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A System Presented to the Faculty of Information Technology Education Department

In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Jovito Gabion Jr. III Almabella Mesario Edma Ballada

INTRODUCTION The NCIP Automated Scholarship System will aid a great help for the NCIP office in terms of processing and manipulating data. For the Scholarship Coordinator, this will lessen the time consumed in updating, adding, searching, payroll processing and also for generating report. It will also improve the flow of service for easier, faster and reliable transaction. The NCIP Automated Scholarship System will be highly beneficial to the user for it will speed up data processing and will produce accurate report based on the data given. It can produce and update information needed by the management and the applicant. With this system, security will be provided to the data inputted for it will prevent unauthorized access thru the use of log-in and log-out security forms which will provide restrictions depending on what kind of user will accessed the system.

OBJECTIVE AND TASK Objective In software testing, numbers of objectives are needed to be achieved or to be followed in order us to reach the goal what we are trying to achieve such as: 1. To know if there are bugs and errors left to the system being tested. 2. To be able to gain confidence about the quality of the system being implemented. 3. To be able to provide information for making a decision if there are changes to be applied. 4. To be able to prevent defects by clustering them

Task In testing the software, there are task that needs to be done. The activities and tasks performed by people depend on the project and product context, the people in the roles, and the organization.

Project Manager task may include: 1. Decide what should be automated, to what degree, and how 2. Select tools to support testing and organize any training in tool use for testers 3. Decide about the implementation of the test environment 4. Write test summary reports based on the information gathered during testing Testers task may include: 1 Review and contribute to test plans 2 Analyze, review and assess user requirements, specifications and models for testability 3 Review tests developed by others

Scope The scope of the testing includes the functionality of the system, how the system component of the NCIP Automated Scholarship System works and how accurate the information the system will be provided. Testing Strategy Unit Testing In unit testing, the group test the components of the developed system to identify errors or if the objective of the system was being achieved. Also the group conducts several testing procedures to find ways to if there are more undiscovered errors that may exist during system operation.





Log-in successful


The username and password are being tested.

Username:Admin, User Password:Gabion, Ballada

The user will successfully logged in to the system

Confirm Button(Log in Form)

It will verify the given

Username:Admin, User

The Username and Password will be accepted

Gain access to the system

username and Password:Gabion, Password Ballada

Cancel Button(Log in Form)

Cancel or closes the Log in transaction None

Closes the log - in Form

The log in Form will close


Use to navigate the different feature of the system None

Display or execute Form or Command

Forms and Commands are being executed or displayed


Displays the File, Admin, Grantees and About feature of the system None

Display or execute Form or Command

Display or execute Form or Command


Used display the Application Form


It will display the application form

Application form was being displayed


It will display the log out form

Username:Admin, User Password:Gabion, Ballada

The user will successfully logged out to the system

Successfully log-out


Closes the whole application


Exits the whole system

Exits the whole system


Include the manage user feature of the system


Execute the manage user account

Manage user account was being executed

Manage user account(Admin)

Add, edit, delete user accounts

Username: Admin, User Password: Gabion, Ballada

User accounts will be change depending to the administrator

User accounts would be changed

Add Button

Used to display the new user account


Displays the User account form

User account form was displayed

Edit Button

Used to edit the existing user account

Username, password

Edits the existing user account

User account was being edited User account was being deleted The form was being closed

Delete Button

Used to delete existing user account

Username, password

Deletes existing user account

Cancel Button

Used to cancel/close the operation


Cancels the whole operation


Used to displays the grantee form


Displays the grantee form

The grantee form is displayed

Grantee Form

Displays the grantee list


Displays the grantee list

Grantee list is displayed Search box did not search Data was not updated

Search box

Used search names for update


Name will be search to the database

Update Button

Used to display update form


Update form would be shown

Delete Button

Used to delete grantee


Grantee name will be removed to the database

Data was not deleted


Displays the calendar and calculator


Display calendar and calculator

Calculator and calendar are displayed Calendar will be displayed Calculator will be displayed


Displays calendar


Display the calendar


Displays calculator


Display the calculator


Displays the info about the programmer, system and the NCIP


Displays the info about the programmer, system and the NCIP

Form are not displayed when clicked

New application (Form)

Used to input applicant


New application

New application


form will be displayed

form displayed Applicant ID generated

Generate Button

Used to generate applicant ID


Add button

Used to add other info about the applicant


Info saved

Saved Button

Used to save the applicant information


Data successfully saved

New Button

Used to create new application



New application form is displayed

Add user (form)

used to input new user account

Add user account will be displayed Pass New user account would be created None Transaction would be cancel

New user account was displayed New user account was created Transaction cancel

Add Button

Used to create new user account

Cancel Button

Use to cancel/close the transaction


Used to add family info of applicant to the database

Family info would be added

Family info not added

Add Button

Used to add


Adding family


family info of applicant to the database Cancel Button Use to cancel/close the transaction Log out (Form) Used to log out the existing user Confirm Button Used to confirm the log out request Close Button Use to cancel/close the transaction Update Form Used to update the grantee information Cancel Button Use to cancel/close the transaction User account Form Used to create new user account Ok Button Used to add new user None None None None None Username, password Username, password None

info would be successful

family not successful

Transaction would be cancel

Transaction cancel

Logged out would be successful Confirmation would be granted

Logged out not successful Logged out not granteed

Transaction would be cancel

Transaction cancel

Update would be successful

Update not successful

Transaction would be cancel

Transaction cancel

Creates new user account

User accounts will be created

Adding new user account

Adding new user account


would be successful



Used to display report


Report should be displayed

Report displayed

Non Functional
UNIT TO TEST Error Recommendation

Grantee Form

The search box does not search the name, middle name and the sure name when the user type what he/she wants to search The delete button does not delete the selected grantee name

The codes will be checked if there are mistakes included.

Revisions of the code will be perform in order to achieved the purpose Restrictions will be added so that if the user inputs the same security level, the system will alert the user Revisions of the code will be perform in order to achieved the purpose Revisions of the code will be perform in order to achieved the purpose

New user account

The add button will also add the new created user account even though the security level is the same

Log out Form

The log out form does not successfully logged out the current user.

Brother/sister form

This forms enables the user to add necessary information about the applicants family background, but in this case, the add button does not add any information to the

applicants record when being clicked

Hardware Requirement 300 Gb external Hard drive for Backup and Storage

Environment Requirement Mainframe This system is a standalone system which will be only operated in a single computer. The possible hardware requirement is a 300 Gb external hard drive since the agency already owns a 1 unit personal computer which will be used for scholarship processes. Features to be tested Log in form Menus Command buttons Search boxes Log out form Features not to be tested Calculator Calendar About(NCIP, Programmer, System) These features are not necessary to be tested for they are only additional features to the system. These system features does not contain any codes that affects the execution of the system alone. Roles and Responsibility Jovito D. Gabion Jr. III o Project Manager

Edma Ballada / Almabella Mesario o Testers Risk/ Assumptions There are possible risk and assumptions while testing the software because only me in our group knows how to test, so there are delays in testing the software that might require double time and effort to perform the said operations. Location also affects the testing of software because most of my testers are living in Basco while I am living in Ivana, so there are some tendencies that they might not perform the said operation accurately for I was not able to guide them what needs to do.