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Selected art and writing by students in Second Story's aftercare classes at Padua Academy, Andrew Academy, and Holy

Angels Catholic School. Fall, 2011 Indianapolis, Ind.

Copyright 2011 by each author. Editing and book design by Wendy Lee Spacek Cover art by Angel Marie, Padua Academy. About the Program: In the fall of 2011, Second Story brought teaching artists Wendy Lee Spacek, Benjamin Bernthal, Jenny Walton, Tom Streit, and Jim Walker to after-school programs in three schools, Padua Academy, Andrew Academy, and Holy Angels Catholic School. The writing and art in this book resulted from prompts and lessons created by Second Story and its teaching artists. All students are elementary-school age unless otherwise noted. About Second Story: Second Story is an Indianapolis-based non-profit writing organization that serves kids, schools, and community organizations. Its programs include in-class writing instruction at local schools, as well as after-school tutoring, creative writing workshops, and literacy events. Find out more at Second Story 1014 Prospect St. Indianapolis, IN 46203 (317) 408-1366

Padua Academy Andrew Academy Holy Angels

Padua Academy

Buffalo chip,
Burgers with chip, Rotten cheese with rotten apple, Turkey on turkey that has rotten cheese, With the turkey, rotten cheese With some bacon on the top of the Pig and the bacon, skeleton with Some little body, mafalo in the purple Bubble gum, shout out of down Shout in shout shout on down. -Betty

Blue clean pool

Green glowy ooze Broken pieces of old rusty plate Stickers of good old spongebob Stickers Tiny black puppy paws Red rose petal Yellow sand Old Greek helmet Bright shiny diamond Huge bubble then it goes POP! -Franchesca

What is Facebook?

I love cheese. Smell my ears. When I eat swallow. Smell my pits. Listen to Jazz. -Unknown

Make an encouraging banner.

Under the nose hairs

there is an old toilet plunger. Under the plunger there is a black horsefly. Under the horsefly there is an electric cable cord. Under the cord there is a river of lava. The lava burns everything, the fly, the cable cord, And the nose with its hairs. Under the lava is a Devils territory. Under the Devils territory there is a shopping mall Filled with hungry anacondas. There is a movie theater inside the mall and The theater is warmed by venom. -A.J.

Glass Under the Glass Is A molded pizza Under the molded pizza Is Mafalo under mafalo Is A purple Eraser under the eraser Is Nose hair under the nose hair Is Dirt under the dirt Is Aj under aj Is Buffalo chip under the buffalo chip Is Gummy bears under the gummy bears Is Burgers under the burgers Is Snout under the snout Is Albert under Albert Is Sofia under Sofia Is Poop under poop Is An apple under an apple Is Horsefly under horsefly Is Flowers under the flowers Is Cheeses under the cheeses Is A mole under the mole Is Water under the water Is Pee under the pee Is A pig under the pig Is A toilet under the toilet Is A brain under the brain Is A ball under the ball Is A dead person.


Write a letter from the future.

Create your own super hero

Andrew Academy

My Day
When I wake up I remember I had a dream that my German shepherd mix with a husky. Had 7 puppies. When I wake up the first thing I think of is the beautiful puppies. When I wake up the first thing I do is brush my teeth. When I wake up the first thing I eat is frosted flakes. -Alexis

Draw the front of your house.

Draw the front of your house.

A day in the life of Fantasy.

There was a blue haired Asian girl across from my room to the other side of my room. Who was that Asian blue haired girl. Put on my ninja costume. Spicy mabo tofu. A cool breeze with a baby blue sky with sunflowers everywhere. I dont go to school, Im a ninja. I dont go to school remember? I go to my room. Im in my room. Right poems. Remember sad things. Take a shower. Light up candles. A saw was that Asian blue haired girl. When I saw that blue haired Asian girl she said come with me please. -Keionni

My Day
When I get home I play my games cause the controller vibrates and makes my hands feel numb. -Pierce

Make a memory map.

Color Poem
What is pink? Pink is a color. Pink is shoes. Pink is the room. Pink makes me happy. What is red? Red is hot. Red is a beautiful color. Red is a bad color. Red makes me unhappy. LIke Tyrell makes me unhappy. What is gold? Gold is Tyrell's Face. Gold is my favorite color. Gold is my hair. Gold makes me feel happy. I like it when the sun shines gold. -Zoe

Poem (As the river)

As the man faced over the top of the tower first the right hand shaking then the dog layed down into the puddle of the shallow river talk. Andrew & Theiry

Under the chefs hat

there are recipes. Under the recipes there is a chef book. Under the chef book there is a strawberry. Under the strawberry there is a banana Under the banana there is a kiwi. Under the kiwi there is a peach. Under the peach there is an apple. Under the apple there is a knife. Under the knife there is a cutting board. Under the cutting board there is a note that said: Dear whoever, I am making a fruit salad please do not touch. -The Chef -Aurora

Make a memory map.

My Day
I saw a monster that had stripes on it. I want to tho to the store and get a beyblabe. Put my clothes on. Eat is bacon and eggs and waffles. Achoo and cold and sometimes it's hot. A car that's called a lamborghini. Go to my class room and do my work. Recess and gym. Theiry, Pierce, Jermaine, Andrew, and Isaiah. My house with my family. Eat a burger and I go to sleep. A burger and french fries and the fires was big as a bus stop. Laugh and fall out the bed. -Unknown

Create your own super hero

Make a memory map.

Inside the horse

inside the boy is a heart inside is a glass fracture, inside the horse is a pogo stick, there is a pencil, inside the pencil is a piece of lead inside the piece of lead is a finger, inside the finger was the blood and inside the blood were particles from the heart which the heart wanted to improvise. -Victor

Poem (As the car)

As the table exploded over the top of the football first the right box then the chain balled down into the glue of the warm soap. -Richard & Keshawn

Holy Angels

Poodle Days There are sharks in the car the people are trying to get out the people get out but the sharks bit one of the persons leg off they suffered and then they had to go to the doctor he had to stay in the hospital for 2,000,000 days. -Brandon

The Clown Juggler

Once upon a time there was a clown juggler that was extreme he was so extreme he rode a rollercoaster called the beast after he road the beast, there was stunt man saying he wanted the clown juggler. He was sling shotted all the way to the moon. He went all the way over a French fry and the surprising thing is when I got to the moon it was made of lasers. I had to get threw left right up left down right straight back up left down down Im at the end there was a prized at the end the prize was a rollercoaster and road all the way home to earth in clownville. Sneak peek clowns real name is tome the lawyer. -Jaylen

Inside the T-Rex

There is a three-headed cobra. Inside the three-headed cobra is a 5 headed dragon. Inside the five headed dragon is a chopper gun in the chopper gun is a six head kangaroo. Inside the six head kangaroo is a blue, red, white, silver back inside the blue, green, red, white silver back is a thousand head cheetah. Inside the thousand cheetah is a million head tortoise. -Keith

The World of Mutants

1. People on a roller coaster fall in a pool of lava and turn into mutants. 2. Their are all kinds of mutants that come out with different sizes and voices. 3.Humans don't accept the mutants and the humans and mutants are locked in battle. 4.The mutants try to make a peace treaty. 5. The humans accepted the peace treaty. 6. Both humans and mutants walk the streets together. -Hassan
Create your own super hero

Make a memory map.

I don't like any animals at all.

Six Top Animals I don't like. Whale - barely moves. Fish - boring. Real stupid. Platypus - doesn't do anything. Turtle- walks slow. Cat- tears up stuff. Dog- messes up house. -Niguel

My Day
I was on Cakeboss. I want to go back to sleep. Go back to sleep. Hot chocolate, that is warm and good. Chilly, like a fall day. 7:20 a.m. Sit down. Math because at the end of day. McKenzie, Mahogany, Kumba, Karrington, Victor, Ayana, because they are awesome. Go to after care and stare at the clock. Take off shoes. Dinner. Lay on couch. And relax like a fat bear. Dont like to clean. Get in the shower. Turn on T.V. I pray. If I dont pray I dont sleep well. I dream bout lots of things in future. -Mckenzie

The Ocean
I was sitting on a rock and my animals wanted to swim with me so we did. So we were swimming and saw a fish coming and she said that the mean evil octopus man had got one of my fish, so her mom said that she want her back. I took my shark, turtle, dolphin, walrus with me to safety. The little fish. So it was dark and I had light eye fish so we saw the fish in a cage and I said a fish should not be in a gage like that so me and my fish was making a plan so I said shark and dolphin, go after octopus man and walrus and turtle and me go get the fish. So octopus man had made water proof animals like a whale, marlin, crab. So told turtle and walrus to help shark and dolphin. So they did. So I got the little fish and I said go to your mother and I help shark, dolphin, turtle, walrus. Then we destroyed the whale, and the crab. SO we had to defeat the marlin. Then we did. So octopus man tried to get away. So I said what and then we put him in ocean jail. Then I go back to my rock. -Donavan