Questionare… Please answer all the questions ( or at least as many as possible)..If not….

you will be not allowed to use hot water…Remember - Your future depends on it !!! 1. If you would be an animal you would be…. 2. What you usually eat for breakfast? 3. Size of your shoes you had two years ago 4. What colour you like to wear most? 5. You would like to live / visit …. 6. When you will be “adult” you would like to be …. 7. The craziest thing you have ever done in your life 8. Sport you like most (doing or watching) 9. The nightmare for you would be to …. 10. The thing you will never eat (food) 11. The most incredible thing you have ever seen was… 12. Your favourite writer / book is… 13. Your season of year that you don’t really like 14. You would pay a bbbbiiiiigggg sum of money to go to the concert of… 15. The movie you will never forget …. 16. If you have a motto / quote you like this is the place to put it: 17. You are addicted to … 18. What was the colour of your eyes when you were born? 19. Would you like to marry a French human being? Why? Thank you for your cooperation and see you soon

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