1 Person who in chance the gazette 4. valuer . surveyor.2 What we do? 2.0 Land use expert 5.Content 1. 3.0 Land Owner 6.0 Land acquisition consultant 1.2 Negotiator with lawyer.0 Land Acquisition Negotiator 2.1 Title search and Title certificate 2.0 Conclusion .0 Land Acquisition Agent 3.1 Background of company 1.

land access and project management consultancy for individuals. broker .1 Background of company Basic study from Land Administration and Development in University Technology Malaysia (UTM). visible execution and value added deliverable interest of our clients are our AZ Consultant core. Shahrul. Demarcation. 1. Abas. AZ consultant is a specialist land acquisition. companies. Saleha. Nasrul. Natasya. Phase wise Planning Managing the entire transaction at micro level (step by step) Price Negotiator Land acquisition and land acquisition consulting service        Land record availment service Title search and title certificate Land legal clearance service Tenancy clearances Mortgage loan/ burden clearances Court matters Land acquisition with proper identification and proof & precaution and execution thereof  Registration  Land valuation and Adjudication & Payment of Stamp Duty  Post registration Service .2 What we do?     Land acquisition facilitator.We organized 10 excellent students from 2SGT to create a real estate company who are Zhafrie. and Qamariah Our people is our strength. asset managers and project delivery teams. Sheila. Our business are value based on vibrant conceptualization. vital expertise. Rosasnizah. Faiz. farmers networking Land survey.AKMAL ZHAFRIE LAND ACQUISITION CONSULTANT (AZ CONSULTANT) 1. Team working is practice in AZ Consultant. public and private sector infrastructure providers.

Assist in the process of land acquisition application at least a year before the implementation of the project.0 Land Acquisition Negotiator   Assist administrators in the soil to produce to the registrar of the court afidafit. valuer .1 Title search and title certificate  Tracing root of title is done trough title search  Deal with JUPEM.2 Negotiator with lawyer. if any. maybe RM50-RM100 for every document needed. Be a representative of the beneficiaries in order to produce a small division of an inheritance or letters of administration limited to the highway trust managers and the public trustee would provide limited compensation checks. The Land Acquisition negotiator will charge for each document of title. Assist the applicant agency in consultation with the owner of registered land if requested by Claim for travel cost and documentation to attend the inquiry         2.  Prepare the Buy and Purchase Agreement and other document needed in land acquisition . Assist the applicant agency to get approval from the local development committee in which the land is located for approval of land acquisition plan.2. State the extra building such as wall and landscape to increase the compensation. Assist the applicant to indicate the agencies involved with land acquisition as requested by the administrator of the land. Assist the applicant agency to maintain and control the land taken to prevent the invasion before the project implementation and collection of revenue. Maybe can take 20% the payment for survey fees. Title certificate is accordingly prep 2.surveyor  Deal with private valuers to higher the compensation. Help manage the objections to the court to fill Help the developer / applicant agency for dealing with local authorities to approve the proposed project.  Put the transportation fees in compensation  Take some interest when dealing with surveyor.PKTDG and LAND OFFICE  The land office will file member land acquisition for a referral for a land acquisition plan which will show the land to be taken.

 Take the extra payment to make it faster and more efficiently.  Leasing and planning services necessary to the Region's Workforce Accommodation Plan. select and implement appropriate real estate and facility solutions  Achieve consensus and approval for recommended facility solutions including reporting to Regional Council  Responsible to conduct cost/benefit analysis. commercial. works yards.1 Person who in chance the gazette  The person who in chance the gazette also can take profit from land acquisition. coordination of internal/external stakeholders and all activities necessary to identify and rank possible and preferred workforce accommodation solutions  Negotiate and compile both purchase and leasing of a wide variety of user departments and property types (e. long term care facilities.3.. industrial. retail and land) 3.  Participate on and occasionally lead interdepartmental teams bringing all resources necessary together to analyze. office. clinics. . Responsibilities include site searches.g.0 Land Acquisition Agent  Will provide comprehensive real estate acquisition. "buy versus lease" and all other financial analysis as part of the business plan supporting recommended solutions  Conduct development planning analysis. negotiations and property rights acquisitions to secure facilities for the corporation's departments and programs including Land Ambulance (Paramedic) stations. etc. market analysis. offices. social housing sites. childcare centres.

0 Land owner Being a representative on behalf of land owner / interested persons to object to the court in matters of: i) Fill the form-related form ii) Payment of deposit as required by the land office iii) Assist landowner/ person relating to the appointment of assessors during the case be tried in court. transportation and so on. The land acquisition consultant is the best way how to making money. in Malaysia there is no register land acquisition consultant .0 Conclusion Land acquisition is the another way how to be rich. So . . The advantages of land use expert is can increase the land will be acquire. A part from that. 5. the land owner can convert such as agriculture land to building land before it gazette under section 8 in Land Acquisition Act. land use expert can predict the potential place where will be acquire by government. development of technology. land use expert can buy or give an advise to lucky landowner of potential land.0 Land use expert  The person who is very expert on land matters. After that.4. They have in many countries in the world has a lot of land acquisition which manages the acquisition of land for agricultural activities. iv) Find the layout plan in JUPEM v) Helped landowner for adequate compensation ( market value ) vi) Help / be a representative of the beneficiaries of land owner (who passed away / not detected / refuse) to deal with the matter of how to remove the compensation 6. However.