Instruction Guide on e-Registration On the homepage, for e-registration, go to e-Services on the Left Menu, under e-Services, go to e-Registration and

select the type of registration that applies. TIN Individual/Non-Individual Registration A. To register online for registration as an individual/Non-individual, select New Form from the box below and follow the instructions provided. B. If you were unable to upload your application form, select Continue with Previously filled form and follow the instructions provided. A. New Form Click here to read the instruction guide before downloading these forms. It is very important that you read these guidelines before downloading a template as they will enable you fill the templates with ease. Instruction guide for filling out and submitting a template for online registration. 1. Click on the template you wish to fill out, e.g. TIN Individual and select save. If you wish to register for VAT, Local Excise and Gaming and Pool Betting, you will need to download the respective annexure from the Web Portal as well. Tax type Gaming and Pool Betting (GPBT) Value Added Tax (VAT) Local Excise Duty Additional Branches 2. Save the template to a location on your computer. 3. Open the template. 4. Before filling out the template, enable macros by following the instructions on the sheet labeled help, on the form you have downloaded. Annexure Annexure – I (GPBT) Annexure – II (VAT) Annexure –III (Excise) Annexure – IV (Additional Business/Branch)

This receipt has a PRINT FORM button that you can use to print the application form for submission to the nearest DT office.) Provide the required information and submit. (This code has been sent to the email you provided in your application. If no errors are found on the template. 11. fill in the required fields. 13. (Refer to step 5 – 8) 14. You will need to submit the printed application form. The same Search Code and Reference Number referred to in step 18 will be required at this point. 16. you can continue with the upload by entering the Transaction Code as requested. you can print it later using the PRINT FORM function on the Home Page of the Web Portal. you can use the Track Your Status function. browse to select the respective file. 7. save the file.5. signed Terms and Conditions and attachments to the nearest URA office within 10 days. If you do not wish to print the form immediately. If the upload is successful. in order to continue with the upload of the applicable templates. generate an Upload file by clicking YES on the pop up window. 18. At the time of upload. 8. validate and re-generate another upload file. under e-Services on the Home Page of the Web Portal. 17. Refer to Steps 14-19. . 19. To track the status of your application. Try to upload the file again. This will be submitted together with the signed Terms and Conditions and attachments within 10 days. To print the form. correct the specified errors on the saved template (from which you generated the upload file). Continue with previously filled form Please note that if for any reason (such as slow or intermittent internet connections or power blackouts) your upload attempt was not successful. validate the form by clicking the VALIDATE button on the last schedule of the TIN Individual template. After filling in all the information. click Submit to submit your application. 15. Repeat step A. This email is sent at the time when the e-Acknowledgement is generated. under e-Services. 10. These Terms and Conditions can be downloaded and/or printed using the Download and Print View options. If the form fails online validation. B. correct them and save the file before validating again. you will be required to avail a Search Code and Reference Number. This will generate a compressed file that will take less of your time to upload. These can be obtained from the Registration Acknowledgement Receipt email that will be sent to the email address you provided in your application. In case of errors. Open the URA Web Portal and disable the pop-up blocker before uploading your application. agree to the terms and conditions and click upload. 9. 12. 6. An e-Acknowledgement receipt will be generated.

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