MJ Stuff- (Michael and Friends

I’m sure many of us fans can know where she’s coming from whether or not you actually had the opportunity to be in his physical presence. Michael’s personality has always been an infectious one, you can see and feel it even in interviews. It’s what makes people so crazy about him. The pandemonium wasn’t just his music or his dance, it was Michael Jackson. Michael’s charisma affected everything and made it that much better. Even Oprah had to admit she wanted so badly to be his friend after her interview in 1993. As his wife, I’m sure Presley got to see sides we didn’t all see, but it all stems from the same thing. His strong personality. I realized that Michael’s “intoxicating” personality is what got him in trouble sometimes. I think that became the basis for a lot of the problems he had with people in his life.- (steady-laughing.com) Michael meets X. After some time, X and Michael become great friends. Maybe X’s family gets to know Michael as well and they all enjoy each other’s company. X gets very comfortable and even proud of the notion that they’re now in some way, intimately involved with Michael Jackson. Who wouldn’t be? Time passes and things change. Maybe X has now become protective of Michael to the point where they start trying to influence the decisions he makes in a way that Michael doesn’t accept. This doesn’t make X a bad person necessarily because we all want to protect those we care about, but it also doesn’t make Michael a bad person if he doesn’t want to listen to their input or accept their advice. Michael is very used to doing things his way. X doesn’t like that Michael is not listening to them or doing the things they want him to do. Michael doesn’t like that X is trying to have too much input in his affairs. Maybe X has also begun asking too many favors of Michael. Michael distances himself from X. X notices Michael distancing himself and doesn’t like it. X tries to reconcile, but nothing reconciles their relationship and changes it back to the way it was. X wants so badly to be in Michael’s circle again, but even with all of X’s efforts…it’s just not happening. So what now? X turns bitter and decides to get back at Michael/get his attention by _____________. How many names can we replace “X” with? The Chandlers. The Arvizos. Lisa Marie Presley. Corey Feldman. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach– maybe even some of Michael’s own family. Then we had those that weren’t even all that close with Michael, maybe former employees who found themselves fired. Bob Jones anyone? (steady-laughing.com) For someone so benign and mild-mannered…the retaliations he got from people were so extreme. Why? They couldn’t get enough of him. Michael had stopped before they’d had enough Unfortunately, it took MJ passing for them to finally admit he wasn’t as bad as they had made him out to be.

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