____________________________________ You have either of the following options regarding settlement of your Provident Fund dues: 1) Withdrawal: You may withdraw your P.F. accumulations if you have not joined another organisation in India or joined an organisation, which is not covered under PF rules. On receiving a declaration from you stating that your current/future organisation is not covered under the P.F. Rule or you are/will not be employed anywhere in India, you may withdraw your P.F. Accumulations to your credit. The P.F.amount due will be paid to you after deducting necessary taxes, if any. However, if your total P.F membership is greater than 5 years then no tax will be deducted on withdrawal of your P.F. Dues. Please note settlement of your P.F. Dues will be done, if you do not have any other dues with the bank. Incase of withdrawal employee need to fill below attached detail 2) Transfer of PF accumulations: If your current/future employer is covered by P.F. Rules, you have to transfer the P.F. Accumulations to the P.F. Account of your employer. You are requested to fill in the Form13 in duplicate with your new employer and forward the duly filled and signed form through your new employer . Transfer will be effected on receiving Form 13 from your employer. (Note Your PF account number is your Employee Code followed by X and the funds are administered by HDFC Bank Ltd. Covered Employees PF Trust.) No tax will be deducted on transfer of P.F. Accumulations to another organisation covered under P.F. Rule. We request you to give your option to The Trustees of HDFC Bank Employee’s Provident Fund Trust, PAD- Finance , Lodha - I Think Techno Campus, Building - Alpha, 8th Floor, Next to Kanjur Marg Railway Station (East), Kanjur Marg (E), Mumbai – 400 042 in writing regarding settlement of P.F. dues. Employees confirmation on PF settlement: - ( Please Tick Option below) I wish to confirm option no. 1 [ ] (Withdrawal) [ ] 2 (Transfer to New Employer In case of withdrawal, I confirm that I have not joined any organisation in India or joined an organisation, which is not covered under PF rules. Signature of Employee ____________________ Name of Employee : _______________________ Date : ___________________ Employee Code : __________

P.F. will be credited to your HDFC Salary A/C Only if your salary A/c is closed then it can be credited to any other A/c HDFC Bank Salary A/c no. : _____________________________ Complete Correspondence Postal Add. _________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Contact no…(R) Email : _________________________. (M)

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