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Some Important Abbreviations

S# 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Abbr. A.A.A A.A.C A.B.A A.B.C ABEP A.B.L A.C. A.C.A ACR A.D.A A.D.B A.D.B.P A.D.P A.E A.E.A A.E.C A.F.C A.G AGM A.H.Q AHRC A.I.D A.I.D.S A.I.E.E A.I.M.C AIOU A.I.R A.J.K A.K A.K.F AKU A.L. A.L.E.S.C.O Meaning Amateur Athletic Association Anno Ante Christum: In the year before Christ Amateur Boxing Association American Broadcasting Company Annual Branch Expansion Plan Allied Bank Limited Ante Christum: Before Christ Association of the Charted Accountants Annual Confidential Report Airport Development Authority Asian Development Bank Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan Annual Development Program Assistant Engineer Atomic Energy Authority Army Education Corps Assistant Food Controller Accountant General Annual General Meeting Army Headquarters Asian Human Rights Commission Agency for International Development Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Associate of the Institute of Electrical Engineering Associate of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Allama Iqbal Open University All India Radio Azad Jammu Kashmir Azad Jammu Kashmir Azad Kashmir Force Agha Khan University Arab League Arab League Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Ante maridiem: Before noon Atrium Magister: In the Year of the World Army Medical Corps S# 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 Abbr. A.O.C. A.O.D A.P A.P.A. A.P.C. A.P.E.C. A.P.I. A.P.N.S A.P.O. A.P.W.A A.R.D A.S. A.S.E.A.N A.S.F A.S.I.A ATM A.V A/C. Ad. B.Ed. B.A.S.I.C. B.B.C B.C. B.C.C.I. B.C.G. B.C.S. B.D.S B.E. B.F. B.H.C. B.I.S.E BMC Meaning American Oil Company Army Ordnance Depot. Associated Press Associated Press of America All Parties Conference Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Associated Press of India All Pakistan Newspapers Society Asian Productivity Organization All Pakistan Womens Association Alliance for the restoration of Democracy Anglo Saxon, At Sight Association of South East Asian Nations Airport Security Force Association of the Society of Incorporated Accounts Automatic Teller Machine Authorized Version Account, Account Current Advertisement B Bachelor of Education Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code British Broad Casting Company Before Christ Bank of Commerce and Credit International Bacillus Calmete Gueria (T.B vaccine) Bachelors of Computer Science Bachelors of Dental Surgery Bachelors of Engineering Brought Forward Balochistan High Court Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Balochistan Medical College

34 35 36

a.m. A.M. A.M.C

79 80 81

B.P.S. B.P.S.C B.S.F.

Basic Pay Scale Balochistan Public Service Commission Border Security Force

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99


Arab Monetary Fund Army Medical Service Asian Monetary Unit African National Congress Asian Non-Governmental Organization Coalition Asian News Network Awami National Party Anti Narcotic Task Force Army Order Caught and Bowled Central Bureau of Investigation Central Board of Revenue Chamber of Commerce Code of Corporate Governance Concerned Citizens of Pakistan Capital City Police Officer Close Circuit Television Capital Development Authority Central Treaty Organization Chief Executive Officer Commonwealth Games Federation Chief of General Staff Crimes Investigation Agency Crimes Investigation Department Chief Justice Chief Justice Committee Chief Justice of Pakistan Calling Line Identification Chief Ministerial Controller of Military Accounts Combined Military Hospital Chief Medical Officer Compressed Natural Gas Central Nervous System Cable News Network Chief of Army Staff Charter of Democracy Communications Satellite Corporation Canteen Store Department Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Civil Service of Pakistan Central Superior Services Central Superior Services of Pakistan

82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89

B.T.U b/o. C.A. C.A.A C.A.D C.A.L. C.A.R.E

British Thermal Unit Brought Over C Chartered Accountant Civil Aviation Authority Computer Aided Design China Air Line Co-Operation for American Relief Everywhere Chief of Air Staff District Coordination Officer Dichloro-Diphenyl-richloreoethane District Education Officer Director General Defense Housing Scheme Deputy Inspector General District Management Group Dioxiribo Nucleic Acid Disk Operating System District Police Officer Deputy Superintendent of Police Doctor of veterinary Medicine Dynamic Versatile Disk Organization of 8 Developing Countries Ditto (The Same) E Electronic Assessment System Election Commission European Central Bank Electro- Cardiograph European Centre for Nuclear Research Economic Cooperation Organization Ear Nose and Throat Extended Program of Immunization Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority F Federally Administrated Northern Areas Food and Agricultural Organization Federally Administrated Tribal Areas Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Federal Board of Revenue Federal Board of Statistics

90 C.A.S. 141 D.C.O. 142 D.D.T 143 D.E.O 144 D.G. 145 D.H.A. 146 D.I.G. 147 D.M.G. 148 D.N.A. 149 D.O.S 150 DPO 151 D.S.P 152 D.V.M. 153 D.V.D 154 D8 155 do 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165

100 CENTO 101 C.E.O 102 C.G.F 103 C.G.S 104 C.I.A. 105 C.I.D. 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 C.J. C.J.C C.J.P C.L.I. C.M. C.M.A. C.M.H. C.M.O. C.N.G C.N.S. C.N.N C.O.A.S CoD C.O.M.S.A.T

E.A.S.Y E.C. E.C.B. E.C.G. E.C.N.R. E.C.O. E.N.T. E.P.I. ERRA

167 168 F.A.N.A 169 F.A.O 170 F.A.T.A 171 F.B.I.S.E 172 FBR 173 F.B.S

120 C.S.D 121 C.S.I.R 122 C.S.I.R.O

123 C.S.P. 124 C.S.S 125 C.S.S.P

174 F.C 175 F.C.R. 176 F.E.P.B

Frontier Corps Frontier Crimes Regulations Federal Export Promotion Board

126 C.T. 127 C.T.B.T. 128 C/A 129 C/B 130 C/L 131 C/O 132 C&.A.G 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 Cantt. D.A. D.A.E D.A.G. D.A.O. D.B.A.

Certificate in Teaching Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Current Account Cash Book Cash Letter Care of , Carry Over Controller and Auditor General Cantonment D Developing Authority+ Diploma of Associate Engineer Deputy Accountant General District Account Officer Diploma in Business Administration Data Base Management System

177 FESCO 178 FFC 179 F.I.A. 180 F.I.F.A 181 F.I.R. 182 F.M. 183 F.R.C.P.S 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 F.T.A F.W.B. F.W.O G.A. GAT G.C.

Faislabad Electric Supply Company Federal Food Committee Federal Investigation Agency Federation International de Football Association First Information Report Field Marshall Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Free Trade Agreement First Women Bank Frontier Works Organization G General Assembly (UN) Graduate Assessment Test Government College. (Lahore) General Certificate of Education

140 D.B.M.S

191 G.C.E.

192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204

G.D.I. G.D.P. G.H.Q G.O.C. GPA G.P.O. G.R.E. G.S.O. G.S.P. G.S.T. G.T Road H.A.M.A.S

Gross Domestic Income Gross Domestic Product General Headquarters General Officer Commanding Grade Point Average General Post Office Graduate Record Examination General Staff Officer Geological Survey of Pakistan General Sales Tax Great Trunk Road H Harkat-al-Maqawana alIslamiyya House Building Finance Corporation Habib Bank Limited High Court Highest Common Factor Hockey Club of Pakistan His/Her Excellency Higher Education Commission Hyderabad Electric Supply Company High Frequency Housing Finance Corporation His/Her Imperial Majesty Human Immunodeficiency Virus High Octane Blending Component Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam House of Representatives Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Human Rights Watch

242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262

I.G. I.M.F I.M.O I.O.U I.Q I.R.C I.S.O I.S.P.R I.S.Ps I.S.S.B J.C.O J.U.P

Inspector General International Monetary Fund International Maritime Organization I Owe You Intelligence Quotient International Red Cross International Standardization Organization Inter Services Public Relations Internet Service Providers Inter Services Selection Board J Junior Commissioned Officer Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Pakistan K

205 H.B.F.C 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 H.B.L H.C H.C.F. H.C.P H.E. HEC HESCO

K.D.A K.E.S.C K.G. K.R.L K.S.E M.phil

Karachi Development Authority Karachi Electricity Supply Company Kindergarten Khan Research Laboratories Karachi Stock Exchange M Master of Philosophy Master of Arts. Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Master of Business Education Medical College Admission Test Muslim Commercial Bank Multiple Choice Questions Master of Computer Science Master of Commerce

213 H.F. 214 H.F.C 215 H.I.M 216 H.I.V 217 HOBC 218 H.Q.A 219 H.R 220 H.R.C.P 221 H.R.W

263 M.A 264 M.B.A 265 M.B.B.S 266 M.B.E 267 M.C.A.T 268 M.C.B 269 M.C.Q 270 M.C.S 271

222 H.T.V 223 224 I.A.A.F 225 I.A.E.A 226 I.A.F 227 I.B. 228 I.B.A 229 I.B.M 230 I.B.P 231 I.C. 232 I.C.C 233 I.C.M.A.P

234 I.C.R.C 235 I.C.S 236 237 238 239 I.C.U I.D.B. IDPs IDSP

240 I.E.A 241 IELTS 291 M.T.V 292 M.V.R 293 M.Y.O 294 295 N.A.D.R.A

Heavy Transport Vehicle I International Amateur Athletics Federation International Atomic Energy Agency Indian Air Force Intelligence Bureau Institute of Business Administrating International Business Machine Institute of Bankers in Pakistan Intelligence Corps International Chamber of Commerce Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan International Committee of the Red Crescent International College of Surgeons Intense Care Unit Islamic Development Bank Internally Displaced Persons Infectious Disease Society of Pakistan International Energy Agency International English Language Testing System Music Television

272 M.D.S 273 M.E.D.O 274 M.E.P.C.O 275 M.E.S 276 M.Ed 277 M.I.L.F 278 M.I.S 279 M.I.U 280 M.K.S 281 M.L.A 282 M.L.O 283 M.N.A

Master in Dental Surgery Middle East Defense Organization Manpower Export of Pakistan Military Engineering Service Master of Education Morocco Islamic Liberation Front Management Information System Mobile Information Unit Meter, Kilogram, Second Martial Law Administrator Martial Law Order Member of National Assembly

284 M.O 285 M.O.H 286 287 288 289 M.O.U M.P MPC M.Q.M

Money Order Medical Health Officer Memorandum of Understanding Military Police Monetary Policy Committee Mutahida Qaumi Movement Microsoft Network

290 MSN

325 N.I.P.A 326 327 328 329 N.P.S N.S.G N.T.S N.T.N

Motor Vehicle Registration Muslim Youth Organization N National Database Registration Authority 296 N.A.F.T.A North American Free Trade Agreement 297 N.A.S.A National Aeronautics and Space Administration 298 N.A.S.S.C.O.M National Association of Software and Services Companies 299 NAT National Aptitude Test 300 N.A.T.C North Atlantic Treaty Council 301 N.A.T.O North Atlantic Treaty Organization 302 N.B.A National Basketball Association 303 N.B.C National Broadcasting Corporation 304 N.B.F National Book Foundation 305 N.B.P National Bank of Pakistan 306 N.C.A National College of Arts 307 N.C.C 308 N.C.C.P National Cadet Corps National Construction

National Institute of Public Administration National Pay Scales National Supplier Group National Testing Service National Tax Number National University of Modern Languages National University of Science and Technology Nationwide Direct Dialing System

330 NUML 331 N.U.S.T 332 N.W.D

333 N.W.F.P 334 335 O.A.P.E.C 336 OC 337 OEMs 338 OGRA 339 O.M.G 340 O.P.E.C 341 O.P.F 342 O.S.D

North Western Frontier Province O Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agency Officer Commanding Original Equipment Manufacturers Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority Open Management Group Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Officer on Special Duty

309 NCHD 310 N.C.I 311 N.D.F.C 312 NDRMF 313 N.E.C.P 314 N.E.S.P.A.K 315 N.E.T.C.O.M 316 N.E.W.S 317 N.F.C 318 N.G.O 319 N.G.R.A 320 N.H.A 321 N.I.P.A 322 N.I.C 323 N.I.L.A.T 324 N.I.O.C 358 P.E.C

Company of Pakistan National Commission for Human Development National Construction Limited National Development Finance Corporation National Disaster Risk Management Framework. Newspaper Editors Council of Pakistan National Engineering Services of Pakistan National Education and Training Commission North East West South National Finance Commission Non Governmental Organization
National Gas Regulatory Authority

343 O.U.P 344 345 P.A 346 P.A.A.F 347 P.A.C 348 P.A.F 349 P.A.F.A 350 P.A.R.C.O 351 P.A.S.S.C.O 352 PASTIC 353 P.B.C 354 P.B.U.H 355 P.C.B 356 P.C.S 357 P.C.S.I.R 402 403 R.A.B 404 R.A.W

Oxford University Press P Personal Assistant Pakistan Amateur Athletic Federation Public Accounts Committee Pakistan Air Force Pakistan Air Force Academy Pak-Arab Refinery Company Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Service Corporation. Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center Pakistan Broadcasting Company Peace Be Upon Him Pakistan Cricket Board Provincial Civil Service Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research R Regional Accountability Bureau Research and Analysis Wing (India)

National Highway Authority National Institute of Public Administration National Insurance Corporation National Institute of Labour Administration Training National Iranian Oil Company Pakistan Engineering Council/Pakistan Election Commission Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Pakistan Electric Power Company Pakistan Housing Authority Pakistan Air Force Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Company Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Pakistan Institute of International Affairs Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Pakistan Labour Federation Profit and Loss Sharing Post Meridiem Pakistan Military Academy Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation
Pakistan Madrassa Education Board

359 PEMRA 360 PEPCO 361 P.H.A 3+ P.I.A 363 P.I.C.I.C 364 PIEAS

405 R.C 406 R.C.D 407 R.C.S 408 R.E.A.P 409 R.N.A 410 R.T.O

Red Cross Regional Co-Operation for Development Red Crescent Society Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan Ribonucleic Acid Railway Transport Officer

365 P.I.I.A.F 366 P.I.M.S 367 PLF 368 P.L.S 369 p.m 370 P.M.A 371 P.M.D.C 372 P.M.E.B 373 P.M.L 374 P.N.S 375 P.o.W

411 R.W.P 412 Radar 413 ROM 414 S.A.A.R.C 415 S.A.F.A 416 S.A.F.E 417 SAFTA 418 S.A.P.T.A 419 S.B.F.C 420 S.B.P

Rural Works Program Radio, Angle, Direction and Range Read Only Memory S South Asian Association for Regional CoOperation South Asian Federation of Accountants South Asian Free Trade Exchange South Asian Free Trade Agreement SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement Small Business Finance Corporation State Bank of Pakistan

Pakistan Muslim League Pakistan National Saving Prisoner of War

376 377 378 379 380


381 P.R.C 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 P.R.O P.R.S.P P.S.B P.S.C PSF P.S.O P.S.P

Pakistan Petroleum Limited Pakistan Peoples Party Pakistan Police Service Port Qasim Authority Petroleum Regulatory Authority Pakistan Red Crescent Public Relation Officer Punjab Rural Support Program Pakistan Sports Board Pakistan Shipping Corporation Peoples Students Federation Pakistan State Oil Police Service of Pakistan Pakistan Security Printing Press Pakistan Standard Time
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

421 422 423 424 425


Sub-Divisional Officer Skill Development Programme South East Asia Defense Organization South East Asia Treaty Organization Station House Officer Society of Human Resource Management Sindh Industrial Trading Estate Sitara-i-Jurat Satellite Launch Vehicle Special Military Court Save Our Souls Superintendent of Police Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children Strengthening Participatory Organization Subject Specialist Sindh Seed Corporation Sui Southern Gas Company Soviet Socialist Republic

426 SHRM 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 S.I.T.E S.J S.L.V S.M.C S.O.S S.P S.P.C.C

389 P.S.P.P 390 P.S.T 391 P.T.A 392 P.T.C 393 P.T.C.L 394 P.T.I 395 P.T.O 396 P.U 397 P.U.C 398 PYO 399 Ph.D

434 S.P.O 435 S.S 436 S.S.C 437 S.S.G.C 438 S.S.R 439 S.T.A.R 440 441 442 443 444 445

Primary Teaching Course Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Press Trust of India/Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Please Turn Over Punjab University Paper Under Consideration Pakistan Youth Organization Philosophiate Doctor Q

401 Q.D.A

Quetta Development Authority T Travelling Allowance Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act Tuberculosis Tamgha-i-Difah Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Term Finance Certificate Tamgha-i-Jurat Tamgha-i-Khidmat Telegraphic Money Order Trinitrotoluene Test of English and French Language Tamgha-i-Quad-e-Azam

Satellite for Telecommunication Applications and Research S.T.D Subscriber Trunk Dialing S.T.E.D.E.C Scientific and Technological Development Corporation S.T.N Shalimar Television Network S.U.N.A Sudan News Agency S.U.N.F.E.D Special United Nations Fund for Economic Development S.U.P.A.R.C.O Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Committe U United Nations Development Programme United Nations Economic and Development Administration United Nations Emergency Force United Nations Environment Programme United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization United Nations Fund for Agricultural Development United Nations General Assembly United Nations Human Rights Commission United Nations Information Center United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund United Nations Industrial Development Organization United Nations Organization United Nations fund for Population Activities

478 U.N.D.P 479 U.N.E.D.A 480 U.N.E.F 481 U.N.E.P 482 U.N.E.S.C.O 483 U.N.F.A.D 484 U.N.G.A 485 U.N.H.C.R 486 U.N.I.C 487 U.N.I.C.E.F 488 U.N.I.D.O 489 U.N.O 490 U.N.P.A

446 T.A 447 T.A.D.A 448 T.B 449 T.D 450 TDAP 451 T.F.C 452 T.J 453 T.K ` T.M.O 455 T.N.T 456 T.O.E.F.L 457 T.Q.A

458 TSOs 459 T.T.C 460 T.T.E 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473

Third Sector Organization Travelling Ticket Checker Travelling Ticket Examiner U United Arab Emirates United Arab Republic United Bank Limited Upper Division Clerk University of Engineering and Technology Unidentified Flying Object University Grant Commission Ultra-high-frequency United Kingdom Urgent Mail Service United Nations United Nations Atomic Energy Commission United Nations Compensation Commission United Nations Commission of India and Pakistan United Nations Drug Control Programme W Water and Sanitation Authority World Boxing Association World Health Organization World Islamic Mission Weapons of Mass Destruction World Wildlife Fund World Zionist Organization World Wide Web Y Year over-Year Zakat Council

491 UPS 492 U.S.A 493 U.S.A.I.D 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 U.S.B U.S.S.R V.C.D V.C.R V.H.F V.P V.S.S V.T.R V.U


Uninterrupted Power Supply United States of America United States Agency for International Development Urdu Science Board/Universal Serial Bus United Soviet Socialist Republics V Video Cassette Player Video Cassette Recorder Very High Frequency Vice President Voluntary separation Scheme Video Tape Recorder Virtual University W Wide Area Network West Asia and North Africa Wireless Access Point Water and Power Development Authority War Against Rape World Assembly of Youth World Food Programme World Islamic Council of Culture and Arts Wafaqi Mohtasib World Trade Organization X Extensible Hypertext Markup Language Christmas Youth Engagement Service Z Zaraee Tarraqiati Bank


474 U.N.C.C 475 U.N.C.I.P 476 U.N.D.C.P

507 W.A.N.A 508 W.A.P 509 W.A.P.D.A W.A.R 511 W.A.Y 513 W.F.P 515 W.I.C.C.A 517 W.M 519 W.T.O 522 524 526 528 530 X.H.T.M.L Xmas YES ZTBL

510 W.A.S.A 512 W.B.A 514 W.H.O 516 518 520 521 523 525 527 529 W.I.M W.M.D W.W.F W.Z.O W.W.W YoY Z.C

Composed and Edited By: Khayal Muhammad Executive Director Al-Zarar Educational Complex Toghi Road Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.

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