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1.0 Introduction We are required to carry out an interview to complete our assignment for English communication (II). After discussing about few days among four of us, we decided to make a appointment with a lecturer of polytechnic at Behrang. After waiting two days, we were phoned and the lecturer allowed us to carry out an interview. Needless to say, we were very happy because we can do our assignment already. If the lecturer was not allowed us to interview her, then we should find again and this needed some time and also energy. We make this decision to interview lecturer polytechnic that was at Behrang as we cannot make an interview around lecturer of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Apart from that, we also wanted to try new things and through this, we can get some experiences that we never got during our secondary and even higher school. We were very appreciated when doing this interview. 2.0 Background The name of the lecturer that we had interview was Suzana Binti Shafei. She was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, 25nd of November 1980, on the morning. She was born in her maternal grandmothers house. Her father has seven childs and she is the youngest among them. Her background started from her personal life, his father was a teacher, while her mother was a nurse. Lecturer of Suzana has received her early schooling at the Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The name of school was called Sek. Keb. Rambutan Rendang. During her studying, she was facing some study problem, luckily she got help from many teachers to overcome with her tension, study and homework. Then, she continued her secondary school at Sek. Men. Ismail Petra. She was active at PBSM and be a chairwoman almost 3 years but during this time, she was having most difficult moment around form four and form five. In order to make a living, she take a part time and worked at polytechnic, Shah Alam. Her father was having illness at that time. She was very sad and worried about her father and suddenly thinking to give up on her study at that time. Fortunately, after encourage and advice from her teacher and mother, she continued her study. During her studying, she felt more and more stress. Everyday, she was worry whether she can pass in the examination or not. Finally, depending on her hardworking and assistance from her teacher, needless to say, she finally passed the exam with flying colours. At that time, her families were very happy especially was her mother. She subsequently continued her education at Uitm, Shah Alam and then studied at IAB with the course of andragogy. After getting

explanation about the course andragogy, we finally understood that andragogy was a learning strategies focus on adults. It is often interpreted as the process of engaging learners with the structure of learning experience. She also got a certificate of mechanical manufacturing engineering at polytechnic of Kota Bharu. Before going to Shah Alam, she already had studied at polytechnic of Port Dickson with diploma of mechanical manufacturing engineering. During her free time, she love painting, reading and listening some music. Through these activities, she can release her tension while facing some problems in learning.

3.0 Description of her career She had become a lecturer for almost three and a half years. She teaches diploma students about mechanical manufacturing engineering, AUTOCAD 2 and also computer. She says she wanted to handle students with mild and not too strict. After that, she had been awarded certificates of excellence in AUTOCAD 2 because she got the higher marks among the lecturer in polytechnic. To become a good teacher, we must be patient, and know how to control the classes and teach teenagers with a vengeance.

4.0 Secret to success Suzana holded five matter to succeed, the things are discipline, total comprehension, identify, hardworking and appreciate. Only hold with five this five matters, she can create a good life .She is not a stingy person, she can share his secret with others. She wants anyone can be the best, she do not want only her can be the best. Discipline is very important thing. Without discipline nothing can do. Discipline can be divided to many thing, such as discipline in time, this is the most lecturer of Suzana cared of, then discipline in behavior, discipline in work and many else. Discipline can train someone to be more good and stronger in what matter he or she want to do. Through this, she can handle her problem by herself. Then about total comprehension. Without total comprehension in character, someone cannot success in their life. Before doing some important things example is exam, before the exam is carried out, someone should prepare fully and do practicing often because practice make perfect. Besides this, we should always comply with the time and use the time to adequately. After that is identify. The meaning of identify is we are able to diffentiate that things is good for us or vice versa. When facing some problem, we must think what suppose to do to solve the problem and the identify steps is the most importance in determining what solution we should. If we cannot solve the problem by ourselves, we must refer to our teachers or our best friends. If we want succeed in life, we must work without despair. For example, if we want to pass the exam with flying colours, the first thing we must do is hardworking, be alerted when the teaching at the class. If we do not understand, we should ask because stupid in five minutes, clever forever. The meaning is when we ask the teacher about what we do not know, some people will smile or look down on us, but after five minutes, we will understand what are we ask after the teacher give explaining. We are not encouraged to burn the midnight oil. The meaning of appreciate is to be grateful or thankful for someone that give us knowledge. During teacher teaches us at the class, we must not making noises, respect our teacher and play attention while our teacher try to give us knowledge. Try to communicate with

teacher and asking for them to help us when we face some learning or personal problem that we unable to solve it. 5.0 Current issue (Opinion about social problem among teenagers nowadays) According to lecturer Suzana binti Shafei, the young people between the ages 13 and 20 is called teenages.Every teenagers has problems. There is no doubt about it. A problem plays an important part in a teenagers life, as they see if you can handle it well. The teenagers pregnancy is very big problem of the world mostly the develop contrary. When the teenagers are coming out to the pregnant then the abortion is the simple solution of this issue. The abortion is a process to dead the pregnant child before his born. But the abortion is the bad, because in a abortion, the innocent life will be dead. Lecturer Suzana says that God is creating of all things for every life, we must appreciate what God has given us. Teen abortion has many risks. Abortion may lead to an increased an chance of breast cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, depression and the contraction of Viral Hepatitis, not to mention death due to excessive bleeding or other complications. Teen abortion will affect us into the future and we should control this case from happen continuosly.The government should enforce the rules and if the teenagers were found try to do abortion before the baby is born will be jailed. The second issues are skipping school. Teenagers will skip school for a number of reasons. Just because the teenagers were skipping school does not mean that teenagers involved a bad crowd or doing drugs. The teenagers skipped school a few times because they simply did not like the classes, classmates or teacher .It a teacher was often times giving them problems or an attitude, they will skip school to avoid the teacher because of the teacher frequently call their names and make them feel like they were worthless, so they will skip the class to avoid confrontation with the teacher. The teenagers will skip class as they face problem in learning difficulties and disabilities. If they have difficulty in a particular subject, they may choose to skip school entirely out of fear of failure. Learning difficulties are especially common in children who have recently changed schools or are experiencing trouble at home. Fatigue is also a reason why teenagers skipped the school. Teenagers who are not getting enough sleep or rest outside school can quickly experience burnout and become poor performes.Fatigue can be also uncomfortable tat attending school simply does not feel like it is worth the effort. Other than that, anger and confusion is also a factor cause the teenagers to skip the school. Teenagers who may be

experiencing instability at home or within their social circles often skip school as an outlet for their anger. Instability at home or at school can trigger uncomfortable feelings of an anxiety, stress and tension that may also lead to anger and aggression. Skipping school is just one way to manage these feelings of discomfort and counseling and support from parents may be necessary as an intervention plan. Lecturer stated that determining why the teenagers may be skipping school is the first step to helping them cope in a healthier way. If you suspect the students may be making poor choices during a semester, consult a guidance counselor or mentor who can help them get back on a positive educational track. Third issue is smoking. Lecturer of Suzana said that among college students, the prevalence of use of cigarettes was still about 35 percent. Although smoking among adolescents and young adults is often associated as a bad, but temporary habit, determinants of smoking among college students who was also know as teenagers and the amount of harm it causes to their health and health of others are largely unknown. The lecturer once was asking their students that was giving at least one good reason why the students ignored the danger that their know. Some say that they smoke to relieve stress from school, others say it gives them something to do at parties, some say they get an intensified sensation from mixing tobacco and alcohol. Some say they have tried to stop so many times but cannot. Others say their grandparents have smoked all their life and are still alive and healthy. The most important way to stop the pandemic of smoking would be to stop the influx of new smokers mainly teenagers, then the government played an important role also in reducing the rate of smoking among teenagers. The government should take some ways to cope this problem from becoming seriously, they should enforce the rules and tried to reduce the imports of cigarette to their country and also gave some warning to people who sell cigarettes to teenagers.

Questionnaire a) Personal background i) Firstly, we would like to know about your background. Can you tell us about yourself? Where are you from? When were you born? Where were you brought up? Bolehkah saudari terangkan serba-sedikit mengenai diri saudari? (asal, tempat lahir, tempat dibesarkan) ii) What about your family? Could you please describe your parents, your siblings and your own family? Bagaimana pula dengan keluarga saudari? Bolehkah saudari ceritakan mengenai ibu bapa, adik beradik dan keluarga saudari?

iii) When you were small, did you have any dreams? Did you dream of becoming who you are today? Adakah saudari mempunyai impian semasa saudari masih kecil? Adakah impian saudari menjadi siapa saudari hari ini? b) Education background i) We proceed to educational background. Could you tell us where you received your early education? Kita pergi kepada latar belakang pendidikan. Boleh saudari ceritakan di mana saudari mendapat pendidikan awal? ii) Which primary and secondary school did you go to? / did you attend a boarding school? Di sekolah rendah dan menengah manakah saudari bersekolah? Adakah saudari pernah bersekolah di sekolah berasrama penuh?

iii) What were among your preferred co-curricular activities when you were in school and why did you join the activities? Apakah aktiviti ko-kurikulum yang saudari gemari? Nyatakan sebab mengapa saudari suka terlibat dalam aktiviti ko-kurikulum tersebut.

iv) What about your tertiary level of education? Which higher institution did you attend to pursue your study? Bagaimana pula dengan pendidikan saudari di peringkat tinggi? Institusi manakah yang menjadi pilihan saudari untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ?

v) During your tertiary education, were you actively involved in any organization or society? Selama pendidikan tinggi saudari, adakah saudari secara aktif terlibat dalam organisasi atau masyarakat? vi) How did you balance your time between being active in the organizations and concentrating on your study? Bagaimana saudari mengimbangi masa antara menjadi aktif dalam organisasi dan menumpukan pada pengajian saudari?

vii) Could you tell us what is your highest academic achievement? Bolehkah saudari beritahu kami apa pencapaian akademik tertinggi yang pernah saudari capai? viii) What do you think are the most important characteristics and abilities a person must possess to become a successful person academically and non-academically? Pada pendapat saudari, apakah ciri-ciri yang paling penting dan kemampuan seseorang yang perlu ada untuk menjadi seseorang yang sukses dalam akademik dan bukan-akademik?

ix) May we know your principle in life that leads to your success? Boleh kami tahu prinsip saudari dalam kehidupan yang mengarah pada kejayaan saudari?

c) Professional life/career/achievement i) You are currently a lecturer. How long have you been working as a lecturer and what are the subjects you teach? Saudari sekarang seorang pensyarah. Berapa lama saudari telah bekerja sebagai pensyarah dan subjek apa yang saudari ajari? ii) We believe that having a lot of tasks to accomplish and holding a lot of huge responsibilities pose a challenge to you. Hence, could please describe to us which part of your job you find most challenging? Kami percaya bahawa memiliki banyak tugas untuk di capai dan memegang banyak tanggung jawab yang besar merupakan cabaran bagi saudari. Jadi, boleh jelaskan kepada kami bahagian mana dari pekerjaan saudari yang paling mencabar?

iii) Do you mind telling us your highest achievement since you start working? Jika saudari tidak keberatan, boleh saudari nyatakan kepada kami pencapaian tertinggi sejak saudari mula bekerja? iv) Being a person who holds a lot of responsibilities, have you ever received any award for your contributions? Menjadi orang yang memiliki banyak tanggung jawab, adakah saudari pernah menerima anugerah atas sumbangan saudari?

d) Current issue i) What are your opinions about social problems among teenagers nowadays? Apa pendapat saudari tentang masalah-masalah sosial di kalangan remaja saat ini?

e) Opinions i) What is the most important characteristic or ability to become successful teacher? Apakah ciri-ciri atau kemampuan yang penting untuk menjadi guru yang berjaya? ii) What are your advises to young generations who interested in this job?

Apakah saranan saudari untuk generasi muda yang berminat dalam pekerjaan ini?