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Visit Remark of SBCO Junagadh H.O. Passed by out by ASP (West) Sub Division Junagadh on 10/10/2011.

Visited SBCO Branch Junagadh H.O. on 10/10/2011, Shri R.G. Vyas Senior PA SBCO is holding the charge of Supervisor. The One Post of Supervisor SBCO and One Post of PA is vacant. SP Junagadh will take up the matter with RO Rajkot to feel up the vacant posts.
1. The Supervisor Should maintain separate Nominal Roll for SBCO branch as per Rule

but it is not maintained. The Supervisor instructed to maintain it and submit weekly to Postmaster Junagadh H.O. for signature.
2. The Attendance register checked and found that the designation not mentioned in

register. It is hard to identify the person who has done which work. The Supervisor should prepare new Memorandum of Distribution of Work and send to SP Junagadh for approval. Moreover when the working strength is less than the sanction strength the supervisor should distribute the work by passing the order in order book under acquittance of staff. The supervisor should pass the present work distribution in Order book and inform to concerned PAs. 3. The Voucher and CJ are transferred from SOSB Junagadh H.O. to SBCO daily but at 1200 hrs. The APM SBSO instructed to transfer all the vouchers , CJ and LT sharp at 1000 a.m. under clear receipt. The H.O. figures adding in CJ should be done on very same day because main reason for late transfer of voucher is attending this work on next day. The Supervisor SBCO will report to SP Junagadh if voucher not transferred to him at 1000 a.m. or transferred late. 4. The V2 SBCO version 5a is running for digitalisation of SB/RD/TD/MIS/NSS/SCSS and PPF accounts. The Data entry position is as below. Category Date up to Which Data entry completed SB TD MIS NSS Online Online Online Online


Online Online 22/04/2011

5. The voucher checking pending as under. The Supervisor SBCO should get completed this work expeditiously.

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)



20-02-07 31-12-08 31-05-06 31-03-03 31-03-09

6. The position of pending SB/SBCO objections as on 10-10-11 are as under. PM Junagadh H.O. /SP Junagadh will take necessary action in this matter.

Less months SB SBC O


3 More months


3 More months


6 Total

15 49



15 80



7. The Data of SB/TD/MIS/NSS and PPF category fetched from SOSB through SBLAN2V2 software.
8. The SCSS category data entry work is done manually due to facility not available in

SBLAN2V2 software.
9. The RD category data entry work got done through out-sourcing since long but no due

care/monitoring done over out sourcing and the data of RD category is not reliable and the position is worst because as on today total 58634 account with huge amount of Rs. 27 crore (Annexure A) having minus balance due to this the data of RD category cannot be fetched even from H.O. also. The position is alarming because out of 2.5 lakh accounts 58634 account having minus balance which shows that more than 20 % accounts are having minus balance. This data should be authenticated by doing

agreement with concerned Sub Office. This is very challenging work because for just 3000 SB accounts having minus balance constant efforts are done by all since last 1 year but even after a year the position is not up to expectation level. It is hard to anticipate in how much time the 58634 can be solved. The supervisor will take appropriate steps with consultation with SPOs Junagadh.
10. The RD category in Junagadh Division having more than 250000 accounts as per SB-63

register of SBCO Junagadh as on 22/04/2011. As per this figure the daily average of data entry is 10000 accounts per day. The daily work load of RD category 166 hours which means atleast 22 PA required for data entry work. Presently The SBCO branch is facing shortage of staff , Shri Benani handling TD, MIS,SCSS , PPF and NSS category, Shri Mirani operating SB category minus balance work non cash work transfer work. Shri Sharma is performing general checking of vouchers and receipt of CJ /LT from H.O. The Supervisor is performing overall supervision verification of CJ amount with cash book preparation of statement settlement of objections etc. The work of RD cannot be managed by available staff and by attaching one or two PA the work management is not possible. The SPOs Junagadh will report to RO and ask for staff arrangement as per work load. The outsourcing work is also stopped due to objection raised by P & T Audit. The out sourcing work is also required to be done with proper monitoring with due permission of RO Rajkot. The L branch DO Junagadh will put each and every aspect in the light of SPOs and RO because we should give due importance on working condition and staff management also rather than to concentrate only on opening of more than thousand account daily. 11. The TD category data feeding work is now online and performed through SBLAN2V2. Shri Belani is doing data entry work of TD data entry work. The configuration of Interest not done in software, So the Total 3426 NEW TD accounts opened after 01/01/2011 shows interest amount as 0. Shri Belani will explain to SP Junagadh for this lapse as he failed to make necessary configuration in software and he also failed to put this thing in notice of Supervisor SBCO. 12. The MIS category data entry work done on regular basis by Shri Belani but he is only doing transaction of new accounts opened and old accounts closed. The monthly interest feeding work not done by Shri Belani. Shri Belani and Supervisor will explain to SP Junagadh about non feeding of interest in software.

13. The SOSB module made online for TD catagory since last two months and it is come to the notice that so many SPMs are paying short/excess interest and it is exposed that SBCO not checking interest paid by SOs. On being asked Shri Belani replied that they are just feeding the interest paid by SOs in computer and they are not checking that whether interest paid by SOs are proper or not.
14. The PPF category is online but it is observed that in Veraval SO , SBCO opened so

many accounts with same number i.e 0696 and 696 . This is highly irregular and it is instructed to give OBC correction in one account and other account should be deleted from the software.
15. The Minus balance for SB category is 28,96,187,87 with 2082 accounts. (Annexure

B)The Supervisor SBCO will give top priority to this work and expedite the same within a month. The Daily reduction of atleast 1 lakh Rupees is expected.
16. Total 72500 MIS accounts standing in 57 offices of Junagadh Division out of 72500

MIS account 2500 accounts standing open in 21 non computerized offices. The daily average of MIS transaction of non-computerization is just 100 transactions daily. The interest posting of 100 accounts in Sanchay Post can be done 2 hours. The SOSB branch Junagadh H.O. presently preparing SB-72 manually if SOSB can be online for MIS category from 01/11/2011. The data of MIS can also be fetched in SBCO from SOSB and interest posting can also be done. The Digitalized data of 70000 accounts can be utilized for SBCO purpose. The SPOs Junagadh will take appropriate action on the suggestion. 17. The MIS category is online but balance is not agreed one. It is observed that in Azad Chowk S.O. accounts opened in 1994 , 1999, 2000 are shows live in SBCO software which is not proper. This is only illustration because almost all offices having old accounts as live account. The Date of closer should be obtained from concerned S.O. and account should be closed in Software. 18. During the MIS agreement work of Maliya Hatina S.O. by undersigned it is come to the notice that non-cash transaction of March 2010 not entered in software. The Supervisor/PA concerned instructed to make the data entry.

The main function of SBCO shows in its name is Savings Bank Control Organization but today it is observed that SBCO does not have any control over Savings Bank work of Junagadh division because SB category is having minus balance of 29 lakh, TD interest checking not done , RD category is in arrears and having minus balance of 27 Crore , MIS category interest feeding work not done since beginning , PPF category account opened with same no twice by adding 0 against account no , SCSS category interest feeding work not done. There is no any category for which work of SBCO branch is satisfactory. The Supervisor Shri Vyas and P.A. are just transferred at Junagadh H.O. before six month and both have done very well but both have previously worked in SBCO Junagah in previous tenure and also having equal share in unsatisfactory work of SBCO branch Junagadh H.O. Shri Sharma is new comer and does not have sufficient knowledge and experience of SBCO. Shri Benani is the most senior person in branch as per tenure but his work is not upto the mark. The Postmaster has Unique roll related to SBCO branch and Postmaster should also take personal interest and requested to take necessary steps for establishing effective control over Savings Bank work of Junagadh Division. The Team work will do the miracle and It is expected that joint efforts and extra contribution towards departmental work by PAs , Supervisor , Postmaster and issues/discrepancies. The Result of Visit is found Un-Satisfactory. H.D. Pandya ASPOs West Sub Division, Junagadh 362 001. : VR/1/SBCO/JNDHO/2011 dated @ Junagadh the 10/10/2011. by Undersigned will definitely resolve the all


Copy to : 1. The Supervisor SBCO , Junagadh H.O. 362001. 2. The Postmaster Junagadh H.O. 362 001. 3. The PostMaster General , Rajkot Region , Rajkot 360 001. 4/5. The SPOs Junagadh Division, Junagadh 362 001. 6. The Account Officer ICO (SB), Ahmedabad 380 001. 7. O/C

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