Example lnq lweefs "Less than 24 hrc before I head off for my vacation in lraq and the kids arc already maktng my wife miserable. Today Is not going to be fun." "Going to DFAC - Dining Facility - here at BIAP. Try to get on helicopter to Kalsu tonight." "Put ofl at BIAP (Baghdad lntemational Airpoft). Not sure wt'y.' 'Chillin in my tent at Baghdad I ntem atlo nal Ai rport (BIAP).' "Drove off base today down Route lrtsh in an'NTV and dldnl get blown fun." "Just picked my roomie up from BIAP, now it's ten lil 2 in the momlng, ugh." "Today is my day oft. 115 already in Camp Bucca,lraq." Example Afg hanistan Tweets "l'm in Bagram waiting for a flightto Camp Salemo by Kwost in the volatile easf of Afghanistan near the Paki. border. Hot daydcold nighb." "Hi from Bagnm air field; 20 minutes from now l'll hopefully board a flight to the Pakistan border," "Flying to Bagram, Afghanistan ln 12 hourc. Thejourney ts about to beginl' Example Foft Huachuca Tweefs "Email I just got: -We are changing all of the PMstaslrs at Ft Huachuca. I hope fhis does not add a lot of extra work on your end.' HAI" " at Ft. Huachuca. ltwas great s*ing him last night passing through Tucson Intemational."

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Twitteris described "a as free SocialNetworking MicroBloggingo and that lets service members keepin touchwith peopleusingthe web,their phone, lM (instant or messaging)."' Twitter similar is to othersocialnetworking sitesin that it allowspeople create to a community interest of and/orgroupof onlinefriends. Twitterlaunched July 2006and has become in an popular increasingly networking venueoverthe pasttwo years.o September 2008,therewere21,100,000 On 26, GoogleHitsfor doinga searchon, whichwas advertised a multitude different on of language web pages, including English, Arabic, Armenian, Simplified Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Indonesian, Korean, Thai,andother languagese. Whatmakes Twitter is unique thatthe member send can (messages) realtime Twitter phone Tweets near to cell
6 Search Mobile Computing Online defines MicroBlogging as "Microblogging the practiceof sending is brief poststo a personal blog on a microbloggingWeb site, such as Twitteror Jaiku. Microposts be madepublicon a Web siteand/ordistributed can to a privategroup of subscribers. Subscrberscan read microblog postsonlineor requestthat updatesbe deliveredin real time to their desktopas an instantmessageor sent to a mobiledeviceas an SMS text message." htto:// inition/0..sid40 oci1265620.00.htm1

I CrunchBase,'TwitterCompany Profile," 2008, panv/Twitte http://www.cru nchbase. com/com r e GoogleSearch, of Sept.27,2OOB


page.Theycan also Mashup groupsand to theironlineTwittersocialnetworking their geo and Tweetswitha varietyof othertoolsincluding coordinates GoogleMapsor other members other to Members directand re-direct can audience electronic files/artifacts. groupsocial websites from"Tweets" can engagein rapid-fire and and locations that in on interaction. example, earthquake occurred LosAngeles July 29,2008 For the priorto the information four via approximately minutes was reported a Twittermember therewere hundreds Tweetsfrom of beingreported the newsand withinminutes by peopleexperiencing earthquake hand.10Twitterhas also becomea social first the groups, vegetarians, anarchists, humanrights communists, activism toolforsocialists, political hacktivists othersto and religious communities, atheists, enthusiasts, to audiences.ll with communicate eachotherand to sendmessages broader extremist ideologies Twitteris already usedby somemembers postand/orsupport to pro Tweets. In For thereare multiple and anti Hezbollah and perspectives. example, tactics and use addition, extremist terrorist of Twittercouldevolveovertimeto reflect This could in and for evolving use by hacktivisfs activists surveillance. that are already Twitterwas recently usedas a counterwithtargeting. theoretically combined be and movement by activists the Republican tool at command and control, surveillance, (RNC). The activists wouldTweeteachotherand theirTwitter National Convention pagesto add information whatwas happening nearrealtime. with Law Enforcement on

Activist Use of Twitter for Law EnforcementCounter Surveillanceand MovementCoordinationat the most recent RepublicanNationalConvention (RNc) Worldarticle and The following sampleTweetswerecollected postedin a Computer EludePolice," on 'TwitterHelpsRepublican Protestors Organize, Convention 8, September 2008(htto:// o "Arrest Resisters seatedprotesters MarionBridge. on teamsare approaching are toldthey'llbe met withforce." o "Protestors nowfighting now" back.Firstreports violence of are o "Western westof capitol can be safelycrossed." Ave. Bridge, o 'City is on lockdown. to 14thandJacksonif you needhelpfromtear gas Go pepperspray."( )

potential red-teaming examples couldbe createdsurrounding that Thereare multiple use are adversarial of Twitter. Following threered teamscenarios:

toWeaver, "Didthe EarthTweetForYou,"UK Guardian Blog,July30, 2008, Matthew,</news/bloq/2008/iul/30/laearthquakehitsrealihltv tt 3o4tn Bn OSINTTeamReview Member TwitterPages Ml of


Scenario 1: "A" with(orwithout) usinga cellphone camera/video Terrorist operative usesTwitter messages, fromthe restof his cell. and function sendbackmessages, to receive to "A" MapsTwitter MashUp of wherehe is under code a Operative alsohasa Google posted the directions) on wordfor othermembers his cell(iftheyneedmorein-depth of near fromtheirmobiles.Othermembers his cellreceive of WWWthatcan be viewed (similar the movement updates weresentby activists the that at realtimeupdates to in an andthe number troops of thatare moving orderto conduct RNC)on how,where, ambush. Scenario2: "A" phone Tweetmessaging for takingimages. for and Terrorist operative hasa mobile "A" phone mobile thatis actually explosive an device Operative alsohasa separate "8" Terrorist operative hasthe detonator vestfor remotedetonation. and/ora suicide and images.Thismayallow"B"to select precise the to anda mobile view"A's"Tweets that is basedon nearrealtime movement imagery and moment remote of detonation beingsentby "A." Scenario3: "A" "A" Twitter Operative account. Terrorist operative findsU.S.ArmySmith's Cyber joinsSmith's is information Smith.Thisinformation then from Tweets and begins elicit to package (targeting thissensecouldbe for identity in theft,hacking, usedfor a targeting physical.) for Thisscenario notnewand hasalready is beendiscussed other and/or social networking sites, suchas My Spaceand/orFaceBook.
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