seem. We all indubitably make a wrong decision at some point in our lives; however, whether we choose to learn from the mistake and turn that choice into a valuable experience is what matters most. Often times making the lesser choice is the only way we can learn; and if thats how it needs be, so be it. Now its all about learning, so lets learn while we still can. Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. -Vernon Howard (Look for more campus life reports from Julia in upcoming months. If you have an article or story youd like to submit, email Julia.)

Holiday Gift Idea for the School? Buy a Book for the Library
Shari Goldstein Adopt a Book Chair
Wouldnt it be nice to have new books in the library? For just $20.00 you can donate/or gift a fiction or nonfiction book, and for $100.00, you can donate/.gift a research book. All adopted books will have the name of the family who purchased the book inside the cover. In the next few weeks, check the school website and PTSA website, for a list of desired books. Please use the form you received in your registration packet or download a form from our website, and follow the Adopt a Book link. You will be notified when your book is purchased and ready to be checked out. ! If you have any questions, please email Shari Goldstein at a Book

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 9 til 2015-2016. Seven school districts (SVUSD not one) are proceeding to implement the new standards on their own. The governor has signed AB 250, supported by the PTA, which establishes a structure for implementing new standards and allowing school districts to use the new standards before 2015. The bill also retains the STAR testing program until 2015, so the state can remain within the requirements of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind). Meanwhile, a recent survey by WestEd, a San Francisco education think tank, concluded that Californias elementary students are not learning enough science, and most of their teachers are not trained in science instruction. Only 10% of elementary students regularly receive hands-on science lessons. 66% of teachers say they do not feel prepared to teach science, and 85% say they have not received any science training in the last three years. 60% of school districts have no staff dedicated to elementary science. The study concluded that teachers neglect science and favor math and English because those are emphasized in state tests. California has high standards for Science, but in the Academic Performance Index (API) science makes up less than 6% of a schools score, as opposed to about 57% for English. The governor has signed SB 300, also supported by the PTA, which requires the State Superintendent of Education, to create new science standards by August 2013.

Advocacy Actions
By Mike Padian Legislative/Advocacy Rep

New Academic Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics, and Sciences
New Common Core academic standards for language arts and mathematics, and when they will be implemented, will be the topic of conversations in Sacramento and state school districts for the next several years. In 1997, California adopted state academic standards, outlining what students are expected to learn at each grade level. In 2009, 48 states adopted Common Core State Standards, in order to create consistent expectations and assessments, to better prepare students for higher education and a global economy, and to allow for collaboration among states on best practices and professional development. The California Board of Education selected additional standards, and approved the combined Common Core Standards in August, 2010. California is in the process of implementing those standards, with new curriculum frameworks, new instructional materials, new teacher training programs, and a new state testing system. Budget constraints, however, have placed a hold on new curriculum and textbooks un-

Award winning documentary

Race to Nowhere
February 15, 2012 Trabuco Hills High School Theater 7 PM
Look for more information on how to purchase tickets soon $10 + processing fee online *Discussion to follow the screening moderated by Craig Collins, Principal

2012Be Part of the 2012-2013 PTSA Board

Interested in serving on the 2012-13 PTSA Board as an elected officer? Positions include President, Executive VP, Membership VP, Ways & Means VP, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Historian, Auditor, Secretary, and Student Leader. Email Gayathri at for info before 1/6/12. The nominating committee will meet in January to fill the slate of nominated officers for the election which will be held at the March PTSA meeting. The slate of officers will be announced at the next association meeting on February 13, 2012 in the MPR.

December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

page 10

By Mike Padian, Mimi Grant Chair

Classrooms Get Early MiniHoliday Mini-grant Presents

Five classrooms are already using the new educational supplies that your PTSA purchased as part of the 20112012 Mini-grant Program. The other items have been ordered, and most will be here before the winter break. AwesomeI received the calculators thank you & the PTSA so much!!...It is much appreciated Christine Egge, Math (40 handheld calculators) Great newsthe equipment for the aquarium has been orderedThe money you are providing (along with the money we have already raised) will be enough to pay for our whole aquarium setup. Thank you! Mike Folmar, Biology (aquarium for raising endangered abalone for re-establishment off Catalina) Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jeanette Suarez, Math (Interwrite Mobi tablet) Thank you so much!!!!! This is fantastic!!! Barbara Gard, Fine Arts (overhead video projector This is great news! A simple thank you doesnt do and new desktop computer) justice to my level of gratitude. This will be a huge Oh my! Thank you so much. The PTSA has done soooo much for us lately. I cant thank you enough. Shauna Coghill-Pappert, Health (DVD/VHS player) Thank you so much for approving my grant request. This piece of equipment will be a fantastic supplement to support my instruction and provide my students with timely feedback and information. \ Patricia Stewart, English (overhead document camera). help to our students. I am extremely grateful. Ryan Kroger, Physics (two laptop computers) Yes I have them (personal writeboards)!!! We used them yesterday actually the kids though they were great. I did have to remind them that they are NOT spanking paddles. -Christine Thompson, Social Studies (40 personal whiteboards)

Christine Egges Math class show off their new calculators and work out answers to questions on their new white boards. When you support your PTSA, you are supporting all students and teachers at our school! Thanks!

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

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How Can YOU Help Support Our PTSA, Students & Teachers?
DONATION BIN: We have a donation bin in conjunction with Community of Change. Please donate your old clothing, towels, blankets, sheets, rags, purses and shoes! All textiles will be accepted. The PTSA will receive a dollar back for every 50 pounds of donations collected. The bin is located on the Santa Margarita Pkwy side of the school near the tennis courts, on the road that leads to the front of the school. You can just pull up to the bin and drop off your goods. Do it throughout the year! SPREEBIRD(formerly Screamin Daily Deals): Want to get a great deal on food, entertainment, massages, hair care and more? Check out Spreebird! You will get about 3 deals per day from local businesses. Purchase your deal, print the coupon and enjoy savings up to 70%! Sign up on the PTSA website, or, choose THHS PTSA as your school to support! Its free and our school is entered in a 100K giveaway based on new sign ups. KEY TO SAFE DRIVING: Protect your teen from texting & talking on their cell phones while driving! It does allow your teen access to 911 and parents in case of an emergency. The device is $95.00 and can be purchased from the PTSA website. ITALIAN ICE: Sold every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm in front of the school. Cost is $3.00 per cup and supports PTSA. Yummy, too! RECYCLING: Drop off your used printer cartridges, laptops, digital cameras, and cell phonebroken or otherwise in the office recycle box. If you know a business that would donate their old recycles, we can pick them up. Email Brenda at for info. RALPHS & E-SCRIP: Go to the PTSA website at and sign up your Ralphs Club Card or Vons/Pavilions card with the Ralphs Community Contribution Program and/or EScript program. Its easy and a percentage of all your purchases will go back to the school/PTSA. It costs no money and doesnt take away from your own rewards. Don t wait! Do it today. Families can raise thousands of dollars this way, but not if you dont sign up. SIMONS AUTO BODY, INC: When you go to have your car fixed at Simons and mention the Trabuco Hills PTSA, he will donate 10% of the total bill back to our PTSA! The shop is at 23551 Commerce Center Dr., Laguna Hills, 949-951-5265.

Out Eat OutHelp our School

Mark your calendars now and join other students, families and faculty to make these upcoming restaurant nights a success. It is important to print a flyer before you go and you can find them before the event on the Daily Announcements in PDF form, pick one up at the office, or download and print the flyer from the PTSA website at before you leave to go eat. Look under Restaurant Night fundraising. January 19 Chick-fil-a in Foothill Ranch This is a real win-win fundraiser for everyone. Simply by eating out or picking up some take-out, you raise between 15-20% of your purchase back for our school to help purchase paper and other soft supplies for the teachers and classrooms.

Tax Help Thank YOU

Our sincerest thanks to Chris Carroll and his firm, particularly Emily, who we worked with directly, for donating their time to complete the Trabuco Hills High PTSA taxes this November, With new rules, including the need to now complete a California State tax return as well as a federal return, their help was really appreciatedwe not only saved money for other things but a lot of time and frustration as well. A BIG thank you from the PTSA!!

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~ Mark Twain

December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

page 12

jail time, court time or time off work for court and other mandatory appointments, repairing or replacing your vehicle, living without a drivers license and other possible legal liabilities. And of course the biggest cost, The holidays are filled with fun and festive celebrations which cant be measured in dollars and cents, is if with family, friends and co-workers, but it is a danger- someone is injured or killedperhaps someone you ous time, too. According to AAA research, almost love...or someone that is loved by others. Remember 18,000 people were injured or killed in alcohol related Jason Barbers assembly last yearthe consequences of crashes in California during November and December drunk driving? Its a choicenot an accident. His from 2005-2009. brother was killed and he was responsible.. And if that isnt enough to make you reconsider drink- Sohow can you celebrate safely? ing and driving, the average cost of a first time offense Plan ahead with a designated nondrinking driver bearrest can cost $12,000 between fines, vehicle storage, fore the partying starts. alcohol education classes, the victim restitution fund, If you are hosting a party, offer alcohol free drinks DMV license reissue fees, attorney fees, and insurance and plenty of food. costs. Add to that booking and fingerprinting fees and Use public transportation or participate in the AAA ignition interlock-device costswhich vary around the Tipsy Tow Program (see detail on page 13) state. And if you are under 21, plan on spending Reserve a room near the party or spend the night at a $17,000 on a DUI, due mainly to the increase youll pay friends rather than driving home in insurance, which is much more than for older drivers. (Information taken from page 10 of Westways Nov/Dec If you need more incentive to give up the keys, consider 2011AAA magazine.)

Drinking and Driving Costs more than YOU Think

Membership Matters!
Did you know there are lots of great perks available for all PTSA members? Aquarium of the Pacific FREE admission coupons for members 17 and younger and discounted tickets for 18 and older if you go to our Enterprise Discounted Car Rentals. T-Mobile Service & Phone Discounts14% Off recurring monthly charges. Legoland FREE admission coupons Hp *Save on Computers & Printers As a digital learning platform, Thinkfinity offers comprehensive teaching and learning resources in each academic subject and literacy. The easy-to-navigate K-12 resources are grade-specific and are aligned with state standards. And its free!~ Visit their website at CSN Child Safety Network Receive exclusive savings at Office Max PTSA/PTA scholarships for Seniors, teachers, nursing staff & PTA volunteers Go to and click on Member Perks for more perks and information. Or click on scholarships to find out more.

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Info on Challenge Day 2012-2013 THHS PTSA Board Nominees Announced Student Leader & ASB Reports Reflections Winners Awards Committee Reports Scholarships & ROP class information with guest speaker, Bridget Mondt

SVUSD Board of Education Meeting

*January 10, 2012 *February 14, 2012 6:30 PM SVUSD Board Room

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 13

By Grazyna Buchowiecki, Ralphs & Escrip Chair

Many a little makes a mickle.

And we all know how truthful that is. Together we can make a difference and the THHS PTSA strives to make that difference in our schools life. However, without support from parents, students and the community, that would not be possible. Every little piece of help and support from each of us will make that mickle, and the best part is that you do not have to do a lot. Just your willingness and few minutes of your time is all thats needed. THHS PTSA runs two very powerful fundraising programs, Ralphs Community Contribution and eScrip, which can bring thousands of dollars to help our school. The success of these fundraising programs depends on us: parents, students, families, teachers & our friends. We have to take action in order to be successful. And, its a simple action at that. Just sign up for the programs on the websites, then shop as usual and we earn. Ralphs Community Contribution program is based on Ralphs Value Customer cards. The majority of us already have these cards, so the only thing you need to do is log into Ralphs website, then choose Service/Community Contribution and follow the sites prompts after clicking Enroll. Choose TRABUCO HILLS HIGH SCHOOL PTSA or GROUP ID # 92164. The eScrip program is based on Vons/Pavilions Value Customer cards and your credit/debit cards. This program has endless possibilities. You can help earn money for our school on all your purchases. Each time you make a purchase using your registered card(s), participating merchants contribute various percentages of the purchase amount back to our school. The eScrip Online Mall is a one stop shopping place, where thousands of your favorite online merchants are waiting for you. eBay, Apple Store, Home Depot, Walmart, Toys R Us are just a few of them. eScrip also will contribute to your school while you dine. eScrip Dining will contribute up to 5% of your bill when you dine at any of the thousands of participating restaurants across the country. So shopping and/or dining earn money for Trabuco Hills PTSA which supports the school with minigrants for equipment to the classrooms and other programs for the students. It is that simple. The only thing you have to do is become a participant in the eScrip program. Simply go to the eScrip website and enroll in the program. Choose TRABUCO HILLS PTSA GROUP ID #10482514 as a group you want to support. Dont wait; become a part of supporting our school community. Register for both programs before you start your holiday shopping. You shop and save, as usual, and our PTSA earns money at the same time. Its that easy and, best of all, its free. If you dont participate, the money stays there and NO ONE earns. Thank you! Happy holiday shopping!

Tow FREE Tipsy TowDont Drink and Drive this Holiday Season
Did you know that statistics overwhelming show that deaths from car crashes during the holiday season increase significantlyparticularly on New Years Eve? And for that reason, AAA will again offer their FREE Tipsy Tow program for drivers that have been drinking this New Years Eve. It is a program available to members, as well as nonmembers. AAA offers a free ride to impaired drivers to their homes within 7 miles from the point of pickup. You may think youre okay to drive, but research shows that impairment starts with the first drink. Just one glass of wine, one bottle of beer or one shot of liquor affects your vision, coordination, and judgment. (Westways, Nov/Dec 2011, pg.9) Ask for a Tipsy Tow by calling (800) 4004AAA. The service runs from 6 PM, December 31st, through 6 AM on Sunday, January1st.

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Annual PTSA Teacher/Staff Holiday Cookie Exchange

PTSA Hospitality Chair, Diane Depreta, and her gang of helpers laid out an amazing spread for our teachers and staff , all provided by our THHS families. We had almost 200 dozen cookies of all shapes, sizes and varieties, and the teachers and staff were amazed and grateful. The PTSA is thankful to all the parents that baked cookies and treats, managed to get them out of their own homes uneaten and to our school for this fun and much anticipated event. Yum! Happy Holidays!

Grad Night Car Wash

If you need help paying for Grad Night, you can work at a car wash (RSM Toyota) to earn money towards you account. Last year, students doing this earned all the money needed to pay their entire Grad Night bill in about four hours. We also need additional helpers (14 and older) who will receive community service hours for helping. You can also sell community discount cards or tickets for a car wash at Santa Margarita Ford. If you dont make some effort to earn money to pay for Grad Night, we will not be able to help you financially with scholarship funds. For more information or to sign up to work at the car wash, email Andrea at

GRAD NIGHT 2012 !!! June 14th (Following Graduation) Buy tickets NOW for ONLY $140.00
Rates GO UP January 2nd to $160 *NO refunds after December 31, 2011
Last BIG party with your fellow Mustang Grads!
Download required registration and permission forms at /
Make checks payable to THHS PTSAGrad Night, write student name on memo line

Turn forms & payment in @ the reception desk in front office or mail to school: Attention: Grad Night, THHS, 27501 Mustang Run, Mission Viejo, CA. 92691
(Payment plans available. Start payments in December, with 4 $35 payments each month until March and save the $140 price. )

December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

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The human

contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live. ~ Ethel Percy Andrus Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. Its what you do for others. ~Danny Thomas It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Outreach OutreachValentines Day Cards & Letters to the Troops

Were hoping that the whole school will get involved in our first big Outreach programand write letters and make Valentines Day cards for the troops overseas. Student Outreach Chair, Nicole Perado, will be leading this project with the help of all our student board members, and ideally, we will have 3200 letters to forward in January. Letters must be written by mid January in order to ensure they arrive by Valentines Day. If youd like to send gifts, chocolates, CDs or phone cards are great ideas that we know the troops love. After hearing Nicoles idea to do this project, SVPTA President (Saddleback Valley) and THHS PTSA member, Suzann Gastreich, decided to have the whole school district participate as well. Elementary students often just make cards but in high school we have so many great writersthat we are hoping for great letters. Start writing your letter during the holiday break. Look for more information in the daily announcements...but please write and let them know how much we appreciate them.

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December 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2

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Mark Your Calendar...

December 19-30 December 31 January 1 January 2 January 9 January 10 January 11 January 16 January 19 January 23 January 23-27 February 8 February 13 February 14 February 15 February 17 February 17

No SchoolWinter Recess PARTY! Happy Holidays! Enjoy your kids! New Years Eve! Celebrate Safely! New Years Day School Begins! Happy New Year! New Efforts! New Start! Go Mustangs! PTSA Executive Board Meeting Collaboration Day SVUSD School Board Meeting 6:30 PM SVUSD Board Room MasterDrive: 6:308:30 PM MPR RSVP to Linda at Dr. Martin Luther King Day * No School Restaurant Night, Dine at Chick-fil-a in Foothill Rnch * earn $$ for our school Collaboration Day High School Final Exams, MINIMUM Days *End of semester on the 27th CHP Start Smart Driving Program FREE, 6:30-8:15 PM, MPR , RSVP to Linda at PTSA Association Meeting 7 PM MPR *Nominations for 2012-13 Board Collaboration Day SVUSD School Board Meeting 6:30 PM, SVUSD Board Room Screening on Race to Nowhere, THHS Theater 7 PM, discussion follows Trabuco Hills High PTSA Founders Day No School

PTSA Discount Cards

Volunteer Help Needed

Taste of the Hills Committee Members: We are planning this event now so if youd like to be part of a fun committee, get involved by emailing Kim at Grad Night Committee: We need people on this committee with and WITHOUT seniors. Email Lisa at or Diane at Challenge Day: We need parents and students interested in being part of the Be the Change Team at THHS. Email Sheryl at for info. Student Musicians wanted for our Taste of the Hills Concert. If youd like to play at this event, contact Brenda Hanrath at for info about audition dates & locations. Well be featuring 8 student bands or soloists during the Taste of the Hills on June 2, 2012 and you could be one of them! Silent Auction gifts for the Taste of the Hills silent auction: tickets, time share rentals, gift cards, etc. Email Christina at

*ONLY $10.00! 30 Vendor discounts you can use every day until the end of August 2012. You can earn your money back after just one purchase in many cases!!! Email OR
for information, a full list of vendors, &/or to buy a card today. Help PTSA and SAVE! Interested in earning holiday money? Drop us a line.