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CONVOFAIR 2011 MAFEST 2011 Mooncake Raya Festival Celebration in UTP

Convocation 2011

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(from left) Kuhanesapathy, Nur Zareen Zulkarnain, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Lai Chin Leong and Muhammad Aiman

By Aaron Chia Yun Zhen, PG Yr. 1 Sem. 2

UTP Chancellor Hall, 16 October: The 11th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS ( UTP ) marks the success of students in completing their studies. It was a dream come true for graduates to get a chance to throw their hats in the air. This year, UTP is proud to have Nur Zareen Zulkarnain, an ICT graduate who became the youngest recipient of the prestigious Biasiswa Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The momentous moment finally arrived as parents and guardians were proud to see A total of 1470 graduates entered the their children receiving their graduation Chancellor Complex at 8.30am, followed scrolls conferred by the Chancellor. Lai by the Board of Directors, Management Chin Leong from Civil Engineering

Committee, Senate and the Chancellor, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. The ceremony began with the singing of the National Anthem, Negaraku and the recitation of doa. The Vice Chancellor, Datuk Dr. Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim later gave a welcoming speech. The Vice Chancellor congratulated all UTP graduates and wished them all the best for the future. It was followed by an official declaration of the opening ceremony by Tun Dr. Mahathir.

received the Gold Chancellor Award while Silver and Bronze Chancellor Awards were presented to Muhammad Aiman bin Jamaludin from Petroleum Engineering and Kuhanesapathy A/L Thavaras Pathy from Chemical Engineering respectively. Meanwhile, the Best International Undergraduate Student Award was presented to Mosab Adam Agbna Elnour from Sudan. The morning session ended at 12.50pm and continued at 2.15pm with the Pro Chancellor Dato‟ Shamsul Azhar Abbas conferring graduation scrolls to the graduates. The convocation ceremony officially ended later that afternoon.

Editor’s Foreword
First of all, HOT congratulates all the graduates and wish them all the best In their future undertakings. Apart from that, we want to give our UTP SIFE team a great applause for entering semi-finals in the Global SIFE Cup 2011. When it comes to the month of October, normally we would start to notice the change in climate. Rain starts to fall more frequently and normally the night is quite chilly even without the use of air-conditioners. Due to this moist and wet conditions, flu and cough normally ensue. We want to remind all UTPians to drink more water and bring along a sweater so that flu or cough can be avoided. Last but not least, try to warm yourself up by spicing up your reading with HOT.

Chancellor Hall was full of graduating students and their family members

The Vice Chancellor giving his speech

2 Highlights


UTP SIFE team roaring their one spirit on !

By Joyce Shamini A/P Rajendran, CV Foundation Sem. 1 Tronoh, 5 October: After beating 23 other local universities to emerge as the champion of the SIFE Malaysia National Exposition 2011 at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur in July, the journey for the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) of Young Entrepreneurs Club (YEC) UTP had just begun. Here, we focus on the highlights experienced by our young entrepreneurs, shared by Mohd Syahiruddin bin Khirrul Anuar, President of SIFE of YEC. With barely two weeks to prepare after their final examination, SIFE UTP went on to compete in the SIFE World Cup 2011. Syahiruddin mentioned that without SIFE Faculty Advisor, En Amzairi Bin Amar‟s (Management and Humanities Department) patient guidance, they would not be where they were

in representing Malaysia for the global SIFE cup. Throughout their preparation, they were blessed with not just one but many chances of a lifetime to meet renowned figures such as the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Dato Sri Mustapa Bin Mohamed, MITI Deputy Minister, Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir, and CEO of SME Corp, Datuk Hafsah Hashim. They also attended talks by Commerce Investment Merchant Bank (CIMB) foundation, KPMG Toast Master Team, and Yayasan Khazanah. The Malaysian Team Presentation were personally assessed by Datuk Mukhriz, who according to Syahiruddin is a very „cool and fun person‟. Ultimately, their hard work got them into the semifinal stage where they were unfortunately defeated by the German SIFE team. Despite the defeat, SIFE UTP team was already making headway for next

year‟s SIFE National Exposition and SIFE World Cup 2012 which would be held at Washington DC, USA. Meanwhile, SIFE UTP continues to be acknowledged for their business-related projects designed to empower others and improve quality of life. Syahiruddin who personally can attest to the many hardships in establishing SIFE UTP for the past few years said that getting so close to the Global SIFE Cup was merely a bonus, what matters is helping the community. He also encouraged students to check out their Business Centre located next to CIMB Building in UTP which offers services to UTP students.

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Third Place in ROBOCON Competition
By Mostafa Mansour, EE Yr. 2 Sem. 1 PETROBOTS is the society in UTP that involves robotics and each year, it represents UTP in two robotic competitions: EUROBOTS and ABU ROBOCON. This year, PETROBOTS won the third place in the national Malaysian ABU ROBOCON competition. The HOT team met two of the PETROBOTS seniors, Mokgatla Abram and Ag Shahrin Afwan (a.k.a. Awang), to share a little bit about PETROBOTS and how joining it affected their lives. They are final year EE students and they have been working hard to bring PETROBOTS to scale greater They hope to be the champion of PETROBOTS as they could see the potential. heights. However, in Mokgatla‟s words “Potential needs hard work to achieve what you want to achieve.” So they are hoping that within the next two years, In this year‟s EUROBOTS competition, Awang said that although they did not PETROBOTS can emerge champions of ROBOCON. This requires support from win, they were glad to be able to share their past experiences with their juniors. everyone and requires “a strong mentality to never give up” as expressed by According to them, being part of PETROBOTS has brought lots of benefits. It Awang. prepared them to be well-rounded graduates. Through PETROBOTS, they learned the ways to approach their projects and troubleshoot the problems which Lastly, they advised their PETROBOTS juniors to play their part and to give back occurred. Moreover, it improved communication skills, encouraged team work to PETROBOTS and UTP. As for UTP students in general, they said and it trained them to work under pressure. Lastly, it gave them a sense of “PETROBOTS is for UTP and its students”, and urged for continuous support. belonging to UTP. Contribute to us by sending photos related to events as well as the captions of the photos to , with the subject “sizzle”, and your attached file named as your caption naming. Include your name, year and programme in email. Many UTP students are worried that by participating in PETROBOTS will affect their studies. However, our interviewees feel that it gives them an opportunity to enhance time management skills and understand the practicalities of what they learn in theory. This is an advantage, according to them, as they learn the theory in class and get to apply it in practice through PETROBOTS. As they said, “Anything you do can affect your study.”

3 Happenings

By Low Zhen Teng, CV Yr. 1 Sem. 2 Tronoh, 16 October: Being the biggest event that is held annually in UTP in conjunction with the Convocation Ceremony, Convofair 2011 culminated with a colourful charity concert which was conducted successfully although it was raining buckets. Convofair 2011 which was held at the Oval Park played an imperative role in commemorating the graduation of UTP students. Besides UTP citizens, parents and visitors also enjoyed this event. In short, this golden opportunity encouraged interaction among students and outsiders consisting of various races, religions and background, both locally and internationally. Exciting Activities For this year, even though the Convofair committees faced the obstacle of time constraint, they did not disappoint the students. A wide variety of sub-events such as Treasure Hunt, Futsal De‟ Convo, Convo Run, Convo Rod Challenge and Kayak Competition took place around the campus during this period, spicing up this grand celebration. One of the more meaningful programmes, named „The Kasih Project‟ instilled the caring and loving spirit among the committee members. About 20 committee members were sent to Rumah Amal Haruman Kasih to reach out to the orphans there. Besides staying overnight at the orphanage, they also cheered the orphans by bringing them to Teluk Senangin where they built sandcastles and feasted together by the beach. The Illuminated Oval Park Cash and kind were the driving force to make the exhibition a success. Booths for sponsors, kid‟s playground, food and beverage, international cultures, graduation accessories and Convofair 2011 merchandise had transformed Oval Park into a hive of activities from 14 - 16 October. Throngs of people visited the exhibition and enjoyed themselves immensely in this event. The celebrations got off to a dazzling start with the officiating ceremony on the first night. Performance from Gamelan, UTP Performing Art Group, Bhangra and the Uzbekistan Students established a lively atmosphere that night. For the second day, once again the crowd was able to witness another impressive forum with the theme “Keluarga Dan Kerjaya”, presented by three honourable guests, Ir Haji Khairil Nizam b. Khairudin, Muhammad b. Abdullah and Pn. Suzana Ghazali with Hamzah b. Nawawi (President of Student Representative Council, UTP) as the moderator. Apart from that, the Tronoh Theater Shop and the Chinese Orchestra also showcased their talents with compelling and amazing performances. Rock And Roll In The Rain! Being the climax of Convofair 2011, the Charity Concert on the third day had attracted a myriad of people where the Indian Orchestra, Precious Gift Home and Darussalam Orphanage were involved in the show. Muzzy Band and Mirwana then rocked the entire night with live performances to whet the appetites of the audiences. The night had brought forth rounds of rousing applause, which also created a memorable ambience for Convofair 2011.

Convofair’s Activities

By Teresa Clare Ratnam, PE Foundation Sem. 2 Ipoh, 2 October: The Martial Arts Festival 2011 which was held at the Stadium Indera Mulia was organised by the Sekretariat Rakan Muda Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (SRMUTP) with the support of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). It is a collaboration with Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI), Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), Malaysian Book of Record (MBOR) and Persekutuan Silat Kebangsaan Negeri Perak (PESAKA), anticipating a huge participation from all levels of the community.

International Culture Booth showcases different cultures from around the globe

Forum with the topic of ‘Keluarga dan Kerjaya’

MAFEST 2011 is an exhibition that aims to provide an opportunity for all martial arts clubs to gather and interact with one another. In addition, it creates a perfect platform for all the clubs to inculcate and promote self-defence awareness among the public.

Convo Rod Challenge

Myriads of people visited the Convofair this year

Mooncake Raya Festival Celebration in UTP

11 er 20 oft ctob dercr 8O 2, Un ate: turday D m Sa r Roo Day: : Semina e Venu

Students at UTP celebrating Mooncake Raya Festival together regardless of race as well as religion

4 More Happenings

UTP SIFE TEAM During Competition

Evaluation by the panel of judges

Preparing to answer questions to defend their ideas.

V5 Goes Green for a better future
By Choo Yeong Seang, PG Yr. 3 Sem. 1 Tronoh, 5 August: With the aim to increase awareness among students on environmental issues and the importance of conserving nature, Village 5 Student Representative (V5SR), with the support of Residential College Unit, had taken a step ahead by conducting a campaign and organising two competitions, namely „V5 Goes Green Campaign, Think Green Competition‟ and At the same time, the „Green Initiatives „Green Initiatives Competition‟, with the Competition‟ was a competition where collaboration of Tupperware Brands. participants are required to gather the most recyclable items. The amount of recyclable items V5SR started its introduction by setting up booth will directly reflect the result of the participants. from 12-14 July at Pocket D, which marked the From seven participation, Shafwan Akmal bin commencing of the „V5 Goes Green‟. Besides Zamri again won the first place, while team ABC providing information about the competitions and (Ibrahim Fikri bin Mohd Said and Ahmad Hanif campaign, a booth had been set up by Tupperware bin Osman) won the second place, and The Brands to create awareness on the risk of using Vittayalizeds formed by Gan Wei Di, Boon Ee styrofoam as food container for packing of food Juan, Lee Kien Kok and Choo Yeong Seang were and to educate students on better alternatives. at third place. With the collaboration of V5 café, the organisers managed to carry out the no plastic day, which is In both of the competitions, the Champions won a conducted every Saturday in July. cash prize of RM250, while the first runner ups won RM150 and the second runner ups won Apart from the campaign, the „Think Green RM100. With this event, it is hoped that the spirit Competition‟ was poster presentation where of keeping mother earth safe and healthy can be students presented their creative ideas. Posters achieved. were evaluated by the judges and through Facebook voting. The posters had been evaluated by En Wan Tarmizi, the Manager of Residential College. Out of six participants, the first place winner was Shafwan Akmal bin Zamri, the second place won by Choo Yeong Seang and the third place went to a team formed by Nguyen Chi Cuong and Andres Oyono Abeso Bikie.

The winners of Think Green Competition

Call for Papers
By Low Zhen Teng, CV Yr. 1 Sem. 2 Tronoh, 12 August: Universti Teknologi PETRONAS Research Paper Conference (URPC) is an annual event which was fully supported by Dr. Balbir Singh, Senior Manager of Academic Central Services (ACS) since 2010. With the renowned reputation gained, URPC was conducted for the second time and received overwhelming response from UTP students. As the name suggests, URPC provides a golden opportunity for the undergraduate and foundation students to present their research on the particular field which they have chosen, to be evaluated by the invited judges. “Our committee team hope that this event will be the stepping ladder for UTP to be nationally, as well as internationally recognised and acknowledged as a capable hosting house for national conference that calls for paper,” said Hew Zhong Ying, the Project Manager of URPC 2011. Among the participating papers, the three best paper awards were: Jatropha – Soybean Biodiesel Blends : A Signature Design with Optimum Low Temperature Properties and Oxidation Stability
The winner getting cash prize from the organiser

(by Kuhanesapathy Thavaras Pathy, CE Category) Continuous Line-detection of High Resolution Image Using CMOS Camera for Smart Car Competition (by Tran Duc Chung, EE Category) Cross Spectral Analyses of Full Scale Wind and Wave Metocean Data Interaction with Offshore Platforms in Malaysia Sea (by Aliya binti Mhd. Zahir, CV Category ) To add on, Kuhanesapathy Thavaras Pathy won the best presenter of the conference with his topic discussion on “Jatropha – Soybean Biodiesel Blends: A Signature Design with Optimum Low Temperature Properties and Oxidation Stability”.

Poster (Turn off the light - Turn on the future)

UTP events: 14/9 UTP Mesra Global Outreach Programme 14-16/10 Health Campaign 22/10 Youth Social Responsibility

Contribute to us by sending your articles to , with the subject “columns”, and your attached file named as your article name. Include your name, year and programme in the article file.

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