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From the inception BELA Group of Companies, is dedicated to provide our customers in the served markets with superior quality products and services at best value for money. We have grown into one of the premier private sector companies in Sri Lanka, through the valuable experiences that were gathered through the years and on customer confidence. From the inception, each fiscal year ended with BELA reporting record revenue and net profits. As engineers, sole agent/authorized distributor, its core business is in providing advanced engineering solutions from Low Voltage (LV) through Medium Voltage (MV) to High Voltage (HV) and marketing a range of internationally reputed power, telecommunication, and mechanical engineering products and services in Sri Lanka. In the recent years we expanded our business interest to HV Transmission Engineering and Civil Engineering. Multinationals, Government & Private Sector Institutions, Large and Medium scale organizations have contributed to the primary customer base. Within this customer base, there are stringent requirements for product quality, personalized and professional services and above all value for customer investments. These factors limit the number of local companies who can compete successfully in BELA’s core markets. BELA GROUP (PRIVATE) LIMITED - (BGL) BGL is the holding company of all the Subsidiaries and Associates of the Group We are a Group of Companies dedicated to the development of the country's main infrastructure services & communication. Our solidly embedded winning co-operate culture provides a motivating and inspiring environment which enables ordinary people to achieve the extra-ordinary by performing to the best of their abilities. From a very humble beginning to achieve the BELA family will always be with you, at all times adhering strictly to our motto, success, “Together We Grow". Subsidiary & Associate Companies BELA Group (Private) Limited. BELA International (Private) Limited. FARBEN Enterprises (Private) Limited. BELA Energy Management (Private) Limited. FARBEN Mining (Private) Limited.

The collection of these Sub Business Unit Managers forms the Operational Management Committee (OMC). Team Spirit We encourage team spirit and unity. On a Bottom-Up scenario the first tier is the Operational Management Committee (OMC) then the Senior Management Committee (SMC) and finally the Board of Directors of the Group. MISSION Our mission is to grow faster than the competition and to achieve sufficient profits to finance our group’s growth. VALUES Our values could be easily abbreviated by the term 2 Ts & 2 Cs. we have adopted a dynamic and an effective management style which is a three tier approach. Senior Management Committee (SMC) We firmly believe that young professional people are the greatest strength in any organisation’s cadre. The proper functioning of the OMC is mandatory in achieving the short term business goals of the organisation. Board of Directors The Top Management of the holding company and its’ subsidiaries are bestowed on the Board of Directors. by offering a diversified product and service range along with value for investment to our customers paying due consideration to quality.VISION To be a “BLUE CHIP” corporate organization in Sri Lanka. by better understanding and serving the requirements of our customers. OUR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE & EMPLOYEES With an exceptional twist to the normal Sri Lankan corporate governance. Commitment We are committed to our business. for the Group’s Executive Management process we have invited few dynamic members from our permanent cadre to guide the board in their respective business units. Customer Focus Our constant focus on our ultimate customer satisfaction is the reason for applying due care in all our activities. . Hence. Operational Management Committee (OMC) Daily Management of each Sub Business Unit is under the preview of a respective manager. Trust Trust is the cornerstone of our very existence. They formulate the Senior Management Committee (SMC). The rights and regulations of each member of the Board of Directors are regulated in the Articles of Association and by the decisions of the shareholders of each company in the group.

including the purchase of assets when most local companies encountered financial difficulties in volatile market conditions. Through a defined and a well planned program we are supporting the society at large by contributing our time and resources to make the world we live in a better place by organizing workshops. the financial strength assures that it will be able to make the required investments in people. demanding and dynamic. Our short term goal is to make each and every employee of the group a true partner of the organization by offering each individual with a stock option of the company. Bela International has been Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification We have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 for Design. seminars and providing assistance mostly to the youth of our country. equipment and facilities to continue its growth and ensure successful operations in the future. . Testing & Commissioning of Turnkey Electrical Transmission Lines and Substation Projects from 400V up to 220kV. OUR STRENGTH The company’s financial strength has permitted Group of Companies to take advantage of opportunities as presented. Project Management. with special emphasis to the under privileged youth irrespective of cast. Project Planning. Procurement. creed or race. interesting. We thrive to make our employees living. Under social responsibilities we are keenly perusing all possibilities available to us in providing a sound practical knowledge to the under graduates of engineering faculties in most of the prestigious universities in the island. Engineering.OUR CORPORATE & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Our aim is to be a – an organization whose actions are guided by a keen awareness of Corporate Responsibility and Social Obligations. Most importantly. Construction. social and intellectual standards.

This way not only do we help customers to stay abreast with the changes in technology. 3. Diversification Among the other strategies for growth in the organisation are areas that are targeted for diversification which include careful review of potentially viable business ventures in the export and domestic markets BUSINESS BELA Group (Private) Limited (BGL) is the holding company of all the Subsidiaries & Associates of the Group. 4. New products and price cuts are increasingly frequent. We will always maintain its strategic competitive strengths because the management will always have a long-term perspective. The heavy weight contender is continuously slugging it out round-by-round. we will continue to succeed in both difficult and prosperous times by offering: Integrated Solutions to the Market We will offer to our clients a total integrated solution that offers a one-stop solution to their needs covered by the groups’ interested sectors. The key focus business areas of BGL are. Power Sector Telecommunication Sector Energy Management Sector Mining Sector . we will offer to the customers. 1. The solutions will provide value to our customers and provide them a competitive advantage in their respective industries The Latest Technology Besides offering integrated total solutions. relevant technology at any given time ahead of our competition at competitive prices. but increase the life cycle of their products and reduce the cost of ownership.OUR STRATEGIES FOR GROWTH The corporate sector is like a never ending boxing tournament. but competitors who try to win individual rounds without saving their strength for long . 2. No matter which direction the industries move.term fights will eventually lose the battle.

More than 150. Since then market share of FEDRAL Electrik Switch Gears has seen a steady increase from non existence. Telecommunication Sector Telecom Sector business unit was incorporated as a strategic business unit of BELA in year 2001. . other related test equipment and services to their valuable clients in Sri Lanka. Currently BELA exclusively represents Areva T&D’s business interest in the Power Sector Transmission and Distribution Projects in Sri Lanka. Furthermore world’s premier transmission company.Power Sector Power Sector Engineering Division’s main expertise lies with complete turnkey contracts on High Voltage (HV) and Medium Voltage (MV) electrical projects. Austria. Due to the competency depicted during BELA’s years of operations in the HV and MV engineering sectors global power sector giants such as AREVA. These systems are deployed in varying applications to meet the daily challenges of the users. Turkey appointed BELA as their sole representative in promoting their products in the Sri Lankan market in the year 1999. Low Voltage (LV) Switchgear and Accessories manufacturer. Our Electrical Engineering cadre which comprises of Chartered Electrical Engineers to specialized Technicians has been trained in locations around the world by all of the above stated international Power Sector Companies. PRISMAN cables of Italy. selected BELA as their local presence well over five (5) years ago in promoting their primary and secondary test equipment. who are represented by us. primarily with Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) as the final client on Power Transmission and Distribution sectors. and Power Quality Management (PQM) for over a decade. Sockets and Accessories are marketed in Sri Lanka by our dynamic trade team.000 users obtain their daily telecommunication needs through the systems installed and supported by us. FEDRAL Electrik . OMICRON. Maschinen fabrik Reinhausen (MR)Germany has placed their trust with BELA as the local support centre for their products and services relating to On Load Tap Changers (OLTCs Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs). World renowned ANCHOR Switches. ABB and SIEMENS have placed their trust and confidence in our engineering and local construction and commissioning capabilities by placing Turnkey and Human Resource contracts for projects secured by these companies in Sri Lanka. KEC International Ltd has placed their trust on executing all their local contracts on HV transmission lines through us. has enjoyed our representation in penetrating Power and Telecom cable market in Sri Lanka for many years. During the first five (5) years in operation we were capable of acquiring a sound customer base of well over 200 customers covering across all business spectrums and sizes in Sri Lanka.

This decision paved the way for the creation of a 80 tones per hour crushing and screening plant to be installed in a 50 acre land situated at Ratnapura making the final production of this plant available from the deep south to the hill country of Sri Lanka. demand for aggregates has grown to unexpected levels during the past few years. Energy management team of BELA is equipped with tools for your problems whatever it is. BELA Telecom Division’s Sales and After Sales personnel have all been trained by the principals in international and local locations in order to provide superior services to the final customers. Within a very short period due to the unprecedented commitment of sales and after sales teams of BELA we have been able to raise the industry standards in the PABX market in Sri Lanka by providing our valuable customers with unmatched services. demand site management. We provide professional help against safety. Energy Management Sector Due to the growing energy concerns in Sri Lanka. The estimated crushing period of this quarry will span a period of 25 years at the current production rate. Mining Sector Due to the rapid growth of Sri Lanka's construction industry.World’s fastest growing telecommunication solutions provider MATRIX selected BELA as their exclusive partner in Sri Lanka in the year 2006 due to the dynamism of the Telecom Sector team of ours. Our experts are ready with solutions for the green building concept which is the future. . NANJIN PUTIAN is one of the leading manufacturers and solutions providers in the international Data Communication market. comfort designs of the distribution network. Main focuses of this business unit is to seek solutions in saving energy through management of the quality of power consumed at consumer ends and in national power networks. Austria. Plans are being formulated to secure such quarries which are strategically based to meet the demand of various parts of Sri Lanka. Now BELA Telecom is in a position to provide Sri Lankan customers with technically superior data solutions at very competitive international prices. BELA incorporated a strategic business unit in order to cater to the Energy Management Sector jointly with MR PQM of Germany and OMICRON. They placed their trust by appointing BELA Telecom to provide these world class products and solutions in Sri Lanka. Since BELA's primary business activities are focused on infrastructure development in Sri Lanka the management took a strategic decision to venture into the field of mining.

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