Email : Mobile Career Objective: Seeking to enhance my skills in developing applications to obtain challenging roles that will capitalize my analytical & programming skills for professional growth and advancements Summary: • • • • • • • • • Having 3+ years of experience in IT Industry as a Software Engineer. Having 3 years of relevant experience in developing Web applications with ASP.NET, C# Hands on experience in Database connectivity using ADO.NET. Extensive experience on designing Web User Controls, HTML. Proficient in Designing and Development of GUI as per the requirements. Good exposure on database skills with SQL SERVER 2005. Good understanding and Knowledge on OOPS Experience in 3-Tier Applications Has the motivation to take responsibilities as well as ability and willingness to learn and adapt. : +91-7411467716

Professional Experience: Organization Gen Pact, Bangalore
Accenture , Bangalore,

Designation Software Engineer Software Engineer

Nov 2010– Till Date Aug 2008 – Oct 2010

Qualification: • B.Sc. from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, AP (2005)

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Languages Mark-up Languages Web Technologies .NET Framework Database Scripting Languages Methodologies Operating Systems : C#.NET, VB.NET, C, C++ : XML, HTML : ASP.NET 4.0/2.0/ HTML. : Visual Studio 2008,2010 : MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Microsoft Access : Java script : OOPS : Windows XP Prof/ MS Windows 7

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public. (Current Project) : : : : Internet & Intranet . superannuation.Major Assignments Project # 3 Title Client Duration Role Description: The Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated financial services including retail banking. Involved in Design and Developing Web Forms using ASP.NET. Here I have developed two types of Eforms. insurance. Environment: ASP. 09 – Oct 10 : Software Developer . HTML. and validate information for the user. look up.Eforms (http://www. and business-to-business communications can further benefit by integrating intelligent e-forms for data collection and process automation. Eforms used for internal.Net. We simply generate the system generated mails and sent automatically formatted mails to the customers/venders/staff with digital signatures. Involved in moments of meeting with Clint to analyze the requirement. An E-form can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format. Nov 2010 to till date Software Developer • Project # 2 Title Client Duration Role Bhaskar M Page 2 of 4 : Automated System : SJAHI : Jul. Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Involved in knowledge sharing with the team.NET and C#. and investment and share broking products and services. Comment Eforms: Here the data is not stored in database. regular. premium banking. Data base Eforms: data will store into database and use the same data to generate the reports. range and Custom validation for front end validations. institutional banking.NET. Windows XP Prof Responsibilities: • • • • • Building templates for GUI using HTML. The Group is one of the largest listed companies on the Australian Stock Exchange and is included in the Morgan Stanley Capital Global Index.eforms. SQL server 2005. Involved in Database connectivity using ADO. funds management. VS. Used validation controls like required. calculate.NET. business banking.NET 2005.

net using CS code. VS. SQL Server 2005. Windows XP Prof Responsibilities: • • • • Building templates for GUI using HTML.Net using C# code . SalesBhaskar M Page 3 of 4 : Sales work s Website : SJAHI : Aug 2008 – June. This module consists of all MIS reports and user-friendly screens. 09 : Software Developer .NET 2003. Involved in knowledge Contribution with the team. Student /Guardian. Environment: ASP.NET. FMS (Financial Management System) have completed and it is under Development using ASP. 2 EMS (Education Management System) 3 HRMS (Human Recourses Management System) 4 RAP (Registration and Admission Process) 5 FMS (Financial Management System) SMS. SMS developed in ASP.Net. HTML. EMS (Education Management System) is also completed and it is developed using ASP.Description: AS is a Combination of Modules each module is a project named as 1 SMS (Student Management System). As a developer involved in design and developed Web Forms using ASP. C#. regular.NET and C#. Sales-Works can maintain different accounts details with their respective contacts details. Unit testing phase has completed and UserTesting is also completed. teaching and nonteaching staff can login from anywhere and check their respective things.Net Used validation controls like required.NET Controls.Net with CS. • Project # 1 Title Client Duration Role Description: Sales-works is an in-house product of the company. range and Custom validation for front end validations. Involved in Database connectivity using ADO. Sales-Works supports 3-tier architecture where business logic is implemented in middle tire.SMS is a complete Student Management System. HRMS is successfully completed and implemented and it is under production environment. RAP. ASP.

SQL Server 2005. HTML.Net. ADO. Involved in using ADO. • Bhaskar M Page 4 of 4 . Involved in knowledge sharing with the team. Windows XP Prof Responsibilities: • • • • Building templates for GUI using HTML.NET to retrieve data from different databases.VS. Used validation controls like required. .works gives user-friendly environment. This product maintains the events and tasks details.Net. where business development people store their information. Environment: C#.NET and C#. range and Custom validation for front end validations.Net.Net. which help user to maintain their task and events based on multiple criteria. ASP. regular. As a developer involved in design and develop the Web Forms using ASP.NET 2003.

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