LESSONS IN LIVING IN THE END I have received many questions from fellow students asking what Neville meant

when he advised us to “live in the end” or “think from the end” as opposed to “thinking of the end”. In the following lines I will attempt to shed some light on the issue based solely on my humble understanding along with my personal experience and practice of the Law of consciousness. I will consequently offer some pointers that could be used to obtain concrete results. We will not dwell on how to “pray” but will elaborate on what to do after we have “planted the seed”. Let’s be clear, this is not an attempt at preaching at anyone nor is it an exercise in trying to pass myself as a Neville scholar. Like the master himself, I am not given to endless, pointless and meaningless theorizing. What we all need is a workable and practical explanation to benefit us all. After all, it is by practicing what we believe and have come to know, that we will prove or disprove it. This being said, off we go to “live in the end”. “The end is where we begin” as Neville beautifully puts it himself. With this teaching you cut to the chase by envisioning the end results of your desire being fulfilled. You go directly to Omega instead of dwelling endlessly in Alpha. By this we mean that you first formulate your desire (Alpha). Let it be a strong and clearcut one. It must be definite for we have all learned from the master that “desire is the mainspring of action”. Your strong desire to be what you want be or have what you want to have will fuel your imaginal acts. Now you know what you want to have or what you want to be. At this stage you are thinking OF the end. You have something in mind that you will like to have or be. Next, you must succeed, if not for a moment, in relaxing yourself in order to successfully control your imagination. In the theatre of your mind, you see your objective as already accomplished. You see the last act of your play, the final page of your imaginal story (Omega). You accept it by making it pleasurable. You impress your mind by being grateful for having the new car, you feel the thrill of possession, blood rushes to your head, your breathing is fast, you feel the joy of fulfillment and you drop it. You do not ask why and how it will be manifested in the physical world. You have impregnated your subconscious with the seed. It’s the END. Now let’s think FROM it. To make this abstract picture a more tangible and practical one, we will take some personal experiences. Your desire could be that you want to own a new car. You will be thinking OF the end. Your intention of owning the car constitutes the act of thinking of the end. To think FROM the end you must now put yourself in the car and see the world from that perspective. In your imagination, when driving, see the streets from the driver’s seat. If

you look at the interior of the car (dashboard, wheel, seats, color, the smell etc) it must be that of the car you now own in you imagination. Not that of your old car even if in this life you are still using it. This is the secret: your thoughts from now on must flow from the center of consciousness of the state of owning the new car or being what you imagined yourself to be. If on Earth (in reality) you are driving a Ford (nothing wrong with that), in Heaven (in your imagination) you should be driving your desired Jaguar and viewing the world from it. It must be an accomplished fact. You own your new car NOW! Not tomorrow, not some day. You own it NOW! From here, all your internal dialogue and imaginal acts must be in line with the fact of owning the new car. As if it rearranged your world. If in your thoughts you are driving to work, it must be in that car. If you are pulled over by the police for speeding, it must be in that car. In your mind, your friends’ compliments, envy and curiosity must all be about the Jaguar not the Ford. In you imaginal acts everything in your world must be as a result of owning the new car. You get my point… The succession of imaginal acts thought from the end will constitutes LIVING IN THE END. If you succeed in doing this, everything will rearrange itself to reflect your state of consciousness. You will get your Jag. Trust me on this. However, if you think of owning the new car some day, this projection will always be in front of you, in the future. And you will have the feeling that something is missing. Your desire is unfulfilled. “ Perpetual construction, deferred occupancy is the common fault of man.” Said Neville. In the “Power of Awareness” Revised Edition by Victoria Goddard, 1992, pages 10-11, Neville said: “In giving birth to your ideal you bear in mind that the methods of mental and spiritual knowledge are entirely different. This is a point that is truly understood by probably not more than one person in a million. You know a thing mentally by looking at it from the outside, by comparing it with other things, by analyzing it and defining it; [by thinking OF it;] whereas you can know a thing spiritually only by becoming it, [only by thinking FROM it]. You must be the thing itself and not merely talk about it or look at it.” Here is a most trivial experience to illustrate my point. A man I know very well, wanted to renew is shoe “wardrobe” (very trivial indeed. No judgment passed here). He wanted to replace his pairs of John Lob, Church’s and JM Weston shoes. For those who live in England and France, you know that these are fine and high priced shoes that can last you 10 years. He had the money to pay for them but because he had resolved to test the Law in everything big or small, he decided to use the law to get a deal on these just for the fun of it. In his imagination he wore the type of shoes he wanted; infused the image with feeling and released it. Every time he was wearing his old pairs of shoes, in his imagination he transposed the image of the new pairs to the old ones and behaved as if he was wearing

the new ones. He did the same thing while walking in the streets, at work, driving his car, etc. He was living in the end. By a “magical” rearrangement of circumstances he ended up owning all the shoes he had imagined to own at a good price. Money was never the issue here. Proving the law was. In one instance he was changing planes in the Terminal 4 at London Heathrow Airport, when he “decided” to check the Duty free shops in the departures area Airside lounge. Unbeknownst to him; there was a Church’s store that was having some clearance sales. He got two pairs of shoes for the usual price of one. The same models he had imagined. Also, unsolicited, for his birthday, his brother in Paris sent him the same pair of JM Weston he had imagined wearing for weeks. The Lord (Law) moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. We must emphasize the fact that we should not dictate how the imaginal acts will be “actualized” The Law of consciousness takes care of its own business. You just have to make the demand by imagining your desire fulfilled. Do not limit the law by tying up your desire with your present situation. Be it financial or social. Who cares if the Jag costs $ 60,000 and you are only making $ 30,000 a year? As I have come to realize, these are only manmade numbers and values. The law is impersonal. The stumbling block lies in the fact that the amount of energy released will be determined by what you consider to be possible (for you) and what you think you deserve. I start all imaginal acts from this premise: “ I am a son of God, the Eternal Source, there is no lack in Him in whom all fullness lies.” From this state of consciousness all mountains become molehills and whatever is possible to man in this dispensation becomes possible to me also. A protégé of mine wanted to use the law to own his dream car. But he felt limited by his financial situation and by his belief system based on years and years of conditioning. He believed that one’s salary determines the type of car one can afford. I told him this seemed to be true in Caesar’s world but not the case in the world of imagination. And as my late father used to say: “your salary needs not determine your income.” That night I had a vivid dream (a vision) where I was ascending Jacob’s Ladder rung by rung. A Being of Light took me by the hand. Every rung of the ladder was one plane where different people drove different cars. The higher the level, the higher the value of the car was. Whenever I stopped at a certain level the Being asked me to climb to a higher level where I would find cars that were more expensive. I finally stopped at the luxury car level and I had a feeling of satisfaction. But the amazing thing was that, on that level I noticed that people of all sizes, races and genders, men, women, young and old were driving all kinds of expensive cars. And they were the same people I had met on the other levels. The Being asked me: “what’s the lesson in this son?” I replied: “each

will receive according to their state of consciousness regardless of their age, race, size or status. We only have to raise our consciousness to the level of the things we want.” He told me: “this is the eternal Truth. Go and share it.” I woke up with a feeling of bliss. I called my friend and told him what I had experienced. I advised him to be aware of his world in the days that were to follow. For two weeks, when driving he was to take note of the kind of people driving the type of car he wanted. He saw men and women, young and old, Blacks, Whites, Asians, etc, driving the luxury car he wanted. He came back to me and said: “I get the point.” From there the barrier was lifted in his mind and after three months of intense imagining and coaching, his financial situation changed to allow him to be at the level where he could easily afford his dream car. At this point I will quote Warren Hilton, from Mind Mechanism; Volume 8 of his series on Applied psychology: “If mental images in which you are yourself triumphant, victorious, successful, are drawn into your consciousness, they tend to outwardly manifest themselves in such bodily activity as may be appropriate to your part in the picture and to beget within you at the same time feelings of health, invigoration, capability and power. Conversely, if complexes or ideas constituting mental pictures of misfortunes, disease and death become active in your consciousness, they bring with them impulses that tend to depress the action of your heart and other vital organs of your body and to restrain all bodily activity, while at the same time they weigh you down with feelings of selfabasement, dejection and melancholy. The extent of the influence of any idea or group of ideas or complex of associated mental elements, once it becomes active in consciousness, depends upon the relation in which it stands to the other elements of consciousness. If there is at the same time present in your consciousness one or more conflicting ideas or groups of ideas, the given idea will be faintly portrayed to your mind’s eye. Its emotional qualities will touch you but lightly, and its impulses to muscular activity will be more restrained. If, on the other hand, the given idea holds undisputed sway in your consciousness, if no conflicting or inhibitory ideas and impulses are simultaneously present, then the mental picture is painted with bold strokes and clear perspective, with highlights and deep shadows. It stands forth as an assured reality, and you have the phenomenon commonly called “belief”. For “faith” and “belief” is nothing more nor less than the presence of an idea in consciousness freed from the restraints of contrary thoughts.” Now a word to the wise: we have to “walk the talk” by practicing what we learn or the next decade will find us in the same state of unfulfilled desires. Namaste, Jean-Claude

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