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MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc.

Nowata Engineered Gas Vessels

ProGuard Refinery Filter System

Standard Catalog Housings

Bag Filter Housings

Multi-Cartridge Housings to 1440 psi

Pipeline Basket Strainers

Custom Engineered Vessels

Engineered Vessels up to 6000 psi

Fabrication Experience with the Following Materials

Standard Materials: 316 Stainless Steel Carbon Steel 304 Stainless Steel Exotic Materials: Hastelloy Inconel Copper Nickel
Programmable Logic Controllers

Monel 5-Chrome 9-Chrome

ProGuard Engineered, Backwashable High Pressure - High Temp Refinery Filtration Systems

Engineering Capabilities
Standard Nowata or ProGuard catalog products usually provide the best and most economical solution for the majority of applications. However, not every filter application has a ready-made answer. In these situations, our engineering staff works with you to define and solve the problem. It may mean a simple modification to an existing filter design, or the creation of a customized filter system. In either case, we are committed to flexibility and quick response to your needs.

In-House Engineers utilize the latest drafting software technology to customize solutions that meet customers applications and specifications.
In-house Engineering Dept utilizes latest version of AutoCAD

Code Availability :
NB - National Board Vessel Registration System. U - NB Registered, U1A Data Report, 3rd Party Review. UM - Vessels under 250 psi and less than 5 cu. ft. in size. Internal Inspection and Record Keeping with U3 Data Report. Non-Code - Also Available.

Vessels Fabricated using Modern Manufacturing Techniques and Automated Technologies

Plasma Burning Sub Arc Welding Automatic TIG Welding

History of MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc.

Nowata Machine Works opened its doors in 1907 to serve the blacksmith needs of the young oil industry in northeast Oklahoma. Things changed forever for NMW when it built its first cartridge filter vessel for a local oil producer.

Nowata Filtration

(Division of MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc.)

Since then, Nowata Filtration has grown to become a leading supplier of high and low pressure, ASME Code and non-code, bag and cartridge filter systems for a wide range of applications around the world. Today we serve not only the oil production market but provide industrial filter solutions for most liquid and gas applications.

ProGuard Filtration

(Division of MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc.)

Recognizing an opportunity, in 1984 NMW evolved again. The ProGuard Filtration Systems division was formed to manufacture tubular backwashable filter systems for use in pulp and paper, chemical, refining, and a variety of other industrial markets. While the forge and anvil of the blacksmith days are gone, the dedication to responsiveness and answering the needs of our customers are the forces that continue to drive us today.

Nowata, Oklahoma USA

Facilities Totaling Over 70,000 Sq. Ft.

Nowata and ProGuard Filtration products are located domestically and internationally in places such as: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, Romania, Russia, and the Netherlands. MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc. provides many types of bag and cartridge, disposable and permanent media which are available to meet specific customer requirements. Call with your applications.

Nowata and ProGuard Filtration Products Div. of MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA, Inc. Visit our website WWW.NOWATA.COM for up to date information about new products and capabilities.
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