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Republic of the Philippines Eastern Visayas State University Tacloban City COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Detailed Lesson Plan in English

1 Subject: No of Hrs/ Minutes per session: Room # and Building: Year Level: I .Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students are expected to develop the following skills. English 1 30 Minutes Science Building room 233 First Year

1. Name the parts of the story. 2. Appreciate in reading a story.

3. Identify the parts of the story

II: Subject Matter: Topic: Reference: Parts of the Story

III: Materials: White board, Marker, Hand out

I. Motivation

Motive Questions:

1. Do you love reading story? 2. What kind of story you usually read? 3. What is your favorite story? Share this to your classmates.

II. Methods/ Strategy: Suggestopedia



1. Listening of the story by the teacher. (The Story of the Prodigal

Son).The class will use its imagination as the teacher the story.

2. The class will be grouped into 5 and they will identify the parts of

the story that was read by their teacher. Setting Parts of a story Character

Main Events

Plot Theme


V: Evaluation: 1. Did you find the story interesting? Why? 2. If you were the father would you do the same thing? 3. What can you say about the story?
4. Did the author present the story well? Why?

Prepared by:

Michelle A. Enverzo DTE