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English Test
1. Choose the correct answer. 1.- He was wearing _______ riding boots. red old Spanish leather old leather red Spanish old red Spanish leather Spanish red old leather 2.- ______ he gets, _______. The richer, the more friends he has Richer, more he has friends Richer, more friends he has The richer, the more he has friends 3.- Nobody phoned, did _____? he she they anybody
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4.- If you were ever in trouble,I would give you all the help you ____ will need would need need needed

that I was at school with I was at school with with who I was at school with whom I was at school 4 7. stayed go. stayed went. stay went. go. which what that which what's 8.It's ______ if you take the train. stay 6.has just come to live in our street.John Hastings. war film war's film film of war film's war 9.5. but I'd rather you _______ here... more quick quicker the quicker the quickest 2 ..It's time you ______ home._______...She keeps tapping he fingers.We watched a ______ on TV last night. ____ gets on my nerves.

Deseable con maestría.. nosotros buscamos un Ingeniero mecánico de una de las Universidades líderes calificadas dentro del área de Negocios en postgrado.Translate this paragraph Text 1: "Products Group manager" Reporting to the President you will Take responsibility for the marketing and development of two lines of industrial products generating sales of about US $25 million. including the management of product profit responsibility and a multidiscipline team. For this pivotal position within our group we seek a mechanical engineer from one of the leading universities within a postgraduate business qualification. ideally an MBA. If interested. Conocimiento del Idioma Francés dentro del trabajo es esencial.. A working knowledge of French is essential. incluyendo la administración de la responsabilidad de la utilidad del producto y una multidisciplina del trabajo en equipo. You will lead a team of 15 engineering and marketing specialists and will oversee the development of your lines in collaboration with technical management and interfacing with other sites within the group. Dirigirá a un grupo de 15 Ingenieros y Especialistas en Mercadotecnia y supervisara el desarrollo de sus líneas en colaboración con la gestión técnica de interconexión con otros sitios dentro del grupo. . otros Idiomas serian un extra. is still built is still building is still being built is being still built 2. please send your CV along with a photo and present salary.Paris-France Text 1: ¨Gerente de grupo de productos¨ Para reportar al Presidente deberá tomar responsabilidad de la mercadotecnia y desarrollo de dos líneas de ventas generales de productos industriales de alrededor de US $25 millones.We can't use the sports hall yet because it __________ . You will devise and implement the necessary business plans. Haber obtenido de 6 a 8 años de experiencia en un entorno de de la Industria metalúrgica o hidráulica. You will have gained 6 to 8 years' experience in a metallurgical or hydraulics environment. Para esta posición en esencial dentro de nuestro grupo. Creara e implementara los planes de negocios necesarios.10. other languages will be a plus. quoting reference DGP/DT to: AUSTIN KNIGHT.

3 . citando la referencia DGP/DT to: AUSTIN KNIGHT Paris-France. por favor envía tu CV con fotografía y especifica tus pretensiones económicas.Si tu estas interesado.

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