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In the partial fulfillment of the Degree of Master of Business Administration Session (20092011)

Submitted to Miss Bindiya Lec. MIS (ASBM)

Submitted by Ankush Sharma MBA 3rd Semester


Practical training is an important part of management courses. Theoretical studies are not sufficient to get into corporate world and understand the complexities of large-scale organizations.

Practical training exposes us to real practices of management in the organization. It also exposes students to the treasures of experience, knowledge and learning which prerequisites of making a successful career .

I deem it privilege to have undergone this project. I acknowledge that the practical training that I got from this cannot be gained otherwise. I found my project very interesting and challenging.



This research will not only help me to increase my skills and know about the marketing stratergies of Britania but will also provide a chance for new companies under FMCG sector to have a close look to know that how they penetrate into market deeply and have a good brand image like Britania.

This study will provide me the opportunity to know and understand the brand and branding stratergies of Britania.

This study will actually be an attempt to know that how a FMCG company will satisfy its consumers.

Specific objectives:
To make a through understanding of Branding & its significance in increasing the sales of the organization. Detail study about evolution of biscuits & its process. Growth & future prospects of FMCG-Biscuits segment in India economy. To know Britannia Company & its growth in Indian market.

General Objectives : To Conceptual analysis the Glucose Biscuits brand strategy. To study the factors influencing brand decision. To study the impact of the price increase of 100-gram Parle-G on 100-gram Britannia Tiger. To understand the market potential of Britannia Tiger biscuits. To know different Britannia products which both domestic & International branded.


There are several researches conducted on the consumer behavior with reference to market segmentation. The objective of each research was the same in all cases and that was to know the nature of consumer in different segments of market of similar product. Literature survey includes the thoughts and views of those people who have already done the research work on this topic.

John Williamson : The explosion in products and services is creating one great headache for the marketers. It is the emergence of similarities in terms of physical characteristics. Brand has to play, in this context, the role of a navigator. This is to help consumers escape the confusion brought by over choice. In the light of the fact that proprietary technology is vanishing, the brand has to play a greater role in the cultivation of competitive edge. The companies have to conceive a brand idea which is big, simple, true and unique. The idea has to be relevant to the customers or markets. If one looks at organization with similar products, the key differentiators is the idea on which the brand is based.

Thomas oliver : Brands determine the market value of a business corporation. Interbrand, a brand constancy firm regards as intangible assets that create an identifiable economic earnings stream. Based on interbrands valuation methodology, Coca-cola, Microsoft and IBM came to the top of the list of the worlds most valuable brands. Another survey assessed the brands on the basis of brand strength. This study was done in three regions: the united states, Japan and Europe, covering fourteen countries. To assess the strength of the brands, a unique methodology was employed. Two measures which were taken in this study were: brand familiarity and esteem. In the united states, the five topmost brands were Coca-Cola, sony, Mercedes-benzs, BMW and Philips. The brands topping the japans list were: sony, national, Mercedes-benzs, Toyota and takashimaya. Globally the top three brands were Coca-Cola, Sony and Mercedes benz.

Hamel and Prahalad : Branding pushes the product onto a higher plane. It offers justification to the market to patronize a brand and to ignore the rest. These justifications emanate from the additional dimension that brands add to the product. A product, howsoever necessary, is not equipped to survive by itself in a competitive setting. Hence, marketers transform products into powerful brands by loading them with value propositions that consumers look for. A product without a brand may just about secure an entry into the marketing game, but it may lack sufficient differentiation as values by its prospects. Accordingly, it may not continue to occupy shelf space for long.


The concept of having the research on the marketing stratergies of Britania came to my mind when we were actually having a party and have a small fight on the issue that which brand biscuits to have with a cup of coffee, most of us were actually supporting Britania and few were in favor of Parle-G.This rased my curiosity to know that why Britania is preferred most among youths as well as in families when any guest approaches us .Which ultimately pushed toward having a research on the marketing stratergies of Britania.


NULL HYPOTHESIS: Britannia Industries Limited has not chalked out an umbrella branding strategy for `GoodDay'.

Even they have no impact on the minds of customers.

They stand no where in front of their competitors Their product are most expensive in market.
Their product availability is low.


Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problems. It may be understood as science of studying how research is done scientifically. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted.
As per my convenience I will prefer PRIMARY DATA along with SECONDRY DATA as it will be more relevant and easy for use. The PRIMARY DATA can be easily made available by letting the Questioners to be get filled up by the applicants and customers . Secondary data will be collected from various sources like-: Internet. Books. Journals. News Papers. Magazines etc



SAMPLE UNIT: Sample unit refers to the geographical area in which the research is carried out. My research pertained to PALAMPUR & KANGRA district.

SAMPLE SIZE: It refers to the respondents to be selected from diverse universe to constitute a sample. An optimum sample is 100 which fulfil my requirements of efficiency, reliability representative ness and flexibility.

TYPE OF SAMPLING: For the analysis of the demand of Britannia products among the consumers, random sampling technique was used.


Data will be collected by me by using following methods: Interviewing method. Through questionnaire. Through Internet. Through Magazines. Through Newspapers. Through Journal.


I may have to face some problems during my project research and are mentioned as follows-:
As the data will be collected through questionnaire, there are chances of biased information provided by the respondent. The survey is limited only to Kangra and Dharamshala. As the sample size is small compared to the total population the outcome cannot be generalized. The Qualitative responses are affected by the mental framework of the respondent at the time of filling of questionnaire. The study was done for a short period of time, which might not hold true over a long period of time.


Topic Chapter 1



Chapter -2 Chapter -3 Chapter -4 Chapter -5 Chapter6 Chapter -7

Review of literature

Objectives of research

Research methodology
-limitations of research

Data analysis &interpretation

Results &findings

Conclusions & Suggestions

Bibliography References Annexure

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INTERNET WEBSITES: www.brit anniaindust ries .co m .co m rlebis cuits .co m