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The Marriage Knot, For What?

Duke Jeyaraj on discovering God’s purpose for every marriage

The Marriage Knot, For What? Duke Jeyaraj on discovering God’s purpose for every marriage place. If

place. If you are planning to get married, it’s wise to find out why God wants you to tie the knot. This will be an interesting study. Let’s start. God created marriage for the facilitation of 5 “MCs”. Here they are -

If an Audi Car breaks down, we would be wise to take it to the garage operated by the makers of Audi. When a marriage breaks

down, we would be wise to go to the maker of


After God created the first man, the Bible records, this was what God said: “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a companion who will help him.” God created marriage to help the human race fight loneliness. God fashioned Holy Matrimony to help

especially women cope with the gnawing feeling they constantly have of being ever so lonely! Blessed is the man who understands this! If he did and acted upon this realization, that man’s wife would be happy!

Elkanah understood this! This is what he says to Hannah his wife – a woman who was childless:

“Hannah, why do you weep? And why do you not eat? And why is your heart sad? Am I not more to you than ten sons?” (I Sam 1:20). When was the last time, you (Mr. Husband) talks that lovingly to your wife? When was the last time you had such loving conversations with your spouse?

Queen Jezebel was evil personified. But she can still be

Marriage, even God….

If your Audi R8 breaks down, it is best that you take it to the makers of that car or to the manufacturer’s authorized garage. It would be foolish to take it to just any local garage. God is the one who invented marriage, the Bible teaches. As we see marriages being wrecked and made mockery of in our time, it is best we go back to Him, to find out the original purpose that he had for setting up marriage on planet Earth. That purpose is revealed in God’s Word in human words, the Holy Bible. Let me outline them for you. The study of these purposes will be useful for those who are married (they will know which God-intended purpose, they are missing in their marriage) and those who desire to be married (having known God’s purposes for every marriage, they will be able to wisely choose a life partner). If you are married, you must discover why God wanted you to tie the knot, in the first

taken as an example to follow in the way she spoke to her hubby dear, King Ahab. As he came home after a disgusting day at office (we can see it that way) she asked him, “Why is your spirit so vexed that you eat no food?” (I Kings 21:5). Not just women, even men have a need for loving, spirit-uplifting conversations in their marriages! Ask King Ahab!

Boaz offered to Ruth exactly what she wanted as a woman – plenty of meaningful conversation. Here is just a sample of what Boaz told Ruth: “And when you are thirsty, go to the vessels and drink what the young men have drawn” (Ruth 2:9). Husband, do you ask your wife things like, “Did you eat?” Do you walk up to her with a glass of water and say, “Please drink!”? These are small things. But they mean the world to your wife. They tell her that you love her and that you care for her. In his message on the Family in a huge stadium in England, I heard Dr. Billy Graham, say that the secret of making one’s wife happy lies in focusing on these ‘little’ things. Little wonder, he had a successful marriage that lasted over five decades, where he remained faithful to his wife, till her death, despite all the pressures of an international itinerant ministry.

We husbands must understand that the greatest gifts we can give our wives may not be gifts like that trendy Timex watch but time itself! Your best gift to your wife may not necessarily be that Diamond ring but an unhurried

We husbands must understand that the greatest gifts we can give our wives may not be

We husbands must understand that the greatest gifts we can give our

wives may not be gifts like that trendy


Why did God create marriage? To provide for the only place where the most magical climax on planet earth, “the best fun one can have without laughing”, even sex, can be

experienced! Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who’s been part of some of the well-known sex scenes

Timex watch but time itself!

date in which you whisper sweet nothings to her!

To spend quality time with each other, so that meaningful conversation can evolve, the husband and the wife can read God’s Word together and reflect upon it together. My wife, Evan and I do that, however imperfectly. We find that this leads to meaningful conversations.

The ad punch line for the car, Chevrolet Beat Diesel is this:

“Long drives are back!” (because apparently this car gives you the best mileage). Let’s get back to those long drives (even if we drive a car that does not offer good mileage), and long walks, with our life partners.

“You will have to consciously switch off your blackberry, turn off your computer, and not read your email. You should go on a vacation with your family and take a break, or else, it’s coming at you all the time!” Those words weren’t spoken by Family Counselor James Dobson. You will be surprised to know they were spoken by Google Inc.’s Vice President, Sukhinder S. Cassidy. She said this at the India Today Conclave 2007.

put on film in the planet, surprisingly said, “The best sex there is, is married sex!” I would like to say in similar vein, “The only guilt-free sex happens between a husband and his wife. You can stare at the ceiling with a feeling of absolute serenity and total peace when you have just had sex with your spouse. This does not happen when you just had sex with anyone else. This does not happen after you have just masturbated with your mind full of adulterous thoughts. “There’s peace only when your life-partner is standing unclothed in front of you; when it’s someone else (that porn star on that DVD, that movie starlet in your imagination, that office colleague in actuality, etc), that peace will be shattered. This is the message of the Bible in Song of Songs 8:10. In the book of Proverbs, the Bible teaches, “Enjoy the wife you married as a young man! Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose – don’t ever quit taking delight in her body!” (Prov 5:18-20, The Message). When some of my close friends have got married, I have written this set of verses, unedited, in my greeting card to them! God’s Word teaches ‘abstaining from sex is permissible’ for the husband and wife ‘only if they mutually agree to it and it’s only for the

purposes of prayer and fasting – only for those times’. After such periods, they need to’ come back together’ to experience the joy of sexual intimacy ‘again’ (I Cor 7:5, The Message).

There are 66 books in the Bible. Did you know that God put one whole book in the Bible to make us understand that he created sex for giving the married pleasures untold? I am referring to the book of Song of Solomon. It is interesting to note that this book does not record the birth of a child. The message of this book then is: “God created marriage for pleasures within the boundary of marriage, not just for the mere production of children!”

In this book, we read about an UNSELFISH HUSBAND, we husbands must emulate. Husbands, in general, are not naturally inclined to talk lovingly or listen attentively to their wives, especially when it comes to the time for sex. They prefer to rush with the sex-act without waiting to strike romance-laced conversations with their spouses, in most cases. Here, in this book, we read of a different kind of husband. This husband says to his wife even as both of them are gearing up to make love with each other, “Let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet!” (Song of Songs 2:14b). The same request, he repeats in Song of Songs 8:13. Wow!

In the book of Song of Solomon, we read of an UNSELFISH WIFE. Wives are mostly wired to wait for their husbands to make the first move when it comes to sex. But in this book, which is of course inspired by the Holy Spirit, we read of the wife who makes the first move when it comes to sex,

at times. She says to her husband, “Let us go early to the vineyards (before mother-in-law awakens, perhaps!) to see if the vines have budded, if their blossoms have opened, and if the pomegranates are in bloom – there I will give you my love!” (Song of Songs 7:12). The vineyard this lady is talking about here is her own body. In poetic language she invites her husband to come and enjoy the vineyard – the vineyard of her body with all its intoxicating enticements! In Song of Songs 8:5, she further says, “Under the apple tree I aroused you!” She was the one who took the initiative in the act of sex, here as well.Wow!

The husband that the book of Song of Solomon is talking about thinks, “Let me place my wife’s

interests before mine. Though I am not that excited about striking long romantic conversations, I will do just that because my wife likes it that way!” The wife the book of Song of Solomon is talking about thinks, “Let me initiate sex with my husband, now and then, even though that’s not my cup of tea. That way I will show him that I love him, more than I love myself!”

When both husbands and wives both become unselfish, their sex life becomes sizzling and reaches the heights that God wanted it to reach! The SELFLESS nature of the husband that the book of Song of Solomon is talking about is further illustrated when he ensures that his wife also reaches orgasm

even as he does, by using his hands to that effect doing the sex- act (that’s how some commentators interpret Song of Songs 2:6 and 8:3). Another way husbands can demonstrate their consideration for the feeling of wives is by making sure they flush away any foul body odor and bad breath – a major irritant for women when it comes to

married couples when it comes to their sex lives in the words of

Eugene Peterson: “Sexual drives are strong, but marriage is strong enough to contain them and provide for a balanced and fulfilling sexual life in a world of sexual disorder. The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality—the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband. Marriage is not a place to “stand up for your rights.” Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out.” (I Cor 7:2-4, The Message)

Isaac understood that God created marriage not just for the production of kids, but also for the enjoyment of sex. That’s why, when he was not exactly young, he was seen ‘fondling’ his wife (Isa 26:8).

I recall watching a Billy Graham Crusade DVD. Billy, as he stood up to

preach in a large stadium in England, said that his wife was hospitalized that particular evening and that he had sent her some flowers and that he had kissed her lips a million

times. He understood that God created marriage for experiencing and giving unselfish pleasures!

To facilitate the MAKING of CHILDREN

God’s first command to man is to

“be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28). After the floods came and devastated the earth’s population, God repeated this command to Noah (Gen 9:1). That’s the only command of God, we, the human race, have obeyed very faithfully! And we Indians are particularly faithful and fully obedient! Otherwise, we would not be

at times. She says to her husband, “Let us go early to the vineyards (before mother-in-law

In the Bible book of Song of Solomon we read of a man who put his wife’s preferences unselfishly before his, when it came to the area of sex. His

wife too did the same!

sexual intimacy. Foul smell from the man’s body or mouth may not be obvious to him and he may be oblivious to that. But it will be obvious to his lady who is at close proximity to him when he makes those intimate moves and make her feel obnoxious! I read Song of Solomon 1:13 where the woman says about her man, “My lover is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts.” Is the lady appreciating her hubby dear for smelling good when he moved in close to make love to her, here? Perhaps!

Paul only emphasizes the truths from Song of Solomon we have just about from a practical view point. Here is his counsel for

challenging China in the race to become the country with the most number of people, even though, area wise, China is far bigger than India!

Jokes apart, to be able to have children was clearly a blessing that God only can endow couples with – it is not just a result of sexual activity between a man and his wife. This is the teaching of the Bible in passages such as Psalm 128:3 which goes this way:

“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine, flourishing within your home. And look at all those children! They sit around your table as vigorous and healthy as young as olive trees!”

Some Bible characters, understood this particular purpose that God had for their marriages, very well. I am referring to Jacob – a man who was the father to 12 sons! He had an entire cricket team at his home and there was room even for the twelfth man! Gideon had 70 sons. He could have conducted a tri-angular cricket series right in his home’s backyard and picked up the first umpire, second umpire and third umpire from among his children!

The time I experienced ‘outrageous and contagious’ joy was when my children were born. I had the awesome, joyous, privilege of being inside the operation theatre with my wife when a skillful surgeon cut open my wife Evan’s stomach and fished out my daughter, Datasha, on 12 November 2007.

Of course, it is not enough that one bears physical children. He or she should raise the children up in the fear of the Lord. “Whoever spares the rod hates their children; but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline

Jacob had 12 sons, enough to make an entire cricket team with a place for the

Jacob had 12 sons, enough to make an entire cricket team with a place for the 12 th man as well!

them!” – this is what the Bible teaches (Prov 13:24). Discipline must be diligently meted out to our children every time we see them go the wrong way. We should NOT do it only once a while or only when we feel like it or only when we no longer can tolerate their mischiefs. Priest Eli was a poor dad. He looked the other way, when his son slept with the women in the temple. God wasn’t happy with him. We must not ape him. Parents of our time are keen to send their kids for tuitions when it comes to coping with the subjects they are weak in. Why not send them also for tuitions (read, Bible Studies, Youth Camps, etc) when it’s obvious that they are weak in their grasp and understanding of the Bible? Why are we so callously okay with giving step- motherly treatment to the things of God in our lives?

“All the firstborn are mine!” This is what the Lord says repeatedly (Numbers 3:13; 8:17; Ex 13:2; 34:19). In the New Testament times this Old Testament teaching could be taken to mean that your child with the best of talents (not necessarily your first born) should be encouraged for doing the

Lord’s work, fulltime. This is the duty of parents. We must motivate them for the same. We must pray that they choose to do God’s work in the one life they have. Of course, the final decision will be theirs. We named our son, Dale, after Miles Coverdale. Miles Coverdale was the first man to translate and compile the first ever full copy of the English Bible in the year 1535. We want him to carry the message of the Bible to his generation in whatever

capacity – as a Bible translator, or

as a Bible Expositor, as the Lord will enable him. This is our dream and prayer for him. We constantly encourage him in this regard.

Not all parents have the God- given privilege of bearing natural children, for reasons best known to God. But all of them have the greater joy and higher privilege of bearing spiritual children like Paul did. Timothy, was a son in the Christian faith, for Paul. We move on to the next purpose God has for every marriage -


There were areas in which Moses was very stubborn. He apparently refused to circumcise his son. This may be, because, he wanted to please his father in law who was a Medianite priest. The Medianites only circumcised men who were about to be married. They did not circumcise babies like the Jews did. So, Moses perhaps wanted to wait until his son grew up so that he could be circumcised. But his wife Zipporah had all along told him that it was not necessary for Moses to please her dad (I presume). But Moses would not listen to the soundly Scriptural advice of his wife. So, when God was about to kill Moses, Zipporah his wife, instantly knew why God

was taking that seemingly extreme step. She quickly swung into action. She took a sharp stone knife, and circumcised her baby son and threw the removed foreskin at Moses. Zipporah stepped in between God and Moses. Otherwise, Moses would have been executed. Thank God for wives who don’t give up on their husbands, even during the times when it appears that God has given up on their husbands. Zipporah, through her efforts thus moulded the character of Moses. She would have even told Moses this: “Moses, you wrote about circumcision as God revealed it to you, way back in Genesis 17. Now, we have reached the point of history which Exodus 4 is talking about. Many years have passed. Yet, you have not circumcised our own son. He must have been circumcised on the eighth day as per the laws of God, you yourself recorded! You wrote about it circumcision, but you have not practiced it in your own life! Change this stubborn behavior, my hubby dear!” This loving advice may have fallen in deaf ears for many years, before God decided to finally kill Moses, deciding enough was enough. But even at that time, it was Moses’ wife, Zipporah who rescued him! Every Man needs a wife like Zipporah in his life to mould his character into the image of Christ!

Just as Zipporah molded the character of Moses, wives should mold their husband’s character and make room for their husbands also to mold them.Where Zipporah was successful, Sapphira failed. She failed to stop her husband from cheating Pastor

Peter. She ‘conspired with her husband to test the Spirit of the Lord!’ (Acts 5:9). As Sapphira failed in her God-given duty of molding her husband, Ananias, lost his life! She too lost her’s! Failure to make an attempt to

was taking that seemingly extreme step. She quickly swung into action. She took a sharp stone

Zipporah, the wife of Moses, instantly knew why God was displeased with her husband and acted swiftly to save his life!

chisel the character of your life partner, whose moral values are going down the drain as you can see with your own eyes from close quarters, can be very dangerous, you see!

Prophet Hosea saw his wife, Gomer, go back to the red light area, the area he picked her from, to get married to her in the first place. He could have chosen to ignore this expected behavior from his wife. But he did not. He passionately told her, “Stop your prostitution!” (Hos 3:3). Husband and wives are not only called to share their skin with each other but to point out sin in each other also!

King Jerobaom was the first king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. He went away from the Lord. He backslid. At this time, his son Abijah became sick. He asked his wife to disguise herself and go meet prophet Ahijah with cake and honey. Now, this prophet could not see that much. This woman could have told her husband, “It is time you repent! It’s time to come back to God! What is the use of all this disguise before the prophet of God who know s and sees all things? I will not play act before a man of God!” But she did not. She put on her disguise and went to meet the Prophet Ahijah complying with her husband’s sinful demands. The prophet recognized her instantly and further denounced King Jeroboam and predicted the death of his already sick son. And that happened! (I Ki 14:1-17). When a man and his wife join together to commit sin, there could be an absolute disaster waiting to happen as this narrative warns.

The Bible teaches, “Two are better than one…if one falls down the other will pick him up!” (Eccl 4:9- 10). Marriage is the God-ordained union where two become one, and ultimately become mutually accountable. Marriage is a school where ‘iron sharpens iron’ (Pro


Do you see your husband smoking? Boozing? Watching porn? Don’t ignore these things. Lovingly confront him. Let the Lord use you to mold his character. Woo him back to His Creator. That’s why you got married in the first place. Do you see your wife sipping gossip? Using foul words? Displaying blatant envy? Lovingly confront her. Let the Lord use you mould

her character. Woo her back to Her Creator. That’s why you got married in the first place.

Now we have come to the last “MC” that God created every marriage relationship for.


Mr. Isaiah was a prophet. So was

his wife (Isa 8:3). Together they ministered for Yahweh’s glory. Together they built God’s kingdom.

Jehoiada was a priest in Judah. He led the nation in revolt against Athaliah, the evil queen who was out to end the Davidic dynasty. His wife Jehosheba hid the last surviving baby boy of King David’s famly, Joash, with the help of a nurse (II Chron 22:11/II Chron 23). They teamed up to see the execution of God’s plan.

Aquila and Priscilla were a godly couple living in the city of Corinth. They made tents for a living. One day they invited fiery young preacher Apollos home. Apollos’ understanding of the doctrine of water baptism was inadequate. Aquilla and Priscilla corrected the wrong ideas that Apollos had about water baptism in what was clearly a joint husband-wife effort (Acts 18:26).

Join together with your spouse to witness for Jesus. Work together with your spouse to work for Jesus. Remember that you both have come together to gather – souls for Jesus! Do this in your own way. You the wife could either stay at home or take care of the kids so that your husband can minister with freedom. Or, you could join him in the meetings he speaks in and share his burden by preaching alongside him, if there

was someone one to take care of your children. See what suits your temperament. See what suits your context. Whatever be the case, forge a partnership with your spouse for the sake of building the kingdom of God. The Bible says that one can chase one thousand while two can chase a ten thousand (not just two thousand as per the mathematical calculations, mind you!) (Dt 32:20). When couples work together for the Lord, there is an

up the nuances of preaching pretty quickly, as the grace, anointing and call of God for preaching the Word was evidently upon her. I was very happy (and I dare say, proud) when a leading church in Hyderabad, the city we currently

live in, invited her to preach in the Sunday Service, the other day. You may wonder why? Let me explain: the senior pastor of this particular church has so far never invited me to speak in his church, but had no hesitation in extending the same invitation to my wife at the same time! Upon seeing my wife go places


have not been

able to go, I

flushed my ego

and went gung-ho!

was over the moon!


So, here then, are the five reasons why God created marriage. Would

you at this time, go over the five- fold purposes that God had for creating marriage all over again and take a vow that you will do

her character. Woo her back to Her Creator. That’s why you got married in the first

If a husband and wife can combine well to make money through a movie song, why not a husband and wife combine to work for the Lord?

exponential multiplication of their resources resulting in great growth in the kingdom of God!

The song, Kolaveri, song by Tamil Actor Dhanush has seen over 16 lakh hits on YouTube,within a month of it’s release! He sang this song in a movie he his acting under his wife Aishwariya’s direction. If a husband and wife can combine well to make money through a movie song, why not a husband and wife combine to work for the Lord? I took special efforts, sweated buckets, to train my wife in the preaching of the Word of God when I realized that she had great communication skill, almost immediately after we first got married. And she picked

your best to ensure each particular purpose is fulfilled in your marriage (or your upcoming marriage)? Do it right now!


Duke Jeyaraj will release a new book titled, THE WHOLE GOSPEL FOR THE GOOGLE GENERATION, shortly. This book will have the best of Gospel presentations that Duke has made over the years. Pray.

From Cameroon To India To Be A Blessing

The story of Fru Elvis in his own words

From Cameroon To India To Be A Blessing The story of Fru Elvis in his own

Fru Elvis, the writer of this piece, is a regular to the Bible Studies and Midnight Prayers that Duke conducts at his base.

Nothing in life just happens. This is my conviction. I was born in a famous town called Victoria in the country of Cameroon now known as Limbe. I did the elementary part of schooling from the economic capital Douala. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to grow up in a small peasant village called Owe with my lovely aunt and her family who made a living out of farm produce. Life was fun growing up as a kid here as I made so many friends. I spoke French in this little Pidgin English (broken English) speaking village!

Why I did not sleep on Thursdays and Fridays!

Due to the sudden twists and turns in life, our family was separated and I was sent to live far away from those I love and cherish the most (parents and siblings). My father made it a point to visit me at

Owe during the weekends. The thought that he would be there during the weekends robbed me of my sleep on Thursdays and Fridays, often times! I would keep looking down the street with a joyful expectation knowing that he could come at anytime. I wanted to be the first to see him so I would run down to greet him and hug him and help him carry his bags home joyfully, knowing that there will be some goodies for me in there. I loved my Father dearly. He was my inspiration and I looked up to him. He was my hero. After a long separation from my siblings and upon seeing my longing to be with them, my Father made it possible that I moved to the city where my siblings were living. I did my secondary schooling along with them. Life seemed to be moving smoothly.

Orphaned at 16!

On April 10 th the year was 1999, things began to fall apart. The school could not hold me any more. During my 4 th year in secondary school (9th Standard) my father finally gave in to the protracted illness which he had fought for 6 months. My father was gone! This reality hit me hard! Death had the better of him. This was the beginning of great sorrow and pain in my life. Since he was the sole bread winner of the family, the future of my siblings and me, now hung in the balance. My mother was now our source of comfort and provision and we became very emotionally attached to her. Slowly our education suffered due to this sudden loss. My mother and my aunts could barely do enough to keep us going. Because of a misunderstanding between my mother and my aunts, my mother had to leave and we stayed behind with my aunt. Things were getting even more complicated without our mother. Our aunt’s families did not treat us well in the absence of my mother. Due to this, my elder brother and I had to run away from home to meet our cousins who lived in city, Limbe where I was born. The tragic turns of life brought me back to the city where I was born. We received another cruel blow when my mother also passed away within two years after the death of my father. Somehow pain and sorrow didn’t seem to be getting away. All this was just too much for a boy of 16 years of age and I felt

that I had reached the utmost dead end of my life.

My Classmate shared Christ’s love with me

The next year, somehow, I managed to get back to

schooling. At school I was a very quiet child and I greatly suffered with my low self esteem. I kept aloof from people. Knowing I wouldn’t have my parents to rescue me when I got into trouble was heart- breaking. At this point, a classmate of mine started sharing her experience of the love of Christ in her life and the hope that she had in Christ. These conversations continued for days and I began to long for this love and hope that she shared with me. The more she shared the more I realized that there was a big vacuum in me yearning to be filled with love. And what better love than the love of Christ which

lasts forever compared to the love I lost from my loved ones!

My life changed!

mentor. Now I had a companion after a long time. I was known in my city for the evangelism I did there. Somehow there was hope in me again for a brighter tomorrow.

From Cameroon to India!

One delightful day the pastor of this Church invited

me to join him and his family.

And so God gave me

a new home and family who cared and loved me.

Psalm 68:6 was fulfilled in my

life: “God sets the lonely in families.” My Pastor now became my Guardian, my Spiritual Father and the person who sponsored my studies to India. My coming to India is a

great testimony of God’s

faithfulness. God miraculously met my needs financially and morally. God has also sent wonderful families and loving

My classmate shared the Gospel with me when I was in great pain and I came

My classmate shared the Gospel with me when I was in great pain and I came to Christ!

So finally, I surrendered my life to this wonderful new found love that I hoped would not disappoint me. This decision I made would be the turning point of my life and truth be told, this is the best decision I made, but not the easiest. Things started changing in my personal life. I was filled with new found hope and I made up my mind and heart to do whatever it takes to change. My siblings could see the change and there was friction and no easy acceptance of my new found life. Fights, arguments, disagreements made life difficult as I was trying to please God and not man. During this time God was teaching me to deal with many of my own weaknesses and it was surely hard. But I would persevere and speak to my siblings about the love of Christ. Trying to live this kind of life by saying no to several worldly things made life troublesome at home. So again, I was at the cross roads. I made a decision of moving out of my home to go live in a small little Pentecostal Church not too far from home.

Staying in a little church room!

My new home often became wet as the windows were broken and during rainy season the rain would fall through! But the love for God and his love for me was all that mattered. The fire of God kept me going and I would evangelize at any given

opportunity. As a result of this, a friend of mine surrendered his life to Christ and joined me by staying in that little church room and I became his

individuals in my life to make me feel at home in India though I am far from home. I study a Computer degree course here.

Being a Blessing To India!

Even as much as my coming to India has been a blessing to me, I pray that I be a blessing to this land

in whatever way I can. I help ministries such as Youth For Christ and Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (led by Duke Jeyaraj) as a volunteer. I have taken a vow before the Lord that I will not miss fellowship of God’s people while in this vast nation. I do get opportunities to preach his Word among the Indian youth. You may be reading this story today with a lot of pain and sorrow in your life. But my story is a testimony of God using sorrow, pain and loneliness to make me experience His love. 2 Corinthians 7:10 – “For God can use sorrow in our life to help us turn away from sin and seek salvation.”


Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) has finally launched a new website which will serve as a single platform to see/ surf all of Duke’s online material The website is called, Eugene Pandian has worked hard to make it what it is. God bless Eugene!

The Peril of Forgetfulness - Lessons that the Delhi HC Blast Reminds Us Of

Duke Jeyaraj

At 10:15 am on September 7th, 2011, there was a blast triggered by terrorists outside gate no. 5 of the Delhi High Court. It left 11 dead and 91 injured. Amandeep Singh Jolly forgot to carry his lawyer’s robe to court on this wicked wednesday. The slip cost him his life. Without the robe, the 21-year-old, interning with an HC advocate, had to stand in the queue to get an entry slip. That’s when the blast occured. It was hours of a dreadful wait for Amandeep’s father, Manmohan Singh outside RML’s operation before he was called to identify his son’s body (The Times of India, September 8, 2011).

What I read shocked me. What I read struck a chord with me. The reason it did is because I am forgetful. Extremely forgetful. Let me illustrate. Once I recall that

us ultimately in hell, the place God prepared for the Devil and his angels.

2. We must not forget GOD’S GOODNESS to us. The Psalmist writes, “Bless the Lord O my soul and FORGET NOT ALL HIS BENEFITS!” (Psa 103:2). Before you complain bitterly about the I-pad2 you don’t have, thank God for the eye you have - an eye he graciously gave you! Before you grumble about the lack of auto gear transmission in your car, thank God for your soul’s salvation! Forget not all his benefits!

3. We must not forget

OUR GOOF-UPS. Moses in his farewell speech to Israel said, “Remember and do not forget how you provoked the Lord your God to wrath in the wilderness” (Dt 9:7). It is true that God

The Peril of Forgetfulness - Lessons that the Delhi HC Blast Reminds Us Of Duke Jeyaraj

Amandeep Singh Jolly’s dad. Aman lost his life in the Delhi HC Bomb blast. If he had not forgotten to carry with him, his lawyer’s robe, on that tragic day, he may not have lost his life!

my wife had asked me to put something in the fridge. I took it and went straight to the waste bin! As a School boy, I was sent to Chennai to my aunt’s place for the sole purpose of studying for a few days for the upcoming Board exams, then. Only after I reached there, did I discover that I had forgotten to take my books! Oh my forgetfulness!

The Bible teaches that we must not forget some things in life. Ever. Here they are:

1. We must not forget GOD. The Psalmist writes, “The wicked shall return to Sheol (the rough equivalent in the Old Testament for hell) and all the nations that FORGET GOD!” (Psa 9:17). Jeremiah puts the same thing more eloquently: “Can a virgin forget her ornaments,or a bride her attire? Yet my people have forgotten me days without number”. Those are God’s Words in Jeremiah 2:32. In Jeremiah 23:27, there is a bunch of folks who remember Baal, the sex-god but forget Yahweh, the true God. Shame! We must ‘remember’ (not forget) our Creator in the days of our youth (Eccl 12:1). Forgetting the loving God who says, ”Even if your nursing mom forgets, I will not” (in Isaiah 49:15) is a criminal offence that will land

forgets our sins - sins we have repented of and confessed to him. But at the same time, we must not entirely forget the times we have bid bye to God and embraced sinful pleasures of sin - the bouts of anger, the secret nights of porn-watching, the lies we have told to cover-up sin, those gossip sessions in which several assassinations took place (I meant, character assassinations here). Remembering the times we have goofed up will keep us humble and motivate us from returning the same old rut like a dog which returns to his vomit and a pig that returns to his wallowing in the mud (2 Peter 2:22). However a caution is necessary here. Read Ezekiel 39:26 to figure out this caution. This verse teaches us that we must not recall our goof-ups we have repented of, in a way that we feel guilty about them again and again. There is no need for this.

4. We must not forget the GRIEVING. This is what the God we worship does: he does not forget the cry of the afflicted (Psa 9:12). We too must not forget the afflicted. The grieving. Those in pain. Those in agony. Those going through a heart-break. And these folk are all around us. We must take time to talk to them. We must take time to help them the best way possible.

5. We must not forget that GRAND OLD BOOK. The Grand Old Book was the name given to the Bible in a Sunday School Song I learnt years ago. Yes, we must not forget the Bible. In Psalm 119, the writer of this longest poem on the greatest book, The Bible, says a stunning 7 times using various phrases that he would not ‘forget’ the laws of God, the commands of God, the precepts of God (see vs. 16, 61, 93, 109, 141, 153, 176). Wow! The first thing we tend to ‘forget’ to do in a busy day, often, is to spend time reading the Bible. Let’s change. Let’s not forget to read His Word. If you still want to forget God’s

Word then you must read this frightening verse in the book of Hosea: ”And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” (Hos 4:6). Those are the Words of God. I know, he gives us a lot of chances before he actually does that. But let’s not test his patience. Let’s get back to the Bible, atleast for the sake of the welfare of our kids, if not for us! Don’t we boast that we will do anything for our children? Let’s start by getting back to the Bible!

Forget not! Don’t forget this “forget not!” message!

Showing Speed In Doing The Wrong Thing?

Duke Jeyaraj on the Bike Crash death of Azhar’s teenage son

The date was September 11, 2011. On this day, in the year 2001, two Airplanes flew into the World Trade Centre in New York and changed the course of history. On the same day, 10 years later, two youngsters were riding on a bike on a broad road that led to the Airport located in the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad. What happened in a matter of few seconds sent arrows into the hearts of their two fathers of these youngsters. We are talking about Cricketer-Politician Azhar’s 20-yr son, Mohd. Ayazuddin and his cousin brother here. Ayaz was going at about 200 kmph when he lost control of his Suzuzi GS XR 1000 Super bike, only to crash it. He was thundering down the road so fast that he was dragged for about half-a- kilometer after the bike toppled, newspapers said. He lost his battle for life five days after this accident, following a

Do you take your own sweet time when it comes to going about doing the things

Do you take your own sweet time when it comes to going about doing the things of God? Then, you must read this article about the accident that killed Azhar’s son!

multiple organ failure. His 16-year-old cousin brother who was pillion riding behind him passed away almost immediately after the accident. My heart went out to Azharuddin. I was his ardent fan during the days he

played cricket for India. Cricket has not seen such a wristy batsmen like him. My mind started thinking after read about this tragic event.

I wonder why young people of today show speed to do stupid things while they don’t - in general - show speed for going about life’s most essential things like sprinting to Jesus to receive the free gift of salvation (2 Cor 6:2, now is the time of salvation), rushing to Jesus’ presence for devotion (Song of Songs 5:2-6), running to the lost for the task of evangelization (Acts 8:30, Philip’s example), racing to the needy to do donation (Gen 24:20, Rebekah’s eg.), and advancing quickly against the enemy (the enemy called Satan) for demolition (I Sam 17:48, David’s eg.). Instead, they show speed in doing the things that displease God. They are like the foolish young man the book of Proverbs talks about. “At once” this young man obeyed the invite of the seductive woman whose husband was away from home (Prov 7:22). This young man rushed to take up the invitation to commit sexual sin that came from this wayward woman, without second thought. What was his end? His end was “Sheol” – the rough equivalent in the Old Testament for hell (Prov 7:27). Do we ape this young man? Instead, of showing speed when it comes to the things that concern the soul, do we show furious speed when it comes to following the lures of temptation – the temptation to get alone behind a locked door with a person who’s not your spouse, the temptation to be quick with caustic words when someone slights you, etc. Are you one of them?

One Truth Captured From Osama Bin Laden’s Capture

Duke Jeyaraj

After the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, he was the most wanted terrorist in the world. We are talking about Osama Bin Laden here. For over 10 years, he eluded capture by hiding brilliantly. He probably believed that he would never ever be caught. Otherwise, he would

not dared to stay in a huge $1 million house, eight times the size of a normal house with walls 12 feet to 18 feet high, within 40 kms from the Pakistan captital, in an affluent suburb called Abbottabad. The American Forces were lead to this house, which had no internet connection, by following one of the trusted couriers that Osama used, a few months back. That particular night, 1 May, 2011, he went to sleep with his youngest wife. “I have escaped capture by the United States all these days, months, years. Tonight will be like every other night. I will sleep soundly with my youngest wife and wake up next morning so that I can continue to lead my organization

in its struggle against the US!” Once the US Navy SEALS reached their target, things started to go awry almost immediately,

was a black out of about 20 minutes). [News gathered from multiple reports of this event found in online articles]

The rich man that Jesus spoke about also thought that he could go to sleep and wake up like he normally would, every morning, whistling, taking it cool like Osama probably did. This Rich Man told himself one day, “Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry.”’ (Luke 12:19). His

focus was on goods, when it should have been on God. And God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’ (Luke 12:20). (If the finite US Navy SEALS could search out and capture Osama, there is no hiding that is effectively possible from an all-knowing and all-powerful God - Read Amos 9:1-3!) The rich man was talking about “many years” when God’s plan

was to allow the taking away of his life that same night! Jesus also pointed out that the Rich man was not rich in his

One Truth Captured From Osama Bin Laden’s Capture Duke Jeyaraj After the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, he

Osama Bin Laden, perhaps, went to bed that particular night thinking that he would get up from it, as usual, the next day. But he was wrong!

officials briefed on the operation said. Officials described just how the SEAL raiders loudly ditched a foundering helicopter right outside bin Laden’s door, ruining the plan for a surprise assault. That forced them to abandon plans to run a “squeeze play” on bin Laden — simultaneously entering the house stealthily from the roof and the ground floor. Instead, they stormed into the ground floor and began a floor-by-floor search of the house, blowing up doors, working up to the top level where they had assumed bin Laden — if he was in the house — would be. They were right. The raiders came face-to-face with bin Laden in a hallway outside his bedroom, and three of the Americans stormed in after him after having killed two occupants of the compound enroute. Going by certain reports, Osama tried to use one woman there as a human shield to escape the gun shots fired by the US Navy SEALS. In the intense fire-fight that followed, the 54- year-old Osama was killed. The operation lasted for 38 minutes. President Obama watched the entire operation real time (though it must be said that there

relationship with God (who was in the flesh in the person of Jesus – Luke 12:21) and therefore this Rich Man was unprepared for eternity, if sudden death had came knocking. After a person’s death, there will no more opportunities given him to be saved – this is what the Bible teaches (See Hebrews 9:27). Do you still foolishly tell yourself, “I could take many more years before I finally decide to come to Christ. In the mean time, I choose to enjoy the pleasures of the world, soak-in the short-term pleasures of sin. Later on, when it’s convenient, I will repent and trust Jesus as my Savior!”? Why fool yourself? Come to Christ, now! Come in repentance! The rich man was called a ‘fool’ by Jesus for not preparing for the countless years he would spend in eternity, while he was too concerned about his few years on earth (60 or 70). On the other hand, there were five virgins who were prepared for the coming of the Bridegroom (as evidenced by their filling their lamps with oil) were called “wise” by the same Jesus (Mt 25:4)! Are you foolish and unprepared? Or wise and prepared? For eternity?

Casual In Your Work Like Conrad?

Duke Jeyaraj

A judge’s stern voice broke the silence of a Los Angeles courtroom: “Money for madness medicine,” he said before sentencing Dr. Conrad Murray to the maximum four years behind bars for Michael Jackson’s death.

“Absolutely no sense of fault, and is and remains dangerous” to the community, Judge Michael Pastor said as he delivered a nearly half-hour tongue lashing that denounced Murray as a greedy, remorseless physician whose gross negligence killed the King of Pop.

Pastor said Murray sold out his profession for a promised fee of $150,000 a month and accused Murray of committing a “horrific violation of trust” when he agreed to give Jackson a powerful anesthetic every night as an unorthodox cure for insomnia.

Casual In Your Work Like Conrad? Duke Jeyaraj A judge’s stern voice broke the silence of

Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad’s casual approach toward his work, cost Jackson his life! Do you copy Conrad when it comes to your work?

Murray will likely serve less than two years in county jail, not state prison, because of California’s overcrowded prisons and jails. Sheriff’s officials said he will be housed in a one-man cell and be kept away from other inmates [from Yahoo News].

Just like Dr. Conrad Murray was, we too can be “grossly negligent” when it comes to doing our worldly jobs and Church responsibilities. But we may not have gotten found out, and thrown in jail, like he was. But we must remember that God is watching! Are you called to be a teacher? Do you prepare adequately to teach in your class, with a touch of class? If you don’t prepare but still come to class and blabber something, then you too are ‘grossly negligent’! Are you called to complete a project in your IT company as a software Engineer? Without completing that project, if you used the time in the office in working on a project that you have taken up on a personal level, secretly, without the knowledge of your company boss, then you too, are being ‘grossly negligent’ in your job, sir! Being ‘grossly negligent’ is something which displeases the Lord. The Bible tells us that we must obey our earthly masters with the same intensity we obey Christ (Eph 6:5). The Bible also tells us that we must do our work given to us by our earthly masters, even when they are not around (Col 3:22). Just like Jerobaom, an ordinary labourer living during the Old Testament times, who impressed King Solomon mightily with his sincere sweat and quality hardwork, we also need to serve our earthly bosses well (See I Kings 11:28).

How The Commander-In-Chief Took Care Of The Needs Of His Soldiers Duke and Evan

Duke Jeyaraj and his wife Evangelin are soldiers in army of Jesus, the Commander in Chief, in the battalion specially set up to reach the Google Generation. We are glad to let you know that the Commander in Chief is taking good care of this soldier duo. He did this by moving the hearts of Indian believers to support the ministry of Duke Jeyaraj, G4 Mission, the ministry he founded in 2006. These are folks who are those that are blessed by the writings of Duke and his wife Evan or by their preaching. They gave because they believe in the goal of this ministry to grab the Google Generation from going to Gehenna (the word Jesus used for Hell). Here then are details about how the offerings sent to them were spent in the past FIVE MONTHS (August to December 2011): Magazine Printing Charges – Rs.15000/-; Internet Charges with printouts – Rs.63000/-; Refreshments during ministry events at base – Rs.9000/-; Refreshments while on Duty – Rs. 6000/-; Salaries for all together – Rs.100000/-; Rent for Ministry Base and Related Charges – Rs. 49,000/-; Outstation Ministry Travel – Rs.12,000/-; Dispatch of Ministry Resources – Rs. 8000/-; Local Transport Charges plus Vehicle Maintenance – Rs.1 5000/-; Ministry Volunteer Gifts – Rs.8000/-; Message CD production work – Rs. 10,000/-; Offerings given to other ministries/servants of God – Rs. 30,000/-; Phone Communication charges – Rs. 7500/-; Raw Material for this issue – Rs. 4000/-; Office Helper payment – Rs.6000/-; Office Furniture Addition – Rs.12,000/-; Board Meeting and Auditing – Rs.9500/-; GRAND TOTAL – Rs. 3,64,000. If you are lead to support this ministry which is not supported by any particular church or foreign organization please use the bank details found in page two of this magazine.

The Dirty Picture Turned Into A Purity Parable

Duke Jeyaraj

The movie, The Dirty Picture, starring Vidya Balan, created a tremendous buzz in India and across the World. This movie grossed Rs.50 Crores within one week of it’s release. “It had the biggest opening ever for a woman-oriented film in the history of Indian Cinema,” reported The Times of India (December 9, 2011). Can we glean out lessons for purity from a movie named, The Dirty Picture ? Yes we can! Here’s how:

1.The Lesson About INNER CRAVING This movie is obviously based on the life of Silk Smitha, though there is an explicit denial of this by the movie makers. Can it be a mere coincidence that the movie was released on the same day the real Silk Smitha was born – December 2 nd ? As one

website put it, “(This movie) is an unofficial biopic around the life and upheavals of Southern sex symbol Silk Smitha.” What was the end of Silk Smitha’s life? She committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in the bedroom of her home in Saligramam, Chennai on September 23, 1996, when she was just 36 years of age, leaving a suicide note that talked about several failures and financial difficulties. The years of having men lust over her body through her erotic performances on screen, the years of having affairs with several men, the years of alcohol consumption, the years of making a quick buck in the movie world by compromising her moral values, did not satisfy the inner longings of her soul. Vidya Balan, talking about the character ‘Silk’ she played in the movie, The Dirty Picture says, “She has no restraint. Some may feel that she is shameless. I think she is a girl who wants to enjoy the pleasure of life at every opportunity. Whatever she feels, she says it and whatever she wants to do, she does it…” This sort of ‘bold’ behavior left her in the ‘cold’ - feeling empty, dejected and depressed.

It left her reeling in loneliness that she decided to end it all, at once.

‘Silk Smithas’ in the Bible!

In the Bible, we get to meet a ‘male Silk Smitha.’

Bemused? Don’t be. I want to refer to Ahitophel, the counselor to kings of Israel as the ‘male Silk Smitha’. While Silk Smitha was the most famous item number dancer of the South India Film Industry in the 1980s, Ahitophel was the most trusted advisor to kings of Israel in his times. Both reached the pinnacle of their professions in their times. Having reached the pinnacle of their careers, both

suddenly faced failures. While Silk Smitha faced competition from

The Dirty Picture Turned Into A Purity Parable Duke Jeyaraj The movie, The Dirty Picture ,

Silk whose life story the movie, The Dirty Picture, in a way showed, enjoyed without restraint what the world and its pleasures had to offer. Her end was sad.

other item-number dancers, Ahitophel’s advice was ignored. Ahitophel’s sad end came after he committed suicide, just like Silk’s – the Bible reveals (2 Sam 17:23). Unable to face failures in their professional lives, both of them tragically ended their lives. What Silk Smitha and Ahitophel did not perhaps realize when they committed suicide was that they couldn’t really kill themselves. The real persons inside this duo - their souls – continued to live long after their body became lifeless following their shocking suicides. Yes, each one of us has a soul inside of us which will go on to live forever and ever. This is what the Bible teaches. God has placed, eternity in our hearts – this is the teaching of the Bible (Eccl 3:11).

In the Bible, we meet yet another Silk Smitha – we can see the woman from Samaria that Jesus met at a well that way. The woman from Samaria perhaps thought to herself that if she drank the water called ‘love of a man’ she would find true satisfaction in

The Dirty Picture Turned Into A Purity Parable Duke Jeyaraj The movie, The Dirty Picture ,

her life. She was married to five different men, one after the other. Marriage number 1, perhaps failed

and she sought solace in Marriage number 2. Then Marriage number 2, too failed. This went on till Marriage number 5. After each such sour relationship, she became frustrated and sincerely believed ‘another husband who was different’ would make her life ultimately happy. But she could not find it that elusive happiness. She could not find in sin, what she entered sin to find. Sin did not satisfy her soul’s inner longings! When she met Jesus at the well, she was in her relationship number 6 – a relationship that involved living-in with a man, a relationship that involved, most certainly, sex outside the boundaries of marriage. What Jesus told her was in-effect this: “If you drink the water of sex, you will thirst again. If you drink the water I give you (in other words, if you have a living, daily relationship with me) then you will never thirst again!”

I believe, we meet another Silk Smitha in the Bible in the person who authored the book of Ecclesiastes –

King Solomon, perhaps. “I tried cheering myself with wine,” he writes (Eccl 2:3). In the movie, The Dirty Picture , Silk played by Vidya Balan, drowns herself drinking alcoholic drinks when the going in her personal and professional life become tough and rough. But wine, could not ultimately bring meaning into the drinker’s life, the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes ultimately discovered to his utter dismay (Eccl 2:11). “Life under the sun was meaningless unless one has a relationship with the one above the Sun – even God!” – that was the message he tried to convey in this key Bible book (Eccl 2:25). Silk, too, discovered that wine-addiction, ultimately left her

only to whine, one fine day. The beer habit, instead of cheering her, irreversibly wove the option of suicide into her thoughts, and drove her deep into the bottomless well of depression.

The Savior for all Silk Smithas!

Yes, you could chase all the pleasures in the world in a desperate effort to discover happiness and peace, like Silk did. But the pleasures of the World will not offer true happiness and peace – you will soon discover that. Only a daily, deep, relationship with Jesus – the one who died on the Cross for each one of us – will give us true happiness, peace, meaning and purpose. The punishment that brings us true peace was upon Jesus while he hung on the Cross, the Bible declares (in Isaiah 53). Silk Smitha ended her life deeply disappointed with all that the soft porn movies, sex in front of the camera, illicit relationships, money, alcohol,

etc, could have ever offered her. If you chase the very things she chased – sex, silver, soul- mates, Scotch, stardom, etc - or those of that kind, you too will be disappointed. Come to Christ, the one who explicitly said that he came to give you life – life to the full (John 10:10)! And you

will not be disappointed! And you will find true peace and lasting joy. A loving relationship with Jesus, the only God who revealed himself in the flesh during the first Christmas, would be “enough” to satisfy the inner longings of the human soul, the Bible reveals (John 14:5,6). What’s more, when you come to Jesus in true repentance, your sins – even if they are uncountable and even if they are unprintable – will be purged clean through the blood he shed for us on the Cross. This is a promise of God in the Bible who never tells a lie (cf. Isa 1:18).

If we pursue a living relationship with Jesus in our lives, our soul will be joyous on this side of eternity while we are still on this earth. Not only that – we will join Jesus after death to live with him forever after our soul will be reunited with our resurrected bodies. On the other hand, If we rejected Jesus, our

and she sought solace in Marriage number 2. Then Marriage number 2, too failed. This went

Vidhya Balan’s revealing costumes in the movie, The Dirty Picture, brings us to the question, “Is it okay to watch women wear revealing clothes in a movie without making it a big deal?”

souls, along with its resurrected bodies, will go to a place of torment that Jesus often talked about called

Hell (See Daniel 12:2)

This is the teaching of the

.. Bible. So, what would you decide to do? What choice would you make? Would you reject Christ, live a life of living hell and go to literal hell? Or, would you live in Christ, experience the peace and joy he alone can give, and go to heaven to enjoy him, forever? I hope your choice will be wise.

2. The lesson about EXTERNAL COSTUMES.

Vidya Balan, the leading lady of The Dirty Picture movie, has worn ‘itsy bitsy clothes, generous cleavage-revealing blouses’ (according to and Vidya Balan said this in an interview talking about the character, Silk, the character she played in the movie, The Dirty Picture:

“She feels that my body is great and people like to see it so why not show it. She is not self-conscious. She does not hesitate.” (as quoted by What would God think of this kind of external attire that reveals the body more than hiding it, which has become increasingly common place in our planet? We need to turn to the Bible, God’s word in human words, to know the answer for this oft-asked but rarely-answered question. There are those who immediately say, “God cares for only about my heart – what I am on the inside! He doesn’t care about what I wear on the outside!” Well. Well. Well. It is quite true that God cares about the internal condition of our heart rather than our external appearance. Think of what God told Prophet Samuel – “the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (I Sam 16:7). But that does not mean it does not matter how one dresses. In the same Bible where we read that ‘the Lord looks at the heart’ we also read that ‘our unpresentable parts (we know what those parts are) are (to be) treated with greater modesty’ (I Cor 12:23, ESV). Is it sad that, in our present world, the unpresentable body parts are treated with lesser modesty in clear violation of both God’s expectations and the conscience-inscribed opinion that a woman’s nakedness belongs to the eyes of her husband alone (which the Bible also explicitly teaches in Leviticus 18 – read that chapter in the KJV)! Our dressing can reflect popular fashion – it can indeed be modern – as long as it is ‘modest’. This is a clear directive from the word of God (I Tim 2:9). We must not allow the world to

‘squeeze us into it’s mold’ (Rom 12:2, JB Phillips Version). That God would be pretty upset when revealing attire is worn can be understood by this, his statement to his spiritual wife recorded in the Bible: “But now bring charges against Israel—your mother— for she is no longer my wife, and I am no longer her husband. Tell her to remove the prostitute’s makeup from her face and the clothing that exposes her breasts” (Hos 2:2, NLT).

Going by all the Scriptures that have been quoted above, the wearing of revealing outfits and desirously and deliberately watching those that wear them (unless the person you are watching is your spouse in a private setting!) is something which clearly displeases God and is a sin against him. And these should be shunned. Yes, these should be given a skip. Of course, these should be avoided at all

costs. When we resolve to be pure even in areas such as this, there is a big blessing awaiting us and it is a guilt-free conscience and a stress-free marital bond. Stephen Arterburn talks about this. He writes, “You are sexually pure when no sexual gratification comes from anyone or anything but your wife (including from a lingering, lustful, long, look at semi-clad Vidya Balan of The Dirty Picture movie, I

would say, at this point). To attain sexual purity must starve our eyes of the bowls of sexual gratification that come from outside of marriage. When you starve your eyes and eliminate “junk sex” from your life, you’ll deeply crave “ the real sexual food that God authorizes you to have” – your wife!” (Every Man’s Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time , p. 138, with my input). Job says, “I made a solemn pact with myself never to undress a girl with my eyes” (Job 31:1, The Message). Shall we take the cue from Job about whose purity, even God testified positively about to Satan, here, and start deliberately ‘bouncing off’ our eyes from sexually-stimulating sources, enabled by the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is self-control, the way we ‘bounce off’ our eyes when we see an electric welding fire arc? And shall we truly say, “I made a solemn pact with myself never to desirously look at the person of the opposite gender who’s not my actual spouse, in a state of total undress or semi- undress, with my eyes?” If we did, our Maker would be mighty pleased. If we did that, we would have learnt a crucial purity lesson from the movie, The Dirty Picture !



We, Steve

Duke Jeyaraj shows how each one of us resemble Steve Jobs in this article that gleans Bible Truths using his life story as a launch pad.

Steve Jobs was one-of-a-kind. He combined, arts with technology like no other person. But, guess what, Steve is also like each one of us. In this write-up, in which I will wrap Bible truths around various events of Steve Jobs’ life, I will show you how. I want to use his very name as an acronym of the portions of his life in which he resembles each one of us. Let’s begin:

S-earching Steve

Steve Jobs was born in the year 1955 in the country of United States. In the year 1974, when he was still a teen, he took up a job in a Videogame company called Atari Inc. But within a few months, Steve resigned from that Job and travelled to India. Along with his buddy Dan Kottke. So he traveled to India as a hippie seeking enlightenment. He was searching for purpose and meaning in life. His search was so intense that he funded the tickets of his friend for this India visit. So serious was Steve in his search for life’s purpose that he walked ‘threadbare and barefoot’ as one biographer put it. He wanted to find a place where

he could stay for one month and get enlightenment. But he could not. He returned back to the States, disappointed. Steve would later say, “I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life” (in his Stanford University Commencement Speech which we will return to, time and again in this essay).

You too seek for purpose and meaning in life. May be that’s why you undertook that trip to Tirupati / Vellankanni / Sabari Mala. It’s quite possible that you too walked barefoot in the hot sun to find

enlightenment to find true enthrallment. But you were disappointed with the outcome.

To such sincere seekers, The God of the Bible promises, “When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure

We, Steve Duke Jeyaraj shows how each one of us resemble Steve Jobs in this article

Ste ve Jobs came to India as a teenager seeking enlightenment. He was disappointed. Only Christ can give true enlightenment!

you won’t be disappointed” (Jer 29:13-14, The Message).

Steve Jobs returned to India with a firm belief that he would find enlightenment in his life by becoming like Thomas Edison (the inventor) rather than a Hindu Baba. Inventor in the ranks of Thomas Edison he did become. In the process of becoming so, he made a lot of money. But Steve realized the money he made did not give the peace he desperately was looking for. One of his own statements reveals this. He said, ”I was worth over $1,000,000 when I was 23, and over $10,000,000 when I was 24, and over $100,000,000 when I was 25, and it wasn’t that important because I never did it for the money.” Steve, here, was only agreeing with Jesus’ statement, that

“life does not consist in an abundance of possessions” (Luke 12:15). So, if you were thinking that you will find life’s purpose and meaning and have true happiness, when you have a job or a business that earns you millions of dollars, think again! Steve had what you are perhaps desperately wanting. But he was still searching.

T-ruth-compromising Steve

Here Steve Jobs speaking in his Stanford commencement speech again: “If I had never dropped out (of college), I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class (which was the best in the United States), and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards ten years later.Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Here, Steve surprisingly says, one must trust something in life. He implies, it does not make a difference whatsoever to the outcome of one’s life, if one trusted one’s gut or destiny or life or karma or whatever (he uses one word in the end to include all other belief systems). What Steve is really saying here is that all religions or systems of faith (which may include no belief in any religion) are basically different ways of reaching the same goal!

Say, if a nurse injects poison onto your veins. Even if you sincerely believed that poison

Say, if a nurse injects poison onto your veins. Even if you sincerely believed that poison was not poison, your sincere

belief will not save your life! Jesus is the

life, then no matter what else you believe in most sincerely, you will not be saved. You will not find purpose and meaning in life. You will not experience true and lasting joy. You will not go to heaven.

Steve Jobs, we just read, specifically talked about the possible validity of ‘karma’. He was endorsing belief in karma in his Stanford speech, in a way. Let me tell you, if one truly believed in karma, then the rescue of a girl who’s been raped cannot be seen as a good deed from that viewpoint. Let me explain why I say this. According to karma theology, the person who is being raped (or experiencing some pain

truth we must believe in…

By making such a statement, Steve Jobs, has certainly compromised the truth. If one believes in anything and everything, sincerely, it can be very dangerous. Let me illustrate. Let’s say, a nurse is about to inject deadly poison onto your veins. You may believe, sincerely, that she’s injecting medicine that can cure you, with all your heart. But will your sincere belief save you from danger, if the nurse went ahead and injected you?! No way! When this is the case, how foolish it would be to believe in anything and everything! We must believe, what is true. Jesus claimed to be the truth. He said in the Bible, God’s word in human words, “I am the way, the truth and the life!” If you don’t believe in Jesus, who also backed his seemingly outrageous claims with his outstanding

or misfortune in life) is only reaping the just deserts for the sins she had committed in her previous life. And if she failed to receive this punishment (in case, you had managed to rescue her when she was being raped) then she would have to wait till she receives the punishment all over again, which is a hassle. So, if you truly believed in karma, you might as well allow her to get raped or it would be much better if you joined the rapists so that her punishment for the sins that girl committed in her previous life would be total and swift. And if that punishment was total and swift, at least in her next birth, she would have less pain!

How foolish that kind of thinking would be! But intelligent Steve Jobs casually promoted such a view in his Stanford speech without thinking much. The message here is

simple: we should only believe in Jesus as the ultimate truth. Belief in anything else or anyone else is a foolish compromise of truth we should avoid at all costs!

E-victed Steve

In the year 1985, Apple, the company Steve Jobs started, the world’s first serious personal computer company, closed half of its factories and asked 1200 of its staff (a fifth of its employees) to go home. The Board of Apple during this time of crisis was lead by John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi whom Steve hired using these famous lines as a peruasive bait, “How long do you want to sell sweetened carbonated water. Why don’t you sell something that will change the world - the Apple devices?” In the board meeting that year, Steve Jobs, was evicted from the company he started, Apple, by the CEO he hired, John Sculley!

Just as John Sculley evicted Steve Jobs even after being hired for his own job of being Apple CEO by Steve Jobs, we too evict God from our lives, even though we know it was God who created us and has provided for us everything - our time, our talents, our treasures! Sad!

Jesus narrated a parable in Mathew 21st chapter. In this parable the caretakers of the Vineyard dish-out the same kind of treatment John Sculley meted out to Steve Jobs to the servents sent by the owner of the vineyard. The caretakers of the vineyard were rude, rough and ruthless with two batches of servants sent by the original owner of the vineyard to collect the produce of the vineyard. Instead of sending the servants with fine wine brewed from the vineyard to the rightful vineyard owner, they made those servants whine with pain! Instead of sending with them boxes of harvested grape fruit, they boxed

them black and blue and showed them the boot. So the owner, finally, decided to send his own son, hoping the caretakers would treat him better. But the treatment they gave the son was worse than the treatment they gave the servants. While the servants were only beaten, the son was butchered. He was mercilessly killed after being chased out of the vineyard, his father owned.

Before we say, “How mean of the caretakers to do such a wicked thing!” we must realize we are the caretakers that Jesus could be referring to, here! Instead of receiving his representatives to us, his very creation, we rebel against them. Preachers who preach the true Word of God, Bible verses that pointedly speak to us during our morning devotions or during our pastor’s Sunday morning message - these are two common representatives that he frequently sends. And we send these

representatives packing through our disobedience and stubbornness which is very sad. The Bible says, we must be saved. Yet we are still unsaved. The Bible says we must live holy. Yet we play around with sin. The Bible says we must be baptized in water after we are saved. Yes we embrace our church tradition more tightly than biblical truth to avoid obeying this basic command. I could go on and on. But I guess you got my message already. Let’s repent. Let’s recall, in true repentance, the one we have evicted from our lives through gross disobedience.

V-irus-Affected Steve

A copy of the death certificate of

Steve Jobs shows that the Apple co-founder died of respiratory

arrest resulting from pancreatic cancer that had spread to other organs. He was first diagnosed of pancreatic cancer in the year 2004. In 2009, he underwent a liver transplant. In August 2011, he handed over the leadership of Apple to handpicked successor Tim Cook, once he knew that the cancer virus in his body was spreading rapidly and he would shortly die.

marrying her. Marrying widows is of course a noble thing to do, if you were a bachelor. But David was not a bachelor. He was already married at that point. Yet, he did not hesitate when it came to adding Abigail, the woman we are talking about here, in the team of wives. In this case, David was patient enough for God to kill Nabal, the husband of Abigail (I Sam 25:38). But the sin virus in David spread rapidly and pretty soon, he would kill the husband of the woman he liked, without even waiting for God to do it! I am talking about what he did to Uriah, one of his most trusted and brave soldiers, the husband of beautiful Bathsheba. David’s lustful eyes got locked onto her unclothed body as he saw her from a vantage point from the roof of his palace. Instead of telling himself, “the nakedness of this woman is not mine to enjoy - it belongs only to the eyes of her husband,” and moving on, he

mulled over what he got to see. He secretly enjoyed the

view. He returned to the vantage spot. He stayed rooted there. The sin virus was spreading violently and rapidly at the speed of a Formula one racing car in his system nullifying all thoughts of restraint. Pretty soon, he ended up sleeping with Bathsheba. And this time, he killed the husband of the woman he lusted over - he did not wait for God to do it. He hatched a plot to kill the husband of Bathsheba using the very talent that God gave him - that of writing. He sent a sealed letter, outlining brilliantly and clearly, how Uriah should be killed to his commander-in-chief Joab. He sent this letter through Uriah itself (Read II Samuel 11 to grasp this story). The sin virus in David’s system had spread so completely.

them black and blue and showed them the boot. So the owner, finally, decided to send

Steve Jobs was detected with cancer first

in the year 2004. By 2011, the cancer virus in his body, slowly but surely, took a heavy

toll of his health. Sin is a virus far more deadlier than the cancer virus.

While Steve was affected by the virus called cancer, each one of us is affected by the cancer called sin. And this virus is far more dangerous than the cancer virus. The cancer virus can only cause physical death. But the sin virus can cause eternal death which is otherwise called hell punishment in the Bible.

And very often the sin virus enters us without anyone knowing it. It creeps onto us. It does not leap on us. It did for David. The already married David said, “Praise the Lord!” when he heard about the death of Nabal, the husband of a pretty woman he had an eye for (I Sam 25:39). He wasted no time in

What happened to David, can happen to us too, if we are not careful. If we do not nip sin in its bud, that very same sin will become a bomb that will blast our spiritual life causing untold havoc. So, let’s be careful. We must not give even a foothold to the Devil, the Bible warns (Eph 4:27).

Not only sin spreads like the Cancer virus. Something else also does. False teaching and false doctrines spreads like the cancer virus. Paul talked about this phenomenon. He observed the false teaching in a particular church that Timothy was ministering to could spread like cancer, if he was not careful (II Tim 2:17). Hymenaeus, who was one of the false teachers who spreading the cancer of false teachings - teachings contrary to the word of God. The solution to this danger was also offered by Paul. Timothy had to preach messages in which he rightly divided the Word of God (see two verses up, vs.15). Wrong doctrines - we have them galore in our times. We need to douse them with the fire of God’s word. We need to drown them in the water of God’s word. We need to hammer them with the hammer of God’s word. We need to cut them to size with the sword of God’s word. If we don’t - they will spread like cancer. And there will be untold danger to the body of Christ.

E-xperience Without Equal Offering Steve -

Steve Job made products which offered experience without equal. While I was in Singapore in

February 2011, a friend of mine spoke of Apple products thus:

“They offer you an experience which you will not have while using products of other company with the very same features! That’s why people are willing pay those extra dollars and buy them. That’s why people do not move away from the Apple product they used all their lives!” The IPAD was the big product that Steve Jobs released before his death. It was released in

What happened to David, can happen to us too, if we are not careful. If we

Steve Jobs created products like the IPAD which gave his customers an experience without equal. But the real ‘experience without equal’ comes from knowing Jesus!

April 2010. Within 80 days of its launch, 3 million IPADs were sold! By the end of 2010, 15 million IPADs were sold! Here is one testimony of an IPAD user: “The sharp, bright screen of the iPad, the last marvel with which Steve Jobs dazzled the world, may be seductive, but few would argue that typing on its virtual screen is the most practical way to produce work. Yet I have been writing articles with it for months now. Why? I could give all kinds of practical reasons, but they would be

lies. The truth is that I am captivated by the beauty of this piece of technology. My feelings about this particular Apple creation are, to be honest, quite bonkers. I have never felt this way about a piece of machinery before. “Machinery”? That seems inappropriate, like calling Michelangelo’s David a hunk of stone.”

While Steve Jobs produced products that gave experience without equal, Jesus promised a life without equal. He said, “I have come they might have life - life to the full!” (John 10:10). In other words, Jesus was saying here that without a living, daily, deep relationship with him, we really do not know even the meaning of a fulfilled life. He told a woman who thought having relationships with multiple men could give her a fulfilled life, this: “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again (and this would not be true of any other water, anyone else or anything else offers). The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14). Drinking the water that Jesus offers, which is basically to believe what he says and live our lives based on that, will spring in us an experience without equal. Have you come to the risen-from- the-dead Christ who died on the Cross and shed his blood for your sake, in repentance and in faith, to drink this ‘experience without equal’ water which he alone offers? Do it right now! Do it right away?

The Same “Steve Jobs” Message in the DVD Format

Duke Jeyaraj goes on to further use Steve’s second name, JOBS, as a short-form for four more areas Steve Jobs resembles us gleaning further truth from the Bible in a message that he preached to about 100 employees of Wipro Chennai using this outline (s-t-e-v-e j-o-b-s) in their spiritual retreat on October 15, 2011. The price of this DVD is Rs.50/- Courier charges extra and it depends on where you want this DVD to be sent. Please contact +91-8886040605 via sms to order for this message.

The Blessings The Holy Spirit Brings Into The Lives Of The Google Generation Youth

Duke Jeyaraj

The Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for the Google Generation. The ‘Good Ghost’ (as I refer to the Holy Spirit as, based on Nehemiah 9:20) is some one who does a world of good for the Google Generation. What I would do in the following pages would be to show how relevant the blessings the Holy Spirit brings are particularly relevant to life and struggles of the Google Generation.

The blessing of the ability to live a godly life in an impure world

The Google Generation, including the believers among them, struggle with sin on a daily basis. The sin of watching pornography secretly is one sin they struggle with. The following statistic explains the gravity of this struggle: “50 percent of men viewed pornography within one week of attending a Promise Keepers stadium event. 54 percent of pastors said they viewed porn within the past year in a survey. In a 2003

Focus on the Family poll 47 percent of respondents said porn is a problem in their home.” In our counseling sessions with modern young people from variety of backgrounds – those still in high school, those in colleges, those working – my wife and I have encountered this repeated question:

“How do I beat the temptation to watch porn when no one is watching what I am doing?” This question does not just come from the young men. They also come from the young ladies. As a first step in finding a solution for this nagging problem, we must openly talk about it. Pentecostal churches should not only have bible expositions on elements of the tabernacle but also on practical issues like handling sexual temptation. The church in America has awoken up to

this fact. A blog, part of the website has this to say in its recent post: “Not long ago, it was unheard of for a pastor to talk about sex from the pulpit. Today, clergy are talking about porn.” In the youth meetings I preach in across India, invariably I will have a message in which I will speak directly about what the Bible teaches about sex and how the human race went on to abuse this sacred gift. And when I talk about how the human race went onto abuse God’s gift of sex, I openly talk about

beat the secret temptation to have sex outside of marriage with Portiphar’s wife (in verses 2, 21 and 23). The lesson this passage teaches is this: the presence of God which is made real by the fullness of the Spirit of God empowers one to say ‘no’ to the most powerful of the temptations to commit secret sin, including sexual sins. And this is the empowerment which the Google Generation needs. “Singleness of heart” is a blessing which comes upon the one filled by the Spirit, the Bible teaches (Ezek 11:19, NLT). The double mindedness in the heart of a young believer makes him or her oscillate between theses two positions: “I will not watch porn ever!” and “I will watch porn, for a few seconds only.” When the fullness of Spirit is practiced, this is replaced with the ‘singleness of heart’ which enables him or her to firmly and finally say, “I will not watch porn ever” and actually go ahead

and practice what he said. Ezekiel writes further about this

The Blessings The Holy Spirit Brings Into The Lives Of The Google Generation Youth Duke Jeyaraj

The Holy Spirit brings in many blessings for the Google Generation. First of all, he helps

us live a holy life beating temptation, including the porn-watching temptation.

the sin of watching pornography. I did this when I addressed 1300 young people from all over India in the Assemblies of God’s National Youth Conference of October 2009 in New Life Assemblies of God Church, Chennai, and the largest church in India.

We must not only talk about the secret sins the Google Generation is struggling with, openly. We must also talk about the solution. And the solution is to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. One reads that the phrase, ‘the Lord was with Joseph’ three times in Genesis 39, the Bible chapter in which Joseph

particular blessing the Holy Spirit brings into the life of a believer by recording God’s promise this way: “And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules” (Ezek 36:27, NLT). When the Spirit of God is within us, he causes us to walk holy and live pure lives even as one cooperates with the Spirit. Paul puts what Ezekiel teaches this way: “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh” (Gal 5:16). Elsewhere he expresses this same truth using different words:

“For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” (Rom 8:13, ESV). In other words, the Holy Spirit helps us

‘to relish what is right’ (a phrase I took from The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth ) instead of merely doing what is right with great difficulty and consistent inconsistency.

The blessing of being glad amidst gloomy circumstances

Another blessing the Holy Spirit brings into a person’s life, a blessing

which the Google Generation will greatly appreciate and desire is this blessing: the ability to be really happy despite being surrounded by sad situations.

For the present-day youth, the happiness so desperately depends on their circumstances. A recent happening (an event which happened in Sept 2011) illustrates this: Malini Murmu, a 22-year old student of Indian Institute of Management, Bangaluru, which is one of the top Business Schools of India, committed suicide by hanging herself to death from the ceiling fan of her hostel room number 421. This was her reaction to the acidic, “dumped-my- new-ex-girlfriend” post her boy friend, Abhishek Dhan, had left on Facebook , the popular social networking website. For Malini, the source of happiness was the on-going relationship she had with her boyfriend. The moment, this was snapped, she was so depressed that she decided to end her life. That’s why Malini’s generation, the Google

‘to relish what is right’ (a phrase I took from The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth

One IIM girl was so upset by a FaceBook Update made by her former boyfriend, that she took her life.

Generation, needs the Holy Spirit – the Spirit who blesses those whom he indwells with a joy which is not dependent on circumstances. No one illustrates this better than Mary. Mary, the young Jewish virgin who was betrothed to be married to Joseph, was already pregnant after an encounter with the Holy Spirit. The position Mary was in, was a dangerous position to be in, in the Jewish world. “During the betrothal period, sexual unfaithfulness was considered adultery, the penalty for which was death by stoning (Lev 20:10; Dt 22:23-24)” – so writes Walter C. Kaiser. But instead of mourning, she was dancing as one can understand by one contemporary English Bible Version’s rendering of her words, “I’m dancing the song of my Savior God.” The Holy Spirit who is also named ‘the oil of joy’ in the Bible (Heb 1:9, NIV) gave Mary a joy that transcended the gloomy situation she found herself in. The same Holy Spirit who filled Mary is available for the Google Generation, the generation that descends into gloom when the circumstances around it turn unfavorable.

The blessing of being guided when confused with multiple choices available

Another blessing, the Holy Spirit brings which the youth of today, the Google Generation desperately need is guidance during times of confusion and decision-making. The amount of confusion that prevails in the minds of the Google Generation is particularly seen in the lightning speed with which they go about “serial dating” – dating without commitment. A top news Indian magazine throws more light on this trend among modern youth: “But after the regulation teddy bears, chocolates, and ‘I love you’ proclamations comes the inevitable:

the break-up…Thankfully, not much time would have lapsed between that first tuition class glance and final goodbye because a relationship lasts only for a fortnight to a few months…”You always think that

person will be ‘the one,’ says a 13- year old boy who began dating at 12, has had several girlfriends so far, and whose longest relationship was two months long…After the first one, most kids accept that these things are meant to end and be almost entirely free of grief. Inevitably, a best friend will date an ex. That’s life.” (Manju Sara Rajan, “Teen Love”, Open, 1-7 August 2009, 16-20).

All what these youngsters, who appear confused when they have to choose a life partner and are quite unsure when they have to zero-in on a career, need is the ‘Spirit of Counsel’, the Holy Spirit (Isa 11:2). In fact, the early church received clear directions from the Holy Spirit during times of intense prayer. Barnabas and Saul (Paul) chose missionary careers after the Holy Spirit spoke in a church prayer meeting (Acts 13:1-3). When a person is confused standing at the crossroad, the Spirit speaks from behind saying, “This is the right road. Walk down this road!” (Isa 30:21, The Message). The Psalmist writes that one is led into the cleared and level road (the God-directed road, in other words) to travel on by the Spirit of God (Psa 143:7-10). If the Google Generation has an ongoing relationship with the Spirit of God, they would make wise, godly decisions, instead of making hasty, regrettable decisions.

  • I often tell the modern young people

  • I get to talk to about how the Holy Spirit helped me, the confused me,

when it came to making very

important decisions of my life. When

  • I was confused about the different

options in front of me when it came to the choice of my life partner, the Holy Spirit wrote God’s will for my life which was to marry Evangelin, a ‘strong-in-the-word’ missionary kid who worked in a hospital – someone who made a commitment to serve God through full-time ministry long before she met me while she was still in her boarding school. When I had to choose between the following

Confused about whom to marry? The Holy Spirit came to my rescue when I was confused

Confused about whom to marry? The Holy Spirit came to my rescue when I was confused about whom I should be marrying!

discomfiting and disconcerting for some viewers. It’s full of cusswords—the ‘F’ one in English and the ‘C’ and ‘G’ ones in Hindi….It is all utterly incorrect but oh so delightfully so” (Namrata Joshi, “Delhi Belly,” Outlook, July 18, 2011, 70). For this writer who could be a taken as a representative of the Google Generation, using foul words is a delightful thing to do. One could

career options for the long haul:

being a youth pastor in a local church, teaching in a Bible college, being a missionary in a para-church organization, being a research assistant-writer in a mission agency, being a tent-making missionary who worked in the corporate world, and finally, being a travelling evangelist- writer for the Google Generation, the Holy Spirit clearly guided me to the last option I have just mentioned.

The blessing of the ability to speak in ‘glossolalia’ in a world that uses garbage language By the w.ord, ‘glossolalia’ this writer refers to the ability to speak in new languages previously unknown to the speaker by the power of the Holy Spirit. When a person is filled by the Holy Spirit, he may choose to give that person the ability to speak in tongues or the strange new prayer language (Acts 2:4). Amos Yong points out ‘there is the threefold biblical witness that the baptism of the Spirit is evidenced by speaking in other tongues (Acts 2:4; 10:44-45; 19:6).’ This blessing is of great relevance to modern youth, the Google Generation. Here’s why: they are so driven to utter obscenities and use unprintable language as a way to de-stress themselves. This is particularly seen in a Hindi movie named, Delhi Belly. A newsmagazine review of this movie goes this way:

Delhi Belly could get very

also talk about Serena Williams, the Tennis star and a modern youth icon here. She ‘launched an angry verbal attack on an umpire during the U.S. Open 2011 final, calling her ‘unattractive inside’ and a loser’ writes, Alanah Eriksen. The fact that this was not the first time Serena Williams has rained foul words during tense moments in a Tennis game perhaps implies she actually believes in doing the same despite all the fines she has to pay for that kind of behavior. It may be that, for the youth of today, using unprintable foul words gives them an inexplicable ‘kick’.

But what the Google Generation does not realize is this: using abusive language will not only put them under greater stress as bad language further breeds bad language and this peace-shattering, mud-slinging process just keeps going on, non- stop. In this context, the Bible declares, “The one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself…” (I Cor 14:4, ESV). Another version is more specific as it says, “The speaker in a “tongue” builds up his own soul…” (I Cor 14:4, Phillips Version). Another version says, “The one who prays using a private “prayer language” certainly gets a lot out of it…” (I Cor 14:4, The Message). Yet another version says, He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself…” (I Cor 14:4, NKJV). All these alternative translations help one understand the

immense value of speaking in tongues. In an inexpressible way, known only to those who have actually experienced it, the speaking of tongues under the influence of the Holy Spirit brings an internal blessing in the soul of the speaker. Mahesh Chavda explains how speaking in tongues made Paul very effective and opened the door for him to become a blessing to many by the words he spoke or wrote: “In my opinion, Paul’s was the greatest New Testament ministry after that of Christ Himself. How did he do it? What set Paul apart to make him so singularly influential and effective? What was the hidden key to the power and the anointing that flowed in his life? I believe the answer can be found in two statements that Paul himself made in his first letter to the Christian believers in Corinth. They are closely related, the first statement the key to the second. (The first secret is the preaching of the Jesus Christ and Him crucified, I Cor. 2:2). The second statement occurs much later, towards the end of the letter. Because it sounds at first like a simple passing comment, the significance of this second statement is overlooked by many. Paul simply says, “I thank my God I speak in tongues more than you all.” (I Cor 14:18). I believe there is more here than meets the eye. With these simple words Paul reveals a major secret of the power and vitality of his inner man – of his personal spiritual life – and his relationship with the Lord.”

The blessing of being gutsy when going about challenging tasks

At some point in time, the Google Generation feels a sense of inadequacy. Even some of the celebrities that the Google Generation of India look upto admit to this. In a popular Television show the hostess, Simi Garewal asked Amitabh Bachchan, one of the most widely recognized and hugely popular actors of India this question, “Amitji, what are the demons that drive you?” To this question, this was Amitabh’s reply: “Always, it is the fear of

failure. Of not being recognized. Fear of anonymity. It’s a terrible feeling.” (as reported in India Today, April 4, 1999). This gnawing fear, this feeling of inadequacy – the present-day youth readily identify themselves with.

This sense of inadequacy comes especially when there is a challenging task ahead. And the task of evangelism is one such challenging task. It is during these times the Holy Spirit’s ministry of those in whom he indwells counts. This writer has experienced this first-hand. The following incident happened in my life. I share it to illustrate the power of the Holy Spirit when it comes to supplying guts to the Google Generation. As a school boy, in my School Final year (1991) I had to just say a few lines in a Christian skit. I spent many hours memorizing the lines of this skit – a skit to be staged in front of over five hundred of my fellow students and school teachers. And when the time came for me to say those lines, I forgot those lines and made an absolute fool of myself. The fact that there were some lovely ladies who also acted in the same skit made me so nervous and this was the embarrassing result. When I got back home I had this prayer in my mouth: “I will never get on stage for you, Lord! I get so scared! I will do anything else for you – arrange the stage for a drama crew to act, drive the speaker to the meeting place, give out Gospel tracts, etc. But I will never get on stage!” Thank God for unanswered prayers! Instead of answering my prayer of frustration, God filled me with the Holy Spirit and made me bold. The Holy Spirit filled me with guts. Within months, I was back in the same stage where I had fumbled when I had to say just a few lines. This time, I preached a Gospel message to the whole School during an Assembly. This talk lasted for over 15 minutes. Without notes in my hand, I preached a message empowered by the Holy Spirit, with all my fears

gone. At the end of that message on hell, the Holy Spirit moved mightily. A girl among the audience fainted in shock. My student contemporaries came to Christ in repentance and gave their lives to him. One from this group, I learnt years later, went on to become a fulltime apologist with the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries having had a first strong brush with God’s convicting presence that day – August 9, 1991. It is true – the Holy Spirit makes the Google Generation bold when it comes to the task of witnessing. I stand as a witness for this.

who once said that he did not know the name Christ, in an act of cowardice, later said he did not know any other name apart from Christ when it came to the salvation of the soul (John 18:15-17 and Acts 4:12). The in-filling of the Holy Spirit that Peter experienced made all the difference! Church History records imply that the Spirit-empowered Peter eventually became a martyr for Christ who was crucified upside down. The turnaround orchestrated by the Holy Spirit in life from fear to daredevilry was so complete. He had been transformed from being a puny mouse to a power house by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As I travel and speak in various churches in India and beyond, what I painfully observe is that young people are made spectators and seat-warmers when they should be soldiers and soul-winners. An encounter with the Holy Spirit and a life- long walk with him will convert mere bench-warmers into bold soul-winners. I agree with what Frank D. Machhia talks about in one his books: “Pentecostals rightly look at the prevalence of bench-warmers in the churches (including Pentecostal churches) and would encourage them to be baptized in the Spirit in dynamic praise and charismatic power for service toward others.”

The blessing of exhibiting graces in a world fascinated by charisma The youth of today, the Google Generation that is, look up to people with charisma. They go ‘gaga’ over people blessed with graces. Gifted orators, great athletes, skillful designers, etc – these are folk whom modern youth greatly admire. The overwhelming sense of connection the Google Generation instantly feels with someone like late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, can be seen as a strong illustration what has just been mentioned. The speech Steve Jobs delivered at the Stanford University’s 114 th commencement on

failure. Of not being recognized. Fear of anonymity. It’s a terrible feeling.” (as reported in India

Because of stage fright, I forgot my lines in the school drama and made a fool of myself. But the Holy Spirit enabled me to….

Even the Scriptures would do so. Prophet Micah writes about the power the Holy Spirit bestows to boldly proclaim to people their sins thus: “But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the LORD, and with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin” (Micah 3:8, ESV). There was a time when Peter began to invoke curses upon himself when he was asked if he knew Jesus (Mk 14:69-71). This was before he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. But once he had this glorious experience, the same Peter has the guts to proclaim these words to a huge crowd, these scorching words that showed how fearless he was: “But you denied the Holy and Righteous One, and asked for a murderer to be granted to you, and you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses” (Acts 3:14-15). The one

June 12, 2005 was uploaded by the University onto the popular video sharing website, Youtube, on March 7, 2008. The fact that this 15:05 minute video has been viewed by an astounding 5,893,510 at the point when this piece is being written, shows, how popular Steve Jobs is with “the Youtube Youth” – another phrase that can be coined to depict the modern youth vastly called “the Google Generation” in this write-up. When one views this video we can see the young college students giving a standing ovation to Steve Jobs (as on 27 September 2011). Steve Jobs was greatly admired for his gift of creating gadgets that won the imagination of present-day youth like the Mac, i-pod, i-phone and i-pad.

Given this context, the good news the Google Generation needs to hear is that the Holy Spirit endows the people in whom he indwells with graces galore. The Bible presents various lists of the graces of the Holy Spirit in various places. Some Bible Scholars tell us that there are 30 different gifts given by the Holy Spirit listed in the Bible. John Stott argues that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are so many and cannot be narrowed down to a particular number this way: “…there is no reason to suppose that the total of these five lists (of the gifts of the Holy Spirit found in the Bible namely, 2 lists in I Corinthians 12, one each in Romans 12, Ephesians 4 and I Peter 4) represents an exhaustive catalog of

all spiritual gifts….No single gift occurs in all the five lists and thirteen gifts occurs only in one of the five lists. The arrangement seems almost haphazard, as if to draw attention to the fact that each is a limited selection from a much larger total.”

Having established that the list of the gifts of the Holy Spirit explicitly mentioned in the Scriptures is not exhaustive, I would to suggest it was the Holy Spirit who enabled Prophet Elijah to run faster than King’s Ahab’s chariot, though this is not clearly mentioned there (I Kings 18:46). Using this example, I have encouraged the modern youth I minister to using these words: “Do you want to do well in the athletic meet in your campus? Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the key! I say this not to undermine the requirement for practice and hard work but only to underscore the importance of being dependent on the gifts the Holy Spirit graciously endows!” After mentioning that the Spirit of God gave outstanding civil engineering skills to Bezalel and Oholiab to skillfully build the tabernacle I tell the Google Generation that he’s able to give them design skills that would make even a Steve Jobs proud if only they would connect with him (Ex 31:1-4). After pointing out that the Spirit upon Samson animated him to successfully fight with a wild animal, I explain to this generation’s youth that the same Spirit can alleviate them to fight without giving up in a

game of Cricket or Tennis or Basketball (Jud 14:5-6). After an exposition about how Stephen who was ‘full of the Spirit’ left searing Jewish skeptics of the Christian faith dumbfounded with a brilliant dose of Christian apologetics I challenge the Google Generation I preach God’s word to saying, “The same Spirit is available to help you answer tricky questions that get asked about the Christian faith even today like, ‘Why is the Bible God’s Word?’, ‘Why is Jesus the only way to heaven?’, ‘Why bad things happen to good people?’, ‘When will Jesus return again?’ etc” (Acts 6:5-10).

In my ministry, having fully understood the blessings the Holy Spirit brings into the life of the believers among modern young people, I have sought not to stop after they have come to Christ. In meetings where I am invited to preach, I have striven to hold sessions where modern youth are lead into the baptism in the Holy Spirit. What I communicate in those sessions is basically the main body of this paper. As I have done in paper, I explain the blessings the Holy Spirit brings to the Google Generation keeping in mind their context, their mindset and their problems. And whenever I have done this, the response has been wonderful. Many Google Generation youth have had unforgettable and life-transforming encounters with the Holy Spirit.

The Very Different Virender Sehwag Poem

Duke Jeyaraj

Bcos he’s Indian (not British or Paki, but Indian) you’ll want to go around celebrating wildly with an Indian flag! This entertainer’s fan club is vast - the Sehwag-drool club includes those rich, those just with a rag, To watch a glimpse of his ‘addiction—causing’ batting, smokers will willingly skip a fag, To watch him score ODI’s top score, there are those who could have traveled from Imphal to Indore in a cab, When he’s still in the middle the opposition’s tail will never wag! The opposition will never think even for a second, “Well, this match is safely in our bag!” The required rate will, most times, will behind the asking rate, lag! He rightly deserves, “The most dangerous batsman in the planet,” tag! When I spoke about the World’s greatest cricket entertainer, me, you did not want to gag, Why do you do so when I speak of the greatest among all the greatest, even Jesus, saying, ‘This is alag!’ Sehwag broke Sachin’s record while Jesus broke the record of your sins while on the Cross - run to him like a stag!

The Very Different Virender Sehwag Poem Duke Jeyaraj Bcos he’s Indian (not British or Paki, but

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White-u girl-u, Heart black-u…Says the Kolaveri Di song. That’s wrong. All of our hearts r black, ‘desperately evil’ the Bible says in Jeremiah. That’s why Christ shed his sinless red blood – to cleanse the blackened-by-sin hearts. Cleansed by his blood, our hearts can turn white as snow, the Bible says in Isaiah. Come to Christ for a free heart transplant. Now.

Duke’s Most Liked Recent FaceBook Updates In order to pray for Duke Jeyaraj and his ministry
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Today is World AIDS day. It has been my privilege to spread the message of abstinence to the presentday youth all over India. I tell them, “The only way to safe sex is to save sex for marriage!” I am glad that I waited till marriage to have sex and I passionately believe in passing on the message of abstinence through my writings and my speeches. Only, Jesus, God in Human Flesh, can help us in this area even as we cooperate with him and surrender our lives to him. Remember that condoms do not ensure ‘safe’ sex. They have been cases when they have failed in preventing the transmission of the AIDS virus even when the man has worn them during the sex act. Medical science affirms that sometimes they fail by the virtue of the fact that the AIDS virus (shall we compare it to Piyush Chawla, the tiny leggie?) is 450 times smaller than the male sperm (shall we compare it to the tall Ishant Sharma, the gangling fast bowler?). Sometime the sperm (Ishant!) gets through the condom and the woman gets pregnant. When this is the case, it is all the more easier for the lesser-in-size AIDS virus (Piyush Chawla!) to go through the condom. If someone told you that the flight you were about to board had 10% chances of crashing because it had a defective engine that gave trouble often, would be still foolish to board that flight? You will not, I suppose. Yet many Google Genners ‘wear it and do it’ without thinking twice! That’s like sawing the high branch of the tree you are sitting on! I know of a letter an older sister wrote to her younger sister. The older sister talks of how she got HIV-infected without having gone all the way with her boyfriend in that letter. She begs her younger sister not to take her foolish path. Google Generation listen!

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When was the last time you wept? Hezekiah wept and got another 15 years to his life as an extension (2 Kings 20). This was not God’s original will for him and the most evil king of Judah ever, King Manasseh was born as King Hezekiah’s son in this period of extension! This event spoke to me. If God’s original and perfect will is that none should be lost, and that I should be holy, when was the last time I prayed with tears for the salvation of the lost and the perfection of my holiness?

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“First, return back to God! Don’t postpone this even for a nanosecond. Even your first night with your wife can wait but not your returning to God!” – Prophet Joel’s message in Joel 2:12,16b

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The simple gospel preached by a sincere man can pack an entire stadium with people and stun them into a hushed silence. Thank you Franklin Graham for showing us in Hyderabad that on November 13 th . I was privileged to witness that in my own eyes in LB Stadium. I vow to continue preaching that very same gospel as long as there is breath in my nostrils.

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